33Yo- Full Incisonal DE Surgery -medium Parallel Crease

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Monolids Asian, been waiting to do this since a...

Monolids Asian, been waiting to do this since a teenager and until now 33yo,looking sleepy & further droopiness is what push me to do this DE surgery. Initially I wanted to do a partial incision surgery to reduce the downtime and scarring but due to excess skin (doc say I don't have any excess fats present), I have to do the full incision to remove the excess skin to prevent further droopiness. I'm currently at 6 weeks post op and results had not been too encouraging for me as I experience swelling, asymmetry and for what reason i don't know, my right eye seems swollen, smaller and droopy.One thing I have to note is that before my op, my right eye is often itchy and tired than my left eye, i rub my right eye a lot, not sure if this is the issue to cause the asymmetry.
My doctor recommend me to do massages especially more on my right eye to see if it helps with the swell and asymmetry. Last few days I experience dry , itchy and soreness on my right eye, not sure if I did too much massage that cause it. My doctor recommend to wait for another 2 months if needed revision but I hope I do not have to go thru the DE surgery again due to the stressful recovery period. I just want it to look natural and symmetric , even if not 100% even. When i smile, the asymmetry is more obvious. I hope individuals who had similar experiences pls share with me if your eyes eventually even out or not.
I started to use a firming eyemask & cream yesterday, hope it would help with the swelling. I also use hot & warm water to comfort my eyes. I hope my skin above the crease would come down more and make my eyes more natural, or I look very fierce & odd in my full pictures. HELP!

7 weeks post op

Still have sausage eyes, uneven eyes and obvious incision scars n bumpy especially at the sides. Trying to be patient for the day it evens out, flatten and scars lighten! :) I notice my lashes on my left eyes are pointing up and right eye lashes are pointing down (since day 1, both eyes lashes went haywire but now left side lashes remains upturned, right side came down), not sure why is this so? Maybe it is the work of swelling again. I also notice I got darker under eye circles, maybe due to poor blood circulation due to after op effects. I cannot deny I'm a late sleeper too.

8weeks post op

Yup, things seems to be going in the right direction, eyes are getting more equal, and from my closed eyes pic, you can actually see that I'm still swollen. So I could most likely be expecting more changes down the road.:) my doctor recommend me ultra dermatix scar gel , happen that one of the blogger also recommend me this, so I'm going to start applying that tomorrow onwards, hopefully, it will helped in the flattening and lightening of the scars. I start taking lesser pineapples cos it gives me gastric pain. I started to put eye mask every other day to reduce my dark circles and swelling too. Yes, I still continued to sleep on two pillows, and I notice the swelling were the worst in the morning and becomes better by evening and nite. I'm more hopeful now and sometimes I can bear not wearing my framed glasses out. But I try lesser eye contact with people. I need to get used to my new eyes. :p

10 weeks post op

Doesn't seem to have much changes these 2 weeks and looks like back to week 7 swell ,not sure if it is due to my flu n cough now. My right eye still looks smaller and weaker. My friend can notice the asymmetrical eyes cos 1 eye look awake, the other look sleepy. I'm crossing my fingers. The scar gel keep my scar moistened but not seeing any improvements yet. Anyway, I'm noticing a purple spider vein on my right eyelid at the lateral area, it feels sore. Not sure isit due to straining my right eye bigger to match the left. In 1 picture below, only when I purposely open my eyes using extra strength, my right eye then looks normal while my left will looks too stunned. When I'm relaxing, the left will be gd n normal, while the right is sleepy look. I hope I'm not worrying too much. I need faith n patience..Thanks for reading. Merry Xmas!

13 weeks post op

I develop an eye stye last 2 weeks which distort my swell, so I did not update my progress. Like many others, I still notice the asymmetry, can be noticed by people ard me. It is not obvious but I still hope it can improve better. Makeup makes it less noticeable but it is definitely better than my post op sleepy eyes. I am less inclined to have a revision as I do not wish to go thru the slow healing process again. Cross my fingers that It will still continue to improve ... :)

20 weeks post op

Always getting better with time. Very hopeful!
Dr. Prinya Soontraporn

Dr Prinya is a caring doctor who constantly keep in touch with me after my surgery, despite my panic questions. Due to my location overseas, I can only contact him thru email, he would normally reply my mail within 2 to 3 days. So far , my trust is still on him and his professionalism. I believe no surgery is 100% successful for all cases, time is the medicine.

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