Tummy Tuck in Singapore/Thailand/California

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I'm currently reviewing Surgeons for my tummy tuck...

I'm currently reviewing Surgeons for my tummy tuck.

I have so far consulted 4 plastic surgeons in Singapore & 3 plastic surgeons in Bangkok.
All face to face consultation.

The Singapore surgeons i have consulted so far are
1) Dr Leslie Kuek - sounds experienced but very costly
2) Dr Tan of Sloane Clinic - doesn't sounds experienced in Tummy Tuck
3) Dr Karen Sng - doesn't sounds experienced in Tummy Tuck
4) Dr Edward Foo - a General Surgeon, i have seen his works from the photos. His work on belly button not well done i feel

The Bangkok Surgeons i have consulted so far are
1) Dr Pichet @ Bangkok Plastic Surgery - He rushed through the consultation with me. Very impatient & insisted he only has ONE photo to show me for his tummy tuck work. I strike him off my shortlisted list immediately despite feeling his experience in this area. But his insincerity during the consultation makes me feel uncomfortable to have him as my surgeon

2) Dr Pitch @ Yanhee Hospital - Very well-mannered surgeon who recommended only what is necessary for me. Was very tempted to go with him but his reviews online isn't that good resulting in my loss of confidence in his work

3) Dr Chartchai @ Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital - Love his detailed explanation on tummy tuck procedure, showed him his before & after pictures. Definitely one of my shortlisted surgeons. Downside, he's very costly. Quoted 285,000 bahts if surgery is done at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital & 249,300 bahts at Bumrungrad Hospital (he uses hospital package at Bumrungrad)

I will be flying to Bangkok again to consult Dr Amorn Poomee, Dr Teerasit & Dr Thiti (all of them also at Bumrungrad Hospital)

My Tummy Tuck Research & Journey

After done much reading on realself & flew over to Bangkok, Thailand to consult surgeons
I realized there's a few types of tummy tuck
I am listing down the few tummy tucks for my own reference as well as for others

Full Tummy Tuck (Hip to Hip Scar, but lower with vertical scar)
Full Muscle Repair from Above the Belly Button to Below Belly Button
Long incision scar from hip to hip (cons)
may have vertical scar if not enough skin laxity

Full Tummy Tuck Scar (With No Vertical Scar but higher on the tummy)
Same as Full Tummy Tuck except the incision placement is different
Cons - Scar may be too high to be hidden by bikinis & in the case for people with not enough skin, it may result in heightening of the pubis mons/sunrising of the pubis hair resulting in unsightly bikini lines

Umbilical Float Tummy Tuck
Mainly recommended for patients with little skin laxity but need full muscle repair from above belly button to below belly button
Cons - the umbilical stalk is cut with this technique & it can cause problems if a full tummy tuck is desired in future
The biggest problem with Umbilical Float Tummy Tuck is that there is no going back as the attachments & blood supply that would allow the belly button to be maintained are sacrificed. What that means in the long run is that if you need or desire more tightening of the skin of the abdomen in the future, the belly button will continue to be displaced down towards your pelvis & can end up looking too low. A regular tummy tuck with the resultant scar from the transposing the belly button is understandably not desired but it would allow for future surgery & allow the belly button to stay in normal anatomical location
Cons - The belly button may appear too low to be natural looking
Pros - shorter scar with full muscle repair & also able to tighten the skin above the belly button (for those not too much skin laxity)

Mini Tummy Tuck
Belly Button is not cut & muscle repair only from belly button downwards to pubis area.

Hybrid Tummy Tuck (R) - only suitable for patients with not too much skin laxity
Pros - Belly Button Stalk not cut & muscles can be tighten from above belly button
Pros - incision is also shorter (not hip to hip)

Endoscopic Tummy Tuck / Endoscopic Abdominoplasty / Hybrid Tummy Tuck

After doing extensive research, i realized i couldn't find a surgeon that can fit my requirement of a short low incision while doing a full muscle repair above & below my umbilicus without cutting the umbilicus stalk.

But i was very happy to come across this modified procedure which is not performed by many surgeons. Some call it Endoscopic Tummy Tuck / Hybrid Tummy Tuck. It falls in the category between a full tummy tuck & a mini tummy tuck & seems to be able to fit what i'm looking for.

I hope more people will be more aware of this available options so that they can have a better choice for their procedures. Meantime, i have found Dr Brent Moelleken in California who make this a trademark in his office. But i also discovered other surgeons doing the same procedures as well, the difference is, they didn't make it a trademark but it's all the same.

I haven't found one in Bangkok who may be able to perform this surgery but i came across Dr Chartchai who briefly mentioned it in his website that he is trained in endoscopic surgery & can sometimes be used in Tummy Tuck. I also found Dr Marco in Singapore also possibly doing this procedure but have not given him a call as yet.

I will update all on my exciting journey of research on my Tummy Tuck surgery. Cheers

Mini Tummy Tuck/Endoscopic Tummy Tuck/ Robotic Assisted Tummy Tuck/Full Tummy Tuck

I've done more & more research on Tummy Tuck Techniques and i have make my 2nd visit to Bangkok to consult Dr Thiti & Dr Teerasit. Unfortunately, i couldn't catch Dr Amorn Poomee.

One of the interesting thing i have brought away from my second visit to Bangkok to consult the 2 top surgeons on top of the 3 surgeons i have consulted in Bangkok during my first visit, namely Dr Pitch @ Yanhee Hospital, Dr Pichet @ Bangkok Plastic Surgery & Dr Chartchai is that, none of them seems to be practising MINI TUMMY TUCK with Endoscopic Assistance.

The only POTENTIAL surgeon who may be able to perform this is Dr Chartchai which i have yet to consult him in further details regarding this technique. I have found Dr Brent Moelleken in California who uses this technique & named it Hybrid Tummy Tuck & trademark this technique in his office. I have also found Dr Marco in Singapore who actually did not only endoscopic Tummy Tuck but also Tummy Tuck with Robotic Assistance... (WOW) .... That's pretty interesting but of course, this is probably only suitable for patients with minimal skin laxity

Subsequently, i found other surgeons potentially able to perform the same procedures with endoscopic assistance mainly in US & maybe India, reducing the unnecessary high incision from hip to hip for some patients with lesser skin laxity.

I hope my research will be able to help others here to be more informed of More Advanced Techniques performed by surgeons who are familiar with advance technologies instead of basing purely on reputable surgeons who had built up good reputations due to their number of years of experience.

The downside i have discovered is that, among the older & more experienced surgeons, they tend to stick to old surgical techniques which they have been practicing for years & hence, depriving us of discovering more advance techniques which are able to give us better results.
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