4 months and I love love love my result!! Post belt lipectomy and breast reductionwith Dr. Rushapol Sdwat! - Thailand, TH

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Hello Ladies I am 10 past belt lipectomy/...

Hello Ladies

I am 10 past belt lipectomy/ tummy tuck and breast reduction with implants. I chose to fly from Australia to Phuket to have my surgery due to the enormous difference in price. I researched my procedures for 18 months before finally booking at PIAC with DR Rushapol.

The day I arrived in Phuket I was met at the airport by a hospital rep who escorted me out to my hotel in Patong beach. She was so lovely and chatty they really make such an effort with their English

I arrived at the hotel at 9pm and fell into a ridiculous sleep. 13 hours flying will do that to you!!

The next morning at 9.00am a hospital rep picked me up from my hotel and took me to PIAC. The registration process was so simple. I went straight I'm to see dr rushapol and he was every bit as charming as during my email consultation and quotes.

He measured me up talked through everything we had discussed over email again and made me feel so at ease. I knew straight away I had made the right decision in choosing dr rushapol.

I was then taken to my room and the beautiful nurses helped me unpack. The anisthresiologist came and got me prepped and wheeled me down to theatre at midday. The whole time the nurses were so comforting and as I was going under were talking to me explaining what was going on.

I woke up 8 hours later having had the reduction and implants. I was shaking like you would not believe like fully shaking I was petrified. Within a few secs they injected me with something and my stats became normal. The whole time a nurse was holding my hand telling me I was ok.

I was wheeled back to my room which was like a 5 star hotel! Seriously it's gorgeous. The first. 2 days were kind of a morphine blur and I slept most if the time. I was running a really high fever so they did a chest X-ray and saw I had fluid on my lungs. They upped my antibiotics and told me they would have to see how I went over the next few days before they could do belt lipectomy/tummy tuck and lipo.

Day 4 I got the all clear and was wheeled down to theatre again to say goodbye to my disgusting belly !

It was a long operation and they had to be careful when they flipped me over to do my back because of the boobies.
It was a total of 11 hours and 3 bags of blood later I was wheeled into recovery. Again the first few days passed by in a blur. The nursing staff were amazing!!!!

Day 3 is when I remember feeling pain pain pain I was literally crying. The nurses were so patient and after my pain meds kicked in, two beautiful nurses came in and washed and blow dried my hair in bed for me and spruced me up. Made me feel so much better.

On day 6 dr rushapol said I could have all 4 drains removed!!!! No pain involved in that at all. I then got released from the hospital having spent a total of 11 days at PIAC.

I have been at my hotel for 3 days in Patong beach. I ordered lots and lots of pillows to help me be able to sleep but I'm still pretty restless! I have the Otop market outside my hotel do have done too much walking and shopping there and am now suffering with swell hell!!!!

I came across to Thailand by myself as my mum and dad needed to stay there to look after my 4 year old daughter and I had no one else to come with me. Mentally it's been tough not having anyone who speaks English fluently help me and just hear me out when I'm having a bad day

On top of that this morning my great grandmother died and the fanily are all gathered to mourn her and I am unable to be there and am just gieving on my own. It's tough.

I really just want to head home but know I need to stay here until I get the ok to fly which is another week or so.

I see dr rushapol again tomorrow and will be getting some stiches removed and dressings changed so look forward to that

So a bit about me. I am a 24 year old single mum...

So a bit about me. I am a 24 year old single mum to the worlds cutests 4 year old. Ok so maybe I am biased. But she is pretty cute. Before I fell pregnant I had to use medication and steroids that made my weight balloon to 90kg. By the time my daughter was born I was over 120kg. My top was near 130kg but I stopped weighing myself for so long. It was too depressing.

In December 2010 I had enough I was sick of being fat and embarrassing. So I started a whole new way of life. Low carb. Honestly I know Atkins and low carb is controversial but it worked for me. It changed my life. Not just my diet. Once I got down into the 70kg range I noticed all this flabby extra skin and saggy ass gross boobs and it depressed me. Why lose all this weight to look like a sharpei dog!! But I kept going and with some fluctuations I got down to 58kg. It was at this stage my family told me I looked sickly and maybe put on a few. So I sit comfortably now between 60-63 kg depending on the time of the month.

Still I have not been happy. I couldn't wear slim sexy clothes because I had to tuck all this gross skin somewhere. If I wore spanx it made me look 4 months pregnant. No matter what I wore people looked at my pooch. My boobs were like bags of sand to quote Steve carell. My confidence was shot.

I don't date because I don't want ANYONE to see me naked. I even showered with a bra on so I never had to see my boobs. Yep it was that bad.

Eventually I broke down to my mum and showed her what I looked like underneath it all and she saw for the first time why I was so depressed.
She supported my decision to look into surgery and has been my champion since then.

It's going to be as much and emotional recovery for me as well as physical as I come to terms with my new body.

So, there you have it, that's me.

Had a PS appointment today with Dr Rushapol. He is...

Had a PS appointment today with Dr Rushapol. He is seriously such an amazing surgeon. I got to see all my incisions and they are so think and straight. It makes me feel so much better about my whole recovery. He spent so long cleaning all my scars and re dressing them. It never feels rushed. He makes you feel like he would spend all day until your comfortable and have all your questions answered. He said I am clear for light walking increasing intensity at about 6 weeks but nothing strenuous exercise wise for 4-5 months so I am going to have to be hyper vigilant on what I eat.

A note about PIAC hospital - I have been to many hospitals in Australia and delivered my daughter in a ridiculously expensive private hospital but none have been as nice as Phuket International. The nursing staff there are just incredible and really need to be recognised for their work.

I am really ready to head home now but still have another week. I'm not sure what cup size my boobies will end up being but I am thrilled with how they are looking.

Morning Mommy Makeover ladies Day 12 post tummy...

Morning Mommy Makeover ladies

Day 12 post tummy and 17 post boobs. Healing well.

I majorly over did it yesterday shopping for 5 hours in Phuket so swelling is intense!!!!! Photos in gallery.

I am off to get my zoom whitening done today as well as my cosmetic tattoo eyeliner. I heard the pain on both is quite bad so we will see.

You may have noticed I am having a Full makeover. I saved and saved like crazy so when I came over I could get everything done because its soooo much cheaper than home. In some cases an eighth of the price and the results this far are amazing. I feel human again.

I feel like me again.

Hope all are healing well. More than happy to answer any questions about my journey. Talking to others doing this was the best thing for me because then I knew what to expect.

Ok so it's day 14 po belt lipectomy and day 18...

Ok so it's day 14 po belt lipectomy and day 18 post boobies I think?!? Lord time gets muddled up post op.
I fly home to Australia tomorrow and had my final face to face consult with Dr Rushapol. I had all my stiches removed, dressings changed. We went over how the next few weeks should progress and when we would touch base. He is such a gentleman. He will spend as much time with you as you need. Having spoken with several other patients of his we al agree he is an amazing surgeon but also a lovely lovely guy.

I got my scagel which is what most Asian plastic surgeons recommend.
I was so thrilled today to wear a tight fitting t shirt dress that looked great even with swelling and CG!!! I can't wait to see how it looks in 6 months time.

In saying that I have to also be vigilant on keeping my WOL. Eating right. Keeping exercising as I'm allowed and being vigilant on my CG.

It's a long healing journey and I'm just at the start. I have had alot if procedure done here in Thailand and have loved everyone of them. I'm going home a new woman!

Ok so day 14 belt lipectomy / lipo day 18 boobs...

Ok so day 14 belt lipectomy / lipo day 18 boobs and I am flying home!!!!! I cannot wait to get home to my darling baby girl. It's been so so long. I am nervous about the 13 hours flying. I'm anticipating major swelling! I'm also anxious about going through customs as all my meds are in Thai and Australia customs are hardcore!!!
I don't know how comfortable I'm gonna be. But it's just. Hurdle to get over. I'm going to have to sweet talk someone to help me get my luggage off carousel. No way can I yank a 25 kg suitcase off. Getting overhead luggage up as well. Oh lord the more I think about this the more anxious I'm getting. Wow I'm alot more nervous than I thought

Ok so my surgeon sent through my before pics and...

Ok so my surgeon sent through my before pics and the afters he took yesterday. OMG. It helps to be reminded what it was. I'm in tears.

I'm back in Australia. I'm exhausted but elated to...

I'm back in Australia. I'm exhausted but elated to be home !!! Travel back with a very long layover was painful and exhausting. I'm swollen beyond all swelling. I'm just so glad to be back home with my baby girl but it's been a rough 24 hours. I forgot after 3 weeks how demanding being a single mum to a vivacious 3 year old can be. I'm so tired and have no energy. She wants me to play and she wants to climb all over me and I'm having to convince her to snuggle next to me and watch looney tunes!! Slept on my couch last night. Didn't have the energy to move. I want my energy back!

Mum and dad came and got me and bought me to their...

Mum and dad came and got me and bought me to their place last night. I'm just exhausted. I am in more pain for the last few days than I have been since the first few weeks. I didn't think the flight would knock me around this much. I was feeling pretty good before I left Thailand. Hopefully I perk up soon as I am back at work in 3 days.

Ok so still feeling really drained and exhausted....

Ok so still feeling really drained and exhausted. Finding it hard to eat as it hurts my tummy with MR. Bought my silicone sheets today... Had to take out a second mortgage to afford them but everyone seems to agree they are worth it.
Went to my gp today to show him the results which he will monitor for the next few months as well as email consults with PS. My GP was Raving over how good it looked and the dramatic difference and how fantastic the wounds were. He said I had a 5 star surgeon and he hasn't seen better work in aus. Made me feel incredible.

Got my first swimsuit in almost 10 years in the mail today a d tried it on. Got emotional thinking about how much I couldn't wait for summer. Only 8 months to go :))) a big difference to dreading summer.

For those ladies who have gone back to work after mummy makeover. What did you find was the most comfortable thing to wear with CG and binder?? My work has a VERY strict corporate dress code and still don't fit my suits etc. so looking for suggestions.

Morning fellow real selfers Back to work in 2...

Morning fellow real selfers

Back to work in 2 days. Not quite sure how that is going to go. Very tired at the moment. Darling daughter is wearing me out in a big way! She really is desperate to climb on top of me and snuggle and has made it very clear she is ready for things to be back to normal.

Trying a progressively sleep more fiat. Slept with 2 pillows under my head and 2 under my knees last night,not too bad but the back pain is a killer. Happy healing everyone.

So my girlfriends 40th bday is in 3 weeks time and...

So my girlfriends 40th bday is in 3 weeks time and the theme is 'sexy mama' and i have been freaking out over what to wear to that. Not to mention work tomorrow. I have this gorgeous red dress I could never wear before surgery and in a moment of insAnity decided to try it on with just a waiste girdle and it fits!!!! It looks semi decent. I can definitely get away with wearing it for the night! Now only if I could figure out what to wear to work tomorrow

So I had my first week back at work and oh my was...

So I had my first week back at work and oh my was it tough. I would start the morning flat as a tack and by midday I would be a swollen hunched over little mess! I looked like a granny shuffling around. Managed to find some work appropriate clothes that would fit all my compression garments. Scar is looking really good, happy with how smooth it is and the fading. Ready for the swelling to be a distant memory. New pics added

Just put my silicone strips on for the first time....

Just put my silicone strips on for the first time. Loving how my scars going so far so thinking the silicone tape can't hurt

Ok so it's been a month and life is starting to...

Ok so it's been a month and life is starting to settle back to normal. I am driving to work each day for an hour working my 9 hours and driving home and am coping. Not too much pain until the afternoon. Doctor prescribed panadol osteo which is for arthritis and it's the bomb. Non drowsy and I can poop when taking it so I'm thrilled!! It's the small things in life lol. I am impatient to get into gym and get sweaty but I know I have to walk before I can run. I will update at 6 weeks. New photos today

2 months and I love my result

Ladies, if you are in two minds about if these surgeries are worth it my answer is unequivocally YES. Dr Rushapol saved my life. Saved my confidence. Damn I love feeling sexy

Slightly selfie obsessed now!

Shout out to my girl Bec

Hi all
Took some great comparison photos this morning showing the difference in swelling. All those in swell hell hang in there!! Also a big shout out to Bec who is a few hours post op in the hospital I went bathe nurses there are incredible. Heal well girly and keep us updated

4months post op!

Well it's 4 months and I am loving myself! My stomach is flat, my boobs perky and confidence is sky high. I have started running which I have NEVER done, I'm doing a pole dancing class which requires me standing in bra and undies, and you know what.... I rock it lol. Honestly the surgeries were life changing. I could not be happier. I have even set myself a goal to have sec before the end of the year! Watch out lads!

Loving Saturday nights now!

DR Rushapol Sdawat


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