27yr old, 5'4" 47kgs AA-cup to DD!

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I am a 26 year old mother of 1 (4 year old)...

I am a 26 year old mother of 1 (4 year old).
Weaning after 13 months of Breastfeeding, in 2010, left me looking prepubescent within a month.
I suffered severe depression and poor body image as a result.
My husband has been really supportive and is now giving me my dream of both breast augmentation and braces, for my birthday. :-)

I am 5ft 4" and swing between 99-105lbs.
My current measurements are 29", 23", 34".
My cup size is 30AA.
My desired outcome is a 30C, which is what I was when I was Breastfeeding.


I live in Tieri, Queensland Australia and am getting surgery in Phuket, Thailand


I am not sure what size to go to achieve the result I want, (guessing 400-450cc) but I am getting high profile silicone implants, under the muscle and inserted through the armpit.

Surgery fast tracked

I managed to fast track my surgery from July 20th to the 15th of May! YAY!!! ????

I fly into Phuket on the 13th and have surgery on the 15th.
I am also having Damon self-ligating braces put on on the 22nd. ????

The total cost; including return flights, 11 nights accomodation at the Kee Resort, breast implants and private orthodontist, is AU$8800!!
A bargain considering if I was to have it all done in Australia, it would cost me $23k!

Less than a month to go!
I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!! ????????

My Desired outcome

My desired outcome, on someone else :-)

20 days to go!

20 days to go before I leave and I have never been more organised in my LIFE! :-D

I have my flights, accommodation, travel insurance, mobile/iPad data package, passport, Post-surgery bras, under-shirt pouches and money belt, travel adapters and new luggage.

I have been learning some basic Thai and have a translator app, just incase.
I have registered my travel details on smart traveller and I am going to my GP this week, for my hep A&B vaccine and prescription for OxyContin.

I even managed to find other women (in the Australian PS forum) who are travelling to Phuket for plastic surgery at around the same as I am, and some are even in the same resort! ????

350cc Rice Sizers

I made some 350cc Rice Sizers, which I am pretty happy with.
I know you lose a bit under the muscle and that high profile implants will fill out the top alot more, but I am overall happy with the size. :-)
What do you think?

Cup Comparison

A vs C

Positive effects

It seems this upcoming trip is already having a good effect on me. ????
I have been motivated to get off my butt and do a workout or walk for 2 hours a day, I have been cleaning the house like a mad woman and I have been brushing my teeth after every meal!
In just 3 days I have lost 3.6kgs, gained 2 shades of tan and My son has been asleep by 7pm, because I have made him ride his bike for 6+kms a day! ????

The final Countdown!

Yay! less than a week to go, until I fly out! :-D

Laying down

I can't wait for my boobs to stick out further than my ribs! :-D

Bikini Top - Before

My Bikini top, before.
AU size 6 / US Size 0.
I will wear this top, post BA for comparison :-)

Pre-Op Tomorrow

I landed in Phuket at 7am this morning! Pre-Op is at 8am tomorrow morning - I can't wait!!! :-D


I awoke at 6:30am, without the voice of a little man asking, "Mum, can we go out to the lounge room now?"

I went downstairs and sat outside in the collection lounge at the front of the resort, to wait for my driver.
I had been expecting a bomby taxi or van to pick me up, so was surprised when a recent model Mercedes pulled in and the driver called my name!

We arrived at Phuket International Hospital and after filling in my forms and having my photo taken, I was escorted up to PIAC.
Once there, I filled in more forms, had my photo taken, again, was told I was 162cms (eek! I've shrunk again!) and 50.3kgs; which is pretty good considering I ate a weeks worth of food on the plane and from room service, yesterday! ????????

I went through to Dr Veerawat, who was absolutely lovely! ????
He did the usual spiel on the incisions, importance of massage and we looked at some really wonky boobs.

We then went into the next room, where I stripped down for photos and was drawn upon.
We discussed options, based upon my breast measurements and he suggested teardrop shaped silicone implants, put in Dual plane, which means the top half is under the muscle and the bottom half is over the muscle.

I then tried on a few sets of silicone sizers.
It became very apparent why I could not have the round implants, as they just did not sit within my frame well at all, unless I chose 175cc and had my breast crease lowered ALOT!

The 350cc and 375cc implants i had initially wanted, were massive and really REALLY heavy!
I thought if I went that large, I would end up with severe back problems and the implants would end up sagging and looking horrible, as I aged.

I ended up settling on 260cc implants, which would give me a full B, small C.
But now I'm freaking out that I may have gone too small, so I will ask to change it to the 300cc, in the morning. ????

One more sleep! Yay! ????

bOOb day!

It's bOOb day!!!! ????????????

I have bOObies!! :-D

Hooray, booby day!! ????
I awoke this morning, 10 minutes before my alarm, pumped and ready to go!

My driver picked me up half an hour earlier than expected, perhaps to beat the morning traffic rush, which was already bumper-to-bumper.

I arrived at Phuket International Hospital at 7:15am, handed in my surgery papers and waited in the emergency department.

I was soon escorted to my room in the ward, where I changed into a Hospital sarong skirt and cross over tie up shirt.

The room is so lovely and huge. It's around the same size as my hotel room!
It has a desk, chest of drawers, 40" TV - which is free to watch, I have a kitchenette with tea, coffee, snacks and a fridge.
The bathroom has a stash of bathroom products, which are free for me to use and take home.
They are very accommodating!

So anyway, I was prepped for surgery and wheeled down to the operating rooms.
On my way there, we bumped into my plastic surgeon and I discussed getting the 300s instead, but he reminded me that if I did go any larger, both of my breasts would likely have 'double bubble'; which happens when the breast crease has to be lowered to accommodate the implant and you end up with an indented line from your original crease.

So, I stuck with the 260cc's.

The operating room looked like any other operating room and the nurses conducted themselves in a professional manner, the only difference is that NONE of them wore gloves!
Not even the nurse putting in my cannula.
I guess that is why I had a HIV test done yesterday...
Fortunately they never touched the sterilised instruments with their bare hands, they opened them and tipped them out onto a tray.

Before I knew it, I could feel myself slipping away...

The surgery took around 2 hours and when I woke, I was in the worst pain.
Waking in pain is never fun and I swear it feels worse than it really does.

I took some pain killers and an antibiotic.
I tried drinking water, but it was obviously too much.
I spent the majority of today, with my head in a kidney dish.
Fortunately it has eased and I was able to eat some lunch.

My boobs feel like they are engorged with milk and someone needed a feed hours ago.
I have been doing shoulder rotations and slow stretches above my head, walking around and standing up from laying.
It seems to be helping with the pain, as I haven't had any meds since 1pm (now nearly 9pm).

After a quick check in the morning and having my cannula and drains removed, I should be released by midday ????

Hours Post Op

Pre-Op Assymetry

Pre-Op markings showing Assymetry as a result of my scoliosis and having one shoulder noticeably higher than the other.

1 day post op

I am 1 day post op and have been released from hospital.
I have no pain whatsoever and I haven't needed to take my painkillers.
Loving the novelty of my new girls!

Before and After

Day 2

Busting out of 12C's (36C).
I know it's not indicative of my end cup size.

Day 2



12C Bra. (36C)


Excuse the bloating

Old bra

My pre-op 10A (32A) Bra, 2 days Post op.

Day 3, side.

Day 3 side, revised.

Phuket International Hospital

My room at Phuket International Hospital


Incision site - 5 days Post Op

My incision site, 5 days post op.
I accidentally scratched off one of the pads, so being 1 day away from my post op anyway, I decided to take them both off.

The incisions are healing very nicely, the medipads were clean, which means they didn't bleed or weep at all!
The yellow is iodine staining and the little nick on my side, is from the drains, which has almost completely healed.

I am very happy to see that dr Veerawat did a perfect job!

Incision site, 5 days post op

Laying Down

Laying down. My boobs finally stick out more than my ribs! Yay!


I had my post-op yesterday, which went well. :-)
I had my stitches taken out and they put a steri strip over the incision.
My boobs are looking good, in terms of healing, shape and position.
He said that they shouldn't change much in size, from what they are now, but I will loose a slight bit of fullness on the top part of my breast.
I am allowed to start wearing soft cup bras in 2 weeks time, but will have to wait at least 4 months before wearing underwire and I cant wear push-up bras for a year. (Not that I think I will ever need them again!) :-D

I am apparently a bit too rough with my massage, especially for teardrop implants, so Dr V showed me a less intense version and I was given a tube of scar cream, to start massaging in, once I return home. :-)

1 week Post-Op

1 week Post-Op

The 12C bra I brought with me, to Phuket.
At its largest, it's VERY tight!

1 week post-op

Bra Measurements

I am nearly 2 weeks post op, both breasts have dropped and the majority of swelling has gone down.
I am now measuring at a 10DD/32DD! :-D
(Real sizing not Victoria's Secret)

2 Weeks Post-Op

2.5 week evolution

My Room at Phuket International Hospital

The photos wouldn't load earlier, so here is the repost. :-)

The Food at the Kee Resort, Phuket

Alot of people have asked what the food and accomodation was like in Phuket, as part of my Destiny meditravel package, so I thought I would add some photos.

Kee Resort, Patong Phuket

Destiny Meditravel

The Australian Plastic/cosmetic surgery holiday company I booked through:


1 month Post-op


^ Oops..4 days early :-)


36 Days Post-Op

36 Days Post-Op ~ 12DD

Strapless Bra - 4th July 2014


7 weeks Post-Op
4th July 2014

Side view

10 weeks Post-Op

10 weeks Post-Op
260cc Mentor HP teardrop silicone implants, Dual plane.
28 JULY 2014

13 Weeks Post-Op

13 Weeks Post-Op
260cc High Profile Mentor CPG323 Teardrop Silicone implants.
Dual Plane, inframammary incision.
Standard Australian size 10DD

13 Weeks Post op

13 Weeks Post-Op
260cc High Profile Mentor CPG323 Teardrop Silicone implants.
Dual Plane, inframammary incision.
Standard Australian size 10DD

1 year post-op

Before & After

Mentor CPG 323 260cc silicone teardrop implants Dual Plane placement, inframammary incision. AA to DD
Thailand Plastic Surgeon

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