Tummy tuck Brazilian butt lift , fat transfer to face /lip Mexico

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Scheduled surgery October 2016 for Adominalplasty...

scheduled surgery October 2016 for Adominalplasty and lipo to flanks with fat transfer to face for my 57 year old birthday ????????????
Weight 170 5'5"
Highest weight 212
3 pregnancies all large babies !
Recent weight gain of 15 pounds from fast food and long work hours, that is stopping my goal is to get that 15 off and be back to 150-155 pounds by surgery.
Had face lift by same surgeon 2 years ago. ?? Luv it ! But as you age your face loses fat so while I'm under will have Dr . Cervantes plump areas that need it.
Here are just a few pictures I sent my surgeon . Will get you better pictures on pre op appt.
So realself friends thank you for all the advice and helpful hints I will be reading them all , and in return share my pictures and results .
Warm regards

Tummy tuck consult (Dr. Cervantes)

Tomortow I leave for Mexico
I have my consultation with Dr Cervantes , my appointment is Wednesday . I will post some more pictures and share how it goes. I about 4 weeks from surgey. I am like s sponge reading everything I can based on all the other brave souls who have gone through TT procedures . I am going to hopefully make it easier by follow some of the awesome advice that has been shared .
I can't wait for October 6th

TT ,BBL,Fat transfer to face

Had my pre-op visit with Dr Cervantes . Boy does he have his hands full with me .
I decided to attempt the fat trNsfer to face and Butt while getting a tummy tuck . What makes it easier to do this combination with Dr. cervantes is that you actually Get 2 extremely talented plastic surgeons because his wife the beautiful Dr Aregon will be joining him . I realize positioning after surgery will be a challenge but I must say I am a pretty tough girl , did I mention I broke my foot last night 2 dats before my surgery!! I have to mention my husband who is with me were up all night in the ER and he still managed to do all the packing and get me to Tia Juana in time for my appointment .????????
Dr Cervantes was so cute , he already new what happened to me because he actively watches he Facebook newsfeed and I was posting my unfortunate situation but forgot we shared Facebook lol
Do here we go ....he hooked me up with a orthopedics surgeon and hadcxrays done just to make sure himself surgery safe . I must say I was cleared for surgery by Rancho mirage hospital , but I like he did one more check " safety first" I can't say enough about the physicians and office staff and Hispiral Angelis staff , they we so compassionate and helpful . 5 stars for everyone!
The challenge will be more for my husband to physically help me , but he is big and strong !
So here are some pre-op pictures
Tomorrow is surgery . I will update again ASAP.

More pre op photos

Surgery in morning
Getting nervous stomach , but excited
Will share as I go along , just like the other brave women who posted and shared pictures with me ????

Day 2

Day 2
Showered and empty 2 drains
Bent ove yard type stand up straight
Pretty swollen after that goes down results will be good.
Trying to keep pressure off my butt

Day 3 photos

This is where the magic pain meds directly your abdominal area where off
Face and lips swelling now , no bruising
Butt more swollen .
Abdominal incision occasional burn feeling when trying to reposition
Bruising more visible

Day 7

Went to my follow up appt. yesterday exerting going well. Still have drainage to both jp drains but may get to remove on Saturday
I have a lot of brushing on my lower back and swelling
I am really pleasantly surprised how the fat transfer to my face and lips are subtle but I notice it looks more youthful . So I will post updated face photos too.
Mostly resting trying to heal, the worse part again is the BROKEN FOOT ! If I can do all of this at 58
Birthday tomorrow ????????????????whoo hoo
Then anyone can do it !!

14 day update TT , BBL

Drains removed yeah !! Not hard to manage them but feel good to not have them hanging on me.
Incisions healing well for TT.
BBL - no pain - I continue to try to keep pressure of so grafts will take
Have not tried regular clothes yet still in sweats and PJ's mostly because of my broken foot cast .

BBL and TT must have for recovery

Lay on your side is easy with the Snoogle ( maternity pillow )
You can also make a donut and sit on it to keep weight off your butt.
I tried the "Boppy" was too small and not as soft and fluffy
So if your going to do both procedures try this .
Also get a "reacher" so you don't have to put pressure trying to move to get something you dropped or pulling up covers .

3 weeks TT, BBL

Incision healing , skin on stomach still tingles.
I use a pillow or my hands to provide pressure to my abdominal area if I cough or sneeze because that is painful .
I'm doing the best I can to try and not sit in my butt to much.

Tummy tuck - BBL - fat transfer to face 5 weeks update

Big improvement in how my tummy feels , no longer has a tender feeling to touch and started applying scar cream .
The right hip drain site is smaller that a pencil was eracer. The incision on right hip was very tender and as I looked closer I could see 3 small stiched that were not wanting to dissolve so being the nurse I am I removed them myself , felt so much better!
Because I broke my foot the night be for surgery put me in a wheelchair for 1 month, so I think I have lost some of the fat graft to my butt, and swelling is gone , but it still looks very natural and I am very pleased.
Incision under chin healing well and I am getting compliments on all the procedures done by Dr. cervantes and Dr. Aragon , it really validates that all my research I did to find the best PS in TIjuana paid off ! I honestly felt like I was at top hospital in Orange County with a Beverly Hills PS team ! At 57 going on 58 I now look more like I feel ???????????? PladticaTijuana

6 weeks post TT, BBL, fat transfer face in TJ

It's been 6 weeks wearing size 8 jeans whoo hoo!
Doing wonderful!
Bought the wrong tape was using paper tape got something similar to cloth tape thought it would be sturdy , but had a allergic reaction and broke out in hives a tiny blister where the tape touched my skin, very itchy (yikes) won't do that again ! You can see some of the rash around my belly button .
Holding off on my compression garmet so it gets air for s few days.
My fellow employees keep stopping me and saying you look so much younger and beautiful , it's s little embarrassing, not use to it :)
I can't wait to go back in about 6 months for micro stem abrasion treatment for the deeper wrinkles around my mouth and Botox injections to temple smile lines .
Dr. Cervantes really cares about your outcomes and results , he did as much as he could do for me in one surgery by also having his wife also a plastic surgery assist , I was not charged anymore for this but allowed me to get it all done!
1. I had fat transferred to my face , they also did a brow lift and tightened area under my chin.
2. Extended tummy tuck
3. BBL fat transferred to my flat butt
Orange County California quote over 34,000 dollars
But at Plasticatijuana under 10,000.00
Beautiful hospital that caters to US citizens
Beautiful hotels near by ( Hilton and the Marriot )
Dr Cervantes excellent credentials check out his site and the Hospital Angeles
US trained too!!
I just mention it because I'm grateful someone told me. I made it a vacation of youthful rejuvenation .
Here are some 6 week photos
Juan Pablo Cervantes

Dr Cevantes is the best . He also can use team approach to your surgery with his wife the beautiful Jacqueline Aragon Office Plastica Tiajuana This team is amazing , professional, really listens to what you want then gives you the best options to achieve that I have a facelift , armlift 2 years ago and now back for tummy tuck / BBL and fat transfer to areas on my face and lips . I couldn't be happier My friends and family are always shocked when they see the results and realize I did not break the piggy bank to get my results . I honestly can say as a nurse for 30 years . I have worked for many doctors in Orange County Ca. He is tops on my list

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