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I am very thankful for this website and for all of...

I am very thankful for this website and for all of those who have shared their experiences. I was hesitant to share, but I have learned so much and have decided to record my journey as well.

I never considered plastic surgery before the birth of my second child. I have delivered 2 children via c/section. My first child weighed over 9lbs and while my second did not weigh as much, I carried her very low and believe my ligaments were stretched to hell. I gained a little over 40lbs with each pregnancy. What prompted me to consider abdominoplasty is the fact that I do not fit properly in shirts and dresses, and I have to purchase clothes according to how they will fit my stomach. I'm tired of people asking me if I am pregnant. I find myself always disguising my stomach with spanks and blazers only to still have an unappealing bulge(which is much worse in the evening). I have worked very hard to get off the 40lbs I gained during pregnancy. Even with breastfeeding, the weight was slow to come off.

Although knocking on 40's door could be a contributing factor. I am 5'3 and weigh 136lbs. I would like to get to 130lbs. I work out 3-4x a week. My breasts are also deflated. Since starting this journey, I have decided to also have breast augmentation. I am very excited to have a nice silhouette. My goal is not to wear a 2 piece bathing suit( I have stretch marks almost to my sternum), but to at least look great in my clothes and to be satisfied with my body naked.

I have had 6 consults with reputable board certified plastic surgeons. I was told anything from, "I can give you nice 40year old boobs". *excuse me??? You think I am paying all of this money for 40 year old boobs??* I was also told by a surgeon," I am not sure that I can get the stitch to hold for your muscle repair."** Then another kept insisting on performing liposuction on my flanks so that my booty would pop" *never even mentioned my hernias that the other surgeons discussed* Then one surgeon told me that the gummy bear implants were not FDA approved, when another surgeon had already told me that they had been FDA approved. However, I am 90% sure that I am going with saline anyway.
So, my plan is to have a Full Tummy Tuck with Hernia and Muscle Repair and Breast Augmentation. Hoping for a Full C, Small D Cup. I have read so many reviews. The good and the bad. I am excited and a bit nervous at the same time. I will just be praying that things go well for this elective procedure and that I don't have major complications. I am scheduled so far out because I need to take time from work as well as I will be paying cash for this. I have been saving since 8/2012! I will continue to read posts and acquire as much information as I can.

Hi ladies! For those who have chosen saline breast...

Hi ladies! For those who have chosen saline breast implants, in your experience,how do they feel related to natural breasts? I " felt up" the assistant at one of my consults who had silicone. They were very spongy. She did find the actual implant in her breast and let me feel that as well, which I thought was nice. I am obsessing about size as well. Of course the hubby wants them large. ( That ain't happening). The magic number that is in my head is 475cc. I've got booty and hips. I think that will fill me in nicely, hopefully. Funny thing is I don't even know if that will fit. My consult was so long ago, we really didn't decide upon a specific size. I need to go back before June. I will be disappointed if I am limited to the 300 range after official measurements. But I also don't want to increase my chances for complications. The boobs are just a bonus for me. :)

Hi ladies! For those with breast implants, was...

Hi ladies! For those with breast implants, was your comfort level altered during full body massages? Could you lay flat on your stomach?

Happy Healing to all the ladies recovering and...

Happy Healing to all the ladies recovering and those who will be having surgery in the near future! I have been reading plenty of reviews. I hope that I don't experience the blues that a lot of women talk about. I consider myself emotionally stable and have never had issues with depression. Even after the loss of my Dad, who was my heart.But I would imagine if you suddenly are not in control and have to depend on others, it can take a toll on you. Especially if you receive less than desired results. So, this is something that has been on my mind lately. Am I as strong as I thinkthat I am. I hope so.

For all of you ladies that have had your surgery,...

For all of you ladies that have had your surgery, or are planning to have surgery, are you using any devices that will assist with peeing the first few days. I have heard of the go girl and female urinals so that you can basically stand. One blogger also said she popped the bottom out of a styrofoam cup to use as a funnel. Any of these worth it? I have started my list of helpful things to have. I am getting excited. Especially as it is warming up, finally! I had to pull out the spanx bathing suits and miracle bathing suits that I purchased last year for a pretty penny. They work prety well, but still aren't strong enough to contain Esther( as Wanda Sykes calls her bulge) My family and I went on a mini vacay and I found myself checking out the other mommies. Most were not Hawt, but we were at a family resort. Their were a few moms with either great genetics or maybe a modest procedure in their past::). I looked like most of the moms with long boobs and kangaroo poches ( without the kangaroo). I CANT WAIT to have a flat tummy. I am back on track regarding eating better. I have to keep this in check since I won't be able to work for awhile out after the surgery.

Well ladies, I am stepping it up a notch and...

Well ladies, I am stepping it up a notch and having LASIK surgery on my eyes. Yikes!! I am scheduled for next week. I hope that I can clearly see my hot body in September.

I hope that all of you ladies have a wonderful...

I hope that all of you ladies have a wonderful Mother's Day!! I pray that all of you in recovery are doing well. Time is flying! I have so many distractions in my life that sommer will be here before I know it. Time for me to take out the spanx bathing suits again. My family will be traveling out of the country soon for 5 days. I am very excited for this vacay. Have any of your partners/ husbands had issues with revealing pics being posted? My hubby was not too happy. I am so not a modest person, and my identity isn't revealed, so I didn't really think to discuss it with him. Word of advice.... if you think your partner may be on the fence about it, discuss it with them before posting pics. Anyhooo, I am still here. Did not know if I would be.:). Happy healing to everyone!

Man, have I fallen off

I have been soooo off my game since the end of April. I slacked up on my workouts,....well more like stopped. I just got lazy. If I don't work out before the kids get up, it doesn't happen at all. I went on an all inclusive vacation and ate like every meal was my last. And the swim up bars did me in! Reality hit me when I stepped on the scale. Sometimes, that is all you need. Needless to say I am getting back on track. I even purchased a juicer,...well it's going back, but my intentions are I figure I can use my blender for some of the recipes. I have worked out every morning so far this week. (I know it's only Wednesday, but still). I really want to see 128 on the scale before surgery. That is my magic number. I am excited to see my plastic surgeon again. I had my consult with him last fall. I am most excited to know what type of implant and size I will be going with.
I said I wasn't going to go clothes shopping. I had put myself on a strict spending diet. Well, soon as the 90 degree weather hit, that went out the door. Also, my 60 inch screen tv went up. I had to put my car in the shop for $700. So I am getting back on track. This time is going by so fast! Happy healing to all!

Preggers Pic

Thought I would remind myself of how much my abdomen was stretched

I think 490cc will work for me!

I went in to talk to my surgeon this am. I hadn't seen him since November. He is such a pleasant guy. We discussed post op care, drains, implants, ext. Before I tried on sizers, I told him that I wanted full breasts. He gave me good advice. What he told me was not to look at the numbers on the implant as I try them on, but to try to create a curve along the side of my breast that closely matched my hips to obtain an hourglass figure.( my stomach distracted my illusion, but I understood what he was saying) When his assistant showed me the size I had chosen,490cc, I wasn't too shocked because that size is around the size that I liked on a lot of pics that I had saw. I also told him that I am sticking with saline. I can be a worry wort, so I am doing both of us a favor. I asked my surgeon about massaging my implants. He said i can do it if I want, but i shouldn't have to. Let me tell you; I have seen some scary boobs immediately post partum. If I turn out with frankenboobs, I will not be waiting for them to drop on their own! I would go to you tube and figure out how to push those ouppies down.
Regarding my tummy tuck, I will have my drains on the sides where he will perform lipo. He also told me that instead of the pain pump, I will have medication injected that should last for 4 days. I am really getting excited about restoring the old me, with a bit more on top. I ordered a dress from Arden B that I would like to wear for my birthday this summer. It will be perfect for next summer, but I am determined to make it work this summer. It is HOTT! I don't know what I am going to do about this gut. I saw on a lady on you tube who wrapped her stomach with Saran Wrap to flatten it( the spanks will reveal my muffin top in this dress). I am going to try it! If it doesn't work, I have a back up .
Well, happy healing to all! And for those ladies who feel that their surgery is so far away, the time does go by fast. I have less than 3 months left and I have been on this site for a year.

Oh boy! lol

Not postpartum..., post-op. We are done with Postpartum. Hallelujah!

Mammogram Done!

I had my mammogram today. My surgeon actually did not make it mandatory prior to my augmentation. This is something that I felt was important for me. I will be 40 in a hot second, so I thought it best to get it over with. He did recommend that if I was going to have it done, to do it sooner rather than later so that if there are any issues, it can be taken care of without delaying my date. I had my primary care physician shoot over a referral to a wonderful breast care center here in Maryland. The procedure was completely painless. ( Besides, after breastfeeding, you could probably twist my nipples with pliers, and I would be ok) But seriously, it was Easy Breezy.

I am less than two months away!

Wow! This time is going by so fast! I have periods where I get quite nervous thinking about what is to come. I have saved all of my money for this procedure. I think I will use a small bit for my 40th birthday celebration. I already have a care credit card which I planned to use for my LASIK surgery, but payed cash for it. So, I may decide to finance 1000 at 0% interest if payed off in 6 months. This way, I can really treat myself for the big 4-0! I am at 131lbs. I plan to stay rigghhhhhtttt here. My butt is getting flat, and I can't have that. So, I don't want to lose anymore weight.
Now, I have a bit of stress because my focus has solely been on saving funds for this procedure and that everything will be all good because I will have a doctor's note. Well, no,.... HELL NO! The only way that I will be getting off from work is if it is approved through FMLA. I didn't even consider this. I was thinking,"I am having surgery, it won't be an issue. No one has to know anything because of HIPPA" Welll, with my corporation at least. I am praying that my saving grace will be my hernias. I will have the paperwork filled out by my plastic surgeon and just have him discuss my hernia repair. Truly, I don't even want it noted that he is a plastic surgeon. If this doesn't work out, I will have to reschedule for early next year when I can request another vacation (max 3 weeks). I have plenty of time, but the company I work for is VERY busy, and there is no way I would be approved another vacation this year. Pray that this works out in my favor. Happy healing to those in recovery.

I am a Happy Camper!

I have been approved for time off for my surgery. Yea Me! Now onwards in this journey. I have been really busy so this time is flying! Happy healing to all!


Today, I lost my debit card at a gas the hood, mind you. But, I did not realize it until 6 hrs later. Do you all know how much money is connected to my card??,!!!!!!!! My surgery money, and then some. All that was stolen was $200!!! And my wonderful bank froze the card! The dummy continued to use it at the gas station, probably gassing up people's cars. I am so thankful and blessed because this situation could have been worse. My funds will also be credited back to me within 10 days. I have got to be more careful!!! My little one wanted some goldfish and I believe I dropped my card when I got back out to give my daughter her fish. *smh*. Happy healing to all!

36.4 Days......

Really???? After being on this site for over a year, my time is around the corner. My personal life has been quite full, so the time is going by so quickly. I did reserve an electric lift recliner from Rent-a-center. I purchased 4 button down gowns (2 with tags still attached) and a walker from goodwill for $25. The walker is just like new. I took it outside and sprayed it with clorox bleach spray. Wiped that bad boy down. It is ready to go. Hopefully it will help with the back discomfort that so many women experience. I have scheduled my preop. That appt is in two weeks.
Sidebar-A colleague( NOT BFF) invited me to am outing next summer and said, "Then you can wear your bikini"...... *crickets* To myself I asked, "why did she say that?". I told her, "No.......I don't wear bikinis". So, before we went out to lunch I asked her if she knew that I would be out of work to have my fibroids removed. She whispered, "I thought you were getting a tummy tuck".........*crickets*... I calmly said, "I want one. I am hoping to be able to afford it by the end of next year. But I have to take care of my fibroids." . REALLLLYYYYY....SERIOUSLY..I was caught off guard. When people don't have answers, they draw their own conclusions. After I had my last baby, all I talked about was having a tummy tuck, but when I seriously started making things happen I shut my mouth. So, I'm sure that is why it was easy for her to assume that. I kindly reminded her that cosmetic surgery is usually not approved by FMLA. So after a few minutes, the conversation shifted to laws. Honestly, I don't mind people knowing about my procedures. I am just not up for any discussions beforehand. Anyhoooo....
Breast Augmentation-I plan to order a set of bras that comes with an icepack by Torisimo? Something like that. It is through One of the ladies on the breast augmentation reviews really liked them. I sill plan to order the danskin sports bras as well. I will start my daily vitamins this week. HAPPY HEALING!

Date Change

I am now less than 1 month away from this life changing procedure! My date needed to be changed because my surgeon will not be in on my original date of September 20th. I was offered September 25th or September 17th. I chose the 17th, and when I got off the phone, I felt quite anxious. It is just 3 days before, but for some reason it felt like it was too close. lol. I scheduled the original date back in December. The only thing that I will have to do is change my recliner delivery date. All of the research that I have been doing, I should be mentally, physically prepared. I am mentally prepared, but there is still a good amount of things that I need. The true count down is on. It is crunch time!


Yikes! I paid my balance in full!! I have no guilty feelings. Maybe because i saved for this procedure for so long. Thankfully, i haven't taken any funds from our household accounts and my kids have still been doing extra curricular activities as well as being ready for the new school year. I am excited more than anything. Now, where the guilt may come in is watching my husband take care of everybody once I have this procedure. My mom does plan to help out with the kids. I do plan to cook few things to freeze within the next 2 weeks to help get my husband through the first week.
I ordered my the toresimo bras. The designer had several augmentations and created a bra that is supposed to be quite comfortable. Another blogger on the breast augmentation side stated that in the initial stage, this was the bra that she found the most comforting. I also heard good things about target's champion sports bras.
Speaking of boobs, I am excited to see my transition. Had I got this procedure done a year ago, I would have definitely went with 350cc. But, after so much time to think about it, I realize that I want a pretty full look. I hope I am happy with the breasts. My left nipple actually sits lower than my right. So it is possible that it may be accentuated more after the procedure. I am ok with that. I am not going for a centerfold shoot. Anyhoo, preop/physical with Pcp is Monday. I actually haven't been to her in almost 3 years. my Obgyn had taken over for a period of time. lol! I am curious to see what she will say. She is very holistic. Encourages clean eating and exercise. I hope she isn't judge mental when she finds out about my plans. I really don't want to find a new doctor, but if she is way to the left with her comments, then I will.

Pre-Op appointment!

Well, that was easy! My doctor was actually very supportive of me having a tummy tuck! So, I guess she is a keeper. ( For some reason, I didn't disclose the breast augmentation piece. We were having too much of a nice appointment. I didn't want to give her the chance to put her foot in her mouth.)She did say, " Why should you work out the way you do and look like this?" ....I sort of asked myself, " just what does she mean?" Lol. But she said that she considered the procedure herself and wish she would have done it years ago. She is approaching 60. What was very comforting is that a few of her friends had procedures done by my surgeon and they were very pleased with their results. So, again, I feel like I am in good hands.
Today I purchased emergen-C. I guess I will start taking that 1 week prior to boost my immune system. I only have 3 weeks to go!! EKG was fine, so as long as my labwork is ok, then I should be good to go. Within the next week or so, I will post a few pics. Especially sitting down. I love thise before and after shots. My stomach rests on my thighs. So to all those ladies on the flat side, may you continue to heal without complications. And for others at the beginning of their journey, do plenty of research in hopes of achieving the better you that you desire.
21 days and counting! WOOHOOO!!

My Newest Obsession!

So it seems as though I can't stop looking at boob pics. I should be sick of them by now! Will they be big enough? Will they be soft? Will they have a natural look? Will I have complications? How will my scar heal? My areolars will probably look like huge flying saucers, but I am ok with that. It's funny because initially I was pretty nonchalant about the boobs. But now, As much as my tummy looks like sponge Bob, I feel like that will be ok. But, the boobs, who knows? Will my muscles be too tight and not let them drop? Will I lose nipple sensation? There are just so many variables. But, even with all of this, I am still excited about filling out tops/ bathing suits, and potentially looking good in them! Happy healing to you lovely ladies!

12.5 Days

Time is winding down! I have ordered my toilet seat riser, long reach grabber, shower chair, and compression socks. My sweet mother is going to help me prepare a few meals to freeze for the first post-op week. I also purchased a book on breast augmentations. is where it can be purchased. I got this info from another blogger, WWoman. It is is actually her surgeon who wrote the book. It should be an interesting read.
Because my surgery was changed from a Friday to a Tuesday, It seems I have been thinking a lot more about those initial days of recovery. My husband and my mom will be assisting me. But there will now be homework to be done, and getting the kids off in the am. I have to pull down fall clothes from the attic since the weather is beginning to transition. My brain is on overload. I will be putting together a schedule for my husband regarding what needs to be done. He will also have to do 'Back to School Night". As long as I write things down, he should be good.
I am so excited about making this decision to change what exercise has not.
I started taking my Vitamin C and I am taking my daily mutlivitamin. Next week i will start Muscle Milk. The regime I got from Sauda(blogger)
Why am I getting boob greed already? I am going see if we can make these implants an even 500. I don't want to be disappointed, I also don't want to put myself at a greater risk for complications. I have sag and alot of skin. Some of my bras when I was nursing are 38C's, so i think I should be able to withstand 500cc. We will see what fits during surgery I guess. I can't wait to get rid of my old bras. I have bras in my drawer from 10 years ago! I never had any interest in bra shopping. I only shop if I need a bra for a particular outfit.
I have scheduled appointments for my mom and I for massages and facials at my favorite spa. Who knows when I will be comfortable laying on my stomach for a massage after this sugery, so I might as well get it in now. I did receive info from another blogger on a woman here in Maryland who does lymphatic massages. I may see her a few times after my procedure, depending on my swelling.
Happy healing!

Am I starting to get nervous???

Oh boy! I can literally say, " My surgery is next week!" O-M-G! I called Rentacenter to confirm delivery of my chair and the salesman told me that there is a brand spankn' new lift chair in the system with heat and massage! ...".All for me!!??"...Sign me up please! So, instead of $28/week, I will pay $32. For the first time, I am actually feeling just a tad anxious. This is truly an elective procedure, and it does not come without risks. I will just pray for peace and leave the worrying alone. So, for those on the flat side, when were you capable of washing/ blow drying/ flat ironing/ styling your own hair, or your children's hair for that matter? Happy healing to those in recovery and blessings to all with upcoming procedures!

Headed down the home stretch!

(For those who may have lost someone tragically on this day 12 years ago, my thoughts/prayers go out to you. )
Well, I have made myself homemade chicken, veggie soup. I am preparing black bean soup this evening. I have prepared 2 full meals for my family which I just froze. (I am not making anymore! Lol. My husband can cook if need be. I made enough for leftovers, so that should carry them until friday; which is pizza night). My mom is preparing greens, and another dish for me. Idid my own soups for the first few days post op. Soups in the stores have sooooo much sodium. Even when it says low sodium. My dining room is a mess! That is where sll of my supplies are. I went to wslmart and purchased one of those hard plastic drawer towers. Plan to organize supplies and keep the tower next to the recliner since I will be camped out in the family room. Y'all know I have not put in my scrips yet! I forgot! I will do that today.*smh*
So, I was in target, and could not pass up this cute bikini that was on sale. Will I ever wear it? Don't know, but I thought it will be nice to take pics in to see progress. I am really getting excited. Oh! Ladies, please budget in funds for supplies. I know I have spent a few hundred dollars already. Don't forget the incentive spirometer(the apparatus that you inhale into and watch the ball rise)! We have to take deep breaths, even through the pain. We do not want pneumonia!
Last big thing I am going to do before surgery is wash clothes! It's my nemesis! Happy healing to all!

2.3 Days!!!!

I feel like a hamster on one of those wheels!!! I think I have everything, but I still feel like there is so much to do. Need hair relaxed. I have got to get my pedicure. Working this weekend to tie up loose ends.I have to braid baby girl's hair. Decided to prepare one more meal. Have to organize my cart. *Aaaaagggggghh!!!*But, still sooo excited. Seems surreal. All this planning....and soon it is my turn. Boy, am I thankful for this site and all the wonderful ladies because I have been shooting messsages and questions out alot lately. Thank you, and Happy healing to all!

Toooooomorrrow! Tomorrrowww! I love ya, Toommorrrow! Uurrrrr only a daaaaaaaay aaaawwwwaaaaaayyy!

Can't believe it!! I am too tired to be nervous right now. With me, I will always have something to do at the last minute. I am writing my final report for work. I am not scheduled until 1pm tomorrow. I will say my prayers tonight and be at peace. I did write letters to my children and husband. I placed them in the bottom of the baby's bag. Prayerfully it won't be read. I plan to retrieve it when I wake up, if I remember. Lol. I am really excited about having boobs. Today I kept rubbing my belly. Good riddins! Happy healing to all! See you on the flat side!


Hi ladies! I am on the other side! This will be short. I am so sleepy. I have been walking every 2 hours. I am not in pain, but I am uncomfortable and extremely sore. Feels like I did too many pushups and situps. I was able to get 490cc. In breasts. Thamk God for this lift recliner, only for gettjng me up but my back isn't that comfortable. Thank you ladies for your prayers! Starting to nod.My husband took the pic for me. He has been wonderful!

Hopefully I can keep me eyes open enough to finish writing

This recovery is NO JOKE! Thanks to this site, I knew that, but its a whole different beast when you are in it.
Surgery day- short and sweet. Checked in, got undressed, took my zofran for nausea. Took pics, kissed hubby, walked into OR. I got the neatest sterile scrub standing up. The water was nice and warm, but then I got cold because the OR was cold. Then they had me back up naked( besides my compression stocking and footies). Then I laid on a warm sterile drape.. There I got my iv started, had some small talk and was informed that I would be going to sleep. The next thing I remember is getting in the car, then walking to the house. Thank goodness we got home later( 830) kids were ready for bed and I recall my daughter saying "up mommy!". I woke up enough to wash up a bit. Just under the arms and my hooha.
Recliner chair- great, but between walking hunched over and not being a back sleeper, my back is hurting. I am very thankful for it though.
Toilet seat riser- MY VERY BEST FRIEND. It's like the most comfortable chair! Lol. It alleviates me from having to bend down so far.
Compression garment- "The beast" although I have been using another 5 letter word. It's tight. I am itchy. And the gusset is off to the side. So.... My husband rigged a styrofoam cup to use as a funnel so that I don't pee all over it. We get to put another one on tomorrow.
I am still very happy to be in this position. It's a little dream coming true. I have been drinking cucumber water, prune juice" ginger-ale. I have been walking every 2-4 hours.
Lipo- this is the worse pain, forget soreness, this is pain. Every time I stand, it burns and pulls so bad. I got lipo on the sides and a bit on my lower back. Ok, getting sleepy. It has probably taken me over an hour to write this short update. Happy healing!

Each day is getting better

Well, today I feel a bit better than yesterday. Which I am very thankful for. I was starting to think I had placebos in place of my dilaudid. I was waiting too long to take my meds, therefore I was playing catch up with the pain. I also have percocets which seems to work better for me. I am trying to drink a protein shake a day. I eat very light. My stomach seems to fill up quickly. I have now been using the walker because my lower back hurts. It just gives me some support .
So, I was so concerned with getting constipated that I was taking mom, apple sauce, fiber 1 bars, colace, and smooth move tea. Lets just say I had no problems going today. I don't see my surgeon until tues. My Monday appt time was too inconvenient.
The first few days it is so important to have someone with you at all times. My husband has been awesome from waking me to walk as well as reminding me to take my meds. I actually downloaded a med sheet from the internet that enabled us to record meds and times given. We are also recording my drain output. I am hoping they can come out Tuesday. My husband will help me shower tonight! Then I can see myself! Already, I am happy with boobies. I haven't seen them outside of the surgical bra. I peeked in my garment and did notice a bruise on my upper abdomen. I guess that is from lipo. I can also tell i have some swelling going on. Well I will post a photo after shower. Happy healing to everyone!


Well, this its post op day 4, and its also the annual outside play day( says nic jr.) So, my kids are hanging outdoors with their dad. I am making it by myself indoors. I took meds before he left. It's still a bit tough to open the bottles. I will shower today. Last night I was exhausted and had taken my meds when my husband was ready. So today is the day. I have come to appreciate my compression garment. I like the support when it is on. My back is still sore when walking because I am not fully upright. I have swelling in my back and stomach, but i expect to see the results I am looking for in a few months.I will see incision tonight, which I am excited to see. I still have on my bandages. I see the surgeon tuesday. I am happy with the saline boobies. They are soft at the top and firm at the bottom. I have some side boob going on,which I like. I am posting a quick pic prior to shower.

Can someone pop me with a pin?

Whoa! I feel soooo tight!! My garment feels tighter today. I have definitely been watching my sodium intake, but I guess this is to be expected. I had my shower last night, but left the camera phones downstairs, and I didn't want to ask my husband to do one more thing ( we all know when it's not a good time). So, I will post pics after tomorrow's shower. My incision is nice and low, and unbelievably flat until you get to my new belly button, above that is where it takes on a shape of its own! The swelling is unbelievable! I know I was lipoed, but my gosh! "6 months, 6 months"is what I am telling myself. Fall is here, so its not like I need will have any belly pics, but I do expect to look somewhat in my fall/winter clothes. My appetite is still not near where it was. I am ok with that:-). I think I am eating pretty healthy. Protein shakes, leafy greens, beans, fish, greek yougurt. Eventually, we will see this shape I am envisioning. My back is even swollen! I have my follow up this tues. I will shower again tomorrow eve. We have to disconnect drains , hang them around my neck on shoestrings tied together.. ( my husband had some new shoestrings/never worn/ and we just wiped down with bleach wipes )That worked well. Then I sat on shower stool and was in heaven! We have the shower spout that you can remove and hold in your hand. That was nice because I didn't have to move. Then we had to put holes in the new garment, pop the tubing off the bulb of the drain so that the tubing could be thread through the garment. Then reconnect the bulbs. It was a lot of work. We also reapplied the bandages with what was given to us at the surgi center, also cutting slits in gauze to fit around drains. So, on Tuesday, I think I will get the right drsin pulled. But, not the left. Left drain is putting out around 50ml/day. God bless you all on your journey and through recovery!

I am on the flat side, but not flat yet

If anyone u s in swell hell, it's me!! My belly has morphed into its own being. I am going to call my belly "baby alien". She's got potential, but she's not there yet. The bottom is flat, but all the swelling is at the top. It's like I have a ledge on my belly. So weird! I have my post op visit tomorrow. I doubt if any of these drains are coming out by the way my belly looks. On a lighter note,the girls are holding their own. I have 475cc round smooth moderate profile filled to 490cc. I always thought moderate profile would be too much of a low projection, but I guess not so much.

Before shower pics

1st post op appointment

I went to my 1st post op appointment.I had a few sutures removed from the incision. I had my bandages removed from underneath my breasts. The tummy tuck incision looks really good. I had the incision retaped. I hope it continues to heal well. I Must continue to wear my compression garment. If everything progresses as expected. Scar therapy treatment will start at 3 weeks. My surgeon prefers silicone strips. I haven't looked at the incision under my breasts. I was told it looks good. My doctor told me I could wear a bra, or not. He did advise that I not run out and purchase a lot of bras at this time because my size may change some as they settle. Which I already knew from this website. I did purchase two post surgical bras that are really comfortable. I will have fun emptying out my bra drawer to make room for sexy ones when the girls settle.
Of course I came home with both drains. They need to be less than 30cc in a 24 hr period for 2 days consecutively. So, I will continue to take it easy to promote this healing process. Happy healing to everyone!

Drains, Drains, Drains....

Really tired of them now. I understand they serve a purpose, so patience needs to be my virtue. My right drain is ready. Hoping my left will be ready by Monday. My pain has dramatically decreased. I am down to two 5mg Percocets with tramadol a day. I have l bit of discomfort, in abdomen and back. Breasts are softening. I have most of my sensation in my nipples. Sometimes it feels funny, like when your leg falls asleep and you touch it. I have not been wearing a bra for the past 3 days. I am giving my incision a rest from the material being against it. I will be doing scar therapy. My lines are dark, although I think a bit may be scabbing. I will post more pics when I get the drains out. I have been able to hang out with my kids independently. My oldest is able to take the little one out of the crib and high chair. This am I am alone with the little one, so I took the high hair out of the kitchen chair and put it in the family room on the floor. Any other chair in the house she is independent with. So happy to be on this journey, and I am taking my time with this recovery. I am letting my husband take care of me. Because once this recovery is over, it's back to the grind in the house and out. So, lets just say I am enjoying my ipad, recliner and remote! Happy healing!

I definitely DO NOT have boob greed

Hi ladies. To me, the girls are big! I am happy 490cc was my max. I have projection and just enough side boob. I am happy I didnot go any larger!
I am still trucking around with these drains. The drainage is borderline , so I 'm not pushing it. I have enough swelling going on.I have decided to just keep them until my Thursday appointment, unless there is a drastic decrease. I have been putting a hand towel in my garment right above my belly button for added compression because I had so much swelling there. So Baby Alien is actually getting smaller. My new garment ( thanks to Pharmsales) came today. It's a MariaE faja. My lipo compression board also came today. I will be using that instead of the hand towel. I really need one for right above my butt. I have a lot of swelling there as well. I can't wait to see the results of my lipo. A few days ago I slipped down the ladt few steps in my basement. Talk about pain! I just new I messed something up. Split a stitch or something! I stayed upright holding on to the railing. But all that movement I did trying not to fall, my left hip was on fire, and my stomach felt like I did a million sit ups. I opened my garment, and everthing was ok! That's what I get for attempting to go downstairs to wash my CG. My hubby said he would do it. He wasn't on my time. Patience, Patience, Patience!

Last day with drains.......hopefully!

Today has been a good day. I am walking more upright, and really not having any pain, just discomfort. But, oh Boy! This swelling!! When does it end........I don't even have the dip in my back that usually makes my booty pop! Lol. ..and no curves yet. But, I am still happy. It will come.

Last drain shot!


The drains are out! Quite an eerie feeling during removal. Not painful, just weird. I feel really good. Not to mention that I did premedicate myself beforehand, because I did not know what to maybe that is why it was I tried on a few tops, everthing fits. Actually, the girls can be hidden pretty well in clothes! I will post a new pic this week. Happy healing!

Make sure you do this procedure solely for yourself!

Today was a good day! I enjoyed brunch with great friends today. Everyone complemented me on how great I looked.Small tummy, full perky boobs....I even had friends considering a tuck or lift themselves. I had a on a fitted top and capris. After returning home and getting out of the faja that was squeezing my last breath out of me(we will discuss this later), and walking past my husband naked, my husband says,"you kind of look the same as you did before".....,,..................!!..............??????.....................!!!!!!!!!!!.....................*silence*....(after I sat for 2 minutes........ok, I know I have some swelling,BUT,come on!.......I am sitting, there is no gut in my lap, and my breasts are not resting o my stomach). So the words that came to me were,"Well, I appreciate you for seeing me the way that I look today." Had I done this to appease him, I would be crying and blowing fireballs. Although the comment was a bit insensitive after all I have gone through, I couldn't be mad at him. He never thought I needed the procedure. Even though he supported me, he never had very much to say about it. Before this surgery, it was spanks and a padded bra, but today, it was me....and the faja from hell...but it was an improvement that I am happy with. No, I do not have perfection, but I know that there are improvements to come. So , ladies, put on your big girl drawwwsss, not panties, but drawwwws, and your thick skin, because you may not get the recognition from the person who matters the most.
Now....on to this faja ridiculousness(I will be ordering a larger size...)OMG!!!! just how tight is this thing supposed to be??!! I was struggling, sweating, trying to get that d$&n thing on! I thought I was going to have to reapply my deodorant when I finished. I get it. Once it was on, it did feel good. I did not need the lipo board at all!......but by the time my girlfriend drove me home after eating brunch, my liver, pancreas and intestines were SCREAMMINNNGGGGG!! I was the most uncomfortable! I thought, "this cannot be right! Am I having an ischemic episode?!" Lordy, I felt so much relief. 4 hours later, I still don't have anything on. I am soon headed downstairs to retrieve my old faithful garment from the laundry room. I am going to order another faja. Same brand because I do like compression, and style. But I would like to breath in it. I may even order a large(currently have the small) Happy healing to all!!

Scar Therapy

I should be starting scar therapy this week. Oleeva scar strips were recommended by incisions under my breast are pretty dark. I will see the tummy incision thursday.

I just want to get comfortable!

So, atleast I am not in pain....But, so much discomfort. I can't get comfortable. My areas that had lipo are so sensitive.My nipples feel sensitive. I wonder when this gets better?. I have been in my bed for about 4 nights now. I have to take motrin before bed so that I can be comfortable. My husband has been sleeping downstairs the past few nights because I toss and turn so much. He is a light sleeper. I am happy with my results. I just can't wait to feel back to normal. My tape is still on, so when that falls off, I can start the silicone strips. I hope everyone is recovering well, and best of luck to those embarking on this journey.

I Ain't ordering another D@&N Cg!!!!!!!

I go back to work next week and at times I can be on my feet for a very long time and my days are long. This faja is not going to cut it for work days! I do like the support of the cg, so I will atleast be wearing them for another month. I definitely neef it when driving. I drove once without it and did not like the way my stomach felt. But, I need to be comfortable. After having on my faja for a few hours, I am popping those hooks open, which defeats the purpose ( my compression garment from the surgery is too big and thick to wear under clothes) That d@^n faja gets to digging in my sides and I can't stand it!! When I first put it on, it feels good, but after moving around and swelling, forget it!! Ain't nobody got time for dat!!!! So, ......I ordered a leonisa, and 3 cupid high waist hook and eye closure, firm compression, thigh length spanks through Walmart's web site! Actually, the cupid brand is what I have used in the past and ut was always comfortable. The only thing is there is no gusset, but the hook and eyes should make taking off a bit easier. So, I will let you ladies know how it works. I will still wear the faja here and there, but I don't plan to for long periods. My silicone strips came yesterday! You all should have seen me tearing up the house looking for tgem this morning. I was helping my son with homework yesterday, when my 2 year old took the tube ( it was sealed). So, of course I didn't think about it anymore until this am. I was on my hands and knees trying to have the view of a short toddler to see where it could be! Thank goidness my husband did not take thge trash out because the silicone strips tube ($97) was in a small cardboard box in my dining room that was set to go out for trash. On a great note, I am in the process of finding a great dress for a wedding, and my gut can no longer hold me back from choosing any style dress that I like. That feels good! And lastly, nipples. How long did it take for some of you ladies nipples to feel just as they did before surgery? Happy healing!

Somebody stop my itching!!!

Whooooooo...!! This tummy incision is sooooo itchy! And more than that, I can't feel when I scratch!! Swelling is getting better. At night, I am like a blow fish. In the am, barely any swelling. I go back to work the end of the week. I am yhankfil for a job, but I will miss being home. I for a follow ip appt Oct 31st. Then I will ptobably be cleared to do some workouts. I did sign up for a water aerobic class that starts next week. I made sure I got the easy instructor. Just 2 nights a week. It's just for 7 weeks, then I should be ready to go back to my regular workouts. I'm not rushing. I have got the rest of my life to work out.:-). I LOVE MY BOOBS! I can conceal them, or realky play them up if I want. My pics are in a sports bra ( I had to take the padding out. Can you believe that?! Me! Taking out padding. It was too much!) I also have pics in the faja from hell, which I still wear from time to time. My leonisa came today, and walmart spanks. I haven't tried them on yet. Also I took a pic in the bathing suit that I had on preop. Those triangles barely covered my nipples! I will save that suit for when just the husband and I travel together.

Oleeva silicone scar strips

This is the truth!!! I can see a difference already. It's been about 5 days? I was beginning to get a raised/ keloidish area right above my pubic area. After 2 days, that particular area has flattened! The strip is expensive, but worth it. You have wash the strip between uses. I hang dry it for a few hours then replace.I usually keep it on for about 10-16hrs out of the day. Depending on shower times. This strip wraps around my tummy incision. It is sticky, so it stays in place. However most of the time I am in a garment, so, the strip has no choice. Now, for my breast, and drain scars, I am using Kelocoate(sp) silicone gel. It was just easier to apply because i didn't want to cut my silicone strip. So I can see how the two compare. I am feeling pretty good. I am back to work full time. Boy, was it hard going back. I enjoyed being home, having my hubby wait on me. I will start posting pics monthly, unless something dramatically changes. Happy healing to all!

Silicone Strip pic

Cold, Cold, go away! Come back another in 12 months!!!

The coughing, the sneezing!!!! UUggggggg! My muscle repair!!!! OUCH!!!!! This is for the birds! I got my flu shot, and maybe it's a coincidence, but 3 days later, here comes this cold. And it sucks!! I can't guard my stomach enough. I am thankful that I did not have a cold earlier in this recovery, or any vomiting which some ladies spoke of. This is no joke! I am 6.5 weeks post op. I plan to start working out a bit next week. My surgeon gave me clearance to start off slow. Life is good. I have been using my silicone strips pretty faithfully. Garments....not so much when I am at home. 6 more weeks and I hope to be done with them. I have been shopping like crazy! All of my previous shirts/blouses look frumpy to me. They were always a little big to conceal my belly, but now those same shirts with the boobs, do nothing for my shape. I have discovered that i need tops that are a bit more fitted. Well Happy healing to all! I will post pics around the 2 month mark.

I couldn't be happier!

Well, it's been 2 months. Where does the time go? I still can't believe that I had cosmetic surgery!. I came through this without complications, which is truly a blessing. I am really happy with my body. I haven't started back to my full workout routine yet. I occasionally do water aerobics, which is a pretty decent workout. My muscle repair is still pretty sore. My belly button is quite small. That doesn't bother me. My incision is healing very well. I am still using the silicone scar strips. I didn't realize that the incision isn't very even until seeing the pics. But, overall, my incision is soooo low that it isn't a problem for me. I still have swelling toward the evenings. Mostly above my belly button. People have been telling me that I look like I have lost weight. I have not.. just no more belly!! Woohoo!!. For the ladies with upcoming surgeries, or in the early recovery phase. You really do have to have patience before seeing your results. Honestly, when I unveiled myself 3 days after the mommy makeover, I had so much swelling, I felt like sasquatch. Now my sides are sleek, my belly is pretty flat and I have that dip in my back above my booty, which I love. I really didn't start to see all of this until about 4-6 weeks after. So be patient and continue to eat healthy. Now, the boobs...LOVE! OMG! I love my boobs! I still have not been sized. I wear large/xl sports bras. Sometimes, I don't even wear a bra! I never had to massage them, and they are so soft. Now, truthfully, I can find my implant, but it doesn't bother me. My husband loves them! My nipples still feel alittle numbish at times,but that is consistently improving. I love shopping, and can just about wear anything I want. I am really happy that I made this decision for myself. Happy healine to all!

2months post.. hit submit prematurely

Gotta maintain these results!

Hey ladies! Not much has changed except for this holiday season with all the cookies and cakes!! I started back working out consistently about 3 weeks ago. I am back to insanity dvds 3x/week ( with plenty of modifications!) I am not really doing ab workouts. Muscle repair is still a bit sore. However, I can now sneeze without having a panic attack beforehand. Lol! I Also added a dvd called Black Girls Workout Too 1x/week. ( the editing is low budget, but the workout is not) I love that dvd because it works on my thighs and butt. Now the boobage! OMG! That was an adjustment! I didn't like the feel of the implant bouncing around. So, to workout, I wear my surgical bra, a good sports bra, and I tie these babies down with my ab wrap
I have always wrapped my stomach during workouts. It makes you sweat a lot. I pretty much look the same as the previous pics naked. I still swell at the end of the day. My belly is still not as flat above my belly button as I envisioned, but it still is a vast improvement from before! So remember ladies, don't compare yourselves to others. Compare yourself to your very own before pics. Happy holidays and Happy healing!

3 months post pics


Happy New Year!! I finally got my boobs measured at Victoria Secret. The sales associate measured me at 36DD. I don't have a problem with that. Money well spent! I also got my first massage since the surgery and was able to lay flat on my stomach without any problems.

8 months!!!

I can't believe how much time has passed! Life really does get back to normal. I have been pleased with my results. My muscle repair is still a bit sore. I have started some mild ab workouts. I had taken a break for awhile from working out because I injured my hip with T25. Lol. Call me a fool, but I will eventually go back to it. For now I am doing Black girls workout 2. Gotta maintain the my scars are flat, but Dark. I went to Mexico and wore the high waist bikini, which I love! If I could change anything, it would be getting my drains in the mins pub is area, if that would mot change results. I have 2 scars on my hips which are from drains which look like bullet ( like I've seen them), but it is what I would imagine it tolook like. Another thing is that I am not board flat. The top of my abdomen still bulges a bit. I think back to the surgeon during my consults who said he may not get me to be as flat as I would desire secondary to my extensive muscle separation. So, with that being said, I am not changing a thing. I c ame out of this surgery without complications and I am not risking going back fot something minor. Now, the boobs,I LOVE!! They are perfect to me. 36DD. They look natural. I will be honest and tell you I can feel the implant. Honestly, the underside feels like a filled bag. It's noticeable. The top feels just like breast tissue. But, my breasts are softer than my friend's who has silicone. (Yes, we were feeling each other can now workout comfortably with just a sports bra. It took some getting used to. I will update again at the year mark. Happy healing to everyone!
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

I found out about this surgery center from a colleague who was very pleased with her procedure. I loved Dr. Basner's before/after photos. When I met him, he was very informative and was confident he could achieve the results I am looking for. He is not very active on this website. However, I researched him through Google, Health Grades, Vitals, Rate MD's, and the medical board of physicians. Dr. Basner had great reviews. He is not just board certified, but also has membership with the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. I was looking for surgeons with this membership as well.

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