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I am 39, 5’2” and 55kg (121lbs) and have two...

i am 39, 5’2” and 55kg (121lbs) and have two kids aged 19 & 18. I have wanted a TT since the birth of my daughter 18 years ago. Ever since I had my kids I’ve hated my body, can’t stand the pooch. I can’t explain how much this surgery means to me. I’ve read the journeys of the ladies in here and have been soo happy for them that it made me cry knowing the joy they were feeling to finally look at themselves with pride. I truly cant wait!!
I know lots of people are skeptical about having surgery overseas, but I would never be able to afford it if I had it here. I have booked my surgery through a Medical Agent and am scheduled to have a TT, BA and nipple lift in Bangkok on September 13th. I am considering having Lipo in my inner thighs and flanks, but waiting to see the PS first. I’m not nervous at all. From what I can tell the hospitals in Bangkok are superior to the ones here. My only concern I guess is the aftercare, as I only stay there for 2 weeks after the operation. Fingers crossed I don’t have any major complications after that time.
I have 9 days to go till my operation. Im flying to New Zealand tomorrow morning for a netball tournament for 5 days, then back to Melbourne, then off to Bangkok. So hopefully wont have much time to stress about the surgery.

Post op Day 3 - wow can't believe I actually did...

Post op Day 3 - wow can't believe I actually did it.

Arrived in Bangkok the day before my surgery and did some mad shopping for my kids b4 Surgery day. Checked into our hotel in downtown Bangkok and did the hour countdown.

Surgery day- got picked up by the hospital van at 8am for a 10am appointment. The hospital is only about 30mins away but due to the unpredictable Bangkok traffic they pick up well before time. I was overwhelmed when I got there. Not only being surgery day, but being in a foreign country where everything looks different, smells different, tastes different and you can't understand anybody...for the first time I got a bit nervous. Luckily I was assigned an interpreter to stay with me through out my pre op tests. Pre ops didn't go down smoothly. Throughout my life I've never been to hospital apart from having my two kids. Have always been healthy and never go to the doctor for any ailments. So I thought I'd breeze thru the pre op tests. Well apparently the EKG test was abnormal and I had an enlarged bottom half of my heart which was causing an irregular heartbeat and the nurse said there was a probability I would not be approved for surgery. I couldn't believe it. I had spent so much money already, and just sat thru a 9hour flight to get here and then to possibly go home with nothing. I couldn't believe it, I was soo upset. I was then sent to a cardiologist to do further tests and to cut a long story short she eventually approved me for surgery. But that hour of waiting to see if she would approve me was soo nerve-wracking.

Had the consult with my PS at 3pm and by 5pm I was rolled into surgery.

Luckily the doctor told me bout the shivers and spasms when you wake up from surgery or I would have freaked out thinking something was spastically wrong with me. I was shaking like crazy when I awoke, but I just kept telling myself it was normal, I'm ok, cos I don't remember anyone around me and I was still in the operating room. But eventually someone came and I was rolled up to my room about 10.30pm. That's so freaky when you go out like that and you wake up and so many hours have passed. Anyway, I was pretty out-of-it, had a short conversation with my ex who came with me for support and told him to message my family back home to tell them I'm ok, and then I was out for the night.

Day 1 post op - woke up that morning and felt pretty good. But I was still connected to the IV and morphine. Once they came in and turned that down it felt like I had been hit by a truck, and every wheel on that truck had rolled over me. I just couldn't believe that I could recover from soo much pain. Crazy thorts going thru my head thinking "yip, I'm probably that 1% that the doctor has stuffed up and I'm feeling 100 times more pain than other women. Surely all those women on here didn't go thru this much pain". I was just feeling sorry myself. Lol. Before the surgery I was more worried about the pain of the tummy tuck, but the worst pain was from my BA. I felt like I had a heavy truck on my chest, I could hardly breath and every muscle in my chest ached when I moved. So all I kept saying to myself is "just wait for day 4, every1 says the first 3 days totally suck". I didn't fully believe it myself cos of all the pain but I needed the hope. So Day 1, I just tried to sleep the day away. I hated it when the nurses kept coming in and reducing my morphine. Lol Didnt get much sleep that nite, wasn't really in pain but was just soo uncomfortable lying in that hospital bed that long. So whenever I woke up I just did some leg exercises or just moved my bed up and down. But day 1 really sucked!,

Day 2 post op- still feeling totally crap. Not being able to move because of the pain in my chest and being in that bed now for nearly 48hrs straight. The hospital advised they wanted me to stay there for 4 nights. Although I still have to stay in Bangkok for 2 more weeks for post op checks etc.. the hospital is more like a hotel. My room was huge, with a plasma tv, kitchen, lazy boy, couple of couches and a dining table. The nurses checked in on me every hour, taking my blood pressure, temperature, I had about 3 sponge baths on day 2 cos they kept asking me and I kept on saying yes. Lol. So the service was pretty awesome. Didn't really like the food menu, but my liaison said to just order anything I wanted and they would just go get it anyway. So I usually just ordered Maccas! Lol I didn't get nauseous or feeling like I wanted to vomit. And unfortunately my appetite had not changed a bit. Lol I wish it had tho, as I had gained 5kgs in about 4weeks once I stopped my smoking and alcohol intake. But I knew I had substituted food for cigarettes, I didn't care I just had to stop smoking or I wouldn't be able to do the surgery. But hopefully when I get home I'll have to watch what I eat so I don't gain anymore. So anyway day 2, they took the IV out, my drains, and my Cathetor out. This was it, now I had to get up and move no matter how sore I was if I wanted to go to the toilet. It was a struggle and so painful, but it felt really good. And I actually felt better when I eventually walked around. So day 2 was pretty boring, just watching tv and walking around my room most of the day.

Post op Day 3 - still in quite a bit of pain when I move, but I can get up and down and go to the toilet by myself. Although the lazyboy was my most comfortable seat in my room it took me nearly 15 mins to wiggle myself into position so that I could get out of it. I'm sure if someone were watching me they would have a good laugh at me do that. But today I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and actually feel when people in here say that you recover soo much in just 1 day. Although I was supposed to stay another nite I asked my doctor if I could go back to my hotel and I promised that would not go out and I would would just rest as if I was at the hospital. So yah!! He checked me out and I'm now writing this from my hotel room. I've taken a few photos tonite, but I believe I can't upload them on here from my iPad. And all I have is my iPad so I'll have to wait til I get to Australia before I upload them. As far as I can tell I'm pretty happy with the job. My tummy is super swollen. My pants are tighter to put on than they were b4 surgery. My doctor said I was swollen, but I added the Super hoping that my tummy will go down a massive amount!! Lol one boob is more swollen than the other, so I hope those will even out in time. Haven't really seen my stitches yet, as they are still covered with waterproof dressing so I can shower. Won't get to see his work until Wednesday when he takes the stitches out. But everything seems ok for now. Will check in tomorrow

Post op Day 4 - pretty uneventful day. Stayed in...

Post op Day 4 - pretty uneventful day. Stayed in my hotel room all day and watched tv or read my book. Still sore when I attempt to get out of bed. Still walk pretty hunched over. But aren't experiencing most of the complaints ladies have had on here. Never have felt nauseous or dizzy, appetite hasn't changed, had a BM on post op day 2 and have been pretty regular since then, don't take my pain meds until I go to bed at nite and even then I probably don't think I need to, haven't had any moody blues yet. So all n all going pretty good. Tomorrow I think I will venture out for an hour and see how I go.

Day 5 post op- feeling a little better than...

Day 5 post op- feeling a little better than yesterday. Ventured out of my room for a few hours and walked around the mall. Well had a wheel chair and only walked around the shops that I actually went in to. So still took it pretty easy. Can feel my body feeling a little better each day that goes past. Was supposed to have a check-up with my surgeon tomorrow so he can take my stitches out. But the hospital called and apparently my PS can't make my appointment time and they will get back to me when he can see me. So I'm pretty disappointed with that as I was hoping to have a look at my scars. I hope I will still be able to see him some time tomorrow as my dressing is starting to peel and I'm sure I need it changed by now as it would have been 4 days since my dressing was last changed. Plus it's my birthday tomorrow and I'm going to go out and have a look at this Bangkok nite life. I mean I can't stay kooked up in this hotel room on my birthday. Anyway, it's bout 1.30am. Because I nap during the day when I get tired my sleeping routine is totally messed up so I'm not tired at all. I keep on looking in the mirror to see if any of this swelling is going down. And it's not. So I just have to keep reminding myself to be patient and not be down on myself for not looking fantastically flat straight away.

Day 9 post op- feeling really good. Stopped taking...

Day 9 post op- feeling really good. Stopped taking pain meds Day 7. Not walking fully straight, but straight enough that people don't look at me with concern. Still swollen heaps around my belly. Well I hope it's swelling, cos I would not be happy if this was the final result. My boobs get "boob shocks" now and then, so I just give them a massage and they feel better after that. My incisions are under my armpits and I still can't extend my arms upwards, even tho I wouldn't want to anyway, I haven't shaved under my arms for 9 days - too scared to shave cos of the stitches still there.

2 weeks & 2 days post op - arrived back from...

2 weeks & 2 days post op - arrived back from Thailand two days ago and have rested on my couch for two days straight. I've got soo much housework to do but im being soo lazy and rationalising my excuse that I should rest instead. Lol. As for the recovery, everything seems to be going ok. I can't really see any of this swelling going down. And I still can't fit my clothes, which gets me down sometimes. And I know I probably have gained a bit of weight as I haven't been exercising at all and have been eating take-away all the time. But I'm going to give it another week before I start stressing about my diet. Otherwise all is good. Boobs still tender. But loving the way they look in clothes. My left boob is bigger than my rt boob. My PS said it was just swelling and should settle to the same size. Everything seems to depend on this damn swelling. I know why they call it swell hell now. I keep reminding myself to be patient and when I need a bit of reassurrance that I'm not the only one going thru this I browse thru the stories in here or on You Tube. It perks me up a bit. I still can't walk straight. Some days are better than others. I start back to work in a week. I'm really hoping that I'll be walking normal by then. Tummy still feels numb and tight and I have itch urges now and then. I can't resist the itch but I'm careful bout not itching by my scar as the PS said this could cause a keloid scar.

3 week post op - So I've finally changed my rating...

3 week post op - So I've finally changed my rating to worth it. Although my expectations are still higher than my actual results, I think I still look better than what I was before surgery. And I still keep reminding myself "it's only been 3 weeks since surgery".

Things I'm unhappy with at the moment:-
* My Hips Lipo:- Can't see a difference at all
* My stretch marks :- I knew I would still have them but I still have stretchmarks that go above my belly button. It looks like I still have the same amount but just pulled tighter so they are less puffy and out there.
* My boobs are still sore. They are giving me more pain than the tummy tuck.
* The ridge of the stitching of my tummy tuck. I so hope this goes down. Hopefully this is apart of Swell Hell?
* Can't fit my clothes. I've put on weight, i estimate about 5kgs,(too scared to look at the scales, don't want to depress myself further. Lol) and I can't get motivated to eat well until I know I can start exercising.
* I just want to look fantastic already!!!! I'm sick of recovering.
* SWELLING SUX!! But uncertainty that this isn't swelling and this is my actual result SUX even more.

- I'm more comfortable wearing my clothes and not fussed about if my shirt comes up and shows my belly anymore.
- I love the way my boobs look in singlets
- After all these years of wishing for a makeover, I've finally done it - a dream come true.

I'm sure there are more positives to come from this, just need to stay positive.

So I posted some pics. I can't really tell much difference. Posted one of my belly button. I think it looks a bit weird. Does anyone know if the marble thing works? It needs opening up. I didn't think I had high expectations before surgery.... Am I being too self critical??

Probably not the best idea but I'm sick of not...

Probably not the best idea but I'm sick of not fitting my clothes. Swelling or no swelling I'm going on a diet tomorrow. Want to lose 6kgs in 4 weeks. Oh and I went and bought my first bra since surgery. OMG I'm a D cup!! Then I went to check my (breast implant) card and it said I had 375cc. Not the 330cc my doctor and I agreed on before surgery. I still love the size of my boobs, but its just another little negative about going to Thailand for surgery. I can't just call my PS up and ask him questions.

4weeks and 3 days post op - I started work this...

4weeks and 3 days post op - I started work this week. I am an administrator in an infrastructure company. Needless to say I am the only female. I love the blokes I work with, but I chose not to tell them about my surgery. I totally regret that decision now, cos I know it was something that would be noticed when I got back and becos they are too respectful to outright ask me if I had my boobs done, I know they are probably talking about me between themselves. So, made the decision to slowly confess to the guys of my surgery (the rumour had been going around even b4 I left). So during our after work Friday drinks I fessed up to the guys. They were shocked, most of them had never known a real life person that had a boob job. They were very supportive and it wasn't weird or uncomfortable at all. But it was good to get it out there so I could stop stressing about what clothes to wear to work without making my boobs stand out. One of the most common questions from the guys were what do they feel like...? If they were girls I would have totally let them have a grope, lol but even tho I feel like one of the guys, I doubt their wives would understand. Lol

BUT in celebration of my return to work we continued into the city. Not too sure bout the alcohol rules with surgery but i totally got smashed.. Fell over in the pub we were at, hit my head on the bar corner, and came up with blood spewin out every where. Huge gash in my head, everyone fussing all over me and bar staff wanting to call an ambulance. Massively embarrassed I just waived them off and hightailed it outta there with my work mates in tow trying to chase me down. It looked worse than it really was. Probably could have done with a stitch or two, but did a good patch up job at home. So wow, what a night. My head hurts a little today, but its not swollen or bruised or anything, it's just a straight gash. Another responsible drinking lesson learnt. Need a reminder of that now and then.

Otherwise- the little alien in my tummy seems to have disappeared this week. No abnormal rumblings in there. Tummy still feels tight and by the end of the day I start to walk around hunched over. The numbness in my tummy is really annoying, especially when I'm itchy. The boobs aren't sore anymore. I can extend my arms above my head without pain, and the sharp pains thru the boobs I hardly get anymore. They are still tender, but a little massage and they feel much better.

I don't actually think I have changed from the last pics taken. But I'll take some pics anyway.

So it's been 8 weeks. Feels like its been a lot...

So it's been 8 weeks. Feels like its been a lot longer. I can't say that I can really tell much of a difference from my 4 week to 8 week pictures. By week 7 I can probably say I felt 100% physically. I can stand up straight, feel like I could go back to running (although I haven't cos I'm too lazy), basically back to normal. Still numb around my tummy but I'm used to it now. Wish I didn't have soo many stretch marks on my belly, but guess its better than what I had b4. I'm still hoping that my tummy will go down some more as I can still see the "ken doll" v jay jay outline when I wear fitting dresses. So still hoping I'm not stuck with this. Love seeing my flat tummy profile, but regret spending the 3k on the hip lipo cos I don't see any minute result at all. So that was a waste of money. I guess I knew it wouldn't be much of a result when the "lipo fat jar" after the operation and it was hardly even a quarter full. That's one big down side of having the op overseas...it's not so easy to do a revision. Anyway, still happier on the flatter side, and I'm soooo glad I got my boobs done. Luven them to bitz!
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