28 yrs Old, 2 Breastfed Children 415cc Natrelle (Brand) Overs

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Hi. After always being small chested 36a to 36a I...

Hi. After always being small chested 36a to 36a I decided to finally get them done. I want to b a full D cup and absolutely petrified as my op is this Saturday. I live in London but my op is in Birmingham which is about a 2 and half hours drive away. My surgeon says my breasts r quite far apart (charming) lol so to get the full cleavage I want I should go over the muscle. This scares me as I'm at higher risk of rippling hence y I chose a D cup Instead of my desired DD. Plus side is I heard overs look more natural

Big day tomorrow

So tomorrow is the big day and I have mixed emotions. I'm all packed and ready to go and just hoping I get the result i'm wishing for. Almost chickened out, I took some pre op pics and thought. ...no I really want to do this

pre op pics

pre op pics

pre op pics

1 and half hours left! pre op

So I'm ready to go. Leaving the hotel in 10 minutes and luckily I am the 1st one down so no waiting around! My stomach is knots! I'm scared and nervous but I'm hoping everyone feels like this hours before. Can't wait for it to be over

wrong surgeon

By the way that isn't the right surgeon on my profile. He's name is mario russo. But not that guy

About to go down

I'm prepped and ready. Lines drawn on. Just waiting to be called. Woo hoo

1 day post op

Just about to get my drains removed then have the 3 hour drive home. Can't wait to get home. Overall a nice experience and so glad I did it

New booooobies yay

2 days post op

I've been in a bit more pain. It's bearable just really tight and I can feel the pull on gravity when I stand up but it's bearable. I can't get the lines of my breast in the bath either as I'm not allowed to get my breast too wet. Can't wait for them to start fluffing and dropping. I'm a bit boob obsessed lol I keep looking at them. It feels like a dream, I can't believe I actually did it

starting to settle

Sooooooo....few days post op now and they're starting to soften. My dressings are itching like crazy and my ribs still feel a bit tender but I honestly think it's because I'm not wearing a great bra so the seem is digging me a bit. Wish I'd got a few that are lower on the ribs for more comfort. I've sooooooo enjoyed this whole experience and kinda wish I could do it all over again lol its been amazing and I don't regret it at all. Although I do wish I'd got the 450 cc even though everyone is telling me they're the perfect size I find myself staring at other women's chest thinking they're naturally bigger and I just forked out so much for a D/DD cup. I'm 5"6 and 63kg so they don't look that big on me. I have boob greed lol

boob greed

I've been kicking myself all morning wishing I'd got the 450cc. I know it's quite greedy as I had nothing before. But such a lot of money to not b completely satisfied. My surgeon however has done such a fantastic job. Sometimes they look bigger than other times. I don't think I'll get the fluffing as I went over the muscle. I'm in hardly any pain now. The wound site is still quite sensitive but defo bearable. I keep telling myself off for being so greedy lol and make myself feel bad for seeming ungrateful. Maybe once I can wear different bras I'll feel better

cheeky bra shopping

Did cheeky bra trying today and my breasts looked fab in a push up bra. Made me feel 10 times better about the size as I can enhance them as and when I choose. I think my right is starting to drop but not sure yet. Can't wait to see the nurse on Monday and get these stupid dressings off.

Oh I forgot

36D was a little too small but maybe because it was a push up bra

broken out in acne

Had an acne outbreak which is strange at my age and it's all over my chest. Horrid

post op follow up

Had my 1st post op follow up today and went very well. My scars r so thin and probably won't b visible within a year. I'm sooooooo much happier. Nurse was lovely and said I can't wear an under wired bra fir 3 months and have to wear a surgical/sports bra for another 3-4 weeks. Bummer lol. I have another follow up next Monday where they trim my stitch although they r dissolvable I have a long piece still sticking out and my scars where the drains were are barely visible

gone do quick

So just over 2 weeks post and they almost feel like mine. Had my 2nd follow up today with the nurse. I'm still not a hundred percent happy with size and fullness. I look how I did when I breastfed. Only bonus Is they won't shrink this time lol I see my surgeon again in a month. I can wear under wired bras after 3 months! That's sooooooo far away

19 days post op

So 19 days post and feeling almost normal. I can feel my implants moving when I bend forward but have been told this is normal by my nurse. Also my left breast is appearing slightly flat or squarish at the bottom but again been told this is normal as they drop into shape. They feel a so much softer and can push together now. Woo hoo. I still have boob greed ad wish I'd got 450cc or 485cc but I really didn't want to risk rippling so probably made the right choice. Can't wait to wear a normal bra
Mr Mario Russo, The hospital group

This is not my surgeon. My surgeon is Mr Mario Russo

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