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Ok so after reading plenty of other reviews, I...

Ok so after reading plenty of other reviews, I thought that I might also share. My surgery is scheduled in Bangkok next month and definitely feeling nervous. There seems to be a wealth of positive and also negative reviews. So seeing as my mind is made up, surgery booked, flights paid for, I guess this is really happening.
I have had some moments of fear and panic and other moments where I am excited and looking forward to it being behind me.
I am going through Destination Beauty with Dr NJ. DB have arranged all the necessary transfers and surgery bookings etc. I think that this helps take away some of my worry.
Having previously had a gastric sleeve in 2010, and 2 c-sections, I like to rationalise that going into this surgery will also be ok. But I am having all 3 procedures at once, 2 surgeons, 6 hours on the table. Arm lift, extended TT and breast lift with implants. This is no minor surgery. I will be in Thailand for 16 days in total and will ultimately only be away from work for about 2.5 weeks. Am I crazy? God... I hope not. I really do intend to be back at work soon after returning home.
So just briefly, as I mentioned I had a sleeve in 2010, lost approx 38kg, but regained on and off between 3-5 kg since then. But generally my weight sits in mid 70's. I have noticed that there has been some skin retraction over time, but for the most part I still have excess skin and flab that I couldn't shift. If the weight wasn't enough for my body to cope with, my kids finished it off... my first (10lb7oz) whilst preg I reached my highest weight, 115kg) (pre sleeve) ensuring mummy tiger stripes were well etched into the contours of my hips and belly, then by the time no. 2 was done, they'd sucked out any shape which was once my proudest asset, bouncing bosoms, leaving in their wake the classic tennis ball in a sock trick... Needless to say, I am hoping that this op can give me a taste at what it is like to be inside a "normal" body. Having lived most of my life as overweight, when I did loose it I was then faced with the stretched skin ans sand bags. My arms to me are the worst. I see them in photos and all I can see is fat arms on a smaller person. Whilst I debated the lift for a number of years, I am well aware and now accepting of the fact I will have large visible scars on my arms.
I suppose I just hope that all the scars heal well, no infection or complications, good placement etc. These are the real fears I have. I am confident that I am in good hands and safe, well with a hint of fear in that too...
So anyway I will post some b4 pics soon and otherwise post updates again as this journey plays out it's course.

b4 surgery pics

GP visit done

So I went to see my GP. I had blood tests done to check my iron and immunity for things etc. I was relieved to see some improvement in my iron level, which was very low in Jan.
I am also now getting hep b vacc course.. over 21 days... only just enough time before I leave. OMG.

2 weeks to go

Feeling nervous and excited. Wondering why there's not too many reviews on here for my surgeon..
Reading a combination of both positive and negative reviews. I guess time will tell.
took some more b4 pics last night, to remind me of what "was" (for later), in case for some reason I am not sure I like the results, the pics can remind me why I did it.
I think that I am going into this of level mind. Not expecting perfection or some miracle. I don't think that it will "cure" any insecurities I may have, but anticipate some form of improvement. Perhaps this partly comes from not wanting to have some high expectations only to be disappointed. That said, this is my body, cant be replaced (I wish!) So don't want botched job which makes me feel worse in my own skin... I don't think that is unreasonable.
I have been trying to loose weight b4. Unfortunately so far loss has been minimal... around 4kg. I guess better than nothing.
I guess I hope this will help motivate me to loose the last 10kg I'd like to shift.

Days away...

I can't help but feel that I am going into this a little unsure. I think I am really keen to speak with the surgeon and want to discuss his techniques for each of the procedures and until that happens I am worried that I won't be happy with the outcome. I accept that this is the choice I have made, cost being a factor, but is there going to be a world of regret later?!
Will (as other reviews state) this only cost me more in the long run. Needless to say I am starting to get a little worried.
Fly out on Friday...

Feeling disillusioned

I will be having my surgery later today. I have found the experience here since arriving to be overwhelming. I now understand how difficult the language barrier can really make things hard. There's a part of me not sure even if I want to proceed. I know I should be sure 100% of things but it's kind of like I'm here now... I probably will just continue.
My friend is currently in surgery.
I will write later about all this. Feeling too glum to really go into it all now.


I just wrote the longest post and lost it. Not happy Jan! :(
I can't re write my vent right now. So will for now upload my pics.

getting there, but still sore

Just a quick update. Have found that here and there things switch between feeling almost normal back to sore.
My upper abdomen, top of the muscle repair, has been sore this afternoon. Its probably where I feel the most discomfort.. scars generally are not as painful. Its a really weird sensitive sore. It's the same spot which I hurt about a week and a half ago, when I sneezed, and I heard a popping sound! Scared me.
I raised a query about it, via DB, other than an acknowledgement, not yet had any advice on it... Destination Beauty, where are you???
So otherwise things seem to be healing ok. No infections (knock on wood!) As yet. My right arm pit scar still irritating me. It seems to happen when I wear the garments as it cuts across the scar line. I've been trying to find an alternative support locally, but not yet successful. Scar line pulls and I still don't have full range in my arm movement above my head. I guess I need to get massaging them.
I have started to wear tape, on my scars, I read that it helps flatten the scar and reduce stretching the scar... which has already marginally started. I have this feeling I am going to need scar revision on my arms... I suppose while at it I will have to get the right side lifted a little more to match the left... which looks better.
So no spitting stitches as yet, as far as I can tell which I'm glad about, but still expect it's likely to happen.
My scars under my breasts are still tight and pulling, but not as bad as they were, so they are looking slightly less deformed. The changes in the last few days has at least given me hope that the scars will get better and the bottom of my breasts will look more normal and rounded.
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