600cc Moderate Plus Breast Augmentation - Thailand, TH

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I'm a bit late to post my story as I am already 5...

I'm a bit late to post my story as I am already 5 days post op. I decided that I would go to Thailand and get a breast augmentation. I've always had smaller boobs and worn super push up bras because I've always been embarrassed of having small boobs. I've always been fascinated with bigger round breasts. Saw my surgeon on the 22nd of April and told him that I'd like to be a DD. He thought that 600cc would fit me well as I've got a bigger ribcage. I had a look at both high profile and moderate plus but since I was wanting a more round look he said that moderate plus will be better suited. I was happy with that and went in and had my breast augmentation on the 23rd of April. However, I know its only 5days post op but they definitely aren't round.. I'm wondering if I have made a mistake. . They looks strange to me. And triangular. . I really just don't know
Dr Theera

The doctor is really nice and professional and also the nurses in the ward couldn't be nicer.

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