Have Had Many Infections and Unexplained Visual Loss

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The surgery went well, I thought the recovery went...

The surgery went well, I thought the recovery went well. After about 2 month the entry site became infected and the actual line site and ending became inflamed. This was first noticed on the left side. A few weeks later, after antibiotics for left side, the right side did the same exact thing. After, 3 infections on the left side and 2 on the right side, I no longer could see any result from the contour lift. Recently, nearly a year later, I am experiencing visual loss in my right eye. Every test available has been done, MRI's, MRA's, Visual Field Testing, Macro testing, coratid MRA, and a spinal tap, nothing is seen in these tests. But then again these are thread that are used in all internal surgeries and do not show on normal testing. My worry is that one of the threads has traveled to my optic nerve. The only way to find that out is another VERY expensive surgery. Pretty scarry stuff if you ask me. My ENT that did the surgery denies ANY side effects. Hmmmm!
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