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I like every other woman in here have hated my...

I like every other woman in here have hated my size, but now I'm finally at a stage in my life where I am comfortable with my body, and would like to be bigger, rather NEED to be... I think that's important? I have my surgery next month and am thinking of round silicone, moderate plus, armpit endoscopic, and under muscle...

The "rice" test

I work in an industry that includes accommodation (very basic!!) which means I don't have access to a kitchen, as such I had to improvise with the "rice" test... For starters I used coarse oats, I didn't have a sports bra and there are non in town so I improvised with a bikini (un-padded) and then the top half of the tights I cut up :).. The picture is of the size I settled with which turned out to be 400cc comparing myself to other girls of similar height and weight I really thought I should be 350cc... I'm 168cm and weigh 54kg... Agh we'll just will have to see what works when I get to thailand!!

They are finally hear!

I had my surgery 2 days ago and dr poonsak was amazing as was every member of Bangkok Phuket hospital staff I met! I had a blood test, EKG and X-ray all before surgery. Was pickled up at my hotel by hospital had consultation by 9am and at 130pm was having my surgery. The maximum I could have have 300 in one and 325 in the other as my chest was too narrow for anything more. When I was first women from surgery I threw up but haven't felt a hunt of nausea since. Breast feels very tight like I've wrapped a giant elastic band around my chest, and my left nipple feels likes it's being yanked by a fish hook occasionally but as long as I apply a bit of pressure that weird pain goes. I got high profile smooth round mentors and go for my check up tomorrow. So far I love them and have been ok'd for a sports bra!!!!
Dr. Poonsak Sumritmanoporn

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