Mommy Makeover for 450cc HP, Lipo and Mini tt

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My Story: After carrying a 10 lb baby boy (all...

My Story:
After carrying a 10 lb baby boy (all belly) and breastfeeding, I have been left with the aftermath of carrying a child. I am 5'6" and 125 lbs - the exact same weight that I was when I found out I was pregnant...except now I have lopsided breasts, a belly button hernia, a bulging stomach and diastasis recti of the abdominal muscles. The father of my child left me six weeks after my baby was born. He was no longer intimate with me or interested in me after I started to "show" and my bulging belly has been an insecurity for quite some time now. Regardless of my ex bailing, I want to let all my readers know that I am doing this surgery 100% for myself and 8 months later I did meet someone extra special that has loved me for all my flaws and insecurities - now I want to feel the same way about myself. I am hopeful to get a rockin body back, be confident in the bedroom with my new man and I am even considering possibilities of training for a bikini competition once I am all healed and if results turn out great :).

What's Next:
Tomorrow I am getting a TON of cosmetic work done on my body. Check in is at 8am and my surgery starts at 9am. I am incredibly nervous, but as a single Mom at 26 years old - I can not be happy the remainder of my life feeling like a shadow of my former self. I don't expect to look exactly like I did prepregnancy, but I am hoping for confidence in a bikini and enough confidence to be intimate.

My goals are:
- Full Breasts. I am currently a 32B and hoping to reach a big 32C/ small 32D. I am going to do 450 HP Silicone implants behind the muscle
-Hernia fixed
-Abdominal muscles tightened and in place
-Waist line slimmer and more feminine ( I have always had a more boyish shape )

Preparation for surgery:
- Took the day before surgery off from work
- Bought a wedge pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond
- Stool softener and Smooth Move ready to go next to my bed
- Arnica (given to me by my cosmetic surgeon and taken two days prior to surgery)
- Lots of rest, water and research

*Praying this goes well, turns out better than expected, minimal scaring, fast healing and less pain than I am imagining in my head*

Any tips on your preparation for surgery?

Day 2 Update

I made it to the other side!!!

How I feel Day 2

This was much easier than my c section! I am staying on top of my medication, resting, netflixing, massaging my lipo and getting up to walk around. Yes, I am still in pain and my boobs look HUGE! I am so swollen and I am carrying an extra 10lbs of fluid. My right boob had a complete lift, making it more painful than my left. I cant feel a whole lot with the mini tummy tuck so far but it hurts to cough with muscle soreness. I cant wait for the swelling and bruising to go down. I am happy with what I see so far. How long did it take you guys?

Wish photos- Hope they heal like this!

450 cc high profile right boob
495 cc high profile left boob

One week update

Loving my new shape. Swelling has gone down a lot but I still have some lipo knots I have to massage with arnica cream. They havent given me the "go" for massaging my breasts and the worst part is I was told my drain has to be in for two weeks (not one week). That was super frustrating.

What do you think about 450cc silicone?

Anyone ever question if they went too big? I went 450cc silicone unders high profile. I started a saggy 32b from breastfeeding my son and I loved my 32DD from when my boobs were swollen breastfeeding. I feel like they are bigger than that, so high and swollen. I read that 80% of woman wish they went bigger and at 5'6" 125lbs I wanted to make the decision I would love the first time. I want it to be the right one. I hope they look more natural soon because they are feeling and looking less natural than my huge breastfeeding boobs. How long does it take to drop?? What do you think about my size? When will they soften?

Two week update

Happy with results. Still think i went a tad bigger on the breast than comfortable with. Hoping to get my drains out today. Also periodically feel dull achy pain in my belly button where I had a hernia fixed and muscles sewn back together.

3 week update - feeling confident again

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