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I read about the Featherlift in a magazine. At...

I read about the Featherlift in a magazine. At the time there was no doctors that did in in my city, so I found a Dr in Chicago. I flew down to have the procedure. At the time they were still using the blue threads that did not anchor with stitches like they do now. I was completely numbed up, threads inserted (3 one cheek, 4 the other). Felt nothing. The swelling was a little ugly, looked like I had speed bumps on my face where the threads were underneath. No pain what so ever. Did not need any pain meds. If you moved your mouth too much, you could feel them "slip", which created a pucker that looked very strange. i fixed a couple of these puckers myself just by squeezing my cheek, thumb inside my mouth, forefinger on pucker, apply gentle pressure) The doc said to leave these alone, but I just couldn't. Towards the end, I had one pucker left on my lower left cheek that I did not mess with. Today, that is the only thread that you can see if I move my mouth way to the right. Wish I would have fixed that pucker. Once that sucker heals, its not going anywhere. Other than that, as soon as the swelling started to go down, it was amazing. My cheeks no longer hung and I had this wonderful chipmonk (in a good way) full cheek. I have tried a few things over the years and I would have to say this is the best money I have spent. The prodedure has improved since 2004, but I still would fix the puckers as the come:^) Case in point, I was at my dermatologist a couple weeks ago and the Esthetician mentioned she would like to have a threadlift, but a patient was at 5 months out and she still had a "pucker", that the doc said would eventually fix itself. I would not be so confident! A note on my swelling and bruising. I think I would not have had as much swelling and bruising had I not taken Ginko, aspirin, drank alcohol. With most cosmetic procedures doc tells you to not take any of this stuff two weeks prior to your surgery. I should have taken this procedure a little more seriously. I think the results are very natural looking, me just with fuller, more youthful cheeks. It puts them back up, not stretched back like with a facelift. I am considering doing the neck/jowls now as i approach 50.
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