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Hello everyone! I've been on this site for quit a...

Hello everyone!

I've been on this site for quit a while now, trying to get information on which procedure would be best for me and trying to get a better idea of what I am in for. As of today I have officially scheduled my procedure!

A little about me, I am pretty short 5'2' weigh about 105-110 and 23.I had a breast augmentation about 3 and a half years ago. It was an interesting experience, I went out of country to SE Asia to have the procedure done (I was visiting relatives at the time). I was very happy with my choice in surgeon, but due to what I think is a very different opinion in beauty, I receive 150 cc ( I know that sounds ridiculous as I did want a drastic change!). I ended up breaking down into tears after the surgeon had removed my bandages and she agreed to redo my procedure free of charge with what I originally wanted ( which was 350 cc ). Now I am thrilled and am completely convinced it was the best decision of my life! I know it sounds completely vain, but having some what of a stereotypical asian body ( flat butt!) I felt I really needed to balance my shape.

Basically I did look at both the Brazilian butt lift and implants, I'd contacted about 6 different surgeons along with asking the doctors opinions on this site. The majority if not all said go with implants. Originally I had contacted a doctor out of the town I currently reside in, and he was willing to give me 300 cc. I would have had that done last Friday as that was my original date, I had payed a deposit and everything. After doing more research and speaking with my SO how ever, I decided to put that on hold and get a consultation with the original PS I had contacted in my current city. Oh boy ! I am so glad I did. Today in his office he measured me and let me see and feel samples implants,he actually informed me that the only butt implants available in the country at the moment are 230, 270,330 and 370, so I don't know if the other surgeon was up to something and maybe planning on using breast Implants! Or maybe I am just super paranoid LOL I even had one surgeon say he would do 350cc without having met me in person! Eek!

After a lot of obsessing and research ( to the point of driving my SO nearly crazy ), I am so thrilled with my decision on Doctor and size which is 230. I had seen a lot of before and after pictures and have not seen anyone with that small of a size, but to be honest I feel so much more comfortable now about the size after having physically seen it. Also my PS informed me of how the implant should sit so it doesn't hang out of the sides. I actually tried rice sizes with 300cc thinking that is what I would get, but now having seen the actual implants I can say I was a little off on what would actually look good on me=P

I shall post some before and wish pics and keep you all updated on my experience! T minus 8 days!! So excited =D

4 day post op

I came out of the hospital 2 days ago.
The procedure wasn't too bad, I had to have two epidurals because for some reason the first one didn't take. Then they put me to sleep and I awoke a few hours later. I only had tubes in during my hospital stay which was two nights, though the worst part was not being able to move out of the hospital bed in 2 days. As of yesterday I stopped taking pain medication because they were just not needed. Everyday seems to be getting much much better in regards to movement, I am still pretty swollen and have a doctors appointment on Wednesday. So far so good!!

Ill know better once my bandages are off but so far the results look much much better then what I thought! When I first came home I was panicked because it looked way to big but not the swelling is going down and it looks great. Hopefully it will go down a bit more and I should be perfect! I'll post some pics after my doctor appointment on Wed, good luck to everyone who is going for surgery or is recovering!

Doctor visit

Today I went for my doctors appointment which was 6 days post op, I received the 240 silimed rounds, he said all the swelling has gone down and everything is healing nicely. They put a new bandage on and said my stitches will be out on Monday yay. So far the healing is great I feel about 80% right now, though my thighs and tummy are still so swollen. I know I would rest and try to let the swelling go down but I get so restless. Anyways I added a new picture and wil get more soon enough! Hope everyone is having a wonderful recovery.

240 exceeded my expectations

I just wanted to add that the size of 240 gave me a wonderful result! They actually worked out much better then I thought, I will add pore pics after the bandages are off
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