Bad result with cosmeditour and dr montien

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I had always looked into getting rhinoplasty, it...

I had always looked into getting rhinoplasty, it was never on the cards financially until I found my friends had been going through a cosmetic tourism company to see surgeons in Thailand! I had never in a million years thought I would consider it and now I'm here eating my words because now I wouldn't consider having it done in Adelaide after seeing so many local botched surgeries! I'm going in giving my full trust to my surgeon Dr Montien and hoping we share a goal in helping my tiny features (I'm 5 foot nothing!) be complimented not swamped by the nose that's taken up camp in the middle of my face.

Travelling with my partner, looking to refine the tip, reduce the hump and bring it into a small slope. I honestly don't mind the 'fake' look to the tip, I much prefer it to a droop so I'll see how everything goes!

Some looks I've found that I looove, though probably pretty unattainable XD

I try and mainly use post rhino photos so it keeps me realistic but I love slightly sloped refined tip noses!

Arrived in Bangkok Yesterday, our consult was first thing this morning

What a whirlwind! We found our flights connected seamlessly as we went through KL to arrive in Bangkok, then had the escort service in a large taxi cab for the trip through the World Med Hospital. The drive is through hectic traffic so we got in pretty late and just went to bed :)
The hospital is huuuuge! The rooms are massive, there's heaps of staff though and they're really really friendly! The internet has cut out on us a little here and there so haven't had much of a chance to update.

I was most scared of the blood test to be honest and getting sick on the plane, I had my scarf over my mouth through both flights as I was seated next to really really sick and coughing people. We waited and I had a chest x-ray, blood test (SO GENTLE OH MY GOD), and finally the consult.

Spoke perfect English, basics are I can't change the length or height of the tip (or run the risk of pig nose!) but we can do a slope and alarplasty to shorten the sides to stop it looking bunched at the base. Risks run are possible scarring over the bridge and asymmetry, and prolonged hard and numbness. The op will take roughly 4 hours, lots of photos were taken and then we got to spend the rest of the day lounging around the hospital room and eating. Fasting tomorrow from 6am-1pm when surgery begins, hope I get good sleep and theres no complications!

After surgery!

After surgery rants
So gross in this but heres me after surgery, my main issue was damage from the anaesthetic tube cutting the side of my uvula and got violently ill after the last antibiotic inserted into my IV.

Postop day 1

Had the tranfer to the Hotel Aetas. Today had been the hardest, I had horrific fever, nausea, throbbing in my head and pain all through the front of my body like Id been shot by bb guns close range, thank god for sleeping tablets I just wanted this day to be over

Post op day 2-3

Things got a bit better! Was able to walk around and check out some shops! Most of my discomfort actually came from some ulcers I got after the operation from a mix of the anaesthetic tube rubbing and stress. The hotel is really awesome and so glad we're here it's making things a lot easier! Not much brusing or blood in my nose weeew!!

First consult done and dusted

Was so scared of how the consult was going to hurt but my doctor is THE BEST. He was so gentle, quick and knew how to heal my ulcers, because they were making it hard to eat, just super unlucky to get them right on my dangly bit hahah :(. Cleaned my nose suuuper thoroughly before the examination and when I went in he just removed the stitched from the front and checked I hadn't had any infections, also commented my nose was super clean (I'm glad my hard work payed off XD ). We then booked in for the last consult in a few days where the cast and splints come out, my doctors been amazing, super happy so far!

SO late to this

The last consult was nerve wracking to go to since it was where I got my splints out and my cast off, there were also some internal stitches cut! The splints were like fruit roll ups the size of my hands and as they came out all this long ropey goo followed to my horror, it was slightly painful but really swift! The cast was taken off with a rocking motion. As far as how it looked I wasn't super happy, it's really pointy and big and I was really disappointed but assured it was just swelling, I don't want to go in to my feelings too much as you can't edit entries in this site so I'm choosing my words carefully, I was so happy just to get the cast of I didn't really take in how it looked until I got back to the hotel. The next day was really stressful because our taxi to the airport never came, the hotel had to get one for us last minute and I was just an emotional mess from the whole experience. We left Bangkok and I was so happy to leave, I missed home and I missed my pets so much.

Back in Aus, 2 weeks Post OP

Again a disclaimer, you can't edit your entries so it's hard posting your feelings when you're in a particular state of mind, sitting here alone with a mirror next to me and looking at other peoples 'afters' I'm in a pretty bad head space. My whole life I've had this big sharp polly beak deformity that my little face just didn't deserve and I sacrificed so much to make this operation happen, dragging my partner and I across the world to try and help the situation and going to a fantastic plastic surgeon who'd I'd heard amazing recommendations and reviews of.

I really want to be happy with my result, and I feel I defended going to Thailand so much because there's such a stigma attached to having surgery over there which I think is unfair. I'm two weeks post and I can't look in the mirror without wanting to cry. I really hope it's just swelling, I really hope I look back at this entry and laugh at how silly I was for getting so depressed when my nose was a few days or months away from the swelling going down and revealing it's true brilliant little shape but I'm finding it harder and harder to wake up every morning and have my heart break that little bit every time I see my big sharp nose staring back at me. From the front it looks better and my nostrils are perfect and even though large, I am IN LOVE with how it looks from the front and the fact my polly beak is finally gone!!, but when I see my side profile though my beak is gone I still have a really large sharp tip that I PRAY will go away because I'm embarrassed to be seen with such a witchy nose. Again I feel bad because some people LOVE sharp noses and would kill for this kind of look but for me I just wanted a small sloped nose and it's definitely not happening yet haha, and it's hard to reassure myself when there's people posting photos from the same surgeon 10 days post op showing results of what I wanted haha, lucky ladies. I don't know I feel really bad being so neggo but has anyone else had a really pointy nose and tip that's corrected with the swelling going down??.

Hopefully my next post will be me smiling with a more normal nose and it will all be gravy, fingers crossed. Again it has come a long way and I'm glad that there's a visible change so far, and a lot of girls freak out during the healing process so maybe it's the old rhino depression hitting hard :(

Staying positive

Really hope the swelling goes down woke up to no changes :( I'm going to cut salt out of my diet as much as possible as Im hoping maybe thats playing a part in this XD I think my nostril shape underneath is so perfect but I have rhino greed, like BA's get boob greed haha I wish he'd done alarplasty like he said he'd want to do during the operation, was a bit confused why they weren't done when I woke up and was hoping he did and just sneakily cauterized it, but one of the staff said no he definitely didn't. Haha devo. Here's to hoping I have some form of shape change over the next few weeks as it's still pointy and I resemble Lois from Family Guy atm :(

Photo tonight 2 weeks post op

Its come down a little maybe? But still no sign of definition or slope yet, pretty identical to how it was beforehand but maybe a couple of degrees straighter where the polly deformity was, hoping I'll get some untriangular shape happening on the horizon, here's to hoping I didn't spend over 8 grand on this result haha

so things have got worse

Ive sent an email to Cosmeditour about my results so far and my concerns, have a mild infection in one of my stitches, cant take photos or look in a mirror having major regrets for my choices and feeling like an idiot and that its a lost cause but I guess maybe some people go through this, too embarrassed to post a photo but might get out of this slump when the swelling goes down who knows at this stage just sick of being upset and sick with a fever every night and waking up disappointed every morning. Praying things will change actual praying this is so sad haha I just feel stupid

So things have got better kiiinda

The infections finally gone so Im not in agony when I touch my nose, still hate the shape buuuut one step at a time. It was a disolvable stitch that got infected, my client manager was really lovely about it when I got hold of her and told me it happens pretty often so just another things I got unlucky with haha

Two days post infection

Thanks for all the support the comments really helped! Its gone down quite a bit but still hate it haha, just hate it a little less intensely, at least its not painful anymore ????????????

So Im about one month away from changing my opinion to not worth it

Hate the outcome so far at 1.5 months post op. Its my birthday next week and Ive cancelled all my plans with friends because I dont want to get photographed and tagged in friends photos with this nose. I feel the surgeon skipped doing my nostrils like he said he would RIGHT BEFORE THEY PUT ME UNDER like what the hell? I feel he should have been taking more out of my bridge or tip and its left me with just a pointier nose. Super unhappy and wish Id got it done in Australia, wouldn't ever recommend anyone to go through what I have, still having ongoing infections in my stitches and fever at night, I'm just so over it and sick of stressing about it. All I wanted was a smaller nose with a slope and now I have a gross pointy beak, hating my decisions and hoping I'll accidentally break it and just claim fixing it on Medicare haha words cannot express my hate for it lol. Who's knows maybe it'll magically change shape but Ive been unhappy since the day it was done so losing hope. Vent over haha

Mobile isnt letting me upload pics!

Haha here's my side profile I wear a lot of makeup now to make myself feel better and to distract me from my nose but finger toes and nose crossed it'll magically fluff like fake boobs do and leave me with a really nice shape, keeping my entries super honest and raw so sorry for the big rants and spills every so often, ta-da! I massage it quite a bit so I always take photos after because thats when it looks best haha

2 days shy 2 months

So I still have stitches coming out! And Im not sure if its still infected, I still get a slight fever and a slight smell (gross details sorry) but I got sick of being on antibiotics and the gp visits but Im no longer having to drain my columnella like I was, much less sore to touch, sorry sorry haha I look back and I cant believe I had the surgery it seems like a lifetime ago. As for the results I still feel really disapppointed, it's nothing like the results on Botched, I can still breathe but I'm still upset about a few things, he didnt make my nostrils small when he said he was going to (he said if I didn't I'd run the risk of ending up with a fat nose, so I dont know why you'd say that, then say you were going to do it an hour prior to surgery and then not do it, I still don't understand that haha but whatever) and that the shape is still big and pointy and has no slope unless I press on it so hard I almost want to yell (like in the one photo in that set). The whole reason I wanted it done was because I was so self conscious of my profiles hump and the fact its still not ski jumpin is boiling my blood. Im still curious to see the changes but it's not a small nose, it's super pointy and big and I hate having to look at it on the daily. Whinging aside at the end of the day it's nothing like I'd imagine it would be and I don't think I could ever go through it again, the healing has been a rocky road and if it werent for this forum and for the support from post oppers (love yas!) and results Ive seen I wouldn't even be okay with documenting it haha. Im still staying positive, I know it's a year or so to see the true shape but not being able to feel comfortable to take birthday selfies from more than one veeeery fine tuned angle was pretty sad haha. Ill keep posting with photos as I loooooove photo heavy reviews and progress shots.

36 weeks now

Still hate the shape, no slope and nostrils still crazy flared and swollen, looking in to getting a second opinion after hearing a few of his patients are getting revisions in Australia, definetly regret getting it done overseas in Australia they could use checkups and steroid injections I guess. 3 months in you should see the basic shape so very disappointed haha hmm the mobile app doesnt upload pics so tonight it is. If he couldn't confidently give me a result I requested why not tell me what I could realistically achieve? Why tell me youre going to do one thing then do another? I dunno haha

Finally able to upload X(

So still hate it, have been told to massage it and not get a second opinion. I feel so frustrated that I went to such extreme lengths to get a smaller nose and I'm just left with a pointier one, like yeah the hump is slightly gone but in the mornings it comes back. Im really disappointed that it's nothing like what he explained my results would be and I wish I'd gone through another surgeon at this stage but the past is the past I guess. Any advice would be great I guess kenalog may be my only option but it's such a long and expensive road has anyone had it and is it worth it?? :( Feeling so used, I don't know how they can go promising what they can and deliver these results it's just ruined my confidence :( I wish someone had stopped me going overseas massive regrets

Angry, dissapointed, feel foolish and lost

So Cosmeditour and Dr Montien have turned around and basically said that this is as good as it's going to get, heartbroken pretty much just super depressed, this guy shouldn't be allowed to do rhinoplasty if he's as hit and miss as this, so so angry if I could take everything back I would, legally I wish I could recoup my losses from his botch job. Neither made my nostrils smaller or sloped the shape which is why I went to him, like what the hell is he doing. Don't know what to do now I'm really lost and depressed any advice would be much appreciated

Feeling a bit better!

Finally bit the bullet and talked to the consultants, because of my awful anxiety from the whole experience I find it hard talking to them about it as I have frequent anxiety attacks any time I address it (sorry about the sporadic posts and replies on here it's the same deal). I feel a lot better talking through the options, she said she could tell what my concerns were and sometimes they do have clients going back for revisions and more work, I was pretty honest and said I wouldn't be considering returning it's been too much of a stress on my emotional state and it disrupts my work too much, but it was good having someone validate my concerns and basically calm me down. I will wait but it is still hard, I went in thinking Id be coming out with a sloped small result and coming out with my current result, when I felt I was fixing my largest insecurity spun it on it's head to being my largest insecurity now. Im lucky I have this community and a partner that helps me cope, I'm used to being proactive and fixing things but having something out of my control of fixing is hard. Just playing the waiting game now I guess but it's still in the same state. Will post pics at some tage but thanks for all the understanding, have had a lot of people contact me who've been through the same thing and come out strong so much love guys x

Yep so devo

Hitting six months and still super unhappy but what can I do, I can't afford a revision so guess I'm stuck like this ???? again warn everyone not to go through this surgeon, very upset that I trusted him haha

So sad

Looking back I wish I had gone through someone local, I actually wish my nose stayed like how it looked a few months ago! I think scar tissue has built up and cosmeditour have turned around and said Dr Montien suggests a revision with a rib graft if I want to change my profile and no to contact them for a year. I'm really depressed at the moment can't even look in the mirror without crying and it's effecting my job, my confidence, everything. I'm so embarrassed

Oh my god!

Lately Cosmeditour were a nightmare to deal with, dodging my calls etc in the end I took it in to my own hands and went to talk to a cosmetic surgeon who isn't shonky haha. I feel like writing a seperate review for Dr Zacharias he's been an absolute angel, he went through where Dr Montien had fell short and helped me understand what he had done to me and what he should have done. Even better he was able to administer keloid injections to take down the excess scar tissue that was causing the awful shape and even though it's not perfect it's so amazing to have results! Dr Montien still did a terrible job but the injections have slimmed it down to a bearable amount and now I have a little definition! I can look in a mirror now without getting upset, he's amazing and I wish I had gone to him instead of shonky dodgy Montein. So annoyed Cosmeditour brushed off my curiousity with injections and just told me to pay them to cover a revision where they'd have to use my RIB cartilage to fix what he'd done. So lucky again to have washed my hands of them I've had so many people contact me after this review disappointed in their results so I've referred a lot of people to Zacharias now. What a legend! If I do decide to get a revision I know I'll finally be in safe hands!

Oh my god how is this working so well

Praying these are permanent results I can't believe how different it looks to only a month ago what the hell! Those injections are a life saver I actually feel okay with my side profile now haha Dr Zach is a life saver!!
Dr Montien

Updated review - looking back this was a mistake to go overseas, but will change the review if my results improve!!

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