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So I have been thinking about this for 2 years now...

So I have been thinking about this for 2 years now and I have also been stocking this site like a lot of you I decided I am finally going to do this, now is my opportunity. I need this for me and not anyone else I am 5'3 172lbs currently on a diet even before my decision to do the BBL. 3 babies have really worn this body out, I was initially thinking tt along with bbl but it would be too much and most doctors don't recommend getting this done at the same time so I will be doing my 1st round with DR.P as I have heard great reviews of his work, I intend to do tt after recovered from BBL.. im excited yet nervous .

Wish pics up!

Date set !! For my BBL

So my date is set for Sept 3rd I am starting to get so nervous , it's all becoming so sometimes I wakeup and ask myself wait do I really want this , and then I findy self answering yes!! I am just so nervous and scarred bot having support of my family makes me real sad the only support I have is from husband and my sister as of now I'd love if my mom would be there for me ,although it's impossible since her and I aren't speaking right now we have our differences,oh well I know I'll be fine though can't wait to finally get that boots I've always wanted, I know I'm going to be a much more confident person , and it's just going to change my life in so many ways!! I'm glad I found this site ir has taught me so much , and answered so many unanswered questions can anyone tell me what are the #1 items I should have for recovery.

Still debating on TT and BBL at the same time

I would love to get some feedback on those of you that have gotten theae 2 sx done at the same time I reallly want to do mines at the same time and get it over with , but kind of hesitating because recovery and I have a 1 yr old daughter, what are your experiences from getting these 2 procedures done at once ?do you regret it ? Do you recommend? Are BBL results better with or without TT ? AND HOW WAS YOUR EXPERIENCE? ANYTHING WILL help thanks ladies !!

Questions for supplies need Pantoja in Sept 2015

I have a question to all the girls that already got thier recovery items or already went through the surgery I'm a little confused about compression socks,sleeves,episode foam vs board question is will doctor pantoja provide this after the surgery ?or should I buy them here .if so where ? And I've seen that the compression socks come in certain numbers?which should I buy ?what about arm sleep getting lipo on inner arms also..? Please let me know anything helps

Car ride back after BBL

Just wanted to get an idea of what I'm looking at after a 5 to 6 hour car ride back after bbl plan to stay In mex at least 5 days just to wait for drains to come out , wanted to see how you girls did it it? Did you sit entire time ?alternate?lay down in back seat or how? A little confused as to how this is all going to go down, any thing would help..?

40 days to go feeling unsure No Moral Support :(

Getting super nervous , and having second thoughts but I know I really want this I want to feel better about my self and be more confident about my body. .not sure if I will be having to move up my surgery later as of now I don't have any real support other than hubby and now I don't even know who's going to watch my baby while I'm just seems like when I need my family there not here..I'm just feeling real down today about not having my family here for me.. I would like to know how family and friends acted with you after surgery did they seem happy for you or not..?I'm afraid this will change the attitude of people around me but I mean how much more worse can it be would like to here your experience

How long should i stay?

Hi ladies hoping someone can help me out on this getting ready to book my stay at a hotel however im kind of confused as too how long I should stay I live in az and would be traveling to TJ I just want to stay enough to have drains tooken out, I don't want to risk coming back to the valley and struggle to find someone to take them out..? and suggestions anyone I was initially thinking 5 days but kind out seems long for me I don't know if I can be away from my kids that long..? would appreciate any advice and then also how long did it take for your drains to be tooken, if your bbl was done with Dr.P

Telling Family about surgery yes or no?

So I really have not had any communication with my family but now my sister is telling me that I need to tell my parents I really don't think they deserve the right to know as they have not been there for me recently ..? my question is how many of you told your parents? if so what's your advice for me should I tell them or not..? I don't want them to try and change my mind or just have negative things to say and most of all I don't want them to worry help my day is approaching in just 18 more days..


I HAVE A FEW OPTION BUT WANT TO GET THE CLOSEST TO THE CLINIC IN TJ , What do you guys suggest is closest to dr p's clinic was thinking camino real but not sure how long of a distance is between his office and the hotel, can anyone tell me I have made uuo my mind to say in tj and not across the boarder just cause I don't want to stuggle going back and forth the border anyone any suggestions..?

Where can I get a cbc test ?

To determine hemoglobin levels some place not so costly.. any labs you ladues can refer. Wouls help..plse

Before pics

@ 188 lbs in may 2015 since then I am now down to 166lbs

Before pics May 2015

@188 lbs in may 2015 since then have gone down to 166lbs with proper diet and excercise will update new pics later this week if all uploads successful.

Got my supplies almost ready!

So I got my robe and 2 maxi dresses today I just need pre op vitamins which I should be getting next week not sure if I am missing's the pics of what I have so far...feel like I over packed what do yall's a full suitcase , I'll post pics of goods I'll be taking qith me later this week..

24 pounds lighter updated pics

Could have been better but we went on vacation,moved and that threw me off for a but o well atleast I'm down some now 165 I feel ok about the weight right now I think the doc will be able to get enough fat to give me the look I want..put the pics side by side to get a better view and even wore the same clothes.. lost 23 pounds total since may

Omg 13 days!!

Can't can't believe I have chosen to go through with this I am super scared super nervous but I'm anxious for the results I still have not told Mom and Dad and don't plan to I don't want them to be worried about me I haven't told any friends just a few sisters they all support my decision and are willing to be here for me which is a huge relief for me and of course my husband will be a long my side the whole entire time I am just not looking forward to being away from my children especially for a long 5 days I am going to miss them so much especially my baby girl but I know if I don't do this now I will never do it this is the chance that I have to do it now and I'm going to do it wish me luck I'll keep me in your prayers

Rice sizer test

This is the minimum I expect to recieve which is 473 ccs in each cheek it's equal to 2 cups of fat in each cheek total ccs 946 I'm assuming it will be more these sizers are kind of hard to mold but shouldn't be as lumpy and shouldn't stick out as much just kind of an idea of what the minimum would be of course I'm expecting much just bored...

Cold symptoms and 9 days left for sx....

I have runny and congested nose at times but no other cold symptoms not aure if I will still be able to get surgery if I am still like this when my date comes I've had this for 2 weeks now...not aure exactly what's going on... :( I hope it goes away soon cause I want to get this sx over with

Getting ready !!! 6 more days to become a pantoja doll!

So I got my results back from Sonora quest labatories took 1 day to get results back costed 11$ not bad..hemoglobin result came back good 13.8 so I'm good for sx I am getting ready for my trip gathering everything I need I'm pretty much set, I'm excited yet nervous and Scared and sad to leave me babies behind, the hubby and I will be driving down to tj since it's not too far 5hr drive..will be keeping you all updated !! Attached a few pics of my foods n snacks I'll be taking to munch on at the hotel..

Omg 5 more days and I can't even sleep

Ok now it's getting a little nerve wrecking can't sleep just thinking about the procedure , how everything will turn out ..just so many different emotions I'm so excited to finally be comfortable in my body and get the booty I've always needed and wanted I'm sure this will be a huge boost in my confidence , this is defiantly going to make me feel like a better person , yet on the other hand I can't help but think of the what ifs, I'm super scared I'm hoping this is not as bad as some of you make it seem everyone has a different pain tolerance and we all recover differently hoping I'm one of the lucky ones. I'm confident everything is going to be just fine and I can't wait to get this over with and get on with life..I'm super anxious,excited, nervous so many feeling I can't even sleep just thinking about everything! !

Think I'll need hips ? 3 days

I don't think I would, but just trying to get others opinions ..I think maybe once he lipo my stomach my hips should be more defined what do yall think ..? I was just thinking of leaving it up to him if he thinks so... i have awaist trainer on,in this pic

how has your life changed after a BBL ?

Hey ladies with only one day left to go for my surgery I am starting to notice family and friends after a little shady around me no I don't know what their problem is all I know is that they should be happy for me and be there and be supportive so this brings up the question how has your life changed after your bbl surgery in general your self esteem friends family etc I'd love to hear what you girls have to say??

Packed and ready to go !!I'm gna miss my babies! !

Ok ladies I'm ready to hit the road will be driving down to Tj with the hubby we are packed and ready I'm gna miss my babies soo much can't believe I'm really doing this , !! Wish me luck all I will keep you all posted also included pics of an idea I got from another realself er memeber on here thw pool floats the way she is using is, turning the booty with the u facing back and placing one if these floaties under the butt crease to help drive ao I made me some also found at my local grocery store for 1.49 each I cut them in 3s and they real sturdy I like them better than the boppy I got the BIG noodles not the small ones so with 1 it's enough for me but thought you guys may like the idea..wish me luck all !!! ;)

Hotel pics finally here 5hrs later !!

well Ladies I am finally here at the City Express I love the weather here so far it's very nice in the mid-seventies nothing compared to Arizona where the Sun is beaming hot at 115 degrees I have to say that tijuana is pretty big I had never been here and we were pretty lost the hotel staff is not too friendly and the beds are super hard and the room kind of smells like sewer which I'm not liking already other than that I guess it's not too bad at this point I am more excited than nervous I will keep you all updated as soon as I can I've got to get some rest now and get ready for my big day woohoo Pantoja body coming soon!!! ;D

Arms 12.5inches
Thighs 23
Waist 42
Butt 42 .5

No Sx yet now 1pm :/ getting tired n hungry

No surgery yet my appt was at 9am but doc got here at 10am then had to get all tests done ekg, blood tests and now I'm waiting to be next I was suppose to be 1st but another patient got here that need something more minor done so he decided he would work on her than me since he wants to take his time with me and I am completely fine with I'm in the room now have iv hooked and just waiting to be next almost to there...

made it to the other side I am officially bootified

Can't get up or feel half of my body yet all I know is I made it to the other side as soon as I can get you all pics I will do thank you all for your wonderful support and prayers I really do appreciate it

My bbl Journey

Got here 9/2 slept at city express hotel across from dr pantoja office we litterly walked down there ,but anyway I got my iv put on , around 105 hours later I finally got the okay n was ready to go.into the surgery room I was not nervous at all I was exited and ready to get it over with..they gave m3 a pill to keep from getting dizzy, then injected something in my iv to relax me then, prepared me for my epidural bloc was a piece of cake for mw since I have had epidural done before..I fell asleep shortly didnt feel anything nore did I wake up it day 1 and I feel real good im.up walking around already I just fell stiff at times,drained alot the 1st night at hopi tal I am not back ay hotel will be leaving Monday when I will get drains and stitches out will also be getting massage monday,thw dr was super kool and kept nagging my husband saying he was not going anywhere and that he would be staying the night there with me he told your not gna leave and go to st ip clubs and get drunk and drugged he said I don't want her having to bail you , he told he would tie the reclining chair they got along pretty was pretty funny..back to to I am not in pain I actually feel real good he said he put 1250 ccs but not aure if it was in each check or alltogether...he also added hips I haven't seen exactly what it looks like without garment but I'll provide a pic anyways , really swollen and compressed still so hoping all will get better soon..I'll post somewhere. I take a bath tmro..not a kk body or jlo but it's definitely better than what I had..also have tons chux and gauze in the garment ..


Numb feeling in back and hips any idea when feeling comes back anyone' hubby has been super helpful can't thank him enough he loves the new booty though doc said I will definitely need a tt and he can do within 6 months 2 1yr as I have alot of loose skin I'm going to try my best to compress the most I can

Bm time lol tmi

This is how I had my 1st BM was so constipated with the iron I got here in mexico, cause I forgot mines at home but had lots of milk of magnesium and prunes to help, so I feel 2 times lighter I really need that sorry ladies but I know some of you would like to see how to do this , kinda the stuff no one talks about


Website keeps saying error when trying to upload pics so I have got a good look at my bum now and it's pretty big not too much roundness but I'm hoping it gets there, today I woke up better feeling less stif I been on my feet alot walking around I hate being in my tummy all day, but we'll what do I say beauty is pain... anyways I feel my recovery is coming along great I am not in pain just alot of stiffness I developed more bruising today in my arms , public area, and under the breast had my 1st shower today felt good, though it was hard to get in my Crack to clean it feels like I have 2 huge rocks hanging there lol, they are super hard , anyone know when they should start to feel soft, also have some numbness in my hips and lower back, hoping I get the feeling back soon also, been stuffing with the faja the straps have been digging into my skin I fixed the problem by taping maxi pads around the straps seems to work, I've also had to st art wearing the lipo foams now even though doc told me until after I stop draining , cause I would get them bloody, I'm not draining alot only the 1st day I did from the front but not from the back haven't drained much wondering if this is normal??with the lipo foams faja feels way much better more comfortable and faja doesn't dig into skin or leave the ugly creases,anyone know when I can stop wearing the compression stocking ,? I have an appt Monday with pantoja to remove drains,stitches and get my 1st massage then I will be heading home I will post the pics once the website gets fixed..

As of now I got a shelf but hoping everything goes into place once swelling goes down have added my before n after pics hope this helps all of you with your journey dr p did tell me I will need a tt which I do plan on getting sometime neXT year, looking forward to a new body I think I deserve it I will so much comfortable in my own skin

Tired of being on my stomach so boring

Decided to take a stroll down Playas de tijuana was nice to get out for a while..had a good time

1st massage n more faja problems

So today I went in to get my stitches and drains out I didnt drain much with the drains in, the drain in my back hurt when it got taken out,I got my first massage with mari paz boy did I feel way better after that I felt much more flexible ,she drained alot of liquids from my back , also got faja Colombiana b3 cause the Marena garment wasnt round out my but too much so dr p said this one should work better for I had to literally squeeze my self in it had to people zip me up in it, it was a sz XL fit more like a small it's feels much better than the Marena garment though.the Marwan straps were killing me..I go home today to my babies and my soft bed finally happy to go home and get this progress going.I had the hubby watch how Mari Paz did the massage so hopefully he can give them to me if I can't find anyone in az he was about to faint when he saw all the liquids come out the back

Before n after pics

Okay will stop deleting themm..added car ride home made a bed behind my yukon so that's how I'm writing home laying down

5 days post op pics

Wish he would have got more from my arms and thighs,like the wsybhe carved me a waist though,but here goes my 5 days post op pics ladies let me know what you guys think, I feel really good it being berly 5 days I'm up cooking already, I guess I don't have much of an option though the hubby has been the only one helping me here at home he's been so supportive, & I love him for that !

Measurements 1 week post

hello all beautiful ladies well today I am one week post op I still feel really good I'm up cleaning cooking ,cleaning ,taking care of my kids. I am really happy that I got the surgery I can definitely feel my self esteem going up now it is so much different I don't have to struggle to pick out clothes I don't have to wear a long shirts that hide my butt overall I am really happy with the results I love the new waistline the hips I like the butt but I don't exactly love it I wish it could have gotten more volume and more projection and of course more roundness hoping that once the swelling settles I will get the roundness if not I am already thinking of a round two, i feel more wide then plump in that area.The pain is nothing I was expecting much more really its just not being able to bend correctly to do the things you need to like putting on your shoes socks picking up items from the ground that's the hardest for me ,an also the garment I hate the garments they are super tight swelling has gone down a lot I have already left the marina garment behind as I have reached the 3 hooks the Solome faja is still really tight on me but I heard those runs super small I go for my first lymphatic drainage massage on Saturday those things are hard to come by here in AZ and super expensive here well ladies here are my measurements below as you can see there is no difference in the thighs and arms the biggest difference is my waistline which I'm really happy about let me know if you guys have any questions or concerns thanks

Butt 47.5
Hips 45.5
Waist 34.5
Thigh 23.5
Arms 13


Hey ladies thought I'd add some pics not sure if it's me or if this is really happening today , I'll add butt naked once more bruising goes away maybe at 2wks, I seemed to notice that my right cheek is smaller than the left, let me know what you guys think..I'm pretty sure it is.. I have started wearing the lipo board today ,even though I was told not too. this salome faja is super tight on me and with all the extra skin I have left in my tummy it was hard to put on so the board helps flatten the area and makes it much easier to put on with all the extra skin.My stomach was folding in 2 that's how much extra skin I have left with the swelling going down I can see more of it now, also weighed my self today and it's wierd cause I weigh 10 more pounds heavier than what I went in..I'm guessing it's all the fluid,iv hoping I go back down.. ;/ I got an email for Hannia today asking how I was doing, it's nice that they continue to check up on me.well let me know if you ladies have any questions happy to answer them

Confused about massage

Ok yesterday I had my 1st massage at massage envy an I am very confused because the massage that I was given in Mexico was completely different from what they gave me here the massage in Mexico was an actual massage that actually drained the wounds however the massage I got here didn't drain anything and was more like a soft touch massage has anyone had this problem is this the right massage or do they just use different techniques here... don't know if this will work let me know girls what your experience with the whole massage is

BBL update not too happy..

Well Ladies I'm 1 week 4 days going on 2 soon ! Alot of swollenNess has gone down I can definitely see it , my right cheek is for sure smaller than the left as of now , though they have always been like that ,however doctor should have injected more to one side than the other I don't see how he didn't see this ...I'm kind of upset at the this,overall my results are still better than what I had before I have lost 2.5 inches in the buttocks which is a big downfall I was 47.5 now 45 inches hoping ita doesn't go down I've noticed I've got a huge hard lump on my left side stomach hoping this also goes away soon..not feeling happy about these few things bothering me I have been reading past reviews on pantoja and have seen alot of girls say that his bbl's nearly vanish with 6m_1yr which is making me super scared like wtf I didon't do all this for nothing hoping it does not go away , of all this the only thing I'm liking so far is the waist which is a huge difference from 42 _ 34 inches bot feeling to great about this procedure..and how it turned out overall I'm better than I was before I guess...I just hope everything's falls into place the way it should :( will post pics at week 2 so you guys can see the difference in the cheeks


My swelling is going down alot this is my 2nd faja and it's already loose , I'm not sure I'm wanting to purchase and 100$ faja so I'm thinking if it's okay to add a waist trainer on top of the faja for extra compression..?I've email my doc but seems there office is closed until tmro , I do t feel the faja is doing too much anymore since it's loose now..,any suggestions ?I've try ed adding the foam and board and not too much of a huge difference..?

2 weeks Post

So today I am 2 weeks post I have to say I feel great really good still no pain hardly anymore stiffness, no more burning back,I do still feel a little sore through out my body and still numb in the lower back and some parts of my butt is ok not great and not what i wanted, but better than what I had before I have some lumps in the abdomen and small ones under my butt cheeks ,the massages seems to work and it feels like they are going down I did notice I have some dumpling in the butt cheeks, and also noticed left cheek had much more volume than the right ,my hips are coming along , still love my new waist line, at this point it does not look like my right butt cheek is going to fluff it just looks like dr didn't putt enough fat in it..which I don't know why , case I still have tons of fat everywhere I have enough for atleast 2000 ccs more all over my body thighs,arms,stomach,back ,bra rolls, flanks just still tons I don't get why I was limited to 1200ccs but I'll be asking that ? For sure... any questions let me know oh and btw butt actually looks better in pics than in

3wks post op. Dr Pantoja

So I'm at 3 wks post op I still feel really good noticed it's when I havey faja on that I feel better when I take it off for a bit I'm still sore mostly on my stomach,hips and littlw on the back still feel numbness on my back but I can feel it coming back slowly..My feet are not swelling anymore I have stopped wearing the compression stockings which I'm super happy about I hated those things more than the faja, I have actually learned to love the faja now I feel so much better with it on..I've went ahead and ordered a smaller size in it I didn't want to get any alterations done on it just in case I need it next year for my tt I am currently using a Faja Salome I love it has great support ,good compression and lift the buttocks I was sold this one at dr p's office after he noticed the marena garment was not a good fit for me , attaching a pic of it. I went to get another massage this week and let me tell you ladies definitely look into Groupon before paying over 50$ for a lymphatic massage I got a deal for 37$ and it was a littlw over an hour and 3 more massages for 99$ which is cheap to me and the massage was great she even used a Chinese cupping machine on me that the masseus assures works great at moving the lymphatic system, she referred me neroli for scar tissue it's basically enzymes which she says clears scar tissue contains bromelain wondering if anyone has tried this ? The huge lump I had is going down not so huge anymore I have found several now and have been massaging them 2-3x a day seems to be working they are shrinking . As for sitting and sleeping Hannia has went ahead and gave me the okay to sit and lay without a boppy .. I kinda think it's too soon though or maybe I'm being a little self-conscious , I have been driving aince I was 2 wks post op using the noodles they work super good and even for at home I like thwm better than the boppy I definitely recommend my noodle method just feels better doesn't sink like the boppy when did yall finally sleep or sit on your bootys?? Well as far as the butt I still don't love but I like just wish it was fuller and rounder and of course my cheek issue, but I can live with it for now, lol I'm not going to die feels nice being able to wear under around my hubby I feel so mu ch better about my body, he loves the new body I can't wait to get this tummy tuck done next year I know it's just going to complete the loom even though Im not perfect but I'm going to feel so much better about my self and in my own skin,overall I'm learning to accept the new body I just wish I would have done this soone I would have been almost done with my body ..but everything happens for a reason guess I needed that last child that was my one and only babygirl!! Any questions let me know always happy to answer and help out anyone in need this site has helped me so much and all of the ladies on here have been so supportive yall have been the best thank u ladies !! ? appreciate the ? I get from you girls!! Have added side by side pics of before n after currently t pics and it's a huge difference way better than what I had lol..I guess I can live with it I lived with a tiny one like forever lol...I can live with a smaller cheek.. for now..

Great news!!

The huge baseball lump has shrink ed dramatically ita now the size of a marble I'm so relieved, I still have 2 nore to work on my lower abdomen , I feel so happy that the bigger on is shrinking I was getting so nervous, massaging them 3x a day 2x when I forget morning at night has helped alot... for those of you that are struggling with the same definitely MASSAGE ! MASSAGE THE LUMPS!! OH AND I'VE LOST 5lbs I was 180 after aurgery but went in at 169 so I dunno where the extra weight came from but ita going down, I haven't been eating to well ...though I need to ... I just feel my body need the food right now lol...

1 month post op

No pics this week I don't wanna bore you all with my pics I'll be updating monthly now so week 4 I have been feeling a burning sensation on my hips now..but not too big of a deal, my stomach is less swollen my clothes fit better now, still having trouble getting past my butt fits a loose on my tummy though lol its gna be a challenge to find clothes that fits now overall I am loving my waist and I cannot wait till I get my TT next year I plan to go back to work soon after taking almost two years off to be a stay at home mommy my swelling has gone down a lot I can already feel that my butt has dropped I feel like I have lost volume I haven't measured yet but I will soon and keep you all updated the lower back is no longer swollen I can feel everything coming down my butt is weird sometimes though sometimes it feels big other times it feels small it looks much better in the faja cause of thw buttlifter it had give me the extra bump up I need, my arms have been feeling sore this week and I have been having trouble with my knees which is really weird because I didn't feel it before its hard for me to get down on my knees and get back up now hoping this goes away soon cuz I feel like a little old lady lol looking forward to being 6 weeks soon I miss exercising and being active again I want to bike ride and exercise well other than that I have begun to research it's getting around 2 is worth it or not I have not been able to get straight answers I wish some of the ladies that have went to Pantoja would return and let me know how they are doing a lot of them have just disappeared which makes me wonder what happen if they weren't happy with their results or if they deflated if anyone knows any other girls besides triple B & Pantoja Barbie that have went to Pantoja and have had their results for 2 years or more let me know would love to see how they're doing, that's it for today any questions let me know ladies

Shopping after bbl

Hey all beautiful Ladies I just wanted to say that yesterday I went shopping for a few items I got a job and I am set to start on the 19th so I decided I get a little bit of shopping done and let me tell you girls it was the best shopping experience I've ever had it was so nice not having to try clothes on I tried one item on and I absolutely loved how it fit,I didn't have to worry about my butt looking to flatten in it or my stomach rolls hanging out, I didn't feel the need to try anything on since I already like how the first outfit fit it feels so good to be able to walk out the store and no you look good in something before I used to have to spend hours in the store trying something on that made my body look good regardless of some small imperfections that I did not like with the surgery overall I am happy I did the surgery and can wait to get my tummy tuck soon im going to work real hard this year to achieve this new goal!!

6 weeks update

Almost at 100% healed still wearing my faja 24/7 can't wait till it comes off's getting quite annoying now my body feels much better bit still a little stiff in lower back and sometimes just sore in that area since that's where the most aggressive lipo was done, every thing looks better in the faja especially the butt I bee updating my 2 month soon

No longer updating deleting all pic

Since I don't really have any traffic on my profile decided to no longer update and deleting all pics.. theres no use in it..really if not getting feedback

PANTOJA DOLLS not updating have they gone flat

hey I am curious to know what has happened to all of you want pantoja dolls seems that almost every single one of them stopped updating and I have stopped updating myself and I will tell you the truth honestly I am NOT happy with my results I feel that 50% of the fat has gone in all honesty it was not worth im curious to how many more there is like me? and why have you stopped ? My butt is somewhat fuller than what it was but not a huge difference , my hips have also reduced some, I feel it still needs a lift, I have to wear my faja still in order for my butt to actually look lifted,the most recent pic is on my profile , I stopped updating because I wasn't getting any feedback but I would like to know how many more of you are there that have actually went to pantoja and went flat I am only 3 months post op and have already seen a dramatic downfall, I am considering a revision but only because I plan to get a tummy tuck with more lipo, and breast lift this year coming up not because I feel it works, in all honestly i wouldnt recommed bbls, might as well just get implants.I don't want the fat to go to waste , if there already going to suck more out might as well have it injected,would love to know how many more of you there are out there that recently got your bbl and are not happy
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Don't regret the procedure at all wish I would have done it sooner , though I didnt get the fullness and roundness ,60% of fat is gone not too happy with results

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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