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Just 6 days after my TT/lipo on the flanks and is...

Just 6 days after my TT/lipo on the flanks and is awesome the sensation! After nine years of feeling bad about my belly (panza, :-) and its looks after two c-sections, decided to start looking for a good PS in The Woodlands, TX area.

I wanted to have a board-certified PS, and after several research, found Dr. Paul Gill! We met last October and after chatting with him, that was it, the search was over. Extremely professional, but caring at the same time, he explained my husband and I all the details about this TT procedure (our main concern was type of scar and how it will show). He explained that with a more simple procedure, covering only the central part of the abdomen, I would only correct the mid-section of the tummy, leaving the rest with a "mushroom look" as he described.

After this appt, went ahead and scheduled my surgery. Pre-op appt and communications with his office were excellent, always in time and very approachable personnel.

Surgery was done Monday December the 16, anestheology drs were great, detailing the sedation process and making the same more relaxed (starting with the offer of a "margarita" to start calming me down LOL! )

After the "margarita" cocktail, there is no more recollection until 3 hrs later, where I woke up without any major pain, only a heavy sensation on my abdomen area and a bit nauseaus, nothing major.
Then I was rolled in to my room, where I spent the night resting. Nurses routinarily checked on me, but since I had a catheter, did not have to stand up until next morning, when it was removed.

Learning to walk bent down was somewhat difficult, but they brought in a walker and that was The Best Idea!

It is now, six days after the TT, and I feel 85% back to normal. I just washed and dried my hair (obviously seated) and showering is getting better and better each day. The only things that I may consider the most difficult to manage are the drains (they do not hurt, but they are a constant reminder that you underwent surgery...) and sleeping on my back.

Hope that tomorrow the drains are out (not much liquid being collected now) and that I am allowed to walk more straight again!

Until now my take away points for the upcoming TTers!

Get a great supportive husband, this man has been with me ALL the time and encouraging me on how good it looks, have a surgeon that listens to you and is patient (he has personally called me to check on how I am doing!!), get a walker, check the height of your bed (getting in and out the first days will be difficult, buy some BiG panties, so you can put in the drains and forget about them!, and be patient, the results deserve it!

Almost two weeks, all going great!

Tomorrow will be two weeks from TT. Drains were pulled out last Monday and did not hurt at all. Now keeping up with the Mederma for the drain holes and no-comedogenic cream for the rest of the belly. Walking more straight each day, but sometimes feeling a bit more tired that usual.

Surgical tape starting to come off, so Mederma being applied to those exposed areas too. All looks great!

Next appt is the 7th, looking forward to it!
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Five stars on everything!

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