52 Years Old, Having Liposuction Revision with Fat Transfer - Thunder Bay, ON

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Here I go again.......... Liposuction revision...

Here I go again.......... Liposuction revision for the second time.
I had liposuction two years ago January 2014 on my upper and lower abdomen and inner and outer thighs. I was at my ideal weight, in pretty good shape for my age as I exercized regularly with cardio and weight training. But I had a small roll of fat on my lower stomach that bothered me and I have always been cursed with saddlebags that I could not get rid of no matter how much I worked out or what I did. I also had a very small amount of fat on my inner thighs that I wanted gone as they rubbed together. First 3 pics are pre lipo. Well I knew from the very first day of surgery that it was botched. My stomach was uneven and my saddlebags looked the same. The only difference I could see was in my inner thighs, My ps said that it was too early to see results and we would have to wait at least 6 months to determine if a revision was necessary. He said he would do a revision at no cost to me if I was correct about the results. Well I know my body better than anyone and I was right about my stomach and saddlebags. 6 months later after all of the swelling had subsided I had the same results that I seen on the first day and my ps agreed that there were areas on my abdomen that were uneven with fat left behind and also fat left behind on my outer thighs, he agreed to do a revision which we scheduled for January 2015.
So here I go again, I had revision liposuction on my abdomen and outer thighs January 2015. I've posted a few pics after this first liposuction. I wanted him to do my inner thighs as well as I wasn't happy with them either because he had left fat there as well, but he refused to do them.
So I recovered from the second liposuction only to be left with a very uneven, bumpy stomach with small pockets of fat left behind again!!! And my outer thighs were only liposuctioned on the very sides, not feathered into the back and front of the thigh therefore looking very misshaped while some areas of the outer thighs were over lipoed leaving dents. I've posted pics.
Needless to say I have been so depressed and unhappy over the last two years, as my body looked better before any liposuction!! Although I had a small roll of fat on my stomach it was smooth and even and I even had the beginnings of a four pack. Now it looks lumpy, uneven and wrinkled. I am happy to have my saddlebags gone but my thighs look awful now as they have dents, are uneven and I still have pockets of fat I can grab on the back of my thighs. This makes my butt look square.

Anyway fast forward to today. I decided to search for a ps that can correct these irregularities (hopefully) as I am very self conscious of my body, I do not like to wear shorts or a bathing suit and I don't even like my boyfriend to see my body as I feel it is ugly now.
I saw the ps in December and he told me that the problems were from too aggressive lipo, too much fat was taken out in places and not enough in others. He told me that after two previous liposuctions it will be very difficult for him to try and fix this. His plan is to liposuction my flanks, a little from the outer and back of thighs and a bit on stomach and then use the fat to transfer it to the areas on my stomach and thighs that were over lipod. He cannot guarantee me the outcome. It may look better it may not. I am hoping I will see some improvement I just don't want it to look worse.
My second revision surgery is schedule for January 29, 2016. I am so nervous as I don't want my body to look any worse, but I know I have to try because I am so unhappy with it now.
I will post pics of the second lipo in a bit. You can see what I look like now prior to second revision surgery.

It's been 6 days since surgery.......I'll update you on the day of surgery

I'm sorry I've been mia for awhile, but I'll catch you up.

I had my revision surgery on Friday (Jan 29th).

I was at the hospital at 6:45 am, the nurse guided me to my cubicle to undress and she got an IV started. They have to put the IV into the large vein alongside my wrist as I have too many valves in the back of my hand which makes it impossible to put an IV in there.

The Anesthesiologist came to see me and asked a few questions. Then the PS came in to mark me, I was so impressed with the amount of time he took to go over every spot that I wanted addressed and to draw on me. It was like he was drawing a picture on me, very particular and I was glad he was paying attention to the details.

I was wheeled away to the OR and woke up 4 hours later in recovery. When I woke up I wasn't in any pain, but was freezing! They covered me up with warm blankets, thank goodness that feeling didn't last very long.

I have 9 puncture marks, not incisions, about the size of a ballpoint pen, that were left open to drain, no sutures yay!!

The previous two times I had no problems from the anesthesia but this time was different. I started getting nauseous, as I was getting dressed to leave which was around 4 in the afternoon. Yes it was a long day! I didn't throw up there, but sure did when I got home. I couldn't hold anything down, not even water. I started to feel a bit better around 10 in the evening so I had some soup and toast before I went to bed.

Another first for me was the open punctures, they were leaking like crazy! Thankfully the nurse gave me extra bandages so I could change them out. I would soak the bandages and replace them almost every hour, but that also started to subside by the time I went to bed.
I wasn't in a lot of pain more discomfort than anything, I took an xtra strength Tylenol and went to bed.
to be continued......................

8 Days Post Op

The first two days were rough, not so much from the surgery but from the after effects of the sedation. I was lightheaded, still a bit nacreous and not eating normally. But by the end of day two, I was back to eating normally. The pain wasn't too bad, I only needed to take Extra Strength Tylenol for the first few days, that was it.
The bruising is minimal and really only noticeable on my inner thighs. Of course there is swelling as expected, but not all that bad.
I attribute this to the Arnica tablets that I started taking a week prior to surgery and am still taking them. I am also using Arnicare Gel 3 times a day ( I've posted a pic for you).
I returned to work on day 6 (Thursday). have been walking my dogs since day 2. I think keeping active and moving is very important to recover.
I've uploaded pictures from today, day 8 PO.
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