Best decision ever BL/BA & Tummy Tuck Lost over 80LB 37kgs Pattaya, Thailand

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Wow where to start. I am a mother to two bautiful...

Wow where to start. I am a mother to two bautiful son's and married to a wonderful man. I have always been a yo yo dieter with my weight going up and down over the years but finally I have lost 37kgs (80+LBs) and managed to keep it off for the last year but the damage was already done from going up and down weight wise over the years. What I have been left with is saggy skin on most of my body and a nice wee apron that wont shift no matter what I do and boobs that disappear when I lay down under my armpits and look flat in a sports bra but not too bad in a padded push up bra.
Now I know I should be happy as I'm one of the lucky ones compared to some that have had extreme weight lose but it is something I have always thought about having done and being able to go to Thailand makes that dream a reality as the costs there as a lot cheaper than in New Zealand BUT the nerves are kicking in I won't lie to you all.
Being away for 16 nights from my family to going to kill me big time and with it being over the Christmas period too that is just torture, but this works better as my work is closed over the Christmas period so its a win win.
I am having my surgery done in 1 go so hoping that's the correct choice for me and it will be a lollipop lift and a full tummy tuck done.
I have had numerous surgery's in the past on my tummy with 2 C-sections, 2 ectopic pregnancies and bowel surgery so not new to that side of things and also shoulder surgeries BUT this is in a different country without my family to support me and by the sounds the TT is totally different to C sections etc.
I have an amazing girlfriend coming along for the ride and also some amazing friends that will be in contact 24/7 through Skype etc so I know I will survive.
I would like to keep updated on here and will try to get as many photos as possible up so I have a record of the whole journey.
42 Days and 19 hours to Go Whoop Whoop

Time frame of surgery 7-8 hours...should I be worried and also NO EXPAREL drug used:(

This is the email reply back from the hospital in Thailand after I asked for a confirmation of the time it would take to have the TT BL/BA in the one go like I am having done.

Further to our previous e-mail, Dr. Teerasut has confirmed that it takes
about 7-8 hours for the surgery to be completed.

In regard to Exparel, please note that this is not provided at our facility

OMG OMG OMG.....Am I over reacting seen as I didn't even know about this drug 2 weeks ago but since I have I've though you'd be crazy not to us it would you. here is the video that I saw

25 days to go......OMG!!!!!!!!!

Well the countdown seems to be ticking down nicely and the excitement but also the nerves are really kicking in but it's just the waiting game now and patience is not a quality I possess at all!!!!
Still no real idea how long the operation will be until I see the surgeon on the day of the operation and I'm just hoping that the time line given of 7-8 hour's operating time is an over quoted time as going of the answers from my question to the doctor's on here re this it seems to be rather excessive for what needs doing.
Now also wish I could be just getting implants rather than a lift too but going off my photos a lift is needed I've been told..... The joys of weight loss and being a yo yo dieter for so many years arrrgghh
Talk again soon and I'll upload some more pictures of my tummy over the next few days.

photos update 19 days to go

Here are some more recent photos before op which is 19 days away now

3am pick up for the airport Thailand here I come

All checked in to the airport hotel and ready for an early night to try and get some much needed sleep. 2.30 am wake up call and drop off the airport all ready for our flights to Thailand. Roll on xmas day and my presents to myself.

Xmas day surgery

All booked in to the centara hotel in pattaya Thailand after a huge day of traveling. I have attached a Couple of pics of our room that will be our home for the next 16 nights once out of hospital. Time to try and sleep as pick up is at 7.30 am xmas day which is only 10 and half hours away ekkkkk

Pre op tests underway

half an hour to go then it's time for a new me

Just the waiting now. ....In room all ready and set to go. My surgeon is so lovely and very thorough and precise he Made me feel so relaxed and i have no nerves whatsoever . See you on the flat side.

All done. What a wonderful xmas present

Surgery went well yesterday. 8 hours it took and 1.1kgs off my tummy which I'm so happy about. My doctor is just amazing and so gentle but also very thorough. Breast lift and implants done too and i was meant to be getting a lollipop lift but he just told me my scar is only around the nipple so that's a real bonus.
hospital is amazing and so are the nurses.
I'm all wrapped up in a tummy binder and bra so I can't even see anything yet to show you but I have total trust in my doctor and will post pics as soon as I can.

sneaky pics taken

Couldn't help myself and got some pics taken so I could see for myself. Quite a bit of swelling in breasts but not really sore. Tummy also feeling not too bad so all in all I couldn't be happier

Unbelievable experience so happy

10 days post op and feeling and healing fantastic. No real pain at all but the general ache feeling at times but all totally manageable. Would 110% recommend the hospital bangkok hospital pattaya and my surgeon Dr Teerasut the most amazing man. Still 4 days to go before flying home to nz. Doctor gave me the all clear yesterday to fly as everything is just perfect he said. No regrets and can't stop checking myself out lol. Can't wait to Hey home and see my family though. Relaxing day by the pool today.

pics didn't load

more pics for you all.

Swelling hasn't been bad at all really so far and mainly lat few days it seems to be in the pubic bone area.

Still in total awe of the whole experience! !!!!

Healing like a pro thankfully and ready to fly home to my family and friends now.
This has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself and can't fault bangkok hospital pattaya and Dr Teerasut ???? who is the most wonderful, gentle, Precise man.

3 weeks post op

3 weeks post op yesterday and finally took all the tape off my wounds. I have some silicone gel on the scars (hence shiny stuff on scars) and also some scabbing in places but very little and where there is no scabbing the scar is amazingly fine. Scar looks a bit lop sided on tummy but that is from swelling on 1 side more than the other making in look crooked and undies and bikinis cover the scar perfectly.
Dr Teerasut ???? from Bangkok hospital pattaya I love you And can't thank you enough. Full tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation 375cc moderate plus profile implants over the muscle done with a benelli lift/donut lift. Best experience of my life and would recommend to everyone no regrets at all. Thanks to everyone who has helped support me along this journey I really appreciate everything. ????????

4 weeks post op and scars looking great

Can't tell you where the last 4 weeks have gone as they have gone so quickly. Hard to believe this time 4 weeks ago I was still in theater having my mummy makeover. I've been home from Thailand for just under 2 weeks and things have gone great. I'm back to work full time and out and about doing all sorts. Today I actually had moments where I'd forgotten I'd even had surgery 4 weeks ago things are going so great. Got hubby to take some pics tonight seen as 4 weeks post and I compared to my 9 days post op and 3 weeks post op. I've managed to gain 500 grams since I've been home which doesn't seem like much but I can feel it and see it in my pic. I do think some is swelling though as the 3 week pic was first thing in the morning and the 4 week one was tonight at the end of a long day.
So happy I made the decision to do this for myself it's just been incredible and I have my friend jade88 to thank for getting the ball rolling with the whole tummy tuck idea and now we are both on the flat side and loving it.

More pics.......

Weekend at the Beach swimming in the sea again

First time in the ocean this year and also since surgery.
OMG it was bliss.
Rocking the bikini and feeling fantastic for the first time ever at the beach.
Still in awe of the whole experience.

5 weeks post op....SNEEZING AND BRA SIZING

Feeling fantastic and forget I've even had surgery must of the timeExcept when I sneeze THEN I REMEMBER!!!! Got fitted for a strapless bra today and I'm a 12E???? I was a 12DD but I never really filled the top of the bra at all And I did try on a 12DD and it was okay but the E cup did feel much more comfy.

Need to start exercising again. 6 weeks post op

Right it's time I got my Shit together and start exercising again as I can feel and see the weight gain. I can stick my tummy out and bend over and get a roll under my boobs and that's not good at all as it was flat as since surgery and I was in awe of it and loved it so much so it's a huge wake up call. Sugar has been just evil and I need to curb that NOW!!!
Still healing wonderful and only feel the tightness in my upper abs still and no pain. SNEEZING is still bloody awful but getting better each day as is coughing.

Operation Exercise started!!!

I have been so slack with my exercise since my op and even before. I did way more exercise walking everywhere in Thailand post op that I came home all nice and toned.
Well that has changed and things are not so toned now so operation kick the fat has began.........(started on Monday lol)
The honeymoon period is over and time to focus on getting healthy again.
I managed to run a bit yesterday on my power walk but I only had a basic crop bra on so not a good idea I tell ya! Gonna try again tonight and I have managed to squeeze into one of my old sports bras so hoping that will give me way more support.
Hope all you others on the flat side are doing well xxoo

10 weeks post op

Well where has that 10 weeks gone. Healing amazing still with no issues. Finally have my eating under control again and back into an exercise routine so the 2.8 kilos I managed to gain during the last month living the dream I have said goodbye to 1.3 kilos of that this week so only 1.5 kilos to go which I know will be the hardest to lose.
Scars are fading everyday so I'm happy about that. SNEEZING is getting easier lol.
Can't wait to start playing field hockey again too but I was told to wait at least 3 months so I'm gonna be a good girl and listen to that advice by my wonderful surgeon And keep chewrong crim the side lines.
I have noticed since week 7 that I can feel the implant on my right breast at the bottom and sides of by breast ewwwwwk feels yuck to touch. It's like the lining of the implant with an air pocket when you press on it which is really weird...... like a dent In The implant but it's not visible that i can see phew. I emailed the Surgeon and he said it was normal as the skin tissue on that breast will be thinner hence why is palpable and the left breast isn't. Hubby felt it and said it feels fine but on touch by myself it feels odd but he's a very happy camper for sure so it's all good???? I have just stopped using the tape on my scars too and haven't started any scar treatment as such but properly should. Life is good with an an family and husband and add tothat the most wonderful friends...Yes jade88 that you girlfriend????????????

Surgeons before and after pics

My surgeon also emailed me my before and after pics from the day of the op and 9 days post op just before my stitches were removed. Can't believe how much I have changed from day 9 post till now. Also he included a photo of my 1.2 kilos of tummy flap removed.

Weight gain and head games

Well the ride is over and reality has really hit. The scales keep going up and up and I have been ignoring them but clothes and the mirror don't lie.
So hard to stop the mindless eating with the bad habits I have allowed back into my life. Small changes starting so will keep you posted

1 year on........:) Still can't believe what a amazing experience this was NO REGRETS!!!

Still in awe of the whole experience and don't regret a minute of it. Heading back as a support person for a friend in April of this year and can't wait to see Dr Teerasut and Suree the international consultant again who I have stayed in contact with during the last year as a special bond was formed I feel. I know we only hear the horror stories of things going wrong in Thailand so I can't shout it loud enough how GOOD things were for me in Pattaya Thailand with the hospital and the surgeon I had. Yes you need to do your research without a doubt and ask as many question as you can so you are fully informed. I have had numerous surgeries in NZ for injuries and been under anaesthetic but never for as long as this operation was and I still can't believe I woke up feeling amazing and not 1 little but sick (which has always been the case in NZ with anaesthetics). I am happy to answer any questions anyone has re my experience so please feel free to ask question as I may no be on here much anymore but I do get notified if you ask me something and I am happy to be in private contact also so just message me. Photos are from over the year with the top pic being the latest. I have developed a keloid scar in the centre of my tummy incision (no fault of the surgeon its dust how I heal and from the tension as I've gained a few kilos, this can be fixed easily but what's to say it won't happen again I reckon and who really cares its only me and my hubby that see it:)) and the photos always seem to make my scar appear wonky and worse than it really is in real life so don't let that put you off at all. The sides of my scar are a thin white scar and Hardly visible.
Dr. Teerasut Wattanajindaporn

Dr Teerasut is the most lovely surgeon I have ever met and I've met a few in my time for various things non plastic surgery related. He is very thorough and precise and my consultation was over an hour long with no rushing what's so ever and he answered all my questions and explained everything very clearly to me. I felt completely at ease straight away with him and didn't feel like just another patient as I had his full attention. I just can't say enough about him and would recommend him to everyone including the bangkok hospital pattaya which was just out standing with service down to being appointed a driver for all hospital appointments and having my own hospital liason lady called Suree who gave me a cell phone to stay in touch with her 24/7 and the hospital and my family also. Okay I'll stop raving on BUT I love Dr Teerasut

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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