Think Long and Hard Before Getting Botox, It Ruined my Face

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I had Botox done for my crow’s feet 3 months...

I had Botox done for my crow’s feet 3 months ago, and I can honestly say it is the worst decision I have ever made, 5 days after having it done I noticed protruding bags under my eyes at the top of my cheeks. Let me make this clear I never had these before at all, they were not too bad when I made no expression apart from making me look excessively tired, when I smiled however I looked hideous , and I am not exaggerating the bags bunched up under my eyes giving me a chipmunk look that coupled with the fact that my eyes did not move at all when I smiled made me look demented a bit like Jack Nicholson in the Shining!!!...........This is no joke I have never felt so bad about myself in my life.

Also I had a weird indentation under the inner corner of my right eye a bit like pressing into your skin hard with your finger leaving an indentation until the skin bounces back, but the skin didn’t bounce back it was left like that. Also the wrinkles under my eyes were a million times worse and the skin was sagging under the eyes, my smile was also ruined.........all this was not present before I had Botox.

Being very concerned about all this I asked the experts on this site, all the answers were very much the same that as the Botox had also been injected just under my eye that it had caused the muscle to drop and therefore the fatty tissue under the eye to drop, which was causing the bags under my eyes, and that after 3 months everything would return to normal.

I decided to wait 3 months before writing this review so that I could let everyone know if my face had returned back to its previous state, well the 3 months have come and gone last week and I am very sad to say that nothing has returned to normal except for my crow’s feet returning. I still have the protruding bags, the pronounced wrinkles under my eyes and the indentation, all of which I never had before, I feel my face is ruined and my self confidence has been shot to pieces.

Think long and hard before getting Botox around your eyes as it has ruined my face. I had Botox between my eyebrows for frown lines twice before and I was really pleased with the results but I should never have thought that just because it was a success in that area it would be a success around my eyes, the eyes are such an important feature in our faces, they show laughter, sadness, fear etc once you take away the eyes ability to show emotion, you do not look real, I regret every day having this done, please please don’t end up feeling like that too.

I just thought i would update this as i get a lot...

I just thought i would update this as i get a lot of emails asking if things have improved. it took 7 - 9 months but the effects did wear off and i was back to how i was before the botox injections, totally back to how i looked before, i know how difficult it is when you are going through this, but don't give up hope.
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