5'3 128 lbs. tt and bbl done,900cc, campos

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Im 26 years old and a mom of 2. I want to have a...

Im 26 years old and a mom of 2. I want to have a tummy tuck,bbl, and breast implants done. I would not want then to have it done at the same time. So far I have contacted 3 Drs for a bbl and tummy tuck. I like Dr.Campos because I know some one that got a bbl by him and it looks really good. I really like his results. What I don't like is that they take really long to respond to my emails, I hope to hear from them soon. I also contacted Dr. Cardenas. I like the way she does tummy tucks and they respond to my emails and even try reaching me over the phone. I also contacted Dr. Pantoja, he gave me a quote that was 1000$ less. I'm trying to decide if I should just do a tummy tuck and bbl at the same time or not. I'm scared of the recovery and loosing the fat in my butt. Im also trying to decide on what Dr. I should go with..

Campos, Cardenas, Pantoja?

Did any one get a tummy tuck or bbl with any of those DR? Did you love or hate your results? Still trying to decide..

Wish pics

This is what I would like.. Nothing huge.

Blood builder supplements

What vitamins did you guys take prior to tummytuck . I was told by a Dr to take Vitamin C, Folate, Vitamin B12, Iron. Is that correct?

Wish pic

Trying to book with campos

I would like to book my surgery for April but it's hard contact them via email. So I'm planning on calling next week. I have decided on a tt and bbl.

Booked with campos 4/11/16

I'm booked for 4/11/16 now I have to give the deposit within a week. I'm getting a tt and bbl. I would like to stay at club med. I want to call before I give my deposit because I had read somewhere in here(real self) that he does not want patients stating there. I also want to make sure it's safe fly back home on the 7th day. I also read something about that here. Any of you lady's stayed at a recovery home? How long? Did you arrive the day of surgery or a day before ?

Deposit down! Officially booked

So club med is to far from dr campos office and I was told the long drive won't be good after getting a tt. So now I'm planning on staying at beauty care. I'll be calling later on to book with them. I'm planning on staying 7 days.

My before

Can't wait for April 11! I'm already booked at beauty care recovery. So exited and nervous!

Blood work done!

I went this Saturday to Dr.Campos office to get my blood work done. It was pretty fast. I met Angie and she seems really nice. My surgery is almost here and I'm starting to feel nervous and exited at the same time..

Arrived at beauty care last night.

Today is the day. Feeling nervouse and I just can't wait to be out of surgery. I'm just waiting for Angie to arrive so I can do all the paperwork then go into surgery.

Still in so much pain:(

I really though that I would not end up getting my surgery. But now I know! It's always better to bring cash. I had authorized to use my card in tj and when I tried to use Angie told me the bank charges 3% -_-. But it didn't even go through because they said I gave spending limit:(!! But they were so nice and took me to my bank to get cash out. So now I know to aklwaya bring cash! I have t really looked at my self but they have told me I do have a small waist and a butt. I really really do hope to feel better tomorrow. I don't know how ppl do this :/

My first massage went well

It was painful but I was expecting the worse I guess. Putting the faja hurts me wayyy more than the massage did. So Angie told me they injected 900 ccs in each check

Healthy meals at beauty care

So far I'm loving beauty care. I would recommend it. I would not be able to do any of this my self. They take really good care of you here.

Some of the things I brought with me

2 maxi dresses
1 vs yoga pants
1 sweatpants
1zip up sweater
2 thank tops.
Socks and compression socks
Vitamins, stool softener, pain meds, sleeping pills
Baby wipes
disaffecting wipes
Face wipes
Slippers and flip flops
Some make up so I won't look completely dead
And we'll Tooth brush and paste and mount rinse.
In a small bag I put gum. My money, my quote, lip balm , charger and my phone .
I really had no idea what to pack and that's what I ended up bringing

4 days post op

So the first 2 days were the worse! The 3rd day I started feeling better. Today, the 4thday is way better. There were a few times were I really felt like I was going to faint. Massages are getting better. Less painfull than the first one. I'm glad I stayed in beauty care I would not be able to do it on my own. I'm a little worried about some red spots in my stomach. The nurses at Beauty care said it was not normal but when I go get my massages they say it's normal and it will go away. She said she will bring the nurse tomorrow so she can take a look. I'm just wondering when would my drain be removed. I'm scared of getting an ifection. I'm also wondering if they will remove the stiches from my belly button, and when?


I'm 8 days post op and I'm not loving my tummy tuck :(. Wondering if it needs to heal and it would look better over time or I won't be seeing any changes..

Some pictures

So I'm 2 weeks post op. I'm still not loving my tummy tuck . I'm hoping once it heals with time it will look better. I have this pouch that I really don't like. When I went for a follow up he said I would need lipo there :/. My hips and butt I do like but I'm sure they will go down. I'm not really seeing my incision heal so that worries me a little. Another thing that worries me is my lower back I feel like maybe I have some liquid. It just feel swollen and some bumps..but besides that I feel fine.

Almost 4 weels

I'll be 4 weeks in 3 days. I'm feeling better about my tummy tuck. My indecision is healing and looking good. My fat lower pouch I had has gone down a lot!! So I'm happy about that. I hope it goes down more.. My back was really hard and swollen but it has gone down but not completely . I don't have the arch from my back to my butt but I'm pretty sure it's because my back is really hard. Also my waist is really hard from the sides. I am sad about my hips. They are completely gone. On one side I feel like a have very very little so they look on even:(. And my butt.. Well it's still better than what I had I would love for it to stay like that but I'm only 4 weeks so I'm afraid it will keep going down

2 months post op

I been feeling way better! I can sleep on my tummy. It does not really hurt when I sneeze or laugh any more . The lower pouch that I hated and was scared it was staying like that has gone away. But now I have like a bulge or swollen above my belly button.. I feel like it is swollen because sometimes it looks bigger that other times. I'm really hoping that goes down soon. My butt didn't go down much more I think. I think this surgery wAs very worth it for me. I now have a nice shape

Almost 6 months

I'm still not loving my tummy tuck. It's not a flat tummy I was hoping . It does look better than what I had before surgery but I guess but I was really hoping for a fake tummy. I went for a follow up about 3 months ago. I get to his office and they tell me he is not coming in and though someone had called me to tell me. So it was really annoying a 4 hour drive and then like an 9 hour back ride crossing the border and traffic. I was really hoping for the dr to check me . The nurses were nice she checked me and said it looks fine and gave me a feee massage. She said my stomach looks like that because of my posture and I need to suck it in. I really don't get that because I payed for a tummy tuck so I don't have to suck it in.. i have a bulge on top of my belly button. When I eat it gets really big. It's so ugly. My scar is also really ugly but She said that's just my body's pigmentation. My belly button is also scared ugly and I was left with a scar on my right side. I'm not sure if should go back so he cal take a look and tell me what's going on. I would really like to know why and what can be done about that.

Some tummy tuck pictures

Sucking it in

About my bbl

I wished my butt and hips would look how they looked out of surgery . I loved it! It did go down obviously but I do have a shape now that I didn't have before so it was worth it but I wish I had a little more hips and butt. Just a little more ..

Right after surgery pictures

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