Developed Capsular Contracture After Breast Augmentation - Thousand Oaks, CA

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I am 33 and a mother of 3 children. I have always...

I am 33 and a mother of 3 children. I have always been small breasted and have always wanted to get implants, I even had a surgery scheduled about 7 years before this surgery and chickened out the morning of surgery. I decided I was finally going to do something for myself and go through with it. The Dr. I originally wanted to go with was too expensive, so I found another Dr. further south but a few friends had used him with no bad experiences. I went to my consultwith lots of questions, as I have an autoimmune disease called psoriasis and I take a injectable called Humira to control it so I was very clear to ask lots of questions about this and if it would up my chances of any complications. He said he had not researched it but he didn't see a reason why it would. Well I went in for surgery on 7/28/2014 and had saline 650 CC saline implants placed in the muscle, not completely under and not over is how he explained it. I did some research and it sounded like a good way to go. the healing process was fine I was loving my new boobs, they continued to stay a little more tight than I thought but figured it was just the healing process and I needed to give it more time. Well on December 3rd, I noticed my right breast dropped super low and was really squishy, I called my PS and I though I had a rupture, I drove the hr and a half down to see him the next day. He didn't seem to concerned about the breast that dropped, he said sometimes that happens and I could do a revision surgery where they put internal sutures to hold it up a bit higher but those sutures usually fail but that he did not think I had a rupture. He was though very concerned at the left breast. He squeezed it and said I have capsular contracture grade III. He said I had 3 choices 1)do nothing, 2)try taking accolade an asthma medicine that he said had a 60% success rate, or3) have a revision surgery. At that point I was so scared and just knew I didn't have any money to do any more surgeries so I opted for the accolate. He said he wanted to see me in two months. I started researching about this horrible capsular contractor and all the many ways people had tried to beat it. I took accolate, vitamin E, Fishoil, wheat grass shots is my new thing if I have enough time to get one, massaging my breast aggressively trying to break up that scare tissue. Laying on my stomach trying to roll around on it to get enough force to break it up. All along this whole ordeal taking over my life. after about 11 days I am sitting at work and I feel my left breast get extremely hard as a rock and painfull and I start panicking. I talk to one of my friends and she says if you are breaking up the tissue I needed to ice is and bring down the inflammation. So I start another regimen of a heating pad then massaging with Vitamin E, then Icing it along with all the other things I am still doing. Nothing seems to be working. I go through episodes of depression feeling disfigured, that maybe I went with the wrong surgeon. At this point I just want them out and to not deal with it any more but I am scared I will pick a bad surgeon and I also don't have the money for it. through my researching I found that there is an Aspen rehabilitation center that uses massage and ultrasound to treat CC with good success, and someone on these boards also mentioned Lipo-Ex which I googled but didn't find much. Of course the aspen treatment centers are in Florida and I am in CA, and there is one in San diego which is a 6 to 7 hr drive from where I live and I work full time and raise 3 small kids and with multiple treatments being needed I can't do that either. So even though it pretty much says the head on a regular external ultra sound machine won't work, my parents forked over the money to buy an at home ultra sound machine. I am having faith it will work but I have done 2 treatments and haven't seen anything.

I am on these boards today because I am severely depressed because of this and looking for any advice or guidance. So there is my story and everything I have found. I can't poct pictures right now because I am at work
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