Breast Implants! Rethink and Rethink.... Then Think it over again! before you make this HUGE decision x

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I had my breasts implants last Christmas as a gift...

I had my breasts implants last Christmas as a gift to myself, I thought it would be awesome and just what I needed. But I did not do any research just went along with what I have seen and heard...the good stuff.
But remember we are all very different ladies and getting this very , very underestimated...and all too often misunderstood procedure done - You must realise that it is MAJOR surgery and just because it is so popular and is often put in the same category as buying a new dress... It is simply not that simple.
And the ladies that do go ahead with this and have a life with breast implants are in another league altogether....because it is a lifestyle change and one that you must be prepared for - I understand if you have massive massive hang ups about being very flat chested or for breast cancer cases... but dont just do it because a guy makes you, coz you saw it and wanted it, because you can... BE SURE!!

....Life as you know it will totally change and you will never get it back again. So just be sure it is something you really , really want before you go under that knife.

Personally I just fell for the hype and I made a self-indulgent, careless mistake over just wanting perfection as I saw it in other women I admired or pictures I saw. This is simply NOT a good enough reason. No one told me that life would become so desperately difficult. These are the following things that happened post surgery....
- You will be put under General Anaesthetic which is very dangerous and many reports this has gone wrong and patients dont wake up as its very risky stuff already. I woke up heavily groggy, suffered immense break outs afterwards, felt depressed, I got very constipated and my stomach bulged out like a baloon (scary). Its just a horrible drug.
- The surgeon put an implant that was much too big for me DD cup.... I don;t know why...but be careful about surgeons who just go for the big size... because while you think it will be okay, its not!! Unless your going for a specific look.... BIg Implants are a nightmare!!

- It hurt alot and it felt like my chest was on fire after the procedure... and it felt like that for days afterward and I had to keep taking powerful painkillers (codeine)
-I was stuck in bed and could not function for ages and my boyfriend had to do everything ....he was against this whole idea....because I pick good intelligent guys :) - I was just stubborn and hellbent

- you cant even have a shower for at least 2 weeks to minimise infection to the wound sites, So as well as facial acne I was getting chest acne too... groce! (I was never prone to zits either!)

-Sleeping became a hassle, no more comfy tummy sleeping :( and I could not cuddle with my boyfriend like we used to because I had breasts in the way....from day one and this did not change. You will never enjoy a hug again....because the balls of plastic on your chest rule, and they come first....always! this is what you signed up make space for them!
-They feel Hot and uncomfortable constantly..... you will have scars that may eventually fade but that takes until your next lifetime. And quite embarrassing when your in intimate situations because that is so recognisable.
- All your clothes will fit tight and sexually on your top.....always....even if you just want to be conservative and normal.... Naaa uh! Its sexy ....always! I dislike feeling like I was making a sexual statements in the clothes I wore all the time... kinda makes you feel like a spectacle or desperate. And unless you get tiny implants.... breasts implants can be spotted a mile away! They never look natural, because that perfect roundness on the top or that gap in the middle or that immense cleavage (especially on slim women) will always give you away. Natural breasts rule.... think Kate Moss, Keira Knightley, Catwalk models...there is something very cute , natural, confident, and real about women with natural breasts... and that is because they did not need to be FAKE to be sexy. And confidence is sexy.

-you will attract a different kind of guy..... One who is usually superficial, sex mad, egotistical, brainless, meat heads, more money then sense, heartless, selfish, out of touch, married men, old get the idea.

-Be prepared to always feel like there is a tightness or a weight on your chest, they will never feel like you, you will have to get used to feeling them in your body. This bit has been the hardest thing for me... I really thought you would be as you were, that they would feel like part of you, but they dont. And not only that... to confirm it , you just have to touch them and you can feel the balls under your breast tissue and when you bend you can see the ripples in the implant across your skin and you look like some kind of alien species.....They feel disgusting and I dislike how they look - you will also hate them being touched! Its this awkward feeling like plastic balls glued onto your chest...nothing like real breasts. Nothing at all.

-If you always want to be in revealing blouses, dresses, v necks or just like having cleavage and boob on show then implants are for you..... but if you just like the idea of a little cleavage some nights when you go out or special occasions no confuse the two!!! Because breast implants are permanent and a push up braa can achieve all your cleavage desires. If you are quite flat chested and you are really really down about it then breast implants may be for you. But remember that its going to be a big change,,,, and one that many women are sadly not prepared enough for.... and Its DAMN expensive mistake so really think about it!?
Surely you might have a holiday you want to go on, a car to buy, endless spa treatments.....the list goes on. You can put that money to so many positive things instead of implants.

-Get used to men and women looking at you differently when you have breast implants....They do the greetings first before you can even open your mouth...this has been quite discombobulating for me...and it can wreck havoc with your confidence ironically!

- If you are active and enjoy sport, exercise, yoga...just general mobility....this is a problem too... they get in the two stiff bells, dis-coordinating your every move....
-You will partially or permanently lose sensation in your nipples and some breast area.....due to the pressure the implant applies to the nerves.....Your breasts will also be ice cold in winter months or if there is a there is little blood circulation there.... (very odd and inhuman!)

-If you intend of breastfeeding your child if you havent had any yet..... milk production might be limited due to the pressure once again.....or the idea might just put you off altogether because of the artificial connection between baby and mother.

- It is difficult to locate lumps in your breasts or have effective mammograms ( and in some cases they rupture during mammograms)
-Breast Implants need replacements at least 7-10 years on....are you ready to pay for the upkeep? They also rupture at any time or you can get capsular contraction at any also be prepared for this?
Silicone is plastic and there have been reports of many diseases flaring up in women with implants(read up)....So that thought alone just makes me uncomfortable.

Personally having breast implants for the past 8 months , it has not been worth it for me at all! I am getting my breast implants removed after 8 months and I could not be happier... a tough time to go through just because I had an idea about wanting a little more volume and lift..... not WORTH IT.

I hope my story helps women when considering to have breast implants as it will really make me feel better that I have helped another girl before she makes the same foolish mistake I made.

"Ex"planted and Feeling Delighted x

Hello Ladies,

I am feeling pretty light! if you know what I mean.....?:)

What a roller coaster.... 8 months with implants and now their GONE! And I couldn't be happier - I am sad I had to go this way of finding out for myself but that is why I have this page up here so It may get the attention of all you ladies considering Implants.
It is a massive lifestyle change and you will feel like a completely different person. If this is what you need I can understand, but then ask yourself why you need to be that different person so much..... and perhaps do these urges stem from something deeper inside that needs fixing?

Confidence is very complex human tool, necessary on every level! But very much neglected or disguised or hidden... You cannot buy confidence by changing yourself, buying new clothes, living somewhere better, driving a fancy car.... True confidence and Happiness stems from deep inside and once you have found it... No one can touch you! You know your happiness and personal security will shine out from miles away... you will be that amazing person everyone cant understand what is so nice about them. It is true internal Confidence.
So on that note.... Breast Implants may give you an artificial happiness because your boobs suddenly become this trophy you like to hide behind...and you will get all sorts of attention but after a while and you will see with most ladies with Implants or those who have Explanted will tell you what a burden they become and how they can take over your life.... How they can misinterpret the person you are - People will see you as an artificial person unfortunately no matter how smart, grounded and sensible you are. It is a shame but the world is visual and first impressions count.

So get your head out of the clouds and back into your soul because that is where the REAL SEXY is..... I had to learn the hard way... but I am not moping about in sadness... I am just happy I discovered this and didnt feel the pressure to keep them or live out that ideal... I am quite happy being the girl next door, happy in her OWN SKIN....In return you will get an inner peace, inner happiness.... respect from others and you have integrity and grace. On that note, Men who only appreciate big breasts are A-holes.... Real Men will be the ones who Love you for you....for your mind, your personality, your talents, just for you.... and that is what we need ladies , I am lucky to have a boyfriend who was against me getting implants....and stubborn me ran over him and his idea leaving skid marks!..... I felt absolutely terrible with myself and realised the whole circus happening on Planet Plastic....
He loved me all the same and left me to my own path...And still loves me now post implants...

Ladies you need to self evaluate and self discover.... but nothing you need lies with shallow pursuits of perfection and beauty..... Rather invest your time and money in positive rewarding plans, like travel, career, invest positively in yourself and others....x

Dr Mario Russo - The Hospital Group

RealSelf please could you rectify the error and that is surgeon that RealSelf automatically uploads is incorrect and this poor doctor... Mr Mario Luca Russo is getting a bad wrap for nothing.

It is the wrong record - I am talking about DR MARIO RUSSO OF THE HOSPITAL GROUP, LONDON, completely different doctors with the same name unfortunately. Please rectify, I have uploaded a photo of the correct Surgeon from the Hospital Group, London. I have noticed that there is a few others who have used my surgeon and then they upload it and this other Surgeons name comes up....... it is incorrect RealSelf, Please Rectify.

Alls well....Ends Well.....x

I am a happy duck.... looking forward to being highly active again, stretching, feeling healthy and all me...If you , like me....feel breast implants are not for you, there is a way out, don't feel trapped :)

If however you have breast implants and its just been fantastic for you....Excellent! it really is all about different tastes and needs...such is this world, we are all different!
If you are considering Breast Implants....Read my story and Be sure..... Because not everyone is the same and If I can save someone this , I will be happy to have been your light x

Personally its great being on the other side and I have a new found confidence.... Or can I say, I found my confidence and I just feel free grow old gracefully with every little gorgeous piece of me :)
Dr Mario Russo

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