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So nervous but excited! I am having my BA in...

So nervous but excited!

I am having my BA in thailand with Dr Pichit Siriwan, quite anxious but destination beauty have been very helpful. I am nearly 6ft, weighing about 65kgs, so im quite tall but feel like I lack my women curves. My dream is to be a DD, i have done lots of research, looking at under the muscle hopefully using 375cc or 400c (although this will be confirmed on consultation). Has anybody had work done with this doctor and what was it like? Any feedback and info would be much appreciated. I will keep you all updated on my journey as it gets closer.

My other potential surgeons are Dr Witoon or Dr Veerawat so any info about these would be great as well!

Thanks ladies xx

getting closer!!!

just about a month to go until my surgery in bangkok with dr pichit... destination beauty have been good so far and i will taking out fly back cover just in case anything goes wrong. i will update some before pictures shortly. Does anybody have any experiences to share regarding this surgeon? I am hoping to achieve a full D/DD but will take into consideration what the surgeons suggests. Any tips on what to do for scarring or good recovery?? thanks ladies xxx

Pre Surgery Blues

Well i'm about three weeks out from my surgery in bangkok, its been on my mind alot lately, pretty much everyday and ive been saving so many boob photos to my phone. Im very excited but sometimes feel very emotional about it, like i'm being selfish or i'm making the wrong decision. I feel i'm just getting cold feet about it, i know i've wanted this done for so long now, every since the age of 16, it's just the fact its finally happening. Ive saved hard, graduated with my degree and now its time for something for me! Iv paid for my deposit for the hotel, transfers, agency and fly back cover (just incase anything goes wrong). So lucky to have my mums support too, I will post some before pictures shortly but my stats are: 21 years old, 62kgs, 176cms, and currently a small B, hoping to be a DD or full D atleast!


Here are some before pictures of my small boobies :)

wish boobs!

Give me these boobies haha

pre op pictures

Heres a few more pre op pictures

3 more sleeps till thailand

Wow only three more sleeps to go until i fly out to Bangkok for my surgery. Im there for four weeks and have surgery on the first full day i'm there. Im so anxious and want to fully ensure that i am completely healed before coming back to new zealand. I cant wait, im very excited and just hope all things go to plan. Will update again once I am in Bangkok, I am staying at somerset with the destination beauty office downstairs. so far they have been more than helpful! anybody else going around this time? am hoping to make some new friends!!

hair loss after surgery?

hey people this really freaks me out. i heard that people can loose their hair of a b.a or it will thin? does anybody know if its true or not? i cant see why it would be but this thought really freaks me out ;( my mind is currently racing and so many emotions being experienced. is this normal?

surgeey day

hi all, today is the day! i arrived in bangkok yesterday and am staying at somerset apartment in connection with destination beauty. it is beautiful and clean and you meet many other people going through the same thing as you. its 4.51 and we are getting picked up at 7am. many other people here have had dr pichit and said he is amazing! so I'm excited. il update you on the other side :) wish me luck

I have boobies!

Yesterday at 7am my mother and I got picked up at 7am and taken to samitivej hospital and I was taken into register and then to meet dr pichit. My impression of the hospital was great, it was clean, modern and very much like a big hotel. The staff are friendly and highly professional and took great care of me as soon as I stepped into the door. This hospital is full of foreigners coming for medical treatment, which is a good sign. I had my consultation with dr pichit, whom was very nice, warm, friendly and informative. The consultation itself was good, I had a list of questions to ask him and he answered them very well for me so I was very satisfied. I wanted to be a DD and dr pichit suggested from the 400cc - 450cc range. I ended up deciding on 425cc as I think the 450cc sizers looked too big for me. After all the paper work was complete I was taken for blood test, xray and got all prepped for surgery. I was so weak as i had been fasting since 8pm the night before and surgery wasnt till 3. I got a bit teary eyed getting wheeled in as i thought "this is it". I was taken into the operating theatre and surrounded by about 7 different people, prepping me for the operation. they made me feel very relaxed and I was out like a light, next minute I knew I woke up and felt like a elephant was on my chest. Not guna lie, the pain is bad. Its very tight and heavy and even hurts a bit to breathe deeply. I cant get up on my own at the moment and it aches especially around my clevage area. It took three nurses to take me to the bathroom, during this time I nearly blacked out and vommited slightly. However the nurses gave me regular medicine and checked up on me many times throughout the night. The nurses are so wonderful, they do know there job so well and have been taking care of perfectly. The english was limited however but I can speak thai fluently so this helped alot. This hospital and the care here would beat any private hospital in new zealand easily. Iv had some food, now jus relaxing and waiting to get my dressings changed and be discharged to go back to the hotel. I will post some photos later on but at the moment my boobies are swollen and high! But Im happy, cant wait till the pain goes away and I can see the results properly. I will keep you updated again soon, thanks for following!

day 1 post op

425 cc high profile, textured, mentor implants

day one post op

very tender and sore with not much movement. drugs help alot tho!

5 days post op!!

First thing is first, girls who say it isn't painful I salute you! first three days were the worst, my doctor kept drains in me for first five days which left me pretty much hotel bound as it was quite a pain to take them out shopping with you,( also quite unsightly). The pain is not bad with the painkillers which do make you so sleepy. For the first few days I was super tired and worn and slept quite a lot which my doctor recommended me to do. I am now wearing a sports bra which is comfy and super supportive and an elastic strap over my chest to help push the cleavage down. I have some feeling there but not much! I am not off the meds as I am feeling better and doctor said no need to take anymore. No swimming for 6 weeks and wear the sports bra for 6 weeks. I have to push my boobs together 30 x 1 min a day and push them down 30 x 1 min a day. Other than that the scar is dry and healing well, stitches out on friday and then will be applying vitamin E to help the scar. The softening slowly, still quite hard but hope that changes soon! So far my experience in Thailand and destination beauty has been pleasant, they are so helpful and the doctor has been great. I have met many other people at least 10+ people having surgery here and my doctor has been one of the most popular. Everyone seems happy with their results and are really stunning. Its early days but I will keep this account updated as well with some photos soon! Thanks for following, any questions just ask!

10 day update

all is good, bit sore and tender especially in the morning but other than that back to normal. boobs are getting softer and starting to feel more natural :)

help needed!

11 days post op and i am shredding hair like crazy. i have no idea what to do, iv researched and apparently is a common reaction to the g.a? im so happy with my results but i have put myself and my body under alot of stress lately. i did this boost my self esteem but the hair loss makes me even more self conscious, i have no idea what to do? is it because of the implant or jus my bodies reaction. do i need an explant? i wish this was a dream :( ive cried alot of this lately, its up by my hairline and i already have a high hairline so its very noticeable....

2 weeks post op

ive finally hit the two week mark now, the pain is minimal and things seem to be getting back to normal. i had my last app with the doctor today, he said everything looks like it should. the implants are definitely getting softer and looking more natural. as for the hair problem, i spoke to him and he said it is due to stress being put on my body from the surgery and also the stress going on in my head. ive got some hair activator to apply at the roots of the thinned areas and have special shampoo and soon to be taking vitamins. this process has been an emotional crazy time however i am happy with the boobs my dr gave me. they suit my body and everything is healing well. however my brests and nipple area has been getting rather dry lately however i am guessing this is from the skin stretching. has anybody else experienced this? i hope my body settles down very shortly. positivity is key.

photos, three weeks post op

pain is minimal, only in the mornings. get tingling sharp pains but doctor said this is normal due to the nerves reconnecting. left one is a still a bit like a foreign body however the right one has settled in very well :)

3 weeks post op, advice needed

hi everyone, i need help! its been three weeks now and ever since my surgery all ive noticed is my hair falling out. Every where, my hair density is so thin and i have a patch of missing hair at the top. everything else seems to be healing okay but my left breast seems to have become very tight. i saw the surgeon again yesterday and he said its normal and as for the hair loss whenever i ask they dont really seem to have an answer. i have been doing lots of research online about the impact implants can have on your body, some say the toxic chemicals can cause this? some say its just a temporary thing due to stress.ever since the surgery ive been so depressed about this problem, i cry almost everyday wondering why did i mutilate myself for a pair of breasts. im back to nz tomorrow so hopefully being back home with my friends and familiar environment will make things better. im so scared to see my partner or friends as they will wonder what they hell happened to me. i will see a hair doctor as soon as i get back as well as my gp. im so terrified of what the outcome will be im already considering an ex plant. what are your thoughts? wait it out or removal? i may sound crazy but this has become a life consuming thought ever since i noticed this happening. maybe im going insane but i hope this nightmare stops soon. any advice or support is so appreciated as i havnt spoken to my friends about this issue or family as i dont really have anyone to blame but myself...

2 and a half months

its been a while now and boy doesnt time fly! i cant believe i had surgery in feb. my breasts have healed up really well, the scars are quite faded and my breasts are definitely alot softer. no more morning boob, just the odd punching feel which i have told is normal. im really happy with how they sit and the portions to my body. im still loosing alot of hair which is still scary as its coming up three months but im trying not to stress. i will upload somemore photos very shortly :)

9 months post up

wow so i am months post op now, time has gone really fast. ,my boobs are really soft now and squishy. they look completely natural. however my hair is still falling out 9 months on.... what do i do?? photos to be uploaded
Thailand Plastic Surgeon

Have met this doctor once briefly when he visited NZ. He seemed very pleasant and seemed to know his stuff.

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