23 yrs, Tear Drop 295ccs. Gold Coast, Aus. Going from A Cup to Full C - Small D

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So far, there has been a lot of information to...

So far, there has been a lot of information to read about Breast Augmentation! I am hoping to go from an A CUP to a Full C Cup. I am 165cm tall and 52kgs, the surgeon (Dr. Worapong @ Bangpakok 9 International hospital) has recommended that I have Round Silicone Implants, high profile, dual plane placement under the breast incision and upto 385cc's. Can anyone tell me roughly what Cup that is equivalent to?

So Far, I have been happy with this recommendation but have also asked for an opinion from Dr. Pornthep aswell, only because I am tossing up between the 2 Doctors. Both seem very credible and alot of girls have been extremely happy with their results from both of these surgeons.

I have also booked with Cosmeditour for Jan '15'. If anyone can let me know if they booked with them or know anyone that did book with them, I would love to hear their experiences also.


Rice Test

So I just performed the rice test & I am not really sure if I did it completely accurate, but I did 3 sizes.
250cc , 300cc & 385cc. I found 250cc too small, the 300cc was ok but the 385cc was much better I only did these 3 sizes coz it was the easiest to work out in Australian measurements. But maybe somewhere in between the 300cc and 385cc would be good.

As I said before I am not really sure if I am doing it completely right, but so far it has just given me a very rough idea of what the sizes may be like, but I am definitely not using the rice test to decide what volume implant to go. I will wait for the actual fitting and sizing using real implants on the day with the surgeon :)

Wish Boobies! :)

There is a couple of pictures that I love the look of. Some of these people are client testimonials from Cosmeditour. They had same size before and now have the size I am after. A Cup to a Full C to D Cup :)

Today my Friend gets hers! :)

So Today is the day one of my good friends is getting her new assets! :) Just spoke to her & she had her sizing yesterday with the surgeon. She is shorter then me approx 150cm tall and weighs less approx 49kgs.

She has decided to go with 325cc as she tried on the 380cc but said they looked huge on her. The surgeon said because of her size the 325cc will still look like a decent size on her (giving her a full C cup ) and she would have had too many problems with the bigger implant. The surgeon also showed her pictures of a client with similar proportions to my friend who got the same implants and she said her after pictures looked great, so she was happy with her decision in the end.

She also said when she did the rice test 325cc looked quite small and she did not like the look of them, but once trying on proper implant sizers it makes a lot of difference. So I suppose this is why I am not basing my decision on the rice sizers.

She is getting hers done by Dr. Banoutti in Sydney. Cant wait to see her new assets! :)

Another Recommendation In!

So today I got another recommendation from Dr. Pornthep @ Bangpakok International 9 Hospital, Bangkok. I requested a second recommendation from him only because I was tossing up between him and Dr. Worapong. They both gave me great recommendations but I think I am leaning towards Dr. Pornthep only because he is more senior and has many more years experience.

So the differences between the 2 recommendations..well not much! :)

Dr. Worapong suggested;
Under the breast incision, Round silicone implants (upto 385cc), HP, Dual plane placement

Dr. Pornthep suggested;
Under the breast incision, Round silicone impacts (specifically 325-375cc), HP, Under the muscle or Dual plane placement.

Can anyone suggest pros and cons for under the muscle or dual plane placement??
Also anyone who has similar figures to me and has had a BA done or going to, could you please give me any suggestions as to size and profile? :)

Thanks :)


Hi ladies :)

So I was just wondering if anyone has booked through cosmeditour & could tell me a bit about their experiences with them?

So, I went to the initial consult where I discussed everything with them from look I wanted, to what surgeons and had plenty of questions for them! They also took photos of my breast and sent them to my surgeon that I wanted prior to changing my mind and going to Dr. Pornthep.

The initial recommendation was really fast it only took about 4 days, the second recommendation probably took a week or a bit longer.. Once I got that in I rang to book with Dr. Pornthep but need to wait to find out his availability, my agent is going away & had a feeling I would be waiting a lot longer then she said, as he is very busy... I don't know who looks after my case while she is away but it all seems very messy & I'm worried I won't get the dates I need because they are not contacting him quick enough to book. I suppose I'm just getting a bit restless as I have wanted this for so long & thought it would be a lot easier to check his availability & book a date, don't really understand why it takes so long to check when he's free ??
Can anyone shed some light on this? Or tell me how their experiences with cosmeditour have been?

Don't get me wrong they are all lovely and want to do the right thing by you, but it just seems a bit messy at the moment.

All Booked & 10 weeks to go! :)

I have officially booked my BA for the 7th January 2015, deposit paid. No backing out now! :) I had to change my surgeon back to the original surgeon I picked as Dr. Pornthep was not available for quite some time, So I am having it done by Dr. Worapong on the date that I requested! :)
I am so excited and counting down the days! :) Can not wait!!!

5th December! Boobies at the Gold Coast.. Yep changed my mind..again lol

Ok, so for all you ladies that knew I had my heart set on Thailand, things have changed! lol
So there were a few things that made me change my mind.
1. Family issues would have ended up me going to Thailand alone, because none of my family ended up being able to come with me & I definitely did not want to travel there alone, especially when I may need help with showering and other things.
2. Because of the time of year I was going (peak season) I could not find any flights under $1500 (AU) which I would rather spend that money on the procedure itself then travel.
3. By the time I added up the cost of the procedure, flights and spending money for Thailand it ended up pretty much even to what I would be spending at the Gold Coast.
4. If anything goes wrong at least I am home and I have all my family around me to take care of me.

Yes I did have my heart set on Thailand, but I guess things change, & my family also talked me into thinking more about it. lol

So as for my procedure now, I will be having the surgery at Southport on the Gold Coast on the 5th December, 5 weeks away!!! :) I am unsure who my surgeon is yet as I will find out once my recommendations come back on Tuesday.

The surgeons who do the procedures are not the head surgeons they are the offsiders, some people have big issues with this, but these particular surgeons have been doing plastic surgeries for the past 5+ years, and have plenty of experience, they just are not the head surgeons.

I know that Dr. Craig Layt & Dr. Luke Stradwick are the head surgeons (they will be overseeing the whole procedure) but their colleagues will be doing the procedure. I am completely fine with this as I know they have plenty of experience & If they work for surgeons like Dr. Layt and Dr. Stradwick I am sure they will be great, as these surgeons are very reputable & would not allow incompetent surgeons to work for them.

COST: $6,880
if Dr. Layt was to do it it would be around the $10,000 mark.

250 - 400 cc's

Ok, So everything is booked in for the 5th December at the Gold Coast! Only 28 days to go! :)

My surgeon is Dr. Justin Perron & he sent my recommendations yesterday. He has recommended;
- Round silicone texture implants
- size 250 - 400ccs ( I will find out final size in my private consult)
- Inframammary incision
- Dual Plane placement
- Med-High Profile

Can't Wait! :)

Today's the big day!!

So it has finally came! Today's the big day! It's 2:18am here & do you think I can get to sleep! Umm nope, my legs are restless & I'm getting hungry, but no food for me! So my admission time is 10:45am & then not long after i will be in surgery..the nerves are kicking in! Hope all goes well! :)

Waiting Game!

So I'm in the waiting room, I've had my blood pressure and weight done and a bit of paperwork and now I'm just waiting to get measured up & everything!! Very nervous & hungry! Lol

I finally have boobs! :)

Ok so, I am now 2 wks post op & thought I should finally do some reviews & let you all know how I went! :) Sorry for the lateness, I will post some pics from Day 1 until now and you can see my progress.

First of all, I had my surgery on the 5th December 2014 (2wks ago)
Implants: Silicone, tear drop, 295ccs, dual plane placement, inframammary incision.

I had nausea & vomiting pretty significantly post my surgery, the nurses had to stay behind a bit later, because they needed to get my vomiting under control before I could be sent home. I finally left at about 8pm. Once I left, I felt pretty good, just felt extremely tired, because of the medications (I couldn't keep my eyes open, lol).

The first night I wasn't in any pain ( I took pain killers religiously!) this is one bit of advice I can give, take your pain relief on cue, even if you don't think you need it, it is really important not to let the pain get on top of you! My pain didn't really kick in until about the 2nd or 3rd day, when the local anaesthetic had worn off:(
I also slept really well that night, as the medication they gave me in surgery was still in my system and knocked me out well and truly, lol. For some reason i needed to pee a lot! every hour I was up, lol. Luckily I had mum with me and she helped me to the toilet and to get out of bed when I needed.
Mum lifted me up out of bed, as I was unable to push up off the bed with my arms, she also helped me have a shower the next day. Make sure you have someone with you for at least the first 48hours as you will be surprised at what you cannot do and need help with.

I started going shopping and driving around Day 4 or 5, but this was not as easy as I thought it would be. I was still knocked around a bit, but everyone is different.

I am now feeling pretty good at 2 wks post op & am going back to gym tomorrow! Only light exercises though, I usually do mainly weights/strength exercises, but I am only going to start back with some cardio & body weight strength exercises, keeping in mind that i am not healed/strong enough to put weight on my arms ( so no pushups or even certain exercises in yoga or body balance)

I had a lot of swelling the first few days - keep in mind I was an A cup and now a small D, so i had a lot of swelling in my cleavage, looked like i had a uni boob.
My dressings have been changed once, & my scars are looking really good! Ive had no bruising or bleeding & my scars are barely noticeable.

So Far, So Good! :)
Dr. Justin Perron & Dr. Luke Stradwick

So I met with Dr. Justin Perron yesterday to go through measurements and sizing! Very nerve racking, but he was so friendly & I immediately felt comfortable with him. He first had a brief chat to me about what I did which was a nice Ice breaker then we got into the measurements and the implants sizes and 3D imaging! :) Never felt uncomfortable at all! He initially suggested round implants before seeing me in person but then after he measured me and realised I did not have a lot of breast tissue he suggested tear drop, we played around with the 3D imaging and both type of implants and I ended up deciding on the tear drop! Looked way more natural on my body type, the round implants kind of just came out of no where! Dr. Luke Stradwick who also came in to assist with the measurements and discussion of implants size and type was also really great! He is one of the head surgeons, but does not perform the surgery himself. They were both really informative and knew exactly what they were talking about, they both agreed that the tear drop 295cc was the most appropriate for me and would give me the best result, so I listened to them and have locked in the tear drops for next week!! Both surgeons were really professional, but were also friendly and up for a chat too! Couldnt have felt more comfortable!! :)

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