27yr Old, 2 Kids 400cc Breast Implants crescent lift - Bangkok

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I am writing this review because I would like to...

I am writing this review because I would like to share my experience with other mums out there who want to have surgery but cant afford the price tag!
I am a mum of two children and have breast fed both babies for 2 years each. As some of you may be aware the price of breast lift with implants in Australia is really high, its around $17,000 AUD. When you have a family its just not realistic or obtainable.
I have always heard scary stories of botch surgery overseas and said that I would never ever consider it! however, after breast feeding 2 children I now have deflated, sagging breasts at the age of 27 :( I can not wear a bikini, unlike most girls my age and my confidence has really dropped dramatically!
This year I went and had liposuction in the inner and outer thighs and the arms AKA, (Bat wings) I had this done with Dr Nond in Bangkok at St Louis hospital.
The services I received from Dr Nond and the nurses at St Louis was amazing! the best I have ever had. The hospital services was even better then here in Australia. I am so happy with my experience that I HAD to share it the second time round. So here I am writing a review on my BA with lift to share my experience with other women who are to scared of surgery overseas.
Don't get me wrong girls, I am sure that there is a lot of botch surgeons out there but its just the same here in Aus. Before I underwent surgery in BBK I spent 6 months researching Drs and patient reviews and after all my efforts in finding the perfect surgeon I couldn't have been any happier with Dr Nond and his team, I mean this!
The hospital at St Louis had everything and more that I could have asked for. I had a private room with a small kitchen, sink and microwave. there was a lounge/bed for someone to sleep in a TV and a private bathroom with complementary toiletries.
My consultation date is the 1st of December and surgery date the 3rd of December 2014, in two weeks time!! yaaay!
I will update with before photos and then again when i arrive in Bangkok for consultation.

12 B

Before surgery photos

hmmmm stretch marks??

I have terrible stretch marks under my breast I wonder if my boobs will "bottom out" or if my scar will stretch out?

Wish pics ????

Ok so I have some wish pics. I know my boobs look no where near as good as these pictures I found I mainly like the nipple position size and overall shape.
I plan on going a vertical lift with implants, round textured possibly 500cc.
Not 100% about the size as I have a lot of questions I would like to address with Dr Nond like the condition of skin, streach marks and whether or not 500cc is too large for my frame ect. What do you girls think? Is 500cc to large ??

Boobs I do NOT care for.

These are pictures of boobs I don't like. I am trying to avoid the dreaded double bubble! You know the "Victoria Beckham" look .
I have seen a lot of Dr Nonds work on Facebook and I really think a lot of his work looks really natural so I trust him:)

12DD/ 12E

I have taken some photos in two different bras that I will take with me to my consultation with Dr Nond. One of the bras is a DD and one an E, I am hoping to fill the cup size after surgery. I will take some more photos after the surgery to compare before and afters. I wonder if a 500cc will fill them or will it be too much? Does anyone know wether or not a 500cc would make a 12B a 12DD or E?


I had my consultation today and i am not to sure how i feel..... I have been told there is not enough skin to accommodate a lift with high profile implants. If i had of gone 375cc i could have done a lift however i felt like 375 was too small when i tried on the sizers. My PS explained that any larger then this and i couldn't have a lift, reasons being that the implant would stretch the scar out and it would look ugly, also the risk of necrosis. I settled with 400cc round smooth implants. I wont be having a lift as my PS has explained that the 400cc will be enough to fill the breast and lift the nipple slightly giving me more of a natural appearance however, over time the weight of the implant will cause the breast to sag quicker and a lift will need to be done. Anyone else think that i should just go the 375cc and have the lift done? i mean its a plus that i wont have the hideous scars but still i don't want to have these big ass implants and my breast looking saggy!! (although Dr Nond says they wont look too saggy and i will be happy with the overall outcome)
Gaaa such a hard decision. My surgery date is actually the 3rd and not the 4th so i have tomorrow to decide can anyone help who has had the same experience with large implants to help with lifting??


Ok crap! i have made a decision not to have a lift so its locked in eddy!! 400cc round under muscle. ill see how i go i will have to make sure i have well supported bras and will have a lift latter down the track.
will head to st louis hospital at 1pm and surgery at 430pm. I am excited!!!!

St Louis hospital Bangkok

Ok so when you have surgery with Dr Nond you have the choice to have the surgery at Bumrugrad private hospital or St Louis hospital. Bumrugrad is almost twice the price because its a luxury hospital. I havr been there once before and it was more like a resort then a hospital. Personally I think St Louis is really great! better then the hospitals in Australia! I have taken photos of the room the hospital is old but extremely clean and well kept. I have my own private room with fridge, microwave tea and coffee facilities also toiletries , drinking water spare bedding and pillows for my partner to sleep on private shower and Tv . It truly has everything you need and more. The nurses here are so lovely and attentive its really nice to know your bei g cared for so well. Sooo excited 2hrs to go!

Day 1 post Op

Hi i am feeling pretty good I actually thought I would feel worse. Its comfortable lying down but walking around is uncomfortable. I have posted some photos the lighting was really bad in the bathroom and i couldn't take my bra completely off so the shadow of my bra makes my boobs look a funny shape i took one in beter lighting so you could see the shape beter. In person they look a lot better and more round. I will take more photos when I find out if the bra can be removed. I did the sneaky and had a quick peek so I could update you girls;) xx
Also I would really appreciate some feed back, do they look saggy at all? Its still hard to tell seeing as the implants are still sitting quite high but any feed back is appreciated good and bad????

day 4 post op

OMG!! I feel sooo much Better today I actually was great to begin with but by day two and three I felt like I was getting worse. My pain killers made me feel really dizzy and nauseous but I couldn't go without them. Well today I feel so much better I might be able to wean myself off the pain meds and stick to just Panadol. I keep getting sharp pains when i move some times is this normal? I will update with photos a bit latter today.

Stiches out

Got my stitches removed today and my PS is going to do a Benelli lift to lift the nipple position higher.. My surgery will be done awake with local anesthesia tomorrow morning at 9am. I'll post photos after my surgery.

Crescent Lift

So sorry guys I have been so busy with uni I haven't had a chance to update my review!
Ok so I had a Crescent lift which is the less invasive option out of the other lifts. I was awake during the procedure which was terrifying! Dr Nond gave me something to relax me which worked great, he also talked to me during the procedure. My face was covered and I couldn't see anything but having the Dr talk to me , reassuring me everything was OK, made me feel a lot better and I actually didn't feel a thing!
After the operation I felt no pain at all and walked out and went straight home. I have posted up photos and I will sub-head them all.

2 months PO small infection

To my surprise this afternoon I found a small infection under one of my stitch scars? I have emailed Dr Nond and am waiting for a reply. It doesn't hurt or anything and I hope its nothing serious.
Anyway my breast have dropped a bit now and feel softer. However, they are still numb and I don't have a lot of feeling in them yet. Is this normal? Also my nipples don't get erected when I am cold lol I am hopping its temporary. Does anyone know if that's normal 2 months post OP and how long till they become more apart of me?
Overall I am pretty happy with my results. The only thing I don't like, and this has nothing to do with my surgeon, is the size of my areola which has been stretched from breastfeeding and I still think I went too big lol. I probably should have went 375cc and teardrop because I feel like maybe the round implants don't suit my body shape. Mind you my Dr actually told me to go 375 and said teardrop but I wanted the round look. If I could give you any advice it would be, not to look at images of boobs and think that that type of look will look good on you but simply use them as a guide to what you like and what you Don't like and then work with your surgeon to come up with something that will suit you and your shape to get it looking as close as possible to your wish pics. I really liked the round implants I thought they looked great on OTHER girls but unfortunately I personally don't think it suits me and all though I am happy with the way they are now I still think they would have been better if I had of listened to what my PS had told me would look best!
Good luck ladies I hope this review helps other women feel more confident in having surgery overseas. Please remember to do your own research. Reading other people's reviews are helpful but you really need to make sure your surgeon has all the right credentials to go with the wonderful reviews:)
Oh and I'll let you all know how the infection turns out I suppose. Also I will try to keep updating with pictures.


Dr Nond replied to my email right away. He said it was stitch exposure and to buy some eye ointment and to apply 3x a day then send him a photo in 3 days.
It seems to have gotten a lot better . I can actually see little blackheads where my stitch was and I can see that they are my internal disposable stitches, there is about 6 of them, does anyone know if this is normal? And do they go away?
Dr. Nond Rojvachiranonda

Dr Nond is very professional and seems to be a perfectionist. He was very kind and answered all of my questions. His credentials are amazing, he has undergone study in the USA and even here in Australia which Is one of the main reasons I choose him. He is hard to contact via email, sometimes he wouldn't reply for up to 3 weeks however, that is the only negative thing I could say about him. His web page is full of information and should be read before contacting him as most of my questions were answered on the web site page. I know that he really cares about his reputation and wont do just ANY procedure on request, as I wanted to have liposuction of the arms and he was hesitant because he didn't think there was much fat there to remove, however I was persistent in having it done despite him being against it. I think this shows he's not about making a quick buck and has only your best intensions in mind. Overall I would highly recommend anyone looking at undergoing any surgical procedure in Thailand to seek out Dr Nond I believe him to be the best with the best credentials.

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