24yo - 5'8", 65kgs. 375cc unders. Thailand breast augmentation.

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Okay. I am new to all of THIS but I have been...


I am new to all of THIS but I have been thinking of getting a BA for several years. My mum and both my sisters have decent cup sizes (but they all have very similar body shapes - short and a bit rounder) whereas I am tall(5'8") and relatively slim (I'm an AUS size 10, USA 6). I currently fit into a big A, small B cup. I want to be boosted up to a full C cup.

I have been self conscious about my little boobies for as long as I can remember. I pretend to not care but I really, really do. I hate it when people make sarcastic or jokey comments about them. It does hurt.
So I've finally decided enough is enough. I am not happy with my size and I want to do something about it. I've talked to a close friend of mine several times about getting BA's together - it's always been half jokingly but this week we decided to do it!!!

I had a look online, spent hours trawling through sites that do plastic surgery/holiday packages and there were some that were so hideous I shut the page as soon as it loaded.
There was one however that did catch my attention - Destination Beauty.
Further hours (days) of research have turned up mixed reviews about the services DB provides - I've read quite a few forums, reviews etc but I am still very keen to use them.
Having looked at the hospitals and surgeons available through DB I am hoping to go to Samitivej Hospital in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. I am hopeful that the head surgeon there, Dr. Pichit Siriwan, will be available. He has good reviews so far and the pictures I have seen of his work are all beautiful and very closely aligned with my expectations.

I have sent in an enquiry to DB and have just sent off my pictures, evaluation etc. So far I have been given a rough quote of $4919 AUD for flights, surgery and all costs associated with, hotel, all transfers and fly back cover. Even if I am planning to go with a close friend, I think we would both benefit from a group travel date for the added benefit of having some other people to share our experience with however going on dates that we pick is also an option!!

I guess I'll leave it for now.
It is a LONG time away but that leaves lots of time for research, planning, finding pictures of what I want, saving and of course, getting excited!!


I am becoming obsessed!! I have started adding to a wish list of boobies that I want.
I'm already thinking of bringing the date closer than the end of next year!

I've had only a very quick chat to my very loving partner about this. We are currently living in separate countries for work reasons but I have mentioned to him several times over the past few years not only about how unhappy I am with my breast size but that I would also really like to have a breast augmentation done.
Unfortunately, he doesn't think it's a good idea.
This guy is basically the love of my life, my best friend, my everything and I know he has my best interests at heart. He's said at the end of the day it's my choice and he'll support whatever I decide to do. But his opinion really matters to me. A BA would affect him aswell so I really want him to be fully on board (because there will obviously be benefits for him aswell!!) I think at this stage he is picturing giant, ugly fake boobs that will hurt him - this is definitely not the look I am going for!!!

I am after average sized, natural looking boobies.

I am still waiting to hear back from DB regarding my consult but I have managed to book myself into their seminar here in Melbourne on July 23. Any other Melbournites going to this??? I want to over load myself with information so that I feel informed.


A few quick updates :)

I spoke of the boyfriend the other night about his concerns. I love him so much!! He said his only concern was that he didn't think I needed anything because he doesn't see a problem and he likes me just the way I am. Too cute! I tried to explain about the self confidence issues etc and he is trying to understand. But I now have his support which is such a relief!!

Also, DB got back to me and have accepted me for surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!! I'm thinking March 25th next year is going to be a goer!! I have written myself a savings plan and stuck it on my wall - I have a goal and I am going to make it happen!

Date will be confirmed next week!

My contact person for DB, Fon, is currently checking dates for Dr Siriwans availability for March next year and then I'll have my date confirmed!! Wa, way, way too excited! Once My date is confirmed I will book flights and then I'll REALLY start getting excited!

I've been doing more research, seeing as I am now officially obsessed, and I've been looking at the best compression bras, pre surgery planning, post op etc etc.

I've come across three things for pre and post op which are supposed to make either a little or a lot of difference (depending on who you ask):
Arnica montana

They are all herbal and natural and all play roles in reducing pain, bruising and swelling. Something I am definitely a fan of!! I'm a big, big believer in Arnica and actually have some in my lunch bag which I take to work with me for just in case type things and I trust it - have done for years. I've also done previous research on the benefits of ginger and was really impressed with the outcomes. Bromelain is new to me but from what I've read so far it's all looking positives so I will be adding all of this to my "to take to Bangkok" bag for sure!!

Anything else anyone can suggest?

Rice sizers

I know it's all about the CC's and not the cup size. But cup size is so much easier to gauge in my brain and by looking at bras than what CC's are!!

I did a rice sizer test and tried out 300cc sizers because I thought 300 sounded like a good place to start.
I know I need to play around with a lot more sizes but all it's done is added to my confusion!! Eeeeek!! Almost everyone says they wish they'd gone bigger and I don't want to be in that group...but at the same time I don't want to go too big and end up looking stupid.

I want normal sized boobs, I'm aiming for a C cup (currently an A) that don't look out of proportion. I've got a relatively small waist and kind of wide hips.

Did manage to take some photos from a few angles.
Opinions please!!!

Testing out scar treatments

I had laproscopic surgery on my abdomen last year for endometriosis. There were 4 little incisions used - one on my right hip, one through my belly button and two on my left hip. Unfortunately, three of them have turned into hypertrophic scars. The belly button one has a tiny bit but luckily for me it is mostly hidden by my piercings. I have previously had another surgery scar on my ankle turn into a really bad hypertrophic scar that ended up having to be surgically resected.
I really looked after the second scar and now 7 years later it is barely noticeable.

Because I am prone to hypertrophic scars, naturally I am terrified about scars from my BA ending up the same so this time I have started doing heaps of research about how to avoid them. I am testing this all out of my current scars on my tummy so I will post progress pictures that hopefully might help someone else!!

Starting today, 4th July, I am going to be using 3M Micropore Hypoallergenic Paper Tape ($3.55 from Chemist Warehouse, hypoallergenic because I am allergic to adhesives) and Scar Heal Scar FX Silicone Sheeting ($39.99 for a large rectangular sheet). I have read a few studies which have shown the efficacy of both paper tape and silicone sheets for the treatment of hypertrophic scars resulting in a lighter and flatter appearance. Perfect! This is just what I am after.
I plan to have the paper tape on over night and use the silicone sheets during the day to achieve the required 12 hours a day. The silicone sheeting is reusable and can be cut down to size and fixed in place using said paper tape if need be.

We are all booked!!

My best friend and I have managed to get booked in together for the same day, same hospital with the same surgeon!!
March 30th is B - day (BOOBS!) I'm flying over on the 24th and I'm hoping to spend the days before surgery in Bali relaxing and doing touristy things so that the week after surgery I can relax, recover and take it slowly. Then I'm really keen to spend another 4-5 days in Phuket getting some sun on my new boobs, a bit more relaxing and some more healing. I'm going to try and book a few extra days off work to give me just a little bit more time to heal before going back to work.
I have an extremely physical job - I'm in the emergency services - so I want to make sure I'm not going to damage the new goods by going back to work too early.

Eeee I'm so excited! Obsession level has increased aswell - already bought two really, really cute new bikini tops for post op haha.
But now I really need to knuckle down and save, save, save!!!!!

7 months 15 days to go :D

The ball is well and truly rolling now!!
I've put myself on a really strict budget and so far I am on track and hitting goals :D I have never been much of a saver but not that I have such an important target to hit I am VERY determined to get there!!!

Today was another milestone - I paid for and secured the hotel in Bangkok for after the surgery. Woohoo!!! It definitely has to happen now that I have a flight AND a hotel booked. I will be paying for the surgery directly to the hospital on the day. So so so so so exciting!!

As for the scar treatments, it's been a little over a month and even though I'm kinda struggling to see results, I can see that they have every so slightly started to fade which is awesome! They haven't softened much, if at all, yet but I plan to persevere with the treatment so I can get some results so that I can prevent hypertrophic scars from the BA.


Is this normal!?

Please tell me there are other pre BA girls out there with s collection like this!?
I've bought ELEVEN post BA bras!!! All super comfortable non wired. I have four for directly after surgery, 7 sports bras for afterwards and for sleeping and one beautifully soft cupped one for when I'm ready to get back into proper bras. Eeeeekkk way too excited! 5 months to go!

96 days to go!

Not that I am counting or anything haha.

So. I think I have finally decided on what I am after. I am definitely going for either submuscular or dual plane - which ever my PS suggests. My limit will be 375CC and I am getting SiliMed round textured implants with incision in the breast fold. I am hoping for a full C (currently an A/B) so hopefully 350-375CC can get me there.

Seeing as I have bought all my bras I am now slowly ticking off things on my list of must haves as the weeks go by. I am a planner so it's satisfying to have all the time to make sure I get all the stuff I need/want so I don't need to stress about it closer to the time.

I've added some wish pics as well - sorry there's so many!! I've tried to find pictures of girls with similar body shapes to mine and similar sized breasts before implants. There are some stunning results here - I've got my fingers crossed that this is what I am going to end up with!

Getting closer!!

Eeee this is all getting so exciting!!

I'm a obsessive planner as I've already mentioned so I have to have everything meticulously planned and under control so I feel prepared haha.

I've got literally a bag FULL of stuff I've bought to help with surgery prep and recover (I will post my comprehensive list with photos once I've got everything). And I have just booked all of my flights for my little trip with my best friend! We are meeting in Phuket on the 24th of March ( I live in Melbourne, AUS and she is in Auckland, NZ). And we get 5 days of beach living before flying to Bangkok for our week long stay at Somerset Suanplu (booked through Destination Beauty) with our surgery on the 30th. We are then going to head up to Chiang Mai for 5-6 days to do some more RnR and shopping before we both fly home on the 12th.

At first it seemed like it was just a big fantasy and that this wouldn't actually happen. But it is! I'm SO excited!!! 75 days to go. Yes, I am shamelessly counting down!

I have also started a workout regime to get my abs and lower body into better shape so I will be able to cope a bit better with mobility seeing as AK and I won't have anyone but ourselves/each other to help us!!

More wish pic boobies

51 days to go!!! Sorry for the ridiculous amount of wish boob pictures haha. I am completely set on the shape and look I am going for but I still don't know what size is going to work best for me so I am getting together as many photos as possible that show what I want!

I have started working out at home in order to get some lower leg and abdominal strength so that I'm not completely screwed when surgery comes around. It's a good motivator but I feel like I really should be doing more! I'm too self conscious to work out the gym that I pay $80 a month for which is ridiculous :( but I feel crap about myself going in there and struggling - I feel like everyone is laughing at me and thinking wtf is she doing!?

I will try to work on that..

Two weeks pre!! Getting nervous.

I think I have managed to get everything together that I need.
I've been on this site almost daily to see how other people are recovering, inspiration, recovery tips etc. I am starting to get nervous! I am a bit of a worrier so I know it's only gonna get worse from here hahaha. I am also REALLY excited and I can't wait to have my boobs!!

Here are some pre op photos for comparison.
I've also written a list of everything I thiiiiiink I'm gonna need for recovery - both while I'm in Thailand and some stuff for when I am at home.

Arnica montana tablets
Palmers cocoa butter
Rosehip oil
Supportive compression bras - I have bought multiple different styles and sizes to be safe
Silicone scar sheets
Hypoallergenic paper tape - I am allergic to most adhesives :(
Reusable gel icepacks x 6
Bio Oil
Bendy straws
Heating pads
Baby/personal wipes
Spray deodarant
Soft wash cloths
Antibacterial soap BAR
Vit C tablets
Nature's Own Digestive Ease
Nature's Own Vitamin A 5000IU 100 Capsules
Blackmores Echinacea ACE + Zinc
Duoderm hydrocolloid dressings
Waterproof dressings - Opsite Flexfix
Medication timer app
Pill boxes
Zip up hoodies
Button front shirts
Button up pjs
Anti diarrhoea
Anti histamines
Mini first aid kit
Insect repellant
Antiseptic & antibacterial cream/lotion
Thrush cream
Mini first aid kit

Told you guys I was a planner! Makes me feel more prepared. Need to start packing my bag as I leave for Thailand in just over a week. Super, super excited for my adventure to start!

I probably won't update again until after the surgery but if anyone can think of anything I have missed off my list PLEASE let me know!


Didn't post :(

I did it!!!

Yay I'm on the other side!!!!

Was a nervous wreck leading up to it! My friend and I had the best week in Phuket though.

Morning of surgery I kept asking myself what am I doing!? But then while waiting to be picked up by the destination beauty driver we got to meet a bunch of other women who had all had surgery with Pichit Siriwan and tgey were all very happy with their results!!!

I waited on the table for 45 mins before getting put to sleep. This helped me relax as i got to watch them set everything up. The anesthesiologist was very friendly and made me feel safe.

When I woke up I was in so much pain I couldn't function and I kept begging for more morphine.

Overnight I have managed to get up 3 times with assistance from nurses and walk to the toilet. The first two times was so painful it made me vomit. My chest is so tight and heavy and I have a band on top of my breasts which in unbelievably painful. It feels like I've been hit across the chest with a baseball bat.

The doctor has been in to see me already this morning. He is very happy so far. I have drains in for 4 days Which is a bit of a bummer but they are already so full i can see why I need them!!!

My final stats are 375cc high profile under the muscles with under breast incision.

I'll update again soon.

Finally updating!

Sorry for the delay ladies!!!

I only got home from Thailand a day ago and had to go straight to work. Sorry this post is gonna be so long!! I'll start right from the beginning even though I'm gonna end up doubling up a bit on my last post.

Day of surgery my nerves were pretty bad. I was still thinking to myself what the hell am I doing! I can't do this! Meeting other ladies in the van on the way to the hospital settled my nerves BIG time. Meeting Dr Pichit was a huge relief as well. The hospital (Samitivej Sukhumvit) is absolutely stunning - walking through it to get to the Xray department I saw that it also had an ICU, emergency department etc which I somehow found reassuring..knowing that the facilities were there if something went wrong was good! I already knew before going in to the consult that I wasn't after anything bigger than 355cc and I was really set on having moderate plus profile. Dr Pichit recommended high profile and even though I argued this for a little bit he told me I would get the best results from high profile so I agreed even though I had reservations.

My friend and I were split up without realising it was about to happen so we didn't get to say goodbye to each other. I was hooked up to IV fluids as soon as I got to my room so I couldn't walk to her room to see her and had no idea what room number I was so she couldn't come to me!! As I was getting wheeled down the hallway to go down to theater I called out to her and they let us hug each other and then I was off.

I had to wait about 45 mins on the theater table while everything was being set up. No one spoke to me at all but it was comforting watching everything come out of sterile packets etc. I was freezing cold and shivering from also being nervous so I was given more blankets. The anesthetist introduced himself and promised he would look after me. He was a funny man and made me laugh. The last thing I remember is waving to everyone and saying goodnight and then the next thing I know I'm waking up.

It was awful :( I was in SO much pain and still coming off the anaesthesia and I'm sure I was a bit of a handful because of this combination. But I was seriously in the worst pain of my life...easily 10/10 and then some. I've since been told that if you are slow or struggle to wake up from the anaesthesia you aren't given pain relief to make sure you fully come out of it first so I can only assume that happened to me. I remember vomiting at some point and being suctioned. My friend said she could hear me crying out in pain as she was getting wheeled into theater but she said she heard them running around getting morphine for me pretty much straight away. I spent a long time in recovery because as I was leaving, my friend was being wheeled in. I remember the nurse saying in total I got 40mg of morphine which is a HUGE amount and I was still in pain.

After surgery I slept on and off. I was given a tray of food but physically couldn't move to feed myself so it was lucky I had zero appetite. I knew I had to get out of bed and get moving asap for a better recovery so about I asked to walk to the toilet. The pain was incredible. It felt like I had had the shit beaten out of me. I could hardly move my arms, my abs were on fire and my chest was unbelievably sore. I managed to walk to the toilet and wipe myself but the pain got the better of me and I almost passed out and vomited multiple times. The nurses were amazing with me and were really keen on me using the bed pan but I was adamant on walking and each time got easier.

The first few days at the hotel were pretty bad. It was just my friend and I with no one to help us so if we needed/wanted anything we had to do it ourselves. I slept sitting almost completely upright because everything else hurt too much. I got stuck in bed for over half an hour one morning because I couldn't physically move to sit up.

I got drains out on day 5 and was REALLY disappointed that he'd cut through my tattoo to place the drain. It's not a huge hole but it is still going to leave a scar and is in a very delicate part of the tattoo which I will now have to have fixed. For the sake of dropping the drain less than 1cm he could have avoided ruining my tattoo. I'm pretty annoyed and disappointed.

Stitches came out on day 7. A few days later I found a few he had missed so I pulled them out myself without any issue. Everything seems to be healing very well!!

It got easier fast though! I was only taking panadol by day two - purely because I'm one of those people who hate pain relief and I only take it when I REALLY need it. We didn't do much for the first week because moving was hard and everything made us really tired, really quickly.Because muscle heals so fast once I got past the first 2-3 days it's been smooth sailing with no issues at all.
It's been exciting to see the changes in my boobs already though and how fast they have been healing!!!

We did a week in Chiang Mai but kept it low key as we wanted to relax and heal more. Now I am home, waiting for my incisions to fully close so I can start using silicone sheets and watching my boobs drop and fluff more!!!

I've included some photos of how things are going so far - I'm at 2 weeks post op already! I still cant lift my arms normally and it hurts when I sneeze but only a tiny bit. I've been instructed to wear the band of doom for 6 weeks but it hasn't been toooooooo bad to me so far. No underwire for 6 weeks and minimal lifting. Driving for the first time was a bit of an experience!! I'm sleeping completely on my side now but I can't wait to be a tummy sleeper again!! My partner of three years has seen heaps of photos and I think it's safe to say he's pretty excited haha. He sent me a screen shot of a txt from my mum after he let her know I was okay. She told him to "enjoy the modifications." Hahahaha!!!!!

I will update again soon

One month post :)

Wooohoo here I am at the one week post mark!

Not much has changed - but the boobies are dropping and fluffing nicely. Left has always been a bit bigger and still is and has dropped and rounded out much faster than right but righty isn't too far behind.

Every day I use Palmers cocoa butter or bio oil on my boobs and I've been using paper tape and silicone scar sheets to help flatten my scar. I also give it a good rub every morning too to promote blood flow.

Both of my boobs are still numb in areas - mainly along the bottoms and along my sternum but the feeling it starting to come back slowly.

My right scar is spitting about 4 pieces of dissolvable stitches at the moment..one part is really irritating me because it rubs on the bands of most of my sports bras. My flatmate is a nurse and did a stint in plastics and told me to just leave it be and it should sort itself out. I've read some PS responses from questions asked on RealSelf too and this is basically what they have said too. I'm hoping it doesn't take too long because one of the responses said they can take up to 9 months to fully dissolve!

Other than that everything is fairly unremarkable. I can sleep really comfortably on my sides now which is a godsend. I used to be a tummy sleeper only but those days are gone now!!!

I will update with photos soon.


Spitting stitch

The stitch I mentioned above came out! It started to get really sore and I tried my best to leave it alone to do it's own thing but yesterday it was almost stinging after my shower.

I had a look in the mirror and noticed a pimple looking thing with a little black bit in it. I'd read in a PS answer about spitting stitches that it's okay to give them a bit of a squeeze to help move the stitches.

I used two cotton buds on either side of it and out spat a bit of stitch! Feels SOOOOOOO much better now that it's gone!!! There's still a few others coming out but they don't hurt at all so I'm leaving them be for now :)

Boobies are still dropping and fluffing. Unsure if I'm 100% happy with the profile and projection though. I really didn't want high profile but my PS insisted on it. I'm hoping they round out a bit more because they are still very full and fake looking at the top which I wanted to avoid!!!

4.5 months post!

Unsure if anyone reads this but here's an update almost 4.5 months post op!!

It's been a while since I last updated so this one might be a bit long, sorry!

Going back to work (as a paramedic) was good. I was initially really worried about damaging my new boobies or hurting myself but everything went fine!! I had NO upper body strength left and it's taken this whole time to get it back. I'd say it's almost back to where it was before the surgery but I'm not yet brave enough to have a go at any pushups or anything as I'm still careful with the goods!!! My work shirt is kinda baggy so I can hide them really well. No one at work would ever have known if I didn't tell them which is good.

Actually, I had hide my boobs in almost everything I wear which is the look I was going for. I didn't want giant, fake, in your face boobs that looked out of place. I can wear nice tops and dresses and fill them out and when I want to, I can have some killer clevage! I've only really had them on display once since getting them - my boyfriend and I went to some hot pools and I felt like everyone was staring at me because it was obvious my boobs were fake but the other half said they don't look fake at all and everyone was only staring because of how amazing they looked. That was definitely nice to hear!!

They've both dropped and fluffed nicely. I'd like to see them drop maybe a little bit more as the projection is still a lot fuller at the top that what I was hoping for. As I've said, I wasn't keen on high profile but Dr Pichit said they'd look best and he wouldn't let me argue with him on it. They're pretty squishy now and feel almost like a normal boob. They don't move the same (and probably never will) but they definitely have some jiggle to them i.e holding my boobs if I'm running down some stairs!!!

My boyfriend absolutely LOVES them. We were both a bit nervous about how he was gonna feel about them but his main concern was me getting what I was hoping for out of all of this. He can see that I am extremely happy with the results and what it has done to my confidence which in turn has made him love them.

I've only had one issues so far which I'm gonna put down to an internal stitch. My right boob got really achy and stayed that way for a few days. I emailed some PS here in Melbourne to get it checked and they all quoted me upwards of $500 just for a standard consult! Anyways, one night in bed I stretched and felt a POP in the sore boob and then immediate relief so I can only assume I had an internal stitch caught and it was pulling. Other than that, no problems!

I'm EXTREMELY paranoid about getting capsular contracture and this is something that's on my mind a lot because I fear it so much! I know there's nothing I can do to avoid it so I have my fingers tightly crossed that it doesn't happen! Also a bit worried about the scars. I used silicone strips for 12 weeks and rub cocoa butter on them every few days but for now I am trying to let them do their own thing. They look to be healing well but they're still very noticeable and one is visibly a lot lower than the other and it's hard to hide in bikinis etc as it sits about 2cm below my breast fold which is disappointing as it may stay this way forever and give me away about having implants!

I've attached some photos which I took tonight for the purpose of posting them with this update. I've tried not to stress too much during my healing so I haven't been very vigilant in taking a lot of photos of them!!

Final bras size is 12DD (34DD) which I am sooooooo happy with. I feel like they are the perfect size for my body and balance me out nicely!!!
Dr pichit siriwan

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