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I tried to submit a review whilst I was at...

I tried to submit a review whilst I was at hospital, but the internet timed out and I lost my review. This one is far more detailed, more like a snippet at my life experience of living with boob hell...

Younger years:
Ever since I was a young girl at school, I realised I'd taken on the "large saggy" boob gene from my mother. I dreaded PE class, especially trampolining and "cross country" running with the boys!
I didn't like being large chested, when most of the other girls had hardly any.
I tried my hardest to cover them up - flourishing into a tomboy covering up my top half for a couple of years. I didn't wear the right underwear or support (due to lack of guidance) and they just grew and grew.

By the age of 14, I was going out with friends and realised my chest (DD) when dressed right (scooped up in a strapless top/bra) - I managed to get into over 18+ venues without any issues - I was very grown up for my age and quite street smart.
Fast forward to my later teens (size 16 clothes) and I struggled to lose weight, I didn't have the right diet but tried to work out and lose any weight I could, which didn't happen quickly. I was at college and also had 2 jobs.
The weight started to come off, but I never seemed to lose it from my breasts. This was when I first really began to loathe my large chest, I hated them - I couldn't wear the clothes I liked and I felt more and more like I was recognised as being the lovely girl with the great boobs. Little did people know what they looked like underneath, let alone the "boulder holding bras" which I can only praise for doing me some justice in making them look good. Back, neck and inward loathing set in deep at this time, I didn't express it to anyone as I didn't want to seem the "unhappy, depressed" type of person, so I carried on with the big smiles.

University years:
I started University in 2002 and had been in a relationship for a couple of years. My partner at the time didn't seem to mind my large (E cup) chest, but I started thinking more about how it would be to look and feel like my new friends, skinny twenty somethings with pert boobs with no worries about what they can or can't wear. I mentioned it to the University doctor that I was unhappy with my large chest, but I was always told "oh, they look good in clothes, lots of people could only dream of having boobs like you, enjoy them" - words repeated by a GP later in life too!
My long term relationship didn't work out, I couldn't help but think my self loathing (exerted at home) didn't help, I covered up quite a bit and didn't feel sexy. At 21 you should be in your prime! I was far from prime, more like a large prime droopy boobs, or "frogs eyes" when laying down!

Skip to my late 20's:
I was in a job I loved and met my now fiancé who didn't initially realise I was large chested. He loved me for who I am. He's been through the years of watching me stress over what I want to wear, crying spells and understanding just how difficult it is to live with a large chest. He's been my rock and was always honest when I had my wardrobe dilemmas. I found a true example of showing just how heavy they were was to let him hold them - understand why I slouched and complained they are too big! HE GOT IT - and still tells people animatedly just how heavy they were. I started to speak more about wanting a breast reduction and focused on losing weight to see if they would reduce with a little more effort. No such luck - they grew to a G cup.

Age 30:
I spoke with my GP after researching more thoroughly in my local area. I realised no matter how much I wanted surgery, I really couldn't afford to pay £6000+ for a reduction and uplift privately.
She told me it was an absolute NO and that she'd like the boobs I had, they looked great in clothing. I explained this was only due to expensive underwear and that I truly wanted the surgery due to health reasons, both physically and mentally. Working shifts at a desk for long hours also didn't help - she still said NO. I can only think the GP was caring more about her budget, than the emotional turmoil I suffered most of my life.

Fast forward to the last 7 months:
I've now lived in Koh Samui, Thailand for seven months.
We left the UK and thought we'd travel for a bit and enjoy life a bit more. We got engaged too!! I have always dreamed about being happy inside and out about myself, especially on my wedding day.
Up until now, I hardly go on the beach due to feeling self conscious about my large breasts and my not so toned body, I did however bury myself into researching surgery right here in Thailand.

I'd researched having surgery overseas years before, but the thought of it scared me. The price tag looked affordable, but I still wasn't quite 100% on the quality, language barrier and whether I was quite sure of the care I would recieve. Online reviews and a few people I've met here in Thailand suggested Yanhee hospital was an excellent choice for the surgery I wanted and a specific surgeon seemed to crop up on recommendation.

This September, I sent a request to the "virtual consult" directly with the hospital - including a few photos of my breasts (front and either side).
I was excited and hoped i'd be recommended for surgery and whether Dr Somsak would agree to see me for a consult in Bangkok (1 hour flight away). After to and fro communication with 'Jag' my international co-ordinator, I was informed I was an ideal candidate for surgery and I could attend the hospital for a physical consult - all being ok (health wise), I could have the surgery on the same day, or a day of my choosing. I was brimming with excitement and cried with tears of happiness. This was what i'd always wanted, I knew the road of surgery and recovery will be long, painful at times, but well worth it in the end.

The last fortnight:
We flew to Bangkok on the day of my consult and on arrival we were met by a international liaison team member who transported us to the hospital. This was arranged by 'Jag' and was a free service they provide (one way). Everything went smoothly, I felt instantly comfortable on arrival and check in at the desk. The hospital isn't one of the "Central Bangkok" well known hospitals, but it's widely used by both Thai and intentional patients - as I found out in the waiting room. I didn't find any issues with communication as the level of spoken English was excellent. I was escorted to my consult by another international liaison staff member who explained they'd be with me through the whole consult for any issues to ensure it ran smoothly and to communicate any questions I had for Dr Somsak were relayed.
Dr Somsak is a quietly spoken man, but to the point, he doesn't skirt around questions. I found this was best for me, I wanted straight answers and got them. He has a friendly demeanor and I was comfortable with speaking with him and having a physical examination.
He confirmed I could have the operation, reiterating I will have scarring (which I knew through extensive research) - I wasn't worried about scars, I wanted smaller, lifted boobs and had just been told he could do it for me!
My operation was scheduled for the same day - I'd not had anything to eat/drink since 7am that morning (in prep for the ok for surgery - you cannot eat/drink anything 6-8 hours before surgery).
Once the all important paperwork (consent forms and payment) were complete - to add, I was taken through the consent form and was happy with what I read and what was explained to me.
After payment, I met the anesthatist who explained about surgery, what to expect and any concerns I had. She listened to previous concerns about "going under" and really put me at ease.

I was led to my quite large private room, which had a view out onto the famous Bangkok Chao Phraya river. The room also had a private bathroom with shower, a sofa for your friend/relative and a TV with ample entertainment. Once prepped for surgery (bloods taken & hooked up to IV) I lay in bed with my gown on - it had all gone quite fast, but I felt almost like I was dreaming. The "room service" menu extensive and the prices were quite reasonable and tasty (so Bobby says).

The nurses (many of them) were very thorough and really friendly, I thankfully had my fiancé with me for support, but I would have been happy to be alone with the amount of support/care received, even after being on the ward for such a short time.

I was taken down to theatre just after 17:30 and didn't return until just after 22:00, I was taken to a pre-theatre room and covered with a cozy warm towel and told to just relax, I was overwhelmed and had tears in my eyes from goodbyes with my fiancé. I told myself this was what I always wanted and managed to calm myself and just focus. Once wheeled into theatre, I was welcomed by the anaesthetist - yes it did seem odd to hear lots of Thai being spoken around be during set up, but I was in Thailand, so its obviously expected. Before I knew it, I was under .. woke in the recovery room and spoken to in English and reassured everything went ok. I felt woozy, had a sore throat and wanted to see my fiancé.

Due to the time of night, Bobby (fiancé) stayed with me overnight.
We had booked a hotel in Silom (Centre Point) for him to stay in, which was 25-30 mins away (250Baht/£4.80 via the highway route, inc 50 baht toll). I planned on heading there after my 3 night stay to recoup - its connected to an air conditioned "Robinsons" shopping centre, which would saved me being cooped up in my room.

I was visited many times during the night to check my "obs". It was disruptive to my sleep, but an essential task, I could sleep all day if I wanted. I already noticed how much lighter my chest felt, having only bandages over my chest. I was able to get up from my bed (slowly) and head to the nearby toilet without issue. I was visited by the international team and another Dr (my DR's day off) as i'd requested stronger pain relief. My wounds were checked and cleaned and re-dressed.. the nurses even washed me, changed my bed and gave me some clean hospital trousers and top. I was visited by the international team and told to call them (press buzzer) for anything I wanted or needed. They were really friendly and chatty and enquired again about how i'd heard about the hospital.

By day 2, I was able to wash myself (slowly) at the sink in the bathroom - I don't really like being fussed over and was up early so thought I may as well get it over with. I was in awe at my new boobs and couldn't stop staring at my new bandaged buxom! I loved them....
I could have left the hospital today, but as I was booked in for 3 nights I decided to stay - to ensure all was ok.. I actually didn't feel in too much pain, just uncomfortable at times getting up and having to lay/sleep at an angle I'm not used to.

By day 3, I was more than ready to go to the hotel. I'd watched so many films, checked my Facebook umpteen times and cabin fever was setting in... nothing to do with the hospital, just me getting antsy.
I was visited by Dr Somsak and he cleared me to leave. I'd experienced some blistering from the micro pore tape, which was picked up immediately - I left the hospital all bandaged up, drugs in hand and walked to the taxi (escorted by staff).

I really enjoyed the stay at Centre Point hotel in Silom and made use of the shopping centre for walks when I felt restless. Bobby could visit the gym and swim in the large pool, we could order room service and rent (free) DVDs from their quite large library. Staff were excellent and after explaining I was recouping, they more than happily gave us extra pillows! Once we arrived at the hotel, I went to the salon and had my hair washed and blow dried - it was more expensive than I'd normally pay, but its expected within a hotel (500baht £9.60) and I do have really long hair.

I returned to the hospital 7 days after my op for stitches to be removed. This visit was as smooth as the first, Dr Somsak was happy with my healing and requested a nurse to remove my stitches and cleaned my wounds. She was so gentle I didn't feel any pain at all. I'll add, I hadn't by this time taken any pain meds for a few days - I didn't feel the need to as I wasn't in unbearable pain. The only issue i'd suffered was the dreaded constipation - relieved with prune juice & fibogel. I'd been eating a high fibre diet, but it wasn't doing the job. I was cleared by the Dr and was advised to contact him should I have any worries or questions during the healing process. My surgery is guaranteed for 6 months, so should there be any issues, I can return for free - apart from flights and accommodation.

We left Bangkok the next day after a lovely shower (inc hair wash) and are now back in "monsoon season" Koh Samui. Today is a beautiful blue skied day, so not all gloomy. My healing is coming along really well - I haven't taken any pain meds or felt the need to. I'm living in "genie" bras (x3), bought post surgery and a "spanx" sports bra I bought prior to surgery - I'm cleaning the scars twice daily with Dettol (in shower) and then Betadine once dried.

I feel amazing, I wish I'd had surgery sooner - my whole experience so far has been excellent. Fingers crossed my pain doesn't increase too much when the nerves fire up. I can walk on the beach (when its cooler) and have been out and about to the shops and for dinner. I'm consciously taking it easy, as I have felt tired when I do a little too much in once day. I can't stop looking in the mirror and the compliments from Bobby and local friends have been really nice. I'm also losing weight, which is a bonus!

The support from this site is excellent, it's great reading about other peoples experiences and nodding in agreement and giving advice and support to others. Feel free to ask me any questions, i'd be more than happy to offer advice - especially on having surgery "overseas".


Reveal - 17 days post op

I've managed to take 1 "front shot" picture to show my results. As soon as I can i'll try and upload a much better image and a side shot 2. The lighting is awful and my arms are raised..

Day 17 - The past few (3 days) i've felt a lot more sensitive in the boob area, especially to touch. I'm hoping its a sign of the nerves coming back to life.

I'm really happy with the healing, my left is a little larger than the right (I am a lefty too) and my Dr informed me it was the more problematic breast! It has quite a bit more healing to do (scab wise) to heal than the right breast.

I have some raised scarring just underneath my left breast next to my cleavage, but not on the right. I have Cica silicone sheets i'll start to use once i'm completely healed to resolve it so i'm really not worried, I don't want to do anything scar treatments too soon. I blistered whilst in hospital from micro pore tape as you'll see the pink scar on my left breast - i'm sure it will disappear soon, hopefully I won't react to the silicone (fingers crossed) that stuff is expensive!

In myself I feel really good, i'm getting quite irritated by having to still sleep on my back propped, its a small price to pay I guess. I live 100m from a gorgeous beach and have gone for a few walks. I was a bit naughty yesterday and today and went and sat in the sun for an hour (not exposing my boobs - important parts were covered) with my kindle. I'm visiting the UK at the end of this month and want to have a healthy, not pasty glow..

So all is well - no pain meds at all, which is a bonus - a very happy, happy, happy me.


Not my best week...

For the past week i've had more Zingers than ever - I'm pleased as its a good sign of healing, but WOW do some of them hurt!

As expected, prior to my period, they're feeling a little more tender and i've definitely got more feeling than I had last week (Not in my nips just yet) but here's hoping that will come.

Yesterday I noticed wetness under a moving scab at the T junction of my "troublesome" right breast.. the scab came away when I was cleaning it gently and left this "straw" coloured gunky looking material. Not oozing (gag), nor tender/sore in that area - I had this occur in the side of my nipple on the same breast after the stitches were removed. I have cleaned it with Betadine and covered it with clean cotton gauze (Non stick). My nipple area cleared up and has scabbed over (Almost gone now) and I've emailed my International Liaison with a photo of the area to show my Consultant just to be on the safe side. Waiting for a reply...

I've mostly felt really good during this recovery period - a few "down" or "blues" days but we can have those even when we're not recovering from surgery! I still love them...

I live right next to a beach on a tropical Island and can't enjoy it right now!

"Thinking positive Mental thoughts of nicely healed boobs"

It's been a while!

Since my bad week in Nov things have certainly improved. I contacted my surgeon and received a prompt reply about how to go about managing the issue with the t section - just to keep it clean and dry, so I followed orders and its healed!

I've also had a trip back to the UK (it was freezing cold) and bought some new swimwear and beachwear, which was a great experience - pulling on a beach dress when I got back to Thailand and leaving the house is such a great feeling! No heavy strapless bras or neck pulling halter straps. Although I did spend quite a bit of money, it was worth it.

Oh... I forgot to mention, I also bought my wedding dress!! I'm getting married this year - I can officially say it now. It was such a nice feeling to not feel self conscious in the bridal store, I could undress and simply get into gowns without the droop concern or wearing of underwear that would simply get in the way.

Healing has been rapidly improving. I haven't got any holes left and the scars seem to not be as red as before. I have been out numerous times without a bra on and maybe i've been a little ambitious with it - but I feel ok, so will just read the signs to save having "painful boob" days.

Ill upload an updated photo soon so you can see the progression - its 2months and 5 days today.

Oh.. and I really need to start working out - the boobs look great now, shame about other parts of my body! haha.

Happy New Year everyone.xxx
Dr Somsak Chuleewattanapong

Dr Somsak is an excellent surgeon. Highly experienced in what he does, with more than 10+ years working in the field. He is on the Board of General Surgery and the Board of Plastic Surgery of Thailand, which is the first thing you look for, he also came recommended by an online source (8 miles from home) who had a similar procedure and also 2 people i've met in Koh Samui. Dr Somsak is quite quietly spoken, yet very to the point, I felt he was detailed in his explanations during my consult and after surgery experience. I found his demeanour very calming (He looks really young too). He doesn't skirt around any issues, getting straight to the point and doesn't engage in extensive small talk, which I actually prefer. I'd have no issues with recommending him to anyone - in fact I already have.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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