My Eyebrow Tattoo Experience - Thailand, TH

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Hi guys i just got my eyebrows tattoo i will be...

Hi guys i just got my eyebrows tattoo i will be posting pics to help you guys to understand.
I did experience pain but the procedure doesn't take more than 30 min therefore bearable.
My eyebrow were sparesed and uneven, hard to find good EY technician and it's expensive.
Please leave your comments.
I got it done in bangkok

Scabbing of eyebrow tattoo

So its been 5 days and i still confused with the colour it still looks black but underneath i can see faded brown(was expecting dark brown) also am scared as only tight hand side EY is scabbing(which is bit thinner than other) the colour would be different.
Am try to be patience. Does anyone know if i can put eye brow pencil or powder on top of my scabbing brow as i need to go to work?!!!

Update eyebrow tattoo 7 days

First pic is when i did my makeup to balance scabbing though i dint put any makeup on my brow
Second pic is just now most of the scabbing gone and left me with gray/ faded black brows
Am not happy at all. Am fine with the shape but do not want to go for re touch up as i have my doubts.
Does anyone know if it changes colour later to dark brown I really doubt.
What you guys think?!

Very unhappy with eyebrow tattoo

Hi guys so now my eyebrow bit darker than before but still patchy and grayish blue.
I dont know what to do have to carefully put makeup on them to cover now i think whats the point of tattooing.
I would advice people never to go for any PMU.
Am waiting for ey hair to cover my tattoo as laser seems extreme and expensive.
What do you guys think?!
Ms lee

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