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10-15-13 Let me start by saying I have worked very...

Let me start by saying I have worked very hard to get where I am. I am going to be 28 this month. I am 5'4" and 150 lbs. Size 11 pants. I am getting upper and lower abs and flanks.
I have PCOS and got up to 235 lbs. I worked for a year to get down to 150 where my dr. says I should be at most, and have kept it off for a year now. I excercise daily and eat a very strict low carb diet, meant for women with PCOS and insulin resistance. I have trouble seeing my hard work because when I look in the mirror all I see is what is in the pictures. I have been stuck at this point for a year and now I'm going to give myselft a great present. Plus my 10 year high school reunion is coming up in the spring and I want to look awesome!. I looked in to smart lipo about a year ago because I don't have time for the down time of full lipo as I have a very busy job and I have no kids at this point so a tummy tuck is out of the question. After spending a couple of weeks sweating in the Texas heat, I made the decision that I wanted to be just done with this.
I have different kind of issue than most of the reviews I have read in that because I lost so much weight I have a lose skin issue that I am hope will be helped with this procedure. I saw a few that had the same kind of drooping bottom pouch that I have and theirs turned out pretty good, so fingers crossed mine will come out nicely!

I had my pre-op appointment on sat 10-12-13. The doctor is very nice, the staff is very helpful and the office is very comfortable. During my consultation, she answered any questions that I had and then wrote me a perscription for 4 different meds, told me how the surgery would go, and give me all of my instructions. I have read that most offices provide a garment but at my doctors, you have to buy it and I have found some alternatives to the $108 one. I will have someone driving me and picking me up because I get sqeemish with this kind of stuff and I WILL take the meds. She says I shouldn't have any pain so she didn't bother to write any pain meds, just tyleynol or motrine. I have taken off of work for thursday and friday, and hoping to be good to go on Monday.
I am very excited and VERY nervious. I feel a little shame because I have never been one to condone this kind of procedure, but I just can't deal with it any more. Plus the cost, I have never spent this kind of money on myself. I am really hoping it has a good effect on my skin. I'm tired of the rashes and smellyness of it. If you know Texas summers here along the gulf, than you should understand just how much you sweat.


I did not mention that the doctor perscribed 4 meds that totaled $97. Make sure to figure this in, my insurance didn't pay for any of it.

10-21-13 Update

So I'm behind on my updates because neither my phone nor home computer would pull up this form. I wish I could edit my previous reviews to edit details. I was up in the air about the flanks because I wanted another area done more, but couldn't afford to add another area. I decided to go ahead and have the flanks because I was afraid of the "reverse muffin top" that has happened in others. So I'll give a day to day below:

Day of Surgery: I took all of the meds and brought them with me. I stayed with my sister and she drove me to the office. I usually have a strong reaction to meds so I figured I would be good to go. I just found myself being a little disoriented, as in my bag in one hand would cause me to walk in a circle!
I was still pretty anxious while they took pics and marked me up so they gave me another dose of one pill, I don't remember which, and then gave me a second of another pill because it had no affect.
They gave me paper undies to wear and a robe. I got to the room and really started panicing. I was just afraid it would hurt. I can handle pain, but who want to. She gave me the shot of lidocaine, which stung a little, and then made the incisions. I have 5 total. The hardest part from here out for me was that she never told me what she was doing. I would have been calmer if I knew what was causing each sensation I was feeling and could prepare for it.
The numbing fluid they pump in was pretty uncomfortable. In the videos the dr. would wait 15 mins. before starting but my dr. went right to it. The lasering part felt less forced and smaller than the numbing part. There was some spots that burned during the procedure. I tried to suck it up and not say anything but, a few spots would just get worse. It was not the "pinching" that was described. I don't really remember much after she started on the second flank. I don't know how the liquid sucking feels. I think the meds kicked in at that point. I only remember her saying I was done, then a flash to me sitting up for them to help dress me, me asking her how much was removed, her replying about 700 cc and then I was home with my sister. She said I would come to every once in a while and spurt out something like "see,that didn't take all day." I'm glad they talked to her before we left because apparently they arranged my post op for the next day at 4:30. They called me several times to check on me. The drugs wore off by 2ish and then the fun began.
I only leaked from one incision on my back flank, a lot actually. The first time I took off the garment to put on a new gause I almost passed out. I felt as though I would turn into a puddle on the floor. At this point, the garment and I are officially best friends. I had trouble sleeping, no position was comfortable and I kept up the Motrin regimen through the night.

I woke up in pain, stayed in pain, and walked around like I threw my back out. It hurts to sit down, and when I stand up it feels like when you have a sprained ankle propped up and then let it down. That pain that rushes to your ankle, ya thats how it feels. But, once I'm up, I feel better than sitting. I will wait until this evening to take a shower and remove the bandages. I have over an hour drive to the dr.'s office and then 45 mins. till home, so no vicodin. Just Motrin. It helps so don't try and be a hero. Got to the dr.'s office she looked me over and no real bruising started. She says to message the areas in the shower after I take off the bandages.
I took a shower and tried to massage, but I nearly passed out when I touched my stomach. I don't know how I will be able to do this.

Ugh, woke up 100 times better this morning. The constant pain is gone, now it hurts to touch and I feel like I've done a million situps. The bruises are starting to form in three spots.
I have been getting out and doing stuff. The motrin helps enough that I'm getting cabin fever from sitting around. I will take it easy though. There's no way I can button my jeans to get out so I will just wear a long shirt to cover up.

Its getting better and better. More bruising but I can now massage it easier. I have one of those vibrating tripod looking things that I can just run over my garment. Still not taking that thing off! I feel like its holding me together. Plus it helps me to control my portion sizes when I eat. That's definently a plus! I'm quite swollen. My normal pants don't fit so I'm not sure what I will do at work. I am a lab tech and I have to wear khaki pants. This is going to be rough.

Its been a week....

Its been a week since my surgery. The bruising on my lower right abdomen has gotten a lot worse, but the skin is starting to tighten up some. It seems a little tighter than the left side. Today is my first day wearing my old jeans (casual Friday), and they fit better even with the garment on. The Dr. said I only needed to wear the garment all day for the first week, but I'm afraid it will hurt more to take it off so I will keep wearing to make sure it has healed properly. My flanks are still VERY sore, and swell a lot. I think its from the stairs I have to climb up and down because I feel pain there when I step up and down. It hurts more when I take the garment off, almost like gravity takes over and shifts things around. I feel some lumps starting to form on my back and upper abs. My lower abs near the belly butten is kind of like a new roll that is very firm. It looks like everywhere the laser went, my skin has turned a green-yellowish tint. Kind of the color of a slight bruise. My concern with that is that there is only a small circle on my upper abs that has the strange color, making me worry she only did a small circle area on my upper abs. I still take ibuprofen throughout the day.

I know its only been a week, but in some areas I see improvement from before, and in others I don't. I'm especially worried about the skin on one side of my lower abs tightening more than the other. I don't know when I should be having a follow up with the Dr. We didn't discuss that at my post-op, so I will have to check on that.

2 Weeks today

Two weeks down. I still have alot of the numbness, as in my skin is numb-like to the touch. A few days ago I started having this buring tingling feeling on my left flank side, it felt like when your foot wakes up after sitting on it too long. Since then, the numbness has gone away in that area, but the other places are still numb.
I have developed two hard "lumps" on my upper stomach where the bruising was. These hurt quite a bit and in the pictures you can see where there are, a dent has formed. In one pic I circled them.
The skin tightening doesn't seem to be going so well, I'm going to talk with her about this.
On my lower stomach, you can see the hard "roll" that is just below my belly button. There is also one on my right flank side over my hip bone. I hope this is just a matter of the numbness and fluid that has to work out.
I never go without my garmet. I don't really like wearing it because its too tight on my legs and you can see it through my khaki pants at work. Its just screeming "I'm wearing Spanx!" I am looking into just an upper stomach
Since its only been two weeks, I am still being patient. I think the firm fat thing will resolve. I don't personally notice much of a difference in my upper abs yet but my lower is a change, as well as in my flanks. I'm still going to be hopeful and wait to see. Here's my current pics.

3 weeks

Nothing has really changed. The bumps still hurt and the indentions are getting deeper. Skin is still numb, I feel a few pin sticks every once in a while and I get excited because I think its waking up. But no, nothing yet. My flanks still hurt very much and a firm roll like the one on my lower abs has formed over my right flank. Maybe its the healing process. I'll add a new pics. I think my upper abs have changed from the way they were originally. I still swell a lot by the end of the day. It may just be in my head, wanting this to have worked well, I think I can tell a difference from before the surgery. I just don't know if they are good differences. Its still early, we shall see :)
I will be talking to a doctor today about Cryolipolysis on my back bra fat (the area I originally wanted done). I will be both happy and disappointed if my results from that are better than the smart lipo. I will likely do a separate review for it.


Most of the numbness has gone and the firmness and lumps are gone as well. But, I'm not exactly happy...I'll let yall judge.

Not Happy At All....

So I went to my 6th month checkup. They weighed me, I weighted 155. I believe the day of the surgery I weight about 153. The chart said 145, which I know is wrong. They took my pictures and had the doctor look at them. You really have to look hard to see the small shadow area that has formed over the top ab area. Nothing noticeable to me unless you're studying them looking for differences. The only real difference I see is from the side on my lower abs. It still looks aweful and her telling me it is just loose skin and that I should do the Venus freeze. She says it looks great and theres a huge improvement.
What I see is no improvement, its embarrassing. I look mutilated. Not only do I have a the issue where my upper stomach looks like someone wearing pants too tight, but its not even. One flank at the back is kind of flat, the other side looks like it hasn't been touched. So when I wear a dress, I have a lump on my right side, but it is kind of smooth on the left. Now I have a strange kind of paranoia about clothes. Looking straight down at my stomach, one side is flatter than the other. In my waist I have a bulge at the upper area where she did the flanks. She says that no one is symmetrical so that doesn't matter. They went on to say I'm unhappy with the results because I've gained weight and my hormones are out of balance. I didn't pay the extra $1000 for the venus freeze and everyone should do that. I have too much loose skin to start with and I actually need a tummy tuck. If she does anything to it, it will only get worse....yet this is an improvement. All of this is said after I have paid her all the money, now I should have had a tummy tuck. They actually got pretty defensive with me and basically telling me it was my fault this didn't turn out to my satisfaction. At this point I became furious. I told her I had only gained a few pounds since the surgery and that the wait there was wrong. I don't remember being weighed before the surgery and I told her that. She said "You were drugged, you couldn't remember anything." I wanted to tell I sure remember yall arguing the whole time I was in there. That's why I had to take a second dose of meds because they had little affect. She said that they had to weigh me to give me the right dose of pain meds....maybe that's why I had pain in so many places.
But regardless, its done. I wish I hadn't waisted my time and certainly my money. I would advise people to not go there, not if you actually want to see the results of you money. If it doesn't go well, they will just say its your skin and you were warned that we can't do anything about how your skin reacts.
The Woodlands Family Physician

So far the office is nice, staff is polite and helpful, and the dr. is knowledgeable and approachable.

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