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I had a vertical emergency c-section 20 yrs ago...

I had a vertical emergency c-section 20 yrs ago and have always had the pouch of fat between scar..(looks like a butt lol) no amount of running , diet has ever made it flat....ever!!!! .I have hated it for 20yrs and then one day I saw a groupon for 1 area for $1200 so i jumped on that offer. It took about 2 months to gho to consult cuz i was trying to lose as much as i can...anyways i finally went to my consultations and doctor recommend I get upper abs and flanks done..I opt out of flanks, I'll lose that with my intense training plus I'm a broke nursing student so funds were limited.

I'm kind of discouraged because I have a little lose skin and probably won't get best results like everyone else. But I'll be happy with any change on my abs lol

OK so doctor Prescribed Arnica for swelling and bruising started taking that 2days prior.
I start taking antibiotic tonight, and I'm only taking half of vicodin( I dont like strong pain meds). I said no to ativan (antistress) and no to zofran?? For nausea and vomiting. I don't think I need all that crap. I'm not nervous,anxious,excited or anything and I don't have very high expectations but for $2600 some fat better be removed lol

day of surgery

I only took a vicodin and avoided the rest to clinic they had me disrobe put on bra/ undies / robe / socks . They wondered why I wasn't so sleepy already.

They took plenty of pix, drew on me, took more pix then headed into surgery room.

The small injunction of lidocaine didnt hurt one bit.. Adding h20& lidocaine into my fat layer was sometimes painful but it did feel like they were playing tonko trucks. I felt alot of moving and jerking and people pulling me , my abs I guess so stretch out skin?? Sometimes it would hurt but for few seconds. They kept telling me I was an amazingggg customer cuz I never complained about tue pain once. Yay me. I think it's all mental so I was able to keep it under control, I have minimal drainage, no pain, no sore ness. Even feel good enough not to skip movie night

24 hours later

Well I'm feeling great removed bandages this morning , took bath and washed my blood stain garment. It must be stain proof because after hand washing it , the blood stains were completely gone. I went grocery shopping , went to ross to pick up smaller spanks which is tighter in belly section more then the post op garment. I like the support when its tighter. I feel a little sore only when I bend over. Other then that..I'm 100% normal. No pain pills, never had nausea so I'm glad I didn't buy zofran ($15) doctor told me not to vigorous exercises for 2-3 days but ifeel good enough to do an hour on elitical. I Want to see how that makes me feel.

before pics




6hours after smart lipo

next day after lipo

day after


24hours later

workout the day after

I felt good enough to do elliptical slowly for 45mins then Suana for 10mins. Came home , showered then realized I'm a little bruised. Was it the workout??? I dunno it was so easy like walking , didn't think I'd harm anything. Anyways just feeling itchy , rubbed arnica cream on and gave myself a little massage. Guess I'll take my antibiotic and finally rest a lil


day 11

got on scale 11 days post op

Today I went to doctors office and to my surprise I lost 2lbs!!!!!!!! Yay 2lbs of all fat . I'm starting to notice a difference bcuz swelling is going down. Depending on what exercise I do that day depends on lumpiness. Today after my 8mile run my belly button area felt thick and hard....had to massage it. ready for it all be back to normal..
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