Liposuction in Thailand- An obvious botch! Thailand, TH

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I chose Thailand because I could have the surgery...

I chose Thailand because I could have the surgery done cheaper. I did the research and chose a well regarded surgeon with a good CV. It wasn't the cheapest option but I figured I could save $5000 AUD (the price above is converted into USD). I admit I was thinking very short term. From the beginning I knew the surgeon had not contoured my body as I wanted him to (removal of saddlebags). When I look at the pictures he seems to have taken too much out of my hips and left lumpy fat on my thighs. I've been trying to be patient and wait out the long term results. I know I'm early in the healing process. Now at 4 weeks out I've developed a seroma on my stomach and because my surgery was not local I am left without support for this. A very kind surgeon has been in touch with me and takes on revision surgeries. This is better than most local doctors who won't have a bar of fixing an overseas botch. He does, however have a full waiting list of people already and can't see me for 3 weeks. I've been put on the waiting list but I'm left wondering what's going to happen with this seroma in the meantime as well as wanting to cry every time I look at my butchered lower half. Even if this by some miracle this manages to turn out to be an okay result, The anxiety I'm feeling was not worth that money I saved. I've emailed the surgeon in Thailand and his coordinator replied but he has not.

The saggy butt sadness

So this is probably the worst part of the whole drama. I used to have avery high, round butt, which I liked. I had done so many squats, lunges etc but couldn't shake the saddlebags on the side. I made it clear to him that I didn't want to change my butt, and he promised that he wouldn't suction the buttocks. Somehow though, as you can see by the pictures, my whole butt has slid down my body. I felt it literally drop down on the 4th day after lipo. I freaked out and phoned my husband in a panic. I was literally having an anxiety attach over this because I know its one of the worst things to happen and the hardest to fix. My behind went from a young woman's in her early 30s, to an old lady's in the space of four days since that surgeon got hold of me. My husband told me to go to the hospital and talk to somebody. I got into a tuktuk and got to the hospital. They tried to call the doctor but he wasn't available. I was sent back to my hotel and spent the night awake with good friends talking to me through the night on email and Facebook messenger- I don't know what I would have done without them. When I confronted the surgeon about it the next day (during business hours) he convinced me it was swelling. He promised me it "would bounce back". 4 weeks later and I actually think it's getting worse. I put on my tight gym pants today- the ones I was supposed to feel good about wearing after the procedure and started crying. I just can't get over how this horrible mess is my body now. The sag seems to be getting worse as the swelling subsides. The other stuff, the extra fat on my thighs, the hollowed out hips- I have researched how I can potentially revise this with fat grafting and micro liposuction. The saggy butt- halfway down my legs. Well thats a different story!

Seroma management & aftercare

This is a big issue in terms of medical tourism. This is why I encourage all girls considering this route to think again. Had I had it done locally I could have just nipped into the surgeons office discreetly and had it seen to. So I phoned several plastic surgeons in my area about this, trying to get somebody else to take responsibility for the aftercare of a foreign surgeon. I had to tell my story again and again, admit my stupidity and explain to several different receptionists. Eventually one of them took pity on me and I was told of a medical centre where registrars work. I phoned them as soon as I could get through. Eventually I was told by them that I still need a GP referral. My GP was very sympathetic and I'm waiting on the ultrasound results now. My new compression garment finally came through. I had a lot of issues with my Thai doctor and the poor English of the nurses. First I was left with no compression for 3 days, then a poorly fitting one that cut into my stomach and probably caused this issue (which I still had to pay extra for). I ordered one as soon as I realised I had to stop wearing that one at the 2 week mark. It took 2 and a half weeks to arrive during which time I was left with no compression at all. I figured no compression was better than bad compression. Another thing that wouldn't have happened if I'd chosen a good local surgeon. I'm finally in this good suit now and feel much better. I'm seeing nasty dents, divots etc appearing and the suit hides this. I'll try not to look at myself for the next 2 weeks and hope that the good compression suit helps sort these horrors. Meanwhile I'll also book a lymphatic massage for the 6 week mark and know then that I did all that I could.

The sag gets worse at week 5

I still can't believe what happened to my butt. I had such a good side view of that bubble. Now the swellings gone down it's sagged even more. A deep groove has started to extend all the way to my outer thigh. Could things get any worse!

Swelling going down

So even just in the last few days there has been a shift in the swelling. I think the compression garment helped. Also, before I posted last, I had eaten quite a salty diet and I think that had an an effect. This surgery is so freaky, things keep changing. I decided to start taking pictures of my overall silhouette rather than focus on parts of me. The seroma was drained and seems to have settled nicely.

My expectations

This is what I thought I'd get out of lipo. This lady has a similar big bone structure to mine and large muscles and fat deposits. I would have been so happy with these results.

at 5 weeks and my hips are down to bone

I was trying to be positive last night but today I took the pictures and it's true, they are down to the bone. I'm still in o much pain around my hips. He was so aggressive with my "good curves" and then left that fat saddlebag hanging off. People at work have been giving my body sideways looks, despite the baggy clothes I wear. I took some measurements today and I am officially out of proportion. My measurements used to be a cm or two bigger in the hips than the bust- normal proportions. Now my hips are 3CM narrower than my bust. thats an inch and a half that my lower half is out of proportion. I am so depressed. My hips hurt so much. I'm worried I'm going to lose even more. What was this man thinking? I think he saw mw as a fat, western girl that needed as much fat suctioned as possible. He said "suction lots of fat out" and said "you're not quite as fat as other patients". I thought it was a language thing so let that of but I actually said to him at one point "I'm not here because I think I'm fat, I'm here to change my shape, I want to lose my saddlebags". Oh why did I not just walk away, cut my losses of airfare and accommodation go back to my hotel intact? I could be my happy, bubbly old self now and not this shadow of a person I've become, in constant pain and miserable.

approaching the 6 week mark.

The saggy butt is so difficult to deal with. I can feel it hanging on the back of my legs. I have to position it when I sit. I didn't even realise that the outer thigh suction could do this to me. I thought it was just banana rolls and buttock suction. He must have been very aggressive and destroyed the tendons on the side. Considering the fat pockets left, I think he must have suctioned in the wrong places in there. I keep obsessing over how much worse it's getting. I never used to obsess over my body, I didn't love my body as I should have (considering what I've done) but I didn't really think about it much besides the offhand thought about diet and exercise and that I'd get lipo one day. Now I've become obsessed, my husband can't understand it but it's like I'm watching my body slowly fall apart. Taking the pictures and comparing them is proof that I'm not imagining it- although I wish I was. It's so strange how it affects one's psyche. I've become far more withdrawn since this procedure. My husband said to me the other day, "you've changed, you've become so sad ever since you went under the knife". I feel I'm now so slow at doing my job, I keep thinking about this and can't focus on work. At night I wake up trying to shake a nightmare, then realise I've woken up into it and I'm trapped in this wrecked body. Then I start to stress about how much worse it can get. The thought of swimsuit season is terrifying. I have been researching revision surgery and this is so complicated I think I'd have to go to the US to get it fixed. It's going to cost an arm and a leg. Lipofilling is something that is far more advanced over there than in AUS. No way in hell am I going back to Thailand!

Dents and divots

So the pain in these spots have been really bad. These divots hurt so badly! I was hoping it was just swelling but I think that these are the jewels in the crown of this botch job. A saggy butt, not more of an apron of fat down my legs, and these painful divots, the inner thigh one is even obvious through jeans. Starting to buy spanks galore, I can't go out without than my butt is so saggy. My husband has been so amazing. He said to me "I don't see a botched woman's body, I see a beautiful woman, the one I married". I'm so grateful for him!

Asteroids have hit my thighs and the buttocks are now overdue for retirement.

Husband got me into the exact same pose and compared the pictures. Even he was shocked at the difference in projection of the buttocks. I think he was hoping that I wouldn't see as much of a difference as there is. It's obvious from this picture how much tissue he removed from beneath the buttocks, that area that was obviously supporting them- all without my permission of course, I only wanted the saddlebags done. These are left half removed and the thigh lumps and divots are getting worse as the swelling subsides.

Divots on thighs

So I've been sending these pictures to PIAC (Phukhet International Aesthetic Centre). I have developed waves and divots on my legs from the surgery (in the before shot you can see how undaunted they were). PIAC are starting to respond quite quickly as it becomes apparent what a botch it was. Also that I mentioned I was blogging about it. However, if their guarantee involves me join back there to get "fixed", by that Dr I'd rather not! If he couldn't perform the primary properly, how could he do the much more demanding revision. Has anybody ever had revision for this kind of botch on the thighs? I see more stomach revisions than anything else and thats the only part of me that he got right. The badly executed cannula tracks actually look like they are snaking around to the banana rolls. This could explain the loss of tissue from that area even though I very specifically said not to take anything from there. I hope it's a mistake from over suctioning the thigh and that he didn't deliberately do an unconsented area. I just wish I knew more.

Close ups of the botched thighs

I don't even have much to say about this. A picture speaks a thousand words as they say. One looks worse than the other in this. But moving around etc, they both look hideous. I look at those smooth saddlebag thighs and wish for them back.

Assessment of the damage 3 months out

So what I have is pretty much what I've got to work with. I say this because I'm going to try my best to get fixed. My husband has said whatever it takes is what we'll do. I'm starting with the divots and craters in my legs. As you can see in the pictures it's pretty bad so I am looking at revision specialist surgeons who can do micro fat grafting to those areas. The only positive is that it's not adhered to the muscle and there is still blood supply to the divots and craters. I so hope this can be improved- a lot! My inner thighs are also divoted and wavy. Then the next surgery will be for my over-suctioned hips and, as you can see completely collapsed buttocks. One is worse than the other, I'm really asymmetrical now! I'm looking at getting the best in the US to fix these significant deformities.

Oh.. Forgot to include these pics in the last review- whoops!

More damage constantly revealing itself.

So I decided it was time to update. I'm tired of this doctors' supporters telling me I look great. I look terrible, dented and deformed. These pictures don't show the rippling scar tissue that accompanies this botch. I kept thinking that my stomach was at least okay. I knew He had taken off too much but I thought it was "focal excessive liposuction" in a smooth manner. Recently, as you can see, the dents, and lumps have shown them self there too. Every area of my body that he touched is totally botched. And areas where I told him not to touch are botched too (my butt). I get attacked regularly for warning others about him but I carry on. If my personal horror can save one person.... People love telling me I'm "negative". I'm actually naturally a positive person but how can I look at these results and think anything but disgust? I've stopped moisturising my skin, which I used to love to do with rose hip oil. I just can't bear to look at this, and touch it. Reading over my emails to him makes me sad because I'm begging him for help at times and he has refused to comment on my case. I'm still seeking a revision surgeon. Have started the process of Skype consults and freed up some funds to put into US dollars as the Aus economy goes into free fall. I do need somebody to fix everything in one surgery. We can't afford for me to go backward and forward to fix this bit and that bit with different surgeons. It makes it tougher. I've found somebody who can fix my dents well, but not my butt so much. Every consult I need to spend some time to cry afterward as they are so scathing of what he did to me. I know they are commenting on his bad work but it's on my body so it makes me cry.

Updated pictures of my destroyed glutes

Many girls come out with their butt looking better after surgery. I was recently made aware of the fact that the older pictures don't show the horror of the botched gluteal area. I very specifically told this doctor to leave the gluteal area alone. I said to not touch the banana rolls under butt area as I knew it was risky. He said "but the fat wraps around" I was very firm and he pretended to back down and agree. He said "okay then just the sides". When I was under he just went ahead and took the un consented tissue anyway. He suctioned the actual gluteal fold. First the fold extended out to my thighs, then sank back in, boil lapsing the inner, lower butt cheeks. As you can see in the before pics, I had a good butt. I just wanted a bit of the pointy triangles off the outer thigh smoothed down. Moral of the story- it doesn't matter how much you dictates to a surgeon, they can just go against your wishes anyway. I have huge dents where I never even had an issue with the fat before. There are divots all around my banana roll area to add insult to injury.
Dr Rushapol Sdawat

I see my results getting worse and worse by the day! I was rushed into making a quick decision regarding this surgery as another girl got slotted in the same day. There was so little time to talk and I'd flown all that way so I made this snap decision to trust that he knew what he was doing. A decision that I will forever regret. He has butchered my body, and I think it's to the point beyond repair.

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