I Want Curves and GOT DAMN IT, I'm Going to Have Curves!

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Hi Real Self Fam, Let me start by saying, this is...

Hi Real Self Fam,
Let me start by saying, this is a dream come true. All my life i've had this "funny Shape". You know, no hips, no butt, basically the shape of a ruler. I thought when I got older puberty or children would give me curves. Nope! Not the case. It made things worst. Now I have this huge stomach to go along with it. I have always been able to loose weight, but my stomach will not go away and no matter how many squat challenges I do there is no helping this pancake butt with humps.
So one day at work, I was talking to a co-worker who told me about her cousin who had gastric surgery (the same as her) and who went to Mexico to get a full body lift. She said she was saving her money to get one. She e-mailed me her cousin's pictures and OMG! The girl looked like a million bucks. When she told me the cost, I was all in. I thought I was stuck with this body. In my culture they frown upon this sort of thing and it's not common, NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT! (But sometimes you see women who have like 5 kids and look amazing. You know they got something down but just will not tell you). But also I didn't know I could afford it. I thought I had to live with this body for the rest of my life. And even just writing this makes me realize this is the right choice for me. Currently, i'm 5'7 1/2 and 200 lb. Rough! But I don't look like it. I look around 175 lb. I'm all stomach. I would like to get to 190 lb but if not it will be ok. I read that when they sew your muscles together, your not as hungry and makes you lose weight. Most people I have researched lost 20 lb.
So when I goggled cosmetic surgery in mexico, but I found Real Self. Thank God. I have been researching doctors and following stories ever since.
I have finally chosen my doctor. Dra. Robles in the DR. For the great price of $5,200.00 I am getting a tummy tuck, lipo to my back, sides and flanks and BBL with hips! I have paid $500 ($200 discount) and i'm scheduled for August.
I went with Robles because I wanted a natural shape. I am not expecting to look like Melissa Ford. I just want a beautiful and natural shape (a heart shaped butt) of course! I would like to set it off in a nice dress! lmbo Also their are no reports of mishaps or deaths. She seems like the safe choice.
I've already sent my CBC and hemo test. Everything is normal with a hemo of 12.8 !!!!! But I am trying to get to a 14.

Oh and Ladies beware of the HATERS! Everyone will laugh at you and try to convince you not to do it, but you get one life. Live the best life you can. I told one girl at work. She told the entire office (she need to come with me, lol No shade!) so all I hear are snickers and laughter, but I don't give a damn. People will talk about how bad you look, might as well make them talk about good you look. Or the hell with them. Who cares what they think.

Oh I have all of my supplies. Dresses from the resale shop because I don't plan on bringing anything back home or much. I got sun dresses on the 50% off day so most of them cost $2.50. I also got sweat pants. I will give a more thorough list later.

I am ready to go! I pray that I am able to get amazing results! Here are some before photos.

ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!!!! I Just Want a Nice Shape!

***Wish Pic*** My measurements now are 36 (40 bust) - 37-38 waist - 41-42 hips. I am hoping for 34 (38 bust) - 28 to 30 waist - no more than 44.5 hips. But I am tall and I often look very thin. I'm all belly right now. So I feel like I can get these shapes. I am going to tell her to go to work on my stomach and back and please give me a heart or bubble butt.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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