27 Years Old, One Pregnancy, Breast Fed - Thailand

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Desired an increase in volume, from -aaa cup to...

Desired an increase in volume, from -aaa cup to hopefully D cup. Surgeon and Hospital were fantastic, & recovery was not as bad as expected. The waiting time to see final result is tedious and at times a little bitter sweat, but improvements this far are pleasing, and far better than what I began with.

14 weeks progression shot

Hi Ladies, I have now uploaded a progress shot given that I have reached 3 months post surgery - when most of the changes are said to be near complete. I still fill there are changes to come but they will be a lot slower now. Changes I am hoping for - right breast to catch up on dropping as it's slightly behind and the loser pole needs a little more fullness. Breasts to soften a little more, and sensitivity to decrease as my parter still cannot really enjoy them given the amount of sensitivity I am feeling making it unbearable to really touch and hold.

6, 8 and 14 week comparison

6 months post op

Found photos from 6 months, I'm now 10 months but will get some fresh photos at this point to show changes also. Still hoping the bottom will fill out a bit, take the fullness from the upper pole you can see from the side on photo
Dr Narupon

I was assisted by a cosmetic travel company, and only met Dr Narupon on the day of my surgery. He had made recommendations based on photos provided, but these changed slightly during face to face consult. He made specific recommendations to help me achieve my desired result, and I feel that so far they have been the right recommendations. He was thorough in is examination and reasons to recommend the implant and incision type used. His experience and reviews have all been very thorough, and the hospital he works at was far better than anything back home. The nurses were professional and fantastic to assist me with recovery. The extra care I received in comparison to the usual back home was very helpful in my recovery.

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