New Tummy! Perky Breasts! Yes Please

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7 days Pre-op: Excited but emotional....wish...

7 days Pre-op:
Excited but emotional....wish husband was more supportive. Keeps picking fights. Anyone else dealing with this? He told me he would resent me for spending so much $$ on my body if I gained any weight and ruined the results of surgery. I'm irritated he has no faith in me...steady weight (135-145) for several years, lifting weights and kick boxing. Fluctuates but...steady. :( irritated!

Do they get over it? What will ease his mind?

Emotions are Steady Today :) Feeling good!

I'm just afraid of the pain....that's the only thing keep a hold on me. I'm over my husband not being supportive...that's HIS issue to deal with. On a positive note, he's better every day! Just needs to understand the entire world isn't going to notice like he thinks they will.

I NEVER do what makes me happy; I always go along with what he or my kids want. I'm almost certain it will be a 1,000% improvement. I'm not expecting perfection, I am expecting kick ass results though!

My friend is a nurse and she got me over the "I'm gonna die during surgery" bit. WAY more likely to die on the way there in the car than during surgery! Just wish I was a tad lighter on the fat % before going in to surgery! I'm not too far from my "fit weight". I'm at my "meh, could lift heavier and work out harder" weight. I'm sure I'll be itching to workout as soon as I can!

Really, really, really want to HEAL FAST!

12 hours post pop and goofy

Apparently i asked my husband to slow down and let the unicorn pillow-pet catch up, I didn't want him to get hit by a car!

Super sore...thank God for strong husband to move me about. Peeing easier than expected...have hubby hold elbows while I have arms at 90 degree. Then lower onto potty.

Feeling a little emotional. But I'm prepared for that.

Breasts don't hurt...feels like I did 200 push-ups though! Muscles surround breasts tender.

Tummy and flanks are SUPER Sore! I am thankful that I have an appetite! Broth and crackers and tummy still growling. I'll post more later. Sleepy!

19 hours Post-op...2:00 am And I'm up taking pain pills

Keeping up on pain meds is a must. saltines are getting old, but my binder is super tight and I could not finish an apple earlier. Had a banana around dinner time. I Hate getting hurts like a Ton! Just those little abdominal tweaks here and there are really wearing me out.

Breasts size?

I asked for my breast size I had already only firm and high....I'm afraid my chest is way too small! Even with swelling they seem smaller than before! What can be done?

Pain, Pain Go Away

There have been many moments over the last two days where I've asked myself "why did you do this"...when I start to give up and hunch over in defeat, my husband reminds me that thousands if women do this every year and if they can, I's tough ... This is insane pain.

This pain is insane!

I wince in pain with every little move! When's it gonna stop?!?!

5 days Post op

Still stooped over.
Still some pain...subsided a ton!
2 showers down!
Having a Walker is SOOO helpful!
Milk of magnesia is a God sent gift!
Having help with the children is amazing!
hospital bed rental....Priceless! It really only cost $150 for an entire month)!!!

Getting Excitedly impatient!

I know it's early and most say 1 month...but when can I start to see results? 5 days post...and My lower abs and hip/flank area is huge! I know it's just the swelling coming thru...but I'm waiting to see! How many more days?


Swollen but getting there. Not sure about the breasts. They are strange and the rest of Meade me woozy. Eating crackers and trying not to look...but I have to!

Side by side

Recovery is slow and I'm not patient!

I am sure trying to be patient but this recovery is taking a long time. I really thought I would be doing better than I am this point. I spend most of my time in bed. :(

I'm getting to a point where I feel like I'm a burden to other people (My husband). He went back to work yesterday and it was really hard. My oldest daughter went to summer school but my three-year-old and I stayed home together. I was exhausted taking care of the both of us.

If you decide to do the surgery please be prepared for how hard it really Can be. I understand everyone recovers differently but apparently I'm one of the slowest recoverers. I've spent the last couple of days extremely swollen. I pray the swelling doesn't last long because it looks bad.

In all the reviews I looked at before it seems like everyone was so excited about their immediate results I don't have immediate results and I think that's what's getting me down.

Trying to keep my chin up. I know it's only a matter of time.

Must have products!

Must have products part 2

Few more!

Swell Hell

I am super super super swollen! Plan is to eat nothing but fruits and veggies next few days! Lord I hope it goes down soon! Bursting out of binder!!!

Don't forget to smile! No laughing though!

Painted my girls fingers and toes tonight :) I've been in so much pain these past 8 days that I've forgotten to have fun with my family!

We did hello kitty tattoos too!! ????

Standing straighter. Laughed Hard...and it was TIGHT!

I made dinner! Taco night! Prior to surgery, I had browned and frozen 2-lbs of hamburger....this made prep 80% easier! I sat at the table to chop onions, etc. because my back is still very sore. I'm surprised at how sore the flank lipo area is! That's the worst part right now! Tacos were delicious!

My husband was just being himself and made me laugh....I got so tickled that I was trying not to do the full-belly laugh that strange HO-HA-WHO's were coming out and that made hubby crack up and me crack up even more! Long story short, my abs ached (not really a "pain"), but they felt tied up in knots and twisted! Worth it though! I think it's the first time I laughed in 9 days!


Holy Toledo...a sneeze snuck up on me out of nowhere and gave my abs a shock they'll never forget!

Still swelling pretty good! I hope to be shrinking sometime soon! Pre-surgery I wore a size 8.....I had to put on an old pair of size 12 jeans....and I still couldn't button them! That's how swollen a I am!

Flight leaving soon!

It's just the girls and I this week...dropped hubs at airport (gone until Friday for military training). He leaves so much that we are used to it...gets to my oldest daughter sometimes...shes been through a few deployments and remembers how difficult it is without dad here on the day-to-day.... 5 days is going to be easy-breezy (it ain't no hill for stepper)!

Day 12 and I showered standing the entire time! I usually have to sit and take a break. Got neosporran, gauze and binder on all by myself! I got this...right?! .

Pain is very manageable these last few days. Only taking a few doses of ibuprophin or Aleve when longer watching the clock or setting cell phone reminders to take meds!

Had family stop by last night that have no idea what I've done and they didn't seem to notice anything....I was a little hunched but tried to stay seated during most of visit. I think they were none the wiser...then hubs said it looked like I was moving a little slow....oh well!

Restless leg syndrome

I've been up two nights in a row battling RLS! I've got to heal quickly so I can move around more throughout the day.

I've tried kneading in bath water (leaned over shower chair) with hot ware rand Epsom salt...worked last night, but not tonight :( tonight I resorted to a muscle relaxer that I took an hour ago and I'm still fidgeting!

Anyone else have this trouble? I think it's because I've been extremely inactive for the past 12 days!


Dr. Swanson said everything's healing perfectly! I should have no worries about the bruising or dark patches on my breasts!

Belly button is "cute"! Yeah!!!!!

I am so relieved! I had myself so worked up over the weekend thinking things were wrong!

Dr. Swanson is very reassuring and very confident that my healing is completely normal!


Complications after surgery

Here's a good link for info on post surgery possible complications:

I found it helpful! Hope it helps you!

Still a small amount of pain.

Off the powerful pain meds, but occasionally need ibuprophin or Aleve. Mostly incisional pain now; twinges here and there...makes me think "oh that burns",.then it goes away.

Still swollen! A LOT

Zinc fights restless leg!

I've been struggling with restless leg for over a week! I couldn't find a restless leg pill in our local pharmacy....accidentally bought the "leg cramp" formula. Have to take it back....So I got online to see the ingredients of the RL pill. One large factor was Zinc....I had zinc on hand so I took it and the restless leg was non-existent tonight! Thank God!

17 Days PO--No more walking like a Crood!!

I'm 98% upright.....somehow the binder keeps me hunched....showered last night and realized I was upright with no back pain!

My 6yo was ecstatic! "LOOK, MOM you're upright!"

Ouch! Not good.

I've been slowly doing more around the house (hubs was gone for 6 days....kind had to!) and I'm hurting pretty bad! Hunched over again with a relentless pain just below incision on left low abdomen. Feels like a muscle is twisting with every step. I wonder if it's an anchor suture pulling? It subsides after laying down in the hips flexed position, then as soon as I rise and move more than two steps it's on again...I guess I'll just not get out of bed? Sheesh idk? I'm calling doc tomorrow! Pain meds aren't keeping up. I have otc meds that aren't helpin....and rx meds starting giving me aweful nightmares so I quit those days ago. I don't need any set backs!

Sorry to be a Debbie downer, but mercy...I want to heal so bad!

Swelling is still relentless. Should be wearing a size 7...instead I'm in a 13! Oh please tell me there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Ice ice baby

I've been hurting BAD! Like a major step backward....had a long day Saturday and been paying for it ever since with what seems to be a pulled abdominal muscle! Hurts like NO other! Ice has helped, but I can stand upper than 15 seconds and it burns and stabs and hurts like mad! Wen I sit, I'm okay, when I lay down 100% pain free! Please send your healing powers!!! This stinks (but is only temporary!) I hope...

24 days PO swelling starting to come down.

Lower left abdomen right above and below and along incision hurts BAD,'s shaped funny too! Idk? And it's hard and not squishy like other side of tummy. Have appt next Thursday.

Breasts are starting to settle nicely. Getting more symmetrical.

Debilitating Pain :-(

Going to doc first thing Monday! They don't know it yet, but they are going to see me :) I've been in more pain daily and I've waited it out as long as I can (7 days)...after multiple phone calls last week and being reminded that this is all normal healing, I don't think it is....I have been brought to tears at least once everyday this weekend. My doc is 1-1/2 hrs away....they offered to see me, but I was too exhausted and in too much pain to take myself and my three year old on a 4--1/2 hour long trip! Husband has Monday off, he'll take me. Thank you for the encouraging words. I really hope there's nothing majorly wrong. I hope they can inject me with a local anesthetic until this goes away...I can't walk but a step or two before pain becomes debilitating.

This has really got me feeling blue. I had feelings of guilt in the decision making process to even do this I'm feeling it even worse! My husband hates seeing me in pain and I'm feeling like I'm letting my whole family down by choosing to do this surgery. I'm regretting my decision big time right now. Fighting back the tears.

Holy Hernia? Maybe

I've been dealing with a searing awful pain that has had me laying down for the last week, except for bathroom breaks. I'm 30 days post op: not cool!

Two weeks ago I started waking in the morning with uncontrollable stretching spasms in my abdomen....they hurt like hell! After several days of that, I wake up last Sunday with a burning, stabbing pain in my abdomen. After multiple calls to the doc, being reassured it's all just normal healing: all the while I'm googling anything I can to find relief!

Earlier today I came across the possibility of a hernia! So I placed my hand over the incision line where the searing pain has been happening, presses firmly and I stood up...ZERO pain...when I let go...Lord have mercy it was instant pain! Pushed in again firmly....pain ZERO! Idk, but I might be on to something!

Seeing doc Monday (7/23).

Keep y'all posted!

Phone call with Dr. Swanson this morning

Dr. Swanson called me at 6:50am from New York....Another reason I'm impressed with the Swanson Center! They have a 24 hour answering service and I explained my pain to the person answering the phone and he called me back within minutes. I explained my pain to him and he was almost sure it was nerve pain, suggested I take Benadryl (he said "oddly enough this may provide relief) (I've had no relief by any other means thus far). He would see me today, but he's in NY...flying back this afternoon, but will see me ASAP tomorrow! He doesn't believe this warrants an ER visit. He said his nurse Sara experienced something that sounds just like what I'm experiencing and talking to her could help provide additional piece of mind.

I took Benadryl right after speaking to him! Fingers crossed that I have some relief!

Thank you everyone for your hopeful words and insight! I sure hope this doesn't last long!!

I will update again tomorrow after I'm seen by Dr. Swanson!

Rx for Percocet

I have a slightly more manageable amount of pain. I only cried twice perscribed Percocet. It makes my face itch and slightly dulls the pain. I am still 90% worse than I was 2 weeks ago!

Still wishing I hadn't done this to myself.


Dr. Swanson is doing a great job...he is however fairly perplexed at the amount of pain I am in. He basically said this is the worst he has ever seen anyone at 1 month! This doctor has performed thousands of successful surgeries and I'm the lucky one that gets to be the anomaly. On the outside I look great, but at what cost?

33 days post opp

I might be in the clear! For the past 15 days I've been experiencing excruciating pain in lowers left abdomen (searing pain in one small location). Finally, It's all but gone! I only feel it on occasion rather than every time I stand up! Oh I pray I'm in the clear! That was miserable!

Still swollen, but healing. Check out the pics 33 days post opp.

Stitch could've been to blame

A stitch in a nerve could've been to blame. If the pain continued much longer, Dr. Swanson was going to remove the anchor stitch in the location of my pain.

Walking! What a wonderful thing!

I'm finally upright now that the pain is gone! I'm going to lace up my tennis shoes and go for a short walk! Might even use some hand weights and work the guns too! LOL

So very thankful I'm feeling better!!!!!

35 days po Swelling going down

So excited to shed the swelling and a little flub...abs by December!!!!

60 days PO

Doing well! Flanks still tender and swollen from lipo. Tummy still swollen too, but not tender. Just got home from a canoe trip and I'm pretty sore in the abdomen and low back, but wouldn't have stayed home by any means because if the procedures. My breasts are looking really nice. I think there may be a need for somew skin puckering to be removed under the breasts, but they are looking so natural otherwise! It also seems like right side flank is bigger than left. Oh, I can't wait to be 100% back to normal! Almost there :)

65 days PO

I'm trying to lose weight; really difficult when I don't feel 100% yet. Schools about to start and I Am so thankful for the time off, but sure wish I had a little more time because I can't fit into any of my clothes.

65 days PO

More pics 65 days PO
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

Knows his stuff! Excited about results! Very pleased with his top-notch service, excellent staff and caring demeanor! Very helpful and thorough.

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