33 Yrs Old, Mother of 5 Mommy Makeover in Thailand

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After using realself as a tool to help with my...

After using realself as a tool to help with my expectations of results, pain management, and possible complications I feel its only fair to post my journey.

I am a mother of 5 with my youngest going on 9 months. My body was able to bounce back after my first two kids but with baby 3, 4, and 5 back to back that didn't happen again. I breastfed all my kids so my breasts are angry with me. My stomach isn't as bad as others might have after having kids but I have a pouch that I want to get rid of. As a military wife we are living overseas and I decided with the right doctor I can get my body back for far less than stateside.

My search began with local doctors. Surprisely they are expensive for this kind of surgery but dirt cheap for things like IVF. Anyways, while hanging out with a couple friends and telling them about my consults one of them mentioned a coworker of theirs going to Thailand and liking their results. I started looking into companies like destination beauty and cosmiditours. I was going to go with Destination Beauty since it is well known until I found a realselfer that recommended ThaiSurgery and Trina the owner. I sent in my photos like I did with the other companies to get a quote and see what they say. I quickly learned that their customer service is unmatched. They have a women's only page where I can ask the other girls who had surgery questions and I think the owner Trina never sleeps because with what seemed like 50 million questions were answered within minutes sometimes seconds. I knew this was what I needed if something happened since the other companies would take a couple days for responses.

So I got my quote and it included my BL/BA, areola reduction, lipo of abs back, flanks and thighs and tummy tuck although it might turn into mini if the Dr. believes its best. Also the price includes my upgrade so I will be 1 wk in Bangkok then another in Phuket for sightseeing. My hubby and 2 youngest are coming along....crazy right but how didn't want me to do it alone so we bought our tickets there and back but package includes the flights to Phuket and back for everyone.

I have a little more than 2 wks to go and trying to get my kids staying behind with my sister situated, packing like a mad woman yet still trying to woosah. Wish me luck.

Less than a week and a half to go!!

I already started packing to make sure I have everything I need. Picked up a couple of the cotton pants that are the style now to wear since they are loose and flowing and I will have to wear a compression garment under everything. My kids have colds with a running nose and cough so I'm praying I don't get sick since I heard that sneezing and coughing is extremely painful with a tummy tuck. These days seems to be flying by so I'm getting nervous and excited.

I spoke to one of the women from thaisurgery's fb page and she did the upgrade like I did in Phuket and posted some amazing pics of the hotel. I hope that I'm mobile enough to enjoy my trip. If not I'll send hubby out with the babies so I can sleep and they can bring me back stuff.

Pics of my body now and wish pics

OK so I finally uploaded my pics. I found the courage to do so since so many women on here have done it. After breastfeeding my breast went from a 34b to I don't know what size since they were huge to a really deflated 36d cup. My stomach doesn't look too bad at first glance but when I bend over you can see the pouch I can't get rid off. I've been taking kick boxing classes to help strengthen my core and tighten me up so I hope it helps with my recovery.

My wish pics are of the kind of results I want for my breast. The first pics I like her shape and volume and I think its similar to what I want. Second pic is a side view. I want natural looking breasts. I don't want them to look like their in a pushup bra when I'm not wearing one so I think under the muscle or dual plane is the way to go but the surgeon will let me know what is best for what I want.

3 Days til I leave and and 4 days until my surgery.

My bag is packed and ready to go. The kids and hubby's bag will get pack night before since they just have clothes. Need to go grocery shopping so I can preplan meals for my sister to make my older kids while I'm gone. Have my hair appointment schedule for Friday since everyone says lifting arms afterwards is difficult. Need my hair to be easy to comb, so no nappy hair in Thailand. Right now my anxiety is rising but I think its more about leaving my kids for 2 weeks than the surgery itself. I just want it over with.

Fly out today

Well I guess I should be excited but instead I'm getting ready to leave the ER at 2:30 am with my son since he broke out in hives and benadryl isn't helping and my 3 1/2 started a fever tonight that we got under control. So two sick kids right as I'm getting ready to leave is making me so anxious. They are the ones staying behind with my sister since we're bringing the babies so I'm glad this went down while I'm still home. Sooooo tired and stressed out knowing something else can come up while I'm gone. Hope they can manage to stay healthy for 2 wks. Wish me luck!!!

Todays the day

Just had a super long post that disappeared so cutting it short. Yesterday was horrible didnt land til this morning. So super tired since Nancy my assistant this week came to get me by 8am. By the way she's awesome. So nice and friendly. Got to Phyathai hospital and breezed through everything. These guys are super efficient and I was in my room within 1 -1 1/2 hrs from getting there. That includes paperwork, labs and xray. Moving along pretty quickly nervous and excited. Posting pics of Chatrium hotel and hospital room.

Pics of my hotel room

Pics of my hospital room

Post Op Day 1-3

I have spent most of my time sleeping day 1. Short conversations with my hubby on the status of the babies since they're sick and with my sister checking on my order 3 before passing out again. Pain has be managed by the nurses and I have some discomfort but easily slept through it. Day 2 started off with tons of itching so they turned of the constant pain drip of morphine to see it helps but left me with the pain pump so I can push the button when I feel I need it. I also a slight fever off and on today but with the meds and antibiotics isn't something I'm concerned about too much right now.
I've been moving myself from side to side in my bed. Nurses come in and wipe you down since you can't shower which is nice since staying the bed feels gross. I had my pain pump and catheter removed and asked if I can go to the bathroom. They wanted me to wait until the Dr. came. A doctor came in asked a bunch of questions and asked if I had any and I said can I go to the bathroom he said wait for a nurse to help. They left so I buzzed a nurse to ask for help and she wanted to verify and came back in and said doctor wants you to use bed. Wait what?!!! As she placed the bed pan I felt the tears rolling down my face its like she broke my heart. Maybe I was too emotional but was excited to be able to move, use the bathroom and gain some independence.
Later this evening Dr. Kanit came in. He looked me over and pulled out my drains. He said everything looks good and reiterated that he doesn't think I will be able to fly to Phuket when I'm scheduled. He took pics and left.
Day 3 I left the hospital, Nancy came to pick me up to take me to the hotel. My baby was still sick so decided to cancel the Phuket trip which Trina handled everything for us. Since we were staying in Bangkok longer Nancy took my hubby grocery shopping so we can make sandwiches and quick meals for the kids. My babies went crazy as soon as they saw me now I have to be careful around them.

Post Op Day 5-6

Well not much to update except that this healing process has me itching something fierce. Man I need the healing to be over cuz I feel like I want to scratch everything raw. Took a shower yesterday which was nice but kinda difficult with the weak water pressure. Everyday standing up a little straighter but with that comes the pain from the lower back. I think its cuz I'm hunched over so lower back muscles are trying to compensate.

Today went to hotel restaurant for dinner. Hubby wheeled me down there since we still have the hotel wheelchair. I've been moving around and probably could've made it myself but to not take chances he prefers to push me. With the baby on my lap and toddler on the foot pedal they think is a ride and go crazy. Nancy stopped by to check on me and will take pics for Dr Kanit tomorrow. I'll try to upload those tomorrow.

9 days post op

Nothing new going on except that I'm ready to go back home. I attached my 7 day post op pic. Pretty happy with how my breast look. Can't wait until the soreness and tightness all over goes away.
Dr. Kanit Wittayanichai

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