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I cant believe what i am about to say, YES!! I am...

I cant believe what i am about to say, YES!! I am joining the boob club. Finally decided to get a breast agumentation.

I am 32yrs mix asian,
height 5"9
weighing 132lbs
Breast - A" CUP
Not married, no kids and a virgin to PS.
Frequent traveller living in Asia currently, moving back to US in a couple of yrs.

Wish boobs - Small D (unsure on the cc's)
Insertion - transxillary
Looking at moderate plus but open for discussion
Willing to travel for BA
Payment - Cash (heard one can get discount with cash payment, would like to know if this is true?)

My friends had their surgery in thailand and US and they look great, and that encourage me to have it done in Thailand or US. I m actively looking for a surgeon now.

Currently i have emailed 2 doctors -
1 surgeon did not reply to my questions but only receive a reply after my 4th email on date of surgery and to wire payment. He was my 1st choice and said to be the best surgeon in thailand. Seems more like he only respond when i told him i have the money prepared.

The 2nd surgeon replied a lil late, however that is after i sent him a picture of myself on my 2nd email. I am bummed as he said i could not have my wish boobs a D", he recommend me 250cc and will try 300cc moderate plus and insertion crease incision. It was more like take it or leave it. I really do not want crease incision as i do not wish to have scarring on my breast, i dont mind having scar under my armpit. Isn't 250cc a tad too small? I was thinking of abv 300cc all along. To be honest, i do not mind the 300cc but i am more concerned if surgeon decided its 250cc and my boobs are goin to be not much of a difference from my current breast.

Now i am unsure if i should go to thailand or US to have my implants as it seems really hard to find a surgeon.

Hopefully i find one soon and be able to embark into this new surgery.

Lowering my expectations but still things are not going my way

I emailed a couple more surgeons and was told 300cc is max that will make me a small C (moderate plus). If i proceed with hp 300cc than i will get a small D. Every doc seems to say i have a tight skin.
And since i do not have enough breast tissue one of the surgeon suggested i get subglandular placement.
Just before i decided on the surgeon, the surgeon of my choice refuse the transxillary incision and wants to have the incision through the crease. I do not want an incision thru the crease and at this point i have to search for a new doctor.
A friend who went to the same surgeon seems to get the size and incision through her armpit. I jus dont understand this theory. So frustrating.

I did also consult Dr Kim and he quote me $9500usd, and i am thinking hard if i should because my budget was not more than $6500.
At the end of the day if i could find a doctor with similar skills within my budget n able to fufilled my desire, that would be a seal deal. For now, i need to fix a doc asap so i can proceed to think of date of surgery and prepare all the neccesities.

Honestly, i m envious of most of the other ladies in realself as it seems like getting a surgeon and fufilling what they want seems so easy.

I learn the hard way, you may not necessarily get what you desire as the doctor still have a choice to make you a suitable candidate.

So for now, recommended:
size 300cc max (left with no choice)
Round smooth implants
Moderate plus or high profile
Incision through crease (dont want this)
Subglandular placement so there will be cleavage.

Wish me luck on finding the right surgeon.

Found a surgeon

I decided to go with Dr Prinya because i felt comfortable with him and my friends had theirs done by him. Only thing i havent heard of any confirmation on my surgery date? I am thinking of doin the earliest date possible any month (hopeFully in May.. Hah) ..Otherwise, will need to double boob date with my actress gf to do our boob together beginning next year. Wish me luck!! Waiting for the email!!

Change my Surgeon - BA Booked

I finally decided to change my surgeon bcos My 1st choice decided to bail on me. Perhaps i am not a good subject and i asked too many questions. Whatever the case he MIA.

But suprisingly after more search, i was so impressed with the current surgeon and
I am going to Phuket Thailand to have my surgery by Dr Sununtika Chitvarin.
I have booked my flights and paid the deposit and for my BA on 23 May 2015.
My check up will be on 22 May.
I have not decided yet on my implant type round or teardrop.
What i know and trust is that i am in good hands. Dr Chi answered all my questions patiently, in detailed, and when its not realistic or cannot be done dr didnt jus disappear or left me guessing, dr tells me and explained the reason and pro and cons of everything in detail.
So the email was efficient, fast and well organise. Although Dr Chi was fully booked for this month i wasnt reject and was given an option for a different date.
Everything was easy and very detailed, to the point some questions i didnt asked was also mentioned.

So far everything has been very smooth from emailing my dr and getting a response shortly and having almost everything booked.
I am thrilled, excited, nervous and most importantly confident of my choice.
Right now my transportation i have no issues, just need to contact my usual driver which i will be paying To chaffeur me around for that 10days. Its definitely cheaper than taxi. I just need to decide where to stay. Spoilt for choice.

I have to start on my preparation and staying healthy. I cant wait to finally have boobs!! Update u again soon!!

11 Days before BA

I have booked and paid a deposit for the surgery, flights, transport, however i have not booked my hotel. Have renewed my expiring passport, it was a close shot as my application got rejected due to my photo submission.
I bought some new button dresses and tops, sports bra 2 size bigger, scar cream etc.
I am petrified yet excited.
Looking forward to share more on my journey.

21 May 2015 - counting down

Its turning to reality..

I managed to arrange my doctor apt, surgery, accommodation and flights all within 2 weeks. Today, i am flying over to Phuket Thailand and having a doctor appointment with my surgeon to take my measurement and discuss the possibility of the incision of my choice and confirming the CC.
I have earlier requested for Dr Chi a certified board surgeon but there is another female surgeon which i am comfortable with too.

I am doing my full check up today too.
I am filled with excitement yet nervous about the upcoming surgery the following 2 days.
I have all this mix feelings on whether i made the right decision.

I flew solo for this boob job, so hopefully everything turns out well and the only person who knows about my boob job is my soulmate, my fren from Germany and another Gf of mine. If anything fails at least i am insured. Last night i slept on my side n look at my boobs n told myself i will miss it.
One final look!!

22 May - Pre Op Apt > choice of Implants

Although i am on the fence on the sizing, the pre-op consultation went well and i am happy.

I have 2 surgeon during my care, Dr Chirayut tolertmongkhol who is a board certification
Will be performing the surgery and Dr Sununtika will be assisting him. Wonderful bed side mannered. Explain to me in detailed on the types of implants and risk etc. I hope he is as detailed when it comes to surgery.
So i went to try on the sizing, it was fun and an amazing experience.

I have a diameter of 11.4cm so maximum for moderate plus i can take is 250cc maybe but 225cc will fit me just nice. It looks natural just not large enough for me.
So we went with high profile, 325cc max but 300cc will fit fine. More projection.

I chose the round smooth silicone implant mentor brand. I squeeze so much diff brands of implants today, the textured is harder than the smooth ones. Although for maintenance i need to massage it for the rest of my life and care for it more than the textured which is almost very minimal massaging and maintenance. The thing is i do not want it to sit too high and smooth ones will drop faster. Moderate plus would have been perfect with a larger size but i have a small frame and when i place any larger than the recommended cc it did went out of my frame. And since i am doing under the armpit incision, with smooth implants the incision is smaller than textured ones.

I am placing my implant behind the muscle bcos i do not have breast tissue and my bones are sticking out and although i do want it above the muscle as it is softer.
Dr Chi did say he could do above the muscle but bcos of my body frame its not advisable as i will be at higher risk to get complications. I may regret this but i do not want to see rippling on e upper pole so i chose under.As i am placing under the muscle it has to be bigger cc's as it will compress to be smaller than having it above the muscle.

The clinic have teardrop implant, it creates a natural looking bobbies and should the implant leak it will still rejoin together. Its really soft but i chose the round as it fits me better since i have no upper pole to begin with.

I paid my surgery in cash so there was a 3% discount compared to from paying credit card. And since i chose round it was even cheaper. I had paid usd70 for the deposit before i flew in to Phuket Thailand. I place the balance usd3050. My air ticket and accommodation,food, transport, preparation and misc was another usd1000. The check up is already included in the package. Could have been cheaper if u stay in a cheaper hotel but i went with a better hotel and book the flights last min.

Surgery date 23 may 2015 at 8am. The plan after the operation, i will stay in the clinic till 6pm or more depends on my situation and condition. Will need to return to clinic for check up 3 days after surgery and before i fly off. Then i need to communicate with Dr Chi on a frequent basis via email. I feel confident and i certainly trust my surgeon.

Comparison in sizing

I chose the high profile, the moderate plus is what i want but i was not sure on the cc cos it looks smaller.
Moderate plus -Right is 225 left 250
High profile - right 300 left 325
Though my breast are even so i get the same cc for both tomorrow.
My gf say i will regret goin for high profile under the muscle. So affecting me now

Day of surgery - at clinic 750am

Today its finally here.. I am filled with anxiety.
There is a small bit of me felt like backing out but i guess i will be ok.

I got my driver to pick me up at 730am from Rawai Beach Resort and arrive at clinic at 750am. I felt not too hungry bcos i feasted last night before midnight, Though i been eating clean food. Appointment is at 8am and thats more for preparation for surgery and 9am is my surgery.

I am a lil terrified as i stood in front of the clinic with my heart pumping hard. On e outside calm n cool but on e inside bursting in screams of "omg! Omg!omg!"

I was a lil paranoid n inform my partner that shld anything happens to me then he knows how to segregate my assets. Than again i am sure i am in safe hands.

Update you guys again after my surgery!!

Surgery done - sneak peek of my boobs

I guess i update my boobs picture before i rest.

Pain is bearable. Woke up with no pain but i felt some pain removing the drainage and when i make sudden movement.

My right arm is a lil painful n only left breast felt slight painful when i need to change position.

My incision is abt 3-4cm. I couldnt get up on my own had to get someone to push my back n rise up using my abs.

The high profile seems not to sit too high n size is what i imagine. Also nipple position so far looks even. I was born with a nipple one slightly pointing upwards but u cant really tell, doctor made it look even so i am happy.Before surgery i reminded my doctor i do not want my breast to be sitting too far n so far everything looks well. Too early to say anything bcos need it to fluff n drop.

This site help me alot and i am so glad my surgeon is detailed and took care of me well. There were 2 ladies who had surgery after me today. I m glad so far things are goin well. I hav an apt with doctor in 3days.
Looking forward to see my boobs again.
Goin to rest now.

Day 2 - after surgery

Day 1 was not so hard. Woke up from surgery and told the surgeon dont wake me up cos i am in Hawaii. Than doctor laugh and said the surgery went well, feeling grogy n i look down i shouted " i have boobs"!! I told the doctor i need to sleep and finish my hawai dream. Haha

Today 2nd day of surgery, i left the clinic and stayed in my hotel about 40min away from the clinic. I went out for an hour to walk and have lunch and went back to hotel to rest.

Starting to itch and back a lil sore from all that lying on my back. I feel more sore today and my incision hurts when i make fast movement. Today i feel some burning sensation on my nipples. Good sign they are functioning. My boobs hurts from time to time. Feeling constipated but overall its not too bad. Its bearable. I can do alot of things on my own. Recovering well and on fruits and vegetarian diet.
The coca-cola icing works out well for me.
Makes me more relax.
I really want to recover fast and hope i can go out to sight seeing tomoro without walkinh like a penguin.

Recovering well but feeling slightly emotional

I felt almost no pain on day 3 after surgery and met the doctor yesterday where my bandages were removed. Given the ok to wear a sports bra and shower. Getting to shower was so awesome yet scary. Kinda regret buying my surgical sports bra for 60usd thinks its a rip off. The scars looks ok but i am unsure as its still have the marker marks and still a fresh wound. The stitches are out but i have some derma glue on my armpit.

Today marks the 5 days after surgery, i feel like the swell on my boobs are reduce and the volume seems a lil smaller too.
Although i love how my girls look right now and this was the maximum size i could have at this moment, there is somewhere in me wish i can go bigger by another 500cc.
Maybe being alone in a foreign country during recovery makes me miss my partner and i should have arrange to go home earlier. I am able to do so much things now from day 3 and day 5 means i went sightseeing and hoping my partner is here to enjoy the beautiful scenery. He have seen my boobs n thinks they look natural n beautiful.
Mayb i am overthinking on my boobs, scars and partner.

7 days post op

Feeling better and seeing the doctor again before i fly off this evening.

My boobs looks pretty and the scar is closing and healing.

Going to ask the doctor how to take care of scars? Anyone have any advise? In terms of food and cleaning.

2 weeks mark

Its been 2 weeks from surgery.

I stop all medication exactly on day 10.
So apparently the scar i was worried was the glue covering the wound. Once it fall off its jus a tiny line. Cant wait to see the final result of my scar.

Not much pain except i cant lift my arms fully straight yet bcos i kept thinking my incision will burst open.
My boobs has no pain except jus sensitive nipples and from time to time tingling needles pain when i overwork.
My boobs has definitely swell down and looks a little smaller. I am having boob greed to be honest, and in future i hope to go bigger. However, i am happy with the whole experience n size for now since that is the max i could go.
I feel glad i did not listen to my fren to go smaller.
I am massaging my breast 2/3 times a day.
Jus feel very weird massaging myself.
Though my dr thought me his tecnique, i google to see how others massage and made me paranoid if i was doin correctly or long enough. Tbh massaging is what i feel like not doing bcos i m lazy but i hav to religiously.
My doctor and i still keep in contact via email. Sent him pics of my progress and i am glad i got a gd caring doctor.
For my boobs i put bio oil.
For my scar, i left it alone as advise by DR but i so want to put the scar cream jus scared to use them lol.
Given the go to start taking supplement.
For food i try eating healthy.
I also clean myself everyday with antiseptic wash.
My boobs are softer, cant wait for it to drop n fluff.
I look forward from comments on scars and massaging bcos i m so virgin at this thing.

2months post op

Was too busy lately to post my 1month post op. Decided to jus post my 2 months.
Breast has shrunk and its smaller.
Its really soft and i m massaging it twice a day 8min each session.
To be honest i m too lazy to massage but i will do it to prevent the boobs from
The scar on my left armpit almost invisible and the right is slightly brusie at one end and the glue drop off last week.
Its still red and seems a little obvious but my ps told me it will slowly fade.
I use vitamin E at night and scar cream in the day.
Still Washing it with antiseptic.
I have shave the hair not close to the scar.
Overall i love my boobs as it looks pretty natural.

Been too lazy to massage of my breast

I have been too lazy to massage my boobs and the fact is that it has shrunk and drop more makes me feel like i wish i had bigger boobs. It is insane, although i am extremely happy about it but i still have that feeling "What IF?"

somehow when i look at the photos my boobs, the more i look at them the more i m unsure of it. My partner loves how they look and thinks i am overthinking it. The massaging has stop for a 2 months and it is still soft just a lilttle firm when i lay down on my back. I have alot of side boobs and my upper pole seems to be getting less by the day. All the swell have gone and I cannot expect it to be when i first have the surgery. hONESTLY i think they look almost perfect right after surgery and then these days i am unsure as it has shrunk soo sooo much. I am a full B and small C now. I was able to wear a full C and Small D before this so 325cc is making me feel like i wish i had more. However, no one notice i actually have my boobs done. The scar on one arm i cant even notice it, on the other still needs more care. I did not really take much care of my scar recently, just scar cream when i remember. Its insane one day i m imto it and another day totally got lazy from it.

Did i regret with a boob job? Absoultely No!!
Am i lazy? Totally!!

5 mth review

Time past really fast, so here is my boob update after 5mth with skipping 2 mths + massaging.
Recently this week it feels softer, maybe cos i have been on fenugreek though i m unsure if that was the case. I was also working out more. Maybe it sag a lil. I dont knw but it does feel softer. Even when i lay down its less firm. Is this normal? I m goin to ask my surgeon. I have been emailing him my result 1mth, 3mth and nxt one is 6mth followed by 12mths.
From the picture u can see it has shrunk quite alot. Has also settle down to fluff n my upper pole is less noticeable. Kinda prefered right after surgery tbh as it looks perfect. Now its ok jus backache n In fact wearing bra are so much comfortable these days. Before surgery it was uncomfortable mayb cos i was not wearing the right bra. Bra for big boobs are cheaper in Asia than the enhanced bra.
I took a picture of without a bra, with underwire and a bralette with no support.
next update would be scars

Scar review after 5mth

When i wanted to do armpit incision, it was really hard to find posting of pictures of their scars done under the armpit. So i hope this review will help someone. It was numb feeling after the surgery. The only sec of pain was they remove the drainage nothing to do with the armpit but it was located near the was jus like 2sec on each side. Lol

I had no idea how it would look like. I only get to see a fren scar who she had done it under her armpit and it looks amazing n i could not find any other review on that scar and i told myself it is a risk i will take.

Rest assured my first sight after the surgery when they remove the bandage of my armpit was a scray feeling n i thought i made an awful decision. It looks like an open wound then when the doctor glued it, it looks like i have a black scar. The black stuff was ink. After the glue drop it looks like i have a bump n it was still depressing. When it actually heal, it feels really good it settled in.
Not to mention the first 1mth i could not shave my armpit, followed by i can only shave around it.
U can only put the scar cream after the glue come off totally.
U cannot make ur armpit wet to prevent infection. N when u sweat u can air it up with a fan and hv to avoid touching it as much as possible.

I was told to use less of my arms even when i could use them. Tbh jus the 1st 2 days my arms feel weak but i was still able to hold a glass ok. Avoid carrying heavy things for a month bcos ny doctor say to prevent straining myself n i may stretch the incision which i already started carrying heavy things on Day 8/9 by using my leg have it lifted. It was cause i did not want anyone to find out n i Had to start working as soon as i arrive home.
I did nit dare lift my arm high for a long while. And i was wearing cover sleeves long and short. Alot of jumper and dresses. Button top and cardigan.
N dresses n top that are stretchable enough to be pulled from the bottom (this was a winner). i started to wearing t-shirts slowly from the top, with initial assistant frm my partner until i can wear it myself that was on my 1.5mth. Half the time feeling my incision is goin to open.
Gradually when the glue drop, i started wearing sleevless. For a sleevless queen, pls understand my suffering to actually having to buy new long sleeves and wearing clothes that has sleeves.

I made sure i had disinfecting soap for shower and after wetting it i have my towel meant only for my armpit which i wash them regularly. Also i have disinfecting wipes and baby johnson wipes for my armpit jus in case. I made sure it stays dry to help it heal quickly. This was what i did but my gf she did not do any of this. She jus shower normally and armpit with no soap nothing jus water naturally dropping n she dab with towel to dry.

Well showing u the scar and also marking the scar with circle.
Aplogize in advance for my unshaved n not so pretty armpit.
To be honest, i did not hav a nice armpit so it did not really matter about having the scar there.
But even when i raise my arm u cant really tell cos the scar are blending in as crease and its turning pinkish.
On one side i cant even tell where it is and on left i can still see them when i look closely. I wear alot of sleevless so i have yet heard anyone shout hey u hAv a scar or u did have a boob job.
So i cant really feel the scar except on the end area on left side which is not so much to bother me. I still put the scar cream as n when i remembered. The scar looks likes a small pink line for me n needs to be scrutinise closely.
But the left side does seem to be needing more fading. I m happy with the right armpit.
I burn myself doing ipl before this so perhaps it didnt really matter if my armpit has a scar at this point cos u dont have to raise ur arm if u dont want to. My main reason about armpit incision is that if my partner fondle my breast he wont chance feeling of the scar. Its all personal preference.

One more thing, armpit incision is best done by surgeon who has that expertise. N in Thailanc they are pretty good with this incision. N i m paying so much cheaper here n with e service, holiday and great result i cannot be happier.
Chirayut tolertmongkhol

Dr Chi is very detailed and very caring. I had another surgeon Dr Tuty too to take care of me when he is busy and it is wonderful that he listens to my worries and requests, answered all my question. He is as detailed in responding emails as well as his work. Amazing experience!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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