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Hello, i'm new to realself. . I have always wanted...

Hello, i'm new to realself. . I have always wanted a little extra in my booty so decided for the BBL. Researching bbl on google i found a lot a women on this site who have used Dr. Pantoja who look great! He also gave me a much better price and added liposuction to more areas than i would have had with the other Dr 's such as Dr. campos and Dr. Cardenas , Dr campos said to loose weight and I needed a tummy tuck the Quote was 6k plus ?? Moving on Dr. Cardenas was very nice and attentive I did speak to her over the phone and she was very realistic as what i should expect but she made it very clear to me as to what procedure to choose' simple put "" Or you focus on your tummy or you focus on your backside which is more important to you ' Made sense to me ' but her quote also was high in the 4800.00 ' SO I continued my search and found Dr. Pantoja with a more affordable quote for me this took allot of sacrifice and work on my part I sit all day so I took some tme off work to recover .
I forgot to mention, I'm 5 2 and weigh 154 lbs.
20 Aug 2014 • 26 days pre
Ive gained 10 pounds, and now weigh the most I have ever weighed in my life! Although I'm hating the stomach, im loving the booty! lol Because I gained a lot of weigh though, Im thinking of just getting the lipo and no fat transfer. Im not sure exactly what I want to do yet but I know I wanted nice curves .

26 days left!! i dont know what to feel. nervous? excited? Anxiety- My only major concern is the obious but its so close now got to saddle up put my big girl panties on! ive paid for airline tickets 'club med and almost paid the Dr. Off , Ive heard so many good reviews on Club Med I had to pay the Price for care I will be going by myself and thats scary enough , I didnt want to worry about food or care in a place ive never been I want to thank all the ladies that have shared their journey on Realself . You have been guide and LIFE SAVORS! :) Ive realized that allot of people that are your friends and family are not supportive in this situation but you all have made it very comfortable for me , I still need a few things ( well all of the things i need after the surgery - lets see such as; the extra garment ' the epi foam' and Arnica Montana and the Bromelain ' i'm taking iron pills and a multi vitamin.
Im getting super nervous and I will continue my Journey! :) thank you !

before pics

No update just adding before pictures

Before Bbl pictures.

I wanted everyone to see the naked truth:^/

The ugly truth

Had to post the before pics


I just realized I dont have my before measurements chest 41, waist is 33 , hips 41 1/2 damn near 42 .ive gained weight and it goes to my breast the most ' bfre weight gain i was 38 '32'40 so the outcome will be interesting. I still need to purchase my garment want to get the best one leaning towards the D' prada but we'll see okay ladies talk with you later!????

13 days left!

I just wanted to update you all with a call I receivd yesterday from Tayna from Dr. P's office, she stated she was calling just to see how I felt and If I had any concerns or questions ' she was very sweet also said to make sure my blood work was done and came back okay as the Dr. would be running tests the morning of my surgery, she stated to take my iron pills and no Aspirin from here on , she asked if I had any questions or concerns at any time to call the office or email her or Nadia. I felt really good after speaking to her at peace with the decision I've made in choosing Dr.P as my doctor for Sx. Surgery and Club Med and plane tickets are Paid off. :) I'd like to thank Tripleb22 for taking the time to give me details of her experience and sharing with me what I would need the most in her opinion' THANKS GIRL!

Almost there folks!

Hello everyone! this whole not drinking before the surgery is tuff! I just posted some pics of before the and after weight gain most of my friends say im (thick) ;) but I told them im just trying to upgrade my sexy' and thats means New Booty!:^) almost done shopping and preparing for my sx I want to thank Phat_mommy4 for putting up with me and all my questions :^* good night guys!

b4 extra weight


Hello ladies im so sorry i took so long to update but I was busy recovering, this is not an easy task''im at 11 days post and its been a battle trying to sit one are a few pics

latest pics

new update

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr Pantoja

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