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After years of wearing push up bra's and fooling...

After years of wearing push up bra's and fooling people into thinking I have big boobs, I've decided I want to make my chest permanent. Until this year, I hadn't considered breast augmentation thinking I could just get away with push up bras all my life. However after seeing how common and natural they are, I've decided this is something I really want to do.

I'm 18. 165cm. 50kg. Petite frame. Pre op - 10b. Hoping to be a small D

At this stage im planning on having surgery in Thailand, after seeing great results i cant justify spending 3 times as much in Australia. However the downside is, you only see your doctor the day before surgery. i have emailed my photos and he says im a good candidate. However I'm the type of person that loves being planned, organised and having all the details. Im hoping with the help from you ladies on here i can have a reasonably good idea of what i want prior to going to Thailand. I have a specific natural look I'm hoping to achieve (photos attached)

From my own research I'm thinking 300cc anatomical implants, incision under the breast although would consider through the nipple, under the muscle but would like to know the benefits of dual plane, thoughts?

Also, given that everyone already thinks I have boobs, this is something I don't think I want anyone to know other than my mum and boyfriend. Would love to hear from people who chose not to tell anyone and if they 'got away with it' or whether it's best just to be open about it

Pre op photo

Just thought I'd post a pre-op photo. If anyone's boobs looked similar pre op I'd love to see your results

Also I'm planning on going in to have a consultation with a doctor in perth in the next few weeks with 3d imaging so I can feel confident before going ahead with booking in Thailand and I can compare recommendations. The consult will cost $150, but I'm told with a doctor referral I can get around $70 back

Considering the Cosmetic Institute Sydney

Following my fears about getting sick in Thailand, I've began considering my alternatives. I rang the rooms of Dr Briggs where my consultation is booked and asked for an estimated price. I was told I would be given a full accurate break down of costs on the day of my consult but given these rough figures in AUD:
Dr Briggs' Fee - $6600
Anesthetists - $1650
Round Implants - $1785
OR Anatomical Implants - $3080
Hospital Fee - (They will give me a list of hospitals and I will have to call them myself to receive a quote)

Then I made an enquiry with the Cosmetic Institute in Sydney asking for their pricing and how long I would be required to stay in Sydney for if travelling from Perth. To my delight, I received a prompt reply saying I would only be required to stay in Sydney for "48 hours post-surgery for your post operative check up and then you will be free to return home. Your local GP will be able to change your dressings after one week post-operatively." And that "A breast enlargement is $5990 which includes surgeons fees, anaesthetist fees, theatre costs and implants (we only use TGA approved implants which come with a lifetime warranty) as well as your scheduled follow up visits after surgery."

Would be open to any advise or opinions? From you girls experience, would I be okay to fly after 48 hours? Can anyone recommend a particular surgeon at the Cosmetic Institute?

Wish boob photos to take to consult

Just over a week until my consultation, I'm trying to narrow down my whole album of wish boob photos to my favourites to show the surgeon. Here are a few I love the shape of, I really want natural breast curves


I finally had my consultation with Dr Briggs spending 2 hours in his offices going through various stages of the consult.

PART 1: Firstly, Dr Briggs gave me the standard run down on breast augmentation (information that we all already know from hours of research) but a few points did catch my attention.

1. The implants will last a lifetime opposed to getting them replaced every 10 years as I had first thought. He demonstrated the development of implants by showing me a silicone gel implant cut in half and remaining fully in tact without any leaking. He uses Allergen - Natrelle Collection textured implants which come with a lifetime warranty. Can anyone tell me the difference between these and other brands like Nagor?
2. Dr Briggs uses the Rapid Recovery Technique which he explained would leave me in very little pain, able to go out for dinner the night of surgery and back to domestic activities (driving a car, cooking dinner etc) within 24 hours. It involves starting massages 2 hours after surgery. Here's a link to a video I found on it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWlrM2qp0vc
If anyone has used rapid recovery technique i'd love to know more about it and your recovery?
3. Dr Briggs uses a keller funnel (looks just like a cake icing bag yet costs $330 grr) to get the implant through a crease incision of 4cm to minimise the length of the scar, reduce the chance of infection etc.
4. He generally does under the muscle dual plane 2 placement

PART 2: Measurements
This part was fairly standard taking all the required measurements. But Dr Briggs did point out a few things on examination of my boobs. When I first took the robe off the first thing he said was well you do have nice breasts but obviously you want them to a bit bigger. At least this made me feel positive about the shape they will be post op. Although he said the left sat higher than the right which you can see in my previous pre op photo and that wouldn't change but it wouldnt get worse and that it also came out further on the side than my right. He explained you have to place the implant directly behind the nipple which worries me slightly because mine sit a little wide on my chest wall and the whole point of this surgery is for nice cleavage in a bikini. However he said with a large enough implant it should be fine. But i dont want to go too big!

I'll write a separate post with photos. I need help deciding!

PART 4: Pricing
This was the worst part. Another nurse took me into a room to give me a run down of costs. Given that I had previously been considering Thailand where surgery is 3 times less than Perth I felt so disheartened when I read the total figures. I'd been so impressed with all of Dr Briggs' techniques that I did really want to have this done in the comfort of my own state that when i read approximate total $14 232 I almost cried. I don't know why, it didn't come as a surprise to me, I knew how expensive it would be but in that moment I realised that that would be all my savings gone. Almost a house deposit, gone! How do you justify it to yourself?

I've previously mentioned the break down of costs which proved to be a little more with the keller funnel, gst, the choice of anatomical implants and hospital. I was given 4 choices, Hollywood, South Perth, Mercy or Westminister ranging from $2937 to $1942. I would choose the most affordable option which is Westminister day surgery.

But still TOTAL $14 232


Ok so part 3 of the consultation involved a nurse taking me to another room to try on sizes suggested by the Dr. We decided on anatomical implants as I really want natural looking boobs as I can achieve the round effect with a push up bra if necessary.

One concern I had was that the Dr didn't seem to ask me many questions on what it was i was hoping to achieve however this might be because he has so much confidence/experience in picking whats right. I told him I was after a D and when he bought out the round and tear drops I said I'd probably go for the tear drops because i was after the natural look but that was the extent of the questioning. So I got out my wish pics and said i might just show you some photos. He had a quick flick through and then sent me off with the nurse allowing me to try a range of 300-500cc. I don't know whether he just writes the maximum range but there is no way i was even considering a 500. I was thinking 300 if not smaller. The nurse said I probably have 200cc of breast tissue now

Anyway i narrowed it down to 4 sizes, all tear drop shape
280 moderate
295 full
320 moderate
335 full

The Dr had suggested full as thats what most of his patients have but I had previously been thinking moderate so i tried them on too. I really struggle to see the difference between sizers in photos but i will post them shortly :)

Photos of sizers

So indecisive about sizing! Here are last weeks photos of the various sizers I tried on ranging from 280cc - 500cc

Narrowing it down

I think I'm leaning towards either the 295 full or 320 moderate. Here are the dimensions of both

295 Moderate Height Full Projection
Width - 12cm
Height - 11.1cm
Projection - 4.8cm
LVS - 5.9cm

320 Moderate Height Moderate Projection
Width - 12.5cm
Height - 11.6cm
Projection - 4.6cm
LVC - 5.9cm

I like the 320 sizers. But then when I looked at the Dr's before and afters I really liked a patient who had the 295's and she had less breast tissue pre op than me but i like her post op size (Photo in next post). Also the girl (Cali_girl29) in my main wish pic photo got 320cc, had less breast tissue than me and is now upset she went too big. I worry about making the same mistake

More Photos

More pre op photos

Thought id upload a couple more pre op photos since to me my boobs look different in every photo I take, maybe it's from reaching with the camera in one hand. They also appear to have a size difference but my doctor said it's just that one is higher and I wouldn't need different implant sizes to accommodate for that. Will it become more obvious after surgery though?

Surgery in 7 hours

I have surgery in 7 hours, the doctor is taking 270, 295 and 330 anatomical implants in. Here are some images of the simulation, would love anyone's opinion on size preference

D Day Done!! Not painful at all!

Under the a Muscle
Breast Fold Incision

Day of Surgery:
The morning of surgery I woke up at 6 to get in a gym session and breakfast before fasting began at 7. I was told maybe have some toast, I had a bacon and egg toastie haha. Then I went for a run to fill my prescriptions, so many drugs! Then I walked to the hospital (across the road from my hotel) at 12.

With surgery scheduled at 1 15 I moved quickly through the stages of talking to the nurse, getting changed, anesthetist chat, getting drawn on and then literally got up and walked into the theatre room. I remember an injection going into my arm thing and then next thing I knew I woke up. The dr was there when I woke saying everything went perfectly and he used my desired size (the 295), that he'd personally called my mum to let her know i was ok, surgery took 45 minutes and I slept for 55. After I felt tight and like I just wanted to take the bra and strap off because of the pressure but that was the extent of the discomfort. The nurse helped me get changed and I walked through to stage 2 of recovery where I sat for hours. Since I was going home by myself the anesthetist wanted me staying until 8pm. I ate soooo many cookies and felt good as gold, really bright until I had a sip of a coffee and felt over heated so I got up and went to the bathroom by myself to cool down and then had a half hour snooze and woke up fine.

At 8 a nurse walked me back to my room and set up my food and meds on my bedside table. I've woken every 4 hours and taken pain killers but only needed the lighter dosage ones and antibiotics so far. I get up and go to the toilet by myself every time I wake and no issues. Hurts a little more when I get up from laying down since I only have 2 pillows behind me I really use my abs to get me up. So far, cannot believe how easy this has been

Post op appointment is at 9am and then I have a 5 hour flight home at 1pm

Post op Appt

Doc says all is well :)
I can't wait to see them 'drop and fluff' how long until most people start seeing more shape?

Plane trip home and first shower

A 5 hour plane ride 24 hours after surgery, complete! I was most anxious about this as I always get travel sick so glad to have this part over. The motion both in the taxi and occasionally through turbulence on the plane made me feel sick but the tablet I had for it seemed to minimise the nausea. Having to walk so much through the airport wheeling a bag and having to lift it off security scans, has made my body feel so exhausted by the end of the day. Probably pushed a little too much too soon

But at least now I'm home and ready for bed. I've had the best shower of my life, rubbed off a bit of my markings and got my first proper look at my new boobs

1 week post op!

It's the girls 1 week birthday today. i couldn't be happier with my decision to get this done, I feel so much more confident and recovery has been no where near as bad as I was expecting. Most of my pain is in one spot of my incision, the rest is just muscle soreness. Here's some photos of the progress, cannot wait for them to drop fully

10 days post op

Sydney Breast Augmentation

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Phoon and my overall surgery experience. Coming from interstate, I was very nervous about the whole process including the consult being the day before the surgery, travelling alone and returning home. However upon meeting Dr Phoon, his friendly nature ensured I felt at ease instantly. The same can be said for the clinic. Nothing was too much trouble! My flight was cancelled and therefore I would miss my morning consultation, however they were extremely accommodating and managed to get me in for a consult in the afternoon. The consult itself was great. Dr Phoon took time to answer my questions without rushing me in any way. The 3D imaging is an incredibly useful tool and my final results are actually quite similar to that of the predicted images. I left feeling relaxed and excited about the next day. Surgery went perfectly and after a few hours in recovery I was walked back to my hotel across the road where I was able to look after myself. I had minimal pain in my whole recovery, in fact I flew home the next day. Over the following weeks and months, I saw the true care from the clinic who regularly called and emailed me to make sure I was doing okay and to answer any questions that I had. As for my new boobs, I LOVE my results! I was a B cup and with a 295cc anatomical implant I am now a DD :) I can highly recommend Dr Phoon!

Sydney Plastic Surgeon

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