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I have been wanting to get BA for over 20 years...

I have been wanting to get BA for over 20 years (since HS). So after having 1 kid now I decided to go for it. I went to PS that my good gf recommended me and I love how her breast look so I trusted her recommendation. During the initial consultation, I just told him that I want small D full C. He told me to show him a naked breast from his website or other website to help him see what I want. I did not ask him questions that I should have asked him because I did not know what to ask. I was so nervous and I should have done more research about types of implants size, profile etc. I think I was the first pt he has who did not ask him any questions. It was a very short consultation. He also asked me about whether I want silicon or saline. During my pre op consultation, I told him that I decided to go with silicon and that's it. Again, it was a very short meeting because I did not know what to ask. He reminded me to bring him the pict of the naked breast on the surgery day. So I went online and picked 2 pictures to show him and his staff on surgery day. I said that I want this big and round. He said he will try his best.
After surgery, I looked down my breasts and was very dissappointed because they don't look as big as I wanted. The nurse said that they look great and that it was the max cc that can be inserted considering my chest frame and size. Now I am 9 days post op and I think my recovery has been good besides constipation and feeling bloated. I did not have bleeding and yesterday my stitches were taken off. He smiled when I told him that I can't believe I did not ask him any questions that I should have asked. I think I trust him based on the review I read and based on my gf experience. Although I am dissappointed with my size, it's my fault not to ask him questions about whether my expectation was realistic or safe etc. Now I am just wondering if I can get bigger result if I got ultra high profile with the same amount of cc. I got silicone 425cc, mentor, smooth round high profile, which is a significant amount for girl my size based on what I am reading. Maybe if I had a clear expectation at the beginning I won't be feeling this dissappointed. I think my PS did a great job based on only the pict I showed him. He explained to me that I was stuffed and 425 cc was the max he could put that won't make me look like I have bullets on chest. He also said to give it times and that once my breast tissues stretch maybe we can consider ultra high profile or going more cc to get the look I want. So, my advice to you ladies who want to get BA, do your research and take notes, and ask questions. And most important question is to ask your PS if your expectation and goal is safe and realistic based on your anatomy. Right now I have to remind myself that the most important thing is that I am healed and recover well with no complication, to be patient for the next 3-6 months.
Yesterday, after I told my PS that I want higher look, he suggested to get under wire bra right away to get the look. I don't like that I need to use bra to get the look because what's the point of having BA if I still need to use push up bra, but then I have to remind myself that my anatomy limits what my PS can do. So, I went to VS and asked the girl to measure my chest. I can't believe when she said that my size is 34 D now, I was like no wayyyyy. The picture I saw my PS is 34 D and my new breast is smaller than that. I think it's because there is no standard to cup size as different company has different way of measuring. The girl gave me some bra to try on and the ones who feel comfortable and fit well was 34 DD, and I cant't believe it!!!. When my friends and husband saw my boobs, they all agree that my boobs don't look like they are D or DD, but full C, and I agree with them. So, Idk, I have to try different bra from different company to see what size I have with

2 weeks post op, my boobs look smaller.

The pict I posted here was from last week. I will take pic of today's look later.

2 weeks post op

Emotional journey

It's 2 weeks post op, I continue feeling sad about the size although I love the look. To me, what's important is what I feel about them as different ppl have different feeling and opinion about the look of each woman's breasts. Although the thought of getting revision is lingering, I don't think I want to do it in the next 3 months. I do think I need to be patience and wait for 3-6 months. I love the rest of my body and shape and this BA was my first plastic surgery ever. SO, I was expecting a lot I guess!!! Tomorrow is my consult with ps and we'll see what he says about revision (volume and profile). If I have to stay with my cc, at least I would like to change to uhp for more projection.

2 weeks post op check up

Saw my ps and told him that I want revision 550cc uhp. He said that I should wait for 1 year to get my breast muscle and skin stretch first as right now I am very tight. I asked him how losing 10 lbs will affect my boobs. He was like ..... U don't need to lose 10 more lbs... I said I want to get back to my pre pregnancy weight so I still need to lose the last 10lbs. He told me it may make my boobs look smaller or bigger, it depends on where I lose the 10 lbs. If I lose it around my stomach, it may make my boobs look bigger. So we'll see. Then he shared that he just did revision to a petite girl my size, before she had 460cc and she waited for a while (idk what's a while, a few years maybe?) but then he could change her implants to 700cc and look nice and not too big. Then he reminded me again that I need to wait probably 1 year. He showed me how to massage my breast and wants to wear bra with X style on my back to provide more support. No push up bra for another 2 weeks.
I went to VS today and guess what, my prediction was right. My boobs today look bigger than last week but the cup went down from 34DD to 34 D. I was swelling last week.

Wishful boobs

When I see these pics and look at my boobs size that's when I feel mine look a lot smaller although I slowly learn to accept that my anatomy limits my ps ability to give me what I desire. Finding that balance between desired look and realistic look is not easy.

Boob greed

When I wear tshirt, like in this pic, my boobs look small. Or maybe again it's too early.

Day 17

Like my boobs better today

Feel better today

I am starting to love my size today and feeling better

I think they look proportional

Self awareness of BA illness

Yesterday I read some blogs from ladies who had to remove their implants because they became very sick due to silicon toxicity. Geezzz, I feel very bad for them and get scared at the same time. I thought to myself, if I knew this prior to my surgery I think I would have cancelled my surgery. So, now instead of focusing on my size or getting revision to get bigger, I think I will instead monitor my health because at the end that's the most important thing.

Feeling a bit sick

I will be 3 weeks post op in 2 more days, my boobs still sore, my nipples still sensitive and I still feel tightness and pressure on my chest although they are less than last week. I can't wait to feel normal again. I have headache and not feeling 100% well specially after reading BA silicon related illness. Maybe I am suggested by these reviews. I hope my recovery and you ladies are going well. I wonder when all these soreness and tightness are going away?

3 weeks post op

I felt better this am ( less tension and less sore ) then I think I did a little too much today, my boobs feel more sore so I just took 1 extra strength Tylenol and it helps. When I buckle my son in his car seat it's kind of flexing my breast or when I tried to button my jeans I felt it's flexing my chest muscle too. My nipples are still sensitive and my breasts don't seem to change that much these last few days. I hope you ladies heal well

Boob job radar

I feel like I have a boob job radar now, I can tell more often when I see women with boob job or not especially the one with uhp or hp. Maybe not so much with moderate profile. And I found myself wishing to talk to her about her experience like what we are doing here but of course I didn't. Are you ladies able to spot on women more often than before with boob jobs too ?

Having trouble sleeping

I have always been a good sleeper and have no problem with insomnia. But since my surgery, specially this past week, I have trouble staying asleep and woke up in the middle of the night like 2-3 am and couldn't go back to sleep. My boobs still sore but it's less everyday, less pressure as well. My nipples are not as hyper sensitive as 3 weeks ago. Do you ladies experience trouble staying asleep like me?

My boobs weight almost 2 lbs

So I google the weight of my implants and they are almost 2 lbs. I deduct that 2 lbs from my weight from now on. I want to go back to my weight lifting routine to lose my last 10 lbs baby weight..., but I still have to wait for 3 more weeks. I am tired every day because I didn't get good night sleep and I wake up at 6:30 to get my son ready and take him to school. Sigh.,, recovering from this surgery is more challenging when you have little kid.

boobie blue is real

I am a little over 3 weeks post op and I have been feeling tired due to to lack of sleep since my surgery. It affects my mood. I am usually easy going happy go lucky kinda of gal. Lately, I am more sensitive emotionally and I still wish my boobs are bigger. When can I start feeling back to my normal self again?

1 month 1 day post op

Hi ladies, it has been a while. I hope you all are doing well. I am having a very bad rash from the nexcare tape on the areas where I taped my bandaid including my cleavage area. It's so bad I had to ask my primary care doctor to give me a strong steroid cream because extra strength hydrocortisone doesn't do anything. The high 90s and 100 degree weather irritates my rash and makes it worse. I am just miserable. The skin around my cleavage looks burn it's ugly. The steroid cream seems to help and my skin is still red but a bit better. It's only my second day using the cream. Thank God my incision heals very well and they look good and no rash on top of it. I called my ps office about the rash and the nurse just told me to put the hydrocortisone but not on top of the incision. But since the hydrocortisone cream didn't help, I called my primary care doctor who prescribed me with steroid cream that helped me a few years ago when I developed allergic reaction to locitane after my pregnancy.
I still have soreness but better. I have morning boobs and they hurt in the morning when I woke up. My nipples are still sensitive although that are less sensitive than weeks ago.
I don't hate my size but I am not in love with them either. Friends whom I didn't share about my surgery seem to not notice about my boobs size. In the past I wore padded bra. I want 50-50 fake natural look if that makes sense.
When can we start having sex again? I read different ps suggests different time.
I still feel sore and tingling around the lower pole area so I don't want to have sex yet.

I saw and felt a small bump on the left incision

Ladies I am a little bit freaking out. I felt a small bump on the left incision and I am afraid I am botomming out a bit on the left breast. My right breast incision was smooth. I am going to call my ps office the first thing Monday morning. I posted picture of my rash on the cleavage area. I have the same rash on both side under armpit but I couldn't take good pictures because of their position. Please pray for me and I hope nothing serious about the small bump on top of my left incision

1 month 2 days post op

My rash is still there although it's less itchy. It's not burning and it's not painful. This is my 3rd day using steroid cream only on the rash area.This is from nexcare tape I used to tape my bandaid. As I previously mentioned, I am more concern about the small lump on top of my left incision. My right incision was so smooth and it looked great ( I am happy about it). I will call my ps the first thing on Monday morning so I can see him asap. I hope it's nothing serious ladies. Experiencing this takes away my boobs greed lol..... again I remind myself, safety and health is my priority. I don't want to have a bigger implant if my health and safety is jeopardized as it's not worthy it right? I think my boobs are softer and they seem to drop a bit more now. I feel the lower pole are fuller and rounder. Before surgery, my ps pointed that my nipples are not event and she suggested for me to get crescent lift. But I did not even notice about my uneven nipples until he pointed to me, so obviously it never bothers me and it still does not bother me. I am not that OCD hahaha. No one sees them, I am not walking around topless and I don't think my husband will stare at them during sex thinking oh geezzzz her nipples are uneven if you ladies notice my uneven nipples, you are right, they are uneven even before my BA.
As far as boobies blues, after 2 weeks post op, I was back to work and got busy with my son's scheduled activity. I did not want to focus on that boobies blues feeling. Being busy distracted my focus and my son is so funny and silly, he made me laugh so much with him being 4.5 yo. Then, of course I thought oh God, please let me be healthy so I can raise him and be there for me. Please forgive me for having boobies greed. And when I watched news and all the bad things in the world, I was like .....forget about my boobies blues, there are more serious things to be sad about in the world. While I am not denying my boobies blues, I am trying to find the balance perspective I guess.
I will keep you ladies posted about my lump.
Thank you all so much for listening and giving me support and checking on me!!!! I love you all although I don't know you in person. I am so grateful that we have this website. Hugs!!!!!

5 weeks post op with rash around

So, I went to see my ps and pcp yesterday for them to look at my rash around my breast. My ps thought my breast healed well, no issues as far as related to BA. He suggested for me to follow my pcp advise and go braless as much as I can and to sleep braless as well until my rash cleared. He asked me to update him once it's cleared. He mentioned that there is no such thing to allergy to silicon and that no allergists will tell me that my rash is silicon related. He thinks it's contact dermatitis or heat rash. I asked him that if the warm redness skin on my lower pole left breast was due to the rash and he said yes, it's warm because I have rash and he did not think or suspect there is any infection. So, I am just glad that I saw him to make sure that my rash has nothing to do with my BA surgery 5 weeks ago.

Now my pcp, he mentioned that he thinks it may be allergic to silicon but after I told him about the improvement of silicon and that I am aware of the fact that silicon was problematic in 1990s but that now it has gotten a lot of improvement, my pcp did not argue about it. Plus I told him that the steroid cream has improved my rash. So I think because he saw some improvement, he stopped arguing about silicon allergy. He then prescribed me with prenidsone (oral steroid) that I have to take for 4 days straight. So, I am taking them right now (2nd day). And I continue seeing slow steady improvement.
After my pregnancy I am prone to rash. I noticed that I had this rash around 4 weeks post op when I started taking Vit D3 with prescription dose 50.000 3 days straight (I have a very low Vit D). Normal daily dose is like 600-1000. I took 50.000, I googled if there is any side effect. Guess what, yes although it's rare but too much of Vit D3 can cause rash/hives. I told my pcp since he was the one who prescribed me with Vit D Rx. He did not think so though. I should have mentioned to him that I read it on WebMD, and it is not only my speculation. So I have stopped taking them for now. I thought to share this info with you ladies. I will keep you posted about my progress.
I hope my rash continues healing.

8 weeks post op and concerns about breast implant related illness

Hi ladies, I hope you all are doing great!. Sorry I have not been updating my recovery journey. Tomorrow is my 8 weeks post op. My rashes from the tape is gone but I have been experiencing unexplained rashes here and there and they are comes and goes, 2 yeast infections, and pimples on my chest for the last 2 weeks. I found out that some women, after getting BA, they have similar symptoms like mine. I am going to see my primary care doctor tomorrow and will request referral to allergist, dermatologist and get allergy test. I honestly hope that this unexplained rash has nothing to do with my implants but if it turns out to be, then I will have to explant it. As much as I want to keep my implants, I can't risk my health. What a roller coaster emotional journey. From wanting to go bigger, planning to get a revision so I can get bigger size, to considering about getting them remove??/ How extreme is that? if you understand what I mean.
Other than that, the incision is good, my right breast is not sore anymore, my left is still sore (2-3 from scale 0-10), specially in the morning, I can still feel soreness on my left side.
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