Mid-facelift at Yanhee Hospital Bangkok - Thailand, TH

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It´s been a process, working thru the pros and...

It´s been a process, working thru the pros and cons. Strange issues about not seeing a major problem when looking in the mirror but in almost every photo.
Well, my mind is set and so is the surgery date.
I will travel alone and feel very comfortable about it, Bangkok is my "second home". My main reason for having the facelift in Thailand is privacy and the possibility of a recovery my regular life will not allow, not price of surgery.
I´ve chosen Dr. Pitch at Yanhee International Hospital and had a viral consultation based on photos so far.

New date for surgery after blood pressure problem.

Arrived this morning and went straight to Yanhee. Filled out some papers and had my consultation with the very nice Dr. Pitch and we agreed on the procedure. I must say I was surprised: when I suggested some fillers in my forehead, he responded that he did´nt think it would do any good so it´s not all about the money. Medical exams started with a blood pressure and it was high enough to make him cancel todays surgery. My pressure was 190/140 and I have no idea why, never had any problems before. I ended up at a different part of Yanhee, Medicine department on first floor where I was layed down to rest and the nurses took my pressure every 30 minutes for four hours without any major changes. A new doctor prescribed two different medications to lower my pressure and I was told to rest. Checked in at Beyond Suites 400 meters from the hospital and will go back Sunday.
If pressure is down closer to 140/90 Dr. Pitch will perform the surgery then, if not I have a last opening for surgery on Tuesday Sept 24.
Impression of Yanhee is that it´s a big hospital with triple the amount of staff you would see in a Scandinavian/ US hospital and a department for everything. Mainly local patients, I only saw two foreigners and they were both in the plastic surgery department. Yanhee is not your posh hospital catering to rich foreigners but well organised with all signs in both Thai and English and far above a regular Thai hospital in standard.
I was very well taken care of by one of Yanhees International coordinators (Paew) and don´t see the need of using a separate company for this.

Had a massage and wonderful dinner and will have an early start tomorrow at chaotic Chatuchak weekend market. I love this city:)!
Dr. Pitch

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