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I have recently had a deep facial resurfacing, one...

I have recently had a deep facial resurfacing, one session administered only, and I have had great results., i.e. not like they tell you you might need three to four sessions in order to achieve the results desired. It is because you have to over pay and pay over and over again with minimum results and for their safety and benefit...I had my face really fried and peeled off last month with the CO2 ablative laser and I now look really great ... no melasma, no spots, no lines plus the tightening yeah>>no one says am 43 but barely 30, and i have paid for one treatment only. Good luck to all it is worth it but you have to get the most of it, do your research first!!!. If anyone needs more info, let me know  so I will share, otherwise it will sound like a commercial.

Sorry for long time of not responding. Since I...

Sorry for long time of not responding.
Since I have noticed several people got interested in what procedures in reverse-ageing I have had, here is the answer; hope it will satisfy most of your questions.

I had it performed in Varna, Bulgaria, since originally I am from Europe, and go frequently to Bulgaria -Varna so to have my laser procedures performed threre. It is very cost effective-prices, even cheap... are much lower than in the USA, and the specialiss are Europe famous.

I can share patient pictures with you who laso had like me the procedure.
The procedure I have had is not the DeepFX per se, yet, it is most simililar to it; i.e. application of 100microns ablative holes reaching the reticulare derma, versus the Active FX protocol which has only superficial epidermal influence and is widely practiced in The USA. It only cleares melasma and discoloration yet, can not eliminate effectivelly fine lines, wrinkles and deep lines, nor it has theoveral tightening effect.

p.s. At first, I had a free of charge test sesion performed on on zone of my face in order the optimal parameters to be adjusted accordingly to my skin needs. I saw many waiting potential patients inspired this way. I my self did the whole face after I got satisfied with the test session.

Last week I had the superficial FX to smooth the...

last week I had the superficial FX to smooth the skin tone. The doctor suggested to perform it after the deep FX since it smooths and enlightens only, removing melasma as well as discolorations, not deep lines. Very happy with the result now.

cool CO2 laser ablation

It has been months since I had the deep ablative on my face. It did indeed got better. I have to use sun protection as well as staying away from day time beaching. Yet, results are absolutely fine. Since asked , partial photos you may see at ***.com (check the resurfacing line, there are other photos too. ) I plan a fraxel procedure for the fall time.

deep co2 laser ablation rejuvenation

sorry, the web page is actually *****.com

a spring time photo

Recent photos

This one, I had in Vienna, Sorry didnt have time to crop. You can see my face same day I landed on a vacation there, got very tired.


Since I have got questions about the actual skin condition now as well as if skin thickening is still going on here are few points in brief:
The tension (lifting) of the skin, as well as the polishing (resurfacing) of the skin after the deep ablative laser resurfacing is due to two reasons (that is according to Dr. Jullian Penev): the coagulation shrinkage of dermal extracellular matrix in the area surrounding the ablative channels and also a formation of new collagen in the already shrunk dermal mariks; stimulation of collagen synthesis in the ablative holes during the first weeks as well as organizing and modifying the collagen in the following four months.
I read the review of Dr Brent Moelleken. I will ask my questions too. (Also, my mother desires total rejuvenation).
Dr. Julian Penev

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