Hoping to Heal from Thermage Damage ... Day 4

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I am 48. I had a full face treatment and also...

I am 48. I had a full face treatment and also Eyes by Thermage on Wednesday. My eyes have always been my best feature and was bothered by some hooding over my lids and so I went for it. The facility is one of the best in town. Very reputable dermatologist. Though I have a high tolerance for pain ... the eye area did hurt. I was told the settings go from 1 - 5 and the higher the setting the beter the results. I think she said she was stayig at 4. When the procedure was over I was given an RX for some cream to treat the burns. BURNS? She explained that there were a few areas around my eyes that "got a little burned". I saw just a bit of swelling but nothing that looked like burns. I was told to expect some swelling for a few days and to continue to treat the burns with the cream. So I left ... excited and relieved that I had actually done it. Well ... the second day was fine. Some swelling and redness. I was still excited though I am not expecting any change for months. I would feel a bt self-concious if I had to go to work because of the swelling. Day 3, I noticed some blisters forming in a few area around my eyes and still had swelling. I had hoped the swelling would be gone by now. I called the doctor and she said it was normal and to give it a week or so. So much for no down time! Yesterday was rough. I actually looked worse than when I went in and had to cancel plans for the evening because of it. The delicate area beneath my eye is red and puffy. I have 4 round blisters where the small eye wand was placed. Under my brow on the opposite eye I have 3 round red marks ... but no blistring. Amazingly, nothing hurts! This morning (Sunday) I have found that the blisters under my eye have opened and the fragile skin looks torn. On top of that, the puffy redness has become darker ... like a bluish-red. It looks as though I got hit in the eye and the lid area is swollen at the inner corner. No change in the other eye. Since there are open wounds under my eye, I cannot apply makeup. This means I will have to cancel an open house I scheduled for a client. I did not expect this kind of down time and am willing to wait it out before I render a final opinion. I will say, however, THERE IS DOWN TIME! I will keep you posted.
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