My Nose Keeps Changing. Tip Drops and Still Looks Bulbous After Each Surgery

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Ive always wanted to get my nose fixed. My nose...

Ive always wanted to get my nose fixed. My nose looked big and I had a bump on my bridge and my tip was round and bulbous looking. Finally in 2007 I had rhinoplasty done. I told my PS what I wanted to achieve and the look I was going for. I brought pictures as well but I know that the surgeon has to work with what I have etc... I was told I have thicker skin.

I had the surgery done and was happy at first. I liked that my tip went up rather then slopping down like it did etc. My side profile looked really good. My nose looked "cute" from the side. And I loved that the bump on my bridge was gone. Not long after though it started settling and I found my tip started to drop and my nose was looking bulbous and would look wide when I would smile. I would smile and the tip went down too like it was dropping. I went back to my surgeon and told him this but he told me to give it a year as it can take a year for the nose to take shape and heal etc.

A year went by and I was still not happy with it so I went to see him and I booked in for him to do more work. He didnt charge me to do this and the surgery was not nearly as invasive as the first one. My eyes werent all bruised and I didnt have a splint on this time. He made an incision under the tip of my nose and put a graft (I think thats what its called) in. That was supposed to keep my tip from drooping when I smiled I guess. That helped a bit but over time again it just got worse. My tip was drooping alot. I felt like I looked "witch like" and my nose looked bulbous and my nostrils wide. I didnt go back to him for almost 3 years to tell him how much it changed. Like it did not look like I had my nose worked on twice already! It looked like I needed rhinoplasty done and that it was my first time or something.

Then I finally went back to him again in Oct 2011. I just hated my nose. Hated how it looked when I would smile, hated how it looked from the side etc...The tip looked round. Uh!!! He last saw me in 2008. I told him it had changed so much and I wanted him to fix it. I asked him why did it change and why my tip droops etc and he just said sometimes that can happen. He told me he would thin my nose out a little more and take in my nostrils which I wanted. He said he couldnt really do too much more with my tip. I had to pay $2000 plus tax for this. He said he was giving me a good deal as the original rhinoplasty cost $6000 so he wasnt charging me another $6000. Whatever.

So I had the surgery Nov 2011. One year ago. The results were good at first as always. I like when my tip goes up. Some people dont like this but I do. It doesnt last though. And now a year later and my nose isnt bad or anything but it seems like its drooping again when I smile and still looks wide!!! Grrrr! Why does it do this? And my nostrils still flair out a bit more then Id like and the tip looks round/boulbous to me. I do have thicker skin so maybe its hard to get my nose to look smaller/thinner etc....But Ive spent so much money and I guess I was hoping to look like I had a cute little nose and I still feel like my nose is the feature that makes me not look good.

Im going to post some pics so you all can see. I dont know if I should go back to him or what and talk with him? Like, what else could he do? I dont want my nose ruined by getting something done again but I feel like maybe it could have looked better.

Has anyone else had their nose change after getting rhinoplasty like mine has? My surgeon is a good one dont get me wrong. He has good credentials and is very well known. He's also a featured doctor on this site. I dont know what to do. HELP!

My plastic surgeon

Ive decided to post the doctor who worked on my nose. After reading several negative reviews from other people on here and other sites who have also had work done by him. All I can say is do your research and go to several consultations. Don't go for the lowest price and the marketing and fancy offices. Find a good surgeon who you can trust. Lesson learned.

Added 2 more pics

So here are another 2 shots of my nose. It seems to look worse in daylight. But you can see where it pulls to one side more then the other. Its not strait and you can see how bulbous it is at the bottom and wide and how my tip drops.

New pic

Here is a close up of my nose when I smile that I just took yesterday. Look at how out of shape it is. It looks wide and bulbous and my nostrils flare out. My tip drops and looks fat. Does this look like a nice nose? I don't think so :(

2 more pics

You can see how my nose isnt strait and pulls to one side more and how round and fat at the tip it looks in these pics.

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A person on this website with the username iamjann is posting on her review that myself and Torontonian are the same person. We are not the same person. Sorry, but I dont go around making fake accounts on here.
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Not impressed with Dr. Solomon. First rhino was in 2007. Went to him again in 2008 for a revision. My nose got so bad after the 2008 revision (not right away but a few months later and continued to get worse). Then I went again in 2011 for another revision. Of course the same issues started to happen again after my 2011 surgery. My mistake was to keep going back to him. If I had known about this website before I had my surgeries with him I would have never picked him as my surgeon. Too many unhappy patients.

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