29 Years Old, 2 Breastfed Babies Now Needing Some New Boobs! Thailand, TH

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Booked so far with cosmeditour, the booking...

Booked so far with cosmeditour, the booking process has been ok, I've gotten my surgical recommendation and paid my deposit.
They have a private Facebook forum for cosmeditours where I've found some great information but its still really nerve racking but can't wait to go the phuket with my family and will be great to have my husband and children (4 and 12) to be there to support me and my decision for implants.

Not sure what to say atm, I've ordered my post op bras and ice packs and i guess atm its so far away i just want it over and done with :) Bring me big boobs already!

My pre breast introduction

just introducing my current breasts in a short video.

Video not working so heres my pre surgery pics

my pre surgery pics


My Wish boobs

Post up bra has arrived

Well they're not the most attractive bras in the world! i have 2 marena ones a cotton on body zip up front crop and a la isla, well i definitely won't be going for style for a while anyway. just need to find clothes for phuket that will be cool enough for the weather but will cover the thick straps or the bras. one less thing to worry about now :)

Packing and doubts

My boob introduction video.

Explicit - Click to view

Im still (according to my counter app on my phone hehe) 124 days away from surgery......seems so far away yet so close and a bit daunting. so nervous. and i love the shape of my breasts and i could live with them the way they are just want them bigger, so i have doubts that make me think i should be happy because unlike a lot of girls i don't have sagging or ill proportioned breasts. am i silly going through with a surgery that could potentially have side effects that I'm not happy with....i think thats my fear and doubt talking as I've only ever had 1 prior surgery and that was a little tube snip nothing as drastic as a BA. but then i put clothes on that i can't fill and look in the mirror at my wide hips and think how fantastic it will be to have the hourglass figure with my breasts....is vanity really worth the risk.......im going with yes. i kind of can't wait, so much so that i have packed stuff already. i have 2 tops that button up at the front so no having to put shirts over my head or lift my arms and one of those ice packs that you fill with ice so as i don't have to declare through customs. and of course my very sexy post of bras are in there as well :) can't wait to be on holiday mainly, i hope i can still have a lot of fun even though I'm having surgery. fingers crossed for minimal pain and no complications and a great result!

I think i might go Subglandular over the muscle.

i'm hoping my surgeon will let me go over the muscle high profile and maybe 400cc with under the breast incision. i wonder what my chances are?

98 days to go!!!

excited, but seem to have calmed down about the whole thing and not spending every free moment googling breasts and boob forums......yay 98 days!

74 Days My packing and is there anything else i may need?

Feels like time is going so slow but when i look back at my reviews and think i started this journey over 2 months ago i realise maybe its going faster than i realise that I'm half way there its been 73 days since i booked and 74 days until my surgery day eeeek...the thought of that makes me nervous!

I've recorded a whole video for you tube and will see if i can upload it here but unsure wether the internet will allow it and not sure if anyone wants to listen to me dribble on for the minutes anyway :)

My biggest nerves are wether my doctor will allow me to go over the muscle as under the muscle i have concerns for but don't want to have the wrong implants to suit my body.......i don't know if I'm prepared or totally unprepared at this point.

I have half my suitcase packed i have:
2 X Marena 32 c compression bras
1X 32d La isla post op bra
2 X small cotton on zip attack crops ( I've heard these are a must have but thinking i should buy a couple of medium sized ones to allow more room for the implants incase)
2 X american style ice bags the ones you fill with ice, better for travelling as they don't contain liquid.
2 X ice packs that are dry gel and just seem like flat plastic bags and i fill up with water and put in freezer or fridge when i get to thailand and the gel absorbs the water and makes them like a normal freezer pack :) another handy space saver for travelling.
3 x sleeveless front button tops.
1 Small little zip pouch to put my jewellery and what not in when i go in for surgery.
1 X little light button up cardigan long sleeve as i've heard the hospital can get chilly.
1 X cotton on zip front bikini top & bottom.
1 X pack of wet wipes just for freshening up
1 x pack of bendy straws as I've heard they can really come in handy the first few days.
1 x nice pair of noni b pyjamas nice and comfy for the hospital
And a pair of cute short ones for the hotel.
2 X loose cotton shorts
1 X loose harlem style pants
1 X nice short front long back skirt bit nicer to go out to the dinner and all elastic waist band as i've heard about the bloating after the op.

Things i still need to pack....
personal items like face cream and toothbrush.
not going to take all my makeup just a tinted moisturiser and maybe eyeliner and mascara and lip gloss and balm if i go out for a nice dinner.
sunscreen and floppy hat
travel pillow and small v pillow for sleeping I've heard is a great idea plus its good for the plant rides
knickers (because you totally need to know that :) )
my laptop
extra pair of thongs.
Power adapters.
and any extra clothes i will need as we are there for 15 days I'm hoping i can buy as I'm only taking over carry-on hopefully. but will see how i go.

If theres anything anything else i should pack let me know...as you can see i'm a little excited nervous and OTT!


So i'm a fifo, my husband works away 2/1 roster and i just realised that he has 3 swings until i get my surgery, eek seems so very close if i look at it that way! just having a mine freak out and thought i would share it :) time is flying by!

57 DAYS!!!! a run down of my costs so far.

Ended up booking extra baggage which was ludicrously over priced with jetstar $59 for 15kg, but it means i can take a big bag over with me as i have booked 25kg to come back with so seemed like a good idea.

I have since bought a pack of hotties and tampons just in case as well as a travel pillow for me hubby and the kids and I've also bought a $12 v pillow from kmart, just a cheap one as I've heard they really help with sleeping. so my to pack list is almost complete.

SOOOO i have booked my return flight home and if anyone is curious my return flights from Perth West Australia with jetstar were $571.13 return each and that include 15kg there and 25kg back seat selection and on the way home as we are flying over dinner time i have booked a meal each. $2284.52 for all 4 of us to be precise lol

I've also paid the cosmeditour invoice of $4377 for a standard breast augmentation no lift, so now it is a bit surreal like its all getting very very real now!

I changed my accommodation from original plans not sure wether i documented that but anyway its as followed:
My accommodation is $2591 for 15 nights for 4 people 7 @ pacific club resort in Karon (Most expensive place i booked as its my first stop for recovery and wanted amazing views) 5 nights at kamala resort and spa and 3 nights at phi phi island at papaya resort and all of these are 2 bedroom places that sleep 2 adults 1 teen and 1 child so obviously more expensive then single rooms.
Pacific club is huge with a giant wrap around balcony 2 bedroom 2 bathroom pool and a couple of restaurants breakfast included
Kamala resort and spa is a 2 bedroom 115sqm penthouse doesnt include breakfast but its only 5 nights and close to places to eat and has an onsite restaurant
papaya is a double room so theres 2 rooms but they are only separated by an arch but the look of things and has a little lounge area but i noticed accommodation on phi phi seems to be a bit more expensive and i only paid $400 for 3 nights for 4 people including breakfast so not going to complain especially as it has mad views of the phi phi bay which is amazing and is close to town but not too noisy.

oh I've also booked 1 night for $29 at the blue carina inn right next to PIAC so my family has somewhere to retreat to while i go in for surgery, kids can go for a swim have a rest/nap watch some tv in aircon all for a whole $29 i think is well worth it for them instead of having to hang around in the hospital waiting for me or heading all the way back to Karon to have to come all the way back to check on me as i have tried to convince my husband i will be fine and will see him back at the hotel the next day he won't have a bar of it so if all else fails they have somewhere to stay the night but mainly i booked it so they can have somewhere to have lunch a swim a rest maybe dinner before they head back to the hotel for me to meet them back there the next day when I'm released :)

ill post some pics oh pacific club and after I've been ill write a review on all my accommodation choices.

so i just thought i would give people an idea of costs all up for us a family of 4 it has come to $4830 for flights and accommodation and adding the surgery to that takes it to about $9300 not bad for a holiday for a family of 4 plus surgery for the less than the price of surgery in Australia. and add onto that we are going to budget for about 3-4000 spending money (will let you know how i go with that).

so hope i haven't bored you to death and i hope you like my accommodation pics :)

More packing stuff

I went to the shops today and added a few things to my bag,
Waterproof bandages for after surgery. some girls surgeons have allowed them to soak in the pool/beach for a bit after surgery and you need waterproof bandages to do so.
Sunscreen! 50+ as me and my family are very pale.
hair bands (lackeys)
bobby pins
shower gel not because the hotel won't supply it but hey its a nice home comfort i love the smell of my mango shower wash :)
face moisturiser (nivea love it!)
lip balm x 2
nurofen and panadol
i packed my makeup. i bought some new stuff so just packed the ones i hadn't finished yet and a brand new waterproof mascara by revlon!.
isagenix cleanse for life which I'm going to use as my laxative as its a bit more natural. and good to help keep you regular on holidays with the change in foods.
face cleanser
moisturiser for hands and body! i love hand creams its an addiction.

now i just need to buy some power adapters locks for my suitcases some brand new underwear because overtime i go on holiday i buy new ones...i don't know why, ocd makes you do weird stuff :) and then just to pack a spare pair of thongs or ballet flats and I'm set! i think :)


Cant believe i can say that!! WOW!!! I THINK THIS IS MY FIRST GENUINE EXCITEMENT WITHOUT APPREHENSION!! i feel like this is the first time I've felt sure of my decision so best not to overthink it haha! i'm getting boobs next month ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!

Exchange rate

Just a heads up that from your first quote to your payment date is you have a quote in AUD the price may change, my surgery is 115000 baht, which was first quoted at $4377 aud and i ended up paying $4830 aud, because when i first booked in the exchange rate was 26.5 and i ended up paying 23.5 baht to the dollar. just thought id post it out there for those trying to budget as my difference was almost $500.

Questions for your surgeon.

I can't take credit for this entire list i was given it by a lovely lady on Facebook in pic form so i am just going to write it up for you all and add a couple of my own.

How do i go about showering? Can i get the sterile strip wet whilst showering?
When do i need to start massaging?
Will i need to have another breast augmentation in 10 years?
Will implants effect mammograms?
How long to use the tape for?
When can you apply scar scram?
How often should i change the tape?
Is it better to leave the tape on as long as possible each time or change frequently?
How long until the implants drop into position?
How do you know when they have dropper?
How long do you have to wait for a revision if you are wangiting to go bigger?
When can you sleep on your side and stomach?
When can you wear normal bras and not sports bras?
When can you go from the post op bra to wearing a sports crop?
If wearing a strap how long does it need to be worn for?
How long should you massage for (each time and how many months etc.)?
Should you go see an australian surgeon at any point after returning home?
How long do implants last for?
How will i know when they need replacing?
How will i know if capsular contracture has begun?
When can i go in still water (e.g.. swimming)?
Can i go swimming earlier if i wear waterproof bandages on my incision?
What is the first sign of infection and what should i do if i think i have one?
What is normal pain and what is abnormal pain?
How long until i can go back to physical exercise?
Pro's and cons to implant placement, profiles and sizes.
When can i go braless?
What activities as far as tourism can i do after surgery?
Can i do day tours without compromising the implants if i feel well enough?
When can i have sex?
What are the possible complications of the general anaesthesia and surgery?

So theres some questions from a girl called stacey and some more from me to try and cover all basis but if you have any more you think should be on the list please comment them below.

Photos for the surgeon

These are the photos i have printed off to show Dr Narupon.

Things to do in phuket that I've written up!

Things to do in Phuket

• Fantasea in Kamala (2,200 THB per adult, 2,000 THB for a child for show with buffet dinner. 1800 Baht per adult 1,800 child for show only under 4 free. Show starts at 730pm and 9pm, advised arrival time is 630pm. Reservation contact: +6676385111 and +6676680888)
• Simon Caberet show (Daily shows at 6pm 745pm and 930pm. Vip Adult 800 THB child 600 THB, Regular ticket Adult 700 THB child 500 THB, book online, in patong on sirirat
• Upside down house baan taleenka (two kilometres from the North entrance of the By-pass Road, 250thb adults 150 thb children and also 150thb for the maze, open 10 am to 6pm)
• Cooking Class at Pums ( 204/32 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pi Rd, Patong, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand?,+66 (0) 76 346 269 Classes at 11am,4pm and 6pm, Classes ranger from 500THB for 1/2hour 1 dish lesson to 7500THB for 6+hour lesson, details on webpage : http://th.pumthaifoodchain.com/cookingschool.html And booking a few days prior at bookings@pumthaifoodchain.com)
• Thai boxing
• Soi dog foundation-( Free Mon-fri 9-12pm & 1-330pm, Tours 930am, 11am, 130pm 167/9 Moo 4 Soi Tambon Amphur Talang, Mai Khao 10, Mai Khao, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand +66 81 788 4222)
• Kata Noi beach in Karon
• Karon View Point (Karon, Mueang Phuket, Phuket, Thailand)
• Phuket Big Buddah Karon ( 8am-730pm 7 days a week)
• Karon Temple Night Market (patak road in karon, Tuesdays and Saturday afternoon/evening)
• Gibbon Rehab project (Bang Pae Waterfall, open 9am-430pm daily except Thursday which is 9am-3pm can stop and look at the Heroines Monument on the way)
• Old Phuket town (?Thalang Road, Phuket Town?, good to walk aroundand check out old building little shops and cafes)?
• Phuket Aquarium (51 Moo 8 Sakdidet Rd, Amphoe Mueang, located near Taramind bay, 20 THB child 50 THB adult open daily 830am-430pm)
• Splash jungle water park (open 10am-6pm Thalang District, 1295 THB adult 650 THB children 5-12 years, under 5 free, shuttle available at 400THB pp. reservation number +66 (0)76 372 111 or Can book online https://secure.splashjunglewaterpark.com/booking.php )
• Phuket Bird Park (open 9am-5pm, show times at 1030am,130pm and 330pm, 6 / 2 Moo 3, Chaofa (West) Road, Vichit, Muang)
• Dino Mini Golf in Karon (open 10am-midnight,)
• Tiger kingdom, Phuket zoo, elephant trekking are available too but due to thoughts on the animals treatment I have not researched these things.
• Surin Beach
• Golf for partner at Laguna Phuket golf club (laguna is 5200 THB for 18 holes and 2900 for 9 holes club rental 2000 THB and 700thb for Cart hire)

Places to eat

• Trisari resort

• No.6 Patong

• Woriburi Resort (seafood night) on the road where Karon beach meets Kata

• Phukets floating seafood restaurant off the east coast

• The Sands in Nai harm

• The Red Onion in Karon

• Kenny’s aussie bar Phuket in karon

• N2G Café bar Kata

• Mor mu dong restaurant in the chalong mangroves soi palai near Phuket zoo

• Lock Tien food court in Phuket town

• Tamachart restaurant in Soi Phutorn in Phuket City

Hope this helps anyone :)

34 days!

Well 34 days to go. time is zooming by!
Was talking to a friend who had surgery in perth and is an amazing nurse, she has a few thing to give to me for my surgery which is some fixomull tape and betadine and some other dressings and what not, and also went shopping and grabbed a few other things she suggested, one was antiseptic powder i got one in a blue and white tube at the chemist, she said it brilliant, i got some antiseptic hand sanitiser to keep up hygiene for less risk of infection, some natural laxatives and some cotton makeup pads for applying whatever to my incisions to less increase the risk of infection. so happy with some nurse advice from someone who's going through the recovery herself atm. Also she said for scars later on, bio oil and silicone scar sheets are awesome :)

31 days

31 days and time rushing by seems to of halted, every day seems to be going to slow now :/ I'm nervous and anxious but can't tricking wait to be in thailand! getting my teeth whitened by sea dental in patong, it costs about $280 on the day i land. and then i guess its chilling by the pool and what not until my husband arrives the next day and then we are off to splash water park when he arrives, going to meet him at the airport and go to splash from there as its right next to the airport and then next day i am getting picked up at 930am consultation at 10am and blood tests and x-rays and what not and then i guess i go to my room and wait :/ the wait is going to suck!

26 days pre-op cosmeditour folio has arrived! and some post op safe tours

As the title suggests the cosmeditour folio has arrived which contains information on all my booking my accommodation that i booked they asked for a copy and sent all my confirmations back to me, my flight schedules, also they sent me my transfer information, so PIAC the hospital organise and pay for your transfers from airport to hotel, hotel to hospital and back again and they also pick you up and drop you off for your post op appointments all for free. which is good as taxis and what not aren't the cheapest in phuket.

• Surf house Phuket flow ride kata/karon
• Cinema
• Phi Phi Island tours (from 3,000thb) www.phuket.com/tours/
• Phuket Island and city tour (from 600thb) www.phuket.com/tours/
• Hong by starlight tour (from 4000thb) www.phuket.com/tours/
• Phang Nga Bay cruise on tradition Japanese boat (from 3700thb) www.phuket.com/tours/
• James Bond island on a longtail boat (from 1100THB) http://www.phukettoursdirect.com
• Island tours (tachai,surin,phi phi, phang nga, similian, raya yai, krabi, james bond,khai) (from 1100thb-3000thb) http://www.phukettoursdirect.com
• Sunset dinner cruise on june bahtra sail tour(available wed and sat only) http://phukettravelandtours.com/june-bahtra.shtml

And I'm about to start learning some simple thai words and what not, I've been to thailand before so can say hello, yes, no thank you but thought i'd try and learn a few more staples before i go more for politeness than anything else :)

18 days! nerves and second guesses

Everything is packed, i have everything printed off and in a folder with passports and i even have drawn up a tattoo i would like to get while i am there and have contacted a tattoo shop, i think atm I've run out of things i need to get done! so now my nerves are setting in. I'm scared. i think I'm more scared i will chicken out than anything. Starting to question myself and wether i really want to do this.

Could i be happy as i am without putting myself through this ordeal? I'm also starting to worry that my poor husband will be bored with me recovering, irrational as he's a wonderful bloke and will wait on me hand and foot I'm sure. and he will really enjoy swimming with the kids and what not. Just feeling a bit selfish and also worried that they will ruin the one time I'm being selfish by being pains in my butt haha, like when everyone is sick mummy and wife to the rescue, when mummy is sick everyone fights and moans and carries on. kind of thinking irrationally at the moment. going to blame nerves for now and hope closer to the time my head clears up a bit :)

The last mile! 6 days to go, sleep deprivation and cleaning.

I think I'm subconsciously really nervous and its affecting my sleep and i have become doing so much cleaning its not funny, trying to get everything in order obsessively. but it means ill be coming home to a very spotless somewhat hospital grade clean house :) i just paid the dog sitter and have withdrawn any more i need and bags are packed everything is in order and now its just time to wait....waiting and waiting lol. go to work come home clean care for children clean try and sleep clean care for children go to work...thats pretty much my zombie routine atm. 1 more day off and then 2 days at work and fly out tuesday night in 3 days. i have 2 very excited children and an excited husband too. i can't wait to be in phuket lazing by the pool at this point and think although subconsciously my nerves seem to be playing up, i feel pretty cool as a cucumber...i think haha.



Time has finally come, i'm not as nervous as i was previously, i think its good to finally have my hubby with me and be officially on holiday, i finally slept through the night last night and actually feeling a bit excited now, lets hope that continues and the nerves stay away.

Bed time now and will update once i have new boobs!!!


I finally have my breast augmentation complete and i am so happy! dr narupon is absolutely amazing, couldn't recommend him any more highly. I got 450cc over the muscle high profile mentor implant inserted through the breast crease.

So everything goes so quickly, i was picked up at 915am got to the hospital just after ten and by 1030 i had filled in initial paperwork been taken up to piac had blood pressure checked and general questions asked,had a blood test and X-ray done, then was whisked back upstairs to see dr narupon after maybe half hour he had explained anything i wanted showed me the implants explained his professional opinion which is what i took, the biggest of his opinion haha. then i went back to the waiting room and the nurse brought me consent forms to sign off on, spoke to a couple of girls who had been in for surgery or were just about to go in. after i spoke to the doctor i was bouncing off the walls with excitement, he has such a great presence a fun wonderful presence that put me right at ease. after that i went to my hospital room, and by hospital room i mean a hotel style room in the hospital haha. it even has a balcony. oh and for breakfast they just bough me bacon and eggs and the eggs are shaped in love hearts haha. so i got to my hotel/hospital room and was here for about 20 minutes and was whisked off to the OR, only problem we had here was that the Anaesthetist was running late so i was in the or waiting for about half an hour, but i wasn't scared or nervous, they put some aussie music on and were talking to me checking on my and kept doing little things to make it look like they were still preparing to keep me at ease, and then the anaesthetist came in and asked a couple of questions explained a few things and then they put me to sleep, i woke up in recovery needing to pee, they brought me a bed pan but i decided to wait, i was drowsy but not in any pain at all and rolled onto my side and slept for a bit and then i was taken to my room moved to my bed the nurses re wrapped me and i asked them to put my underwear on and iw went to the toilet with the nurses help and then hubby and kids came in and i was awake alert and feeling fine. then they left and i went to sleep for a bit had something to eat some anti biotics went to the toilet on my own a few times now without drama. and was given a sleeping tablet last night so i slept a fair bit. the rest of the time I've been messaging friends and talking to my mum. and its not been at all very painful. I'm sitting upright with my legs crossed atm and besides my right foot going to sleep no pain haha.

ill attach some photos now. but its been great anyway, had a wonderful experience so far and I'm waiting for the ball to drop and be in pain or something, this seems way too easy at the moment.

My Review day 3-26

Day 3

As I'm sure many of you know i brought my son daughter and husband with me to thailand, last night my son got quite sick vomitting and unfortunately it happened while i was alone with him as neither of us felt like dinner and hubby and daughter went for dinner, he then proceeded to vomit and was rolling back and choking so i had to lift him up onto my knees and hold his weight over a bucket twice. I've since spoken to PIAC (who actually called me to check up that everything was ok in general which was so lovely) i think I'm lucky i have over the muscle because it caused little pain even though he is 20kg and was wrestling against me trying to move him. so my recovery hasn't seemed to change since yesterday and was a bit tired today with being up and down all night with logan so we have had a rest day,even though my husband did everything ( he played mr mum and he was knackered haha i think he appreciates how i handle things now) nut yesterday i also went shopping at jungceylon for about 6 hours and as long as i sat down every couple of hours and had a drink i was fine, i just noticed that the weight of my implants started to press on my incisions after a while and although not painful just uncomfortable.

so yeah not much has changed yet, my implants feel softer now, my breasts and nipples are still numb the one annoying thing is the unscratchable itch haha, my boobs feel itchy but because they are numb and its on the inside i can't scratch it! and my incisions are itchy but can't really scratch them either.

but yeah everything is still going good no pain and loving them so far.

Day 3-10

Ive been a lazy butt so haven't continued reviews anywhere :/ but anyway not much changed, as everyone knows i had 450 overs and so had a really cruisey recovery, don't think my breasts have even changed that much except they have softened, had my stitches out day 7 didn't even feel it doc sad everything is great and i can now wear any bra etc but wear 24/7 until 5-8 weeks post op, then i can wear underwire and go braless, he said bikini counts as a bra haha and i can go swimming as long as i don't use my arms too much. no real pain except i am off all meds and have some muscle soreness but thats to be expected with all the active stuff i have been doing anyway. i have full range of movement and everything is going great, i got a tattoo the other day at celebrity ink Phuket and totally recommend them, I'm on Phi Phi island atm and totally beyond anything recommend this place if your staying in thailand a while after your surgery stay period is up a few days on phi phi is totally worth it!

So yeah no changes but doc has given me my freedom and even said i can go back to pole silks at 4 weeks from my 1 week post op so 5 weeks from surgery!. Dr narupon is great and so glad he was my surgeon couldn't be happier, healthier or more relaxed!

Best experience EVER!!!!!

so day 10-26, When i got home i was sore for about 4 days and quite tired, big holiday and what not, wasn't in pain just felt bruised and mopey, The internal stick pain has stopped and i have as of today went back to exercise today in the form of light swimming and in 2 days am going to go back to pole gently. The one thing that is annoying me is the sensitivity, As i still have some numbness its seems as feeling comes back i get some uncomfortable sensitivity that started about day 16-18 and has calmed right down to just feeling strange but still have that numbish tingle. As far as how they feel, they are really soft now and feel fantastic! and got to try on bras and ranged between 12DD-10F so stoked about that and I couldn't be any happier that i did this in Thailand and that i took my hubby and kids. I had an amazing time with my beautiful family and hope my boobs stay the same because i love them!



Dr Narupon

I have so far only got my recommendation so will update this later.

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