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Well I really didn't expect to begin writing my...

Well I really didn't expect to begin writing my breast augmentation journey for a long time!
My story is a relatively typical one, growing up I developed next to nothing and waited patiently considering every female in my family has at least DDs. It became evident that my body shape was very different to them and that boobs weren't in my future (or so I thought).

My sister and I joked how if only there were an operation to transfer tissue from hers to mine than it would be perfect but my small breasts didn't really bother me until a couple of years ago.

I began lifting weights at about 20 and developed some muscle, my shoulders got broader and my butt and thighs got bigger. As I continued to train my body fat percentage dropped and I got more muscle definition but the one part of my body I had insecurities and issues with were my breasts.

I have worked hard for my body and love my muscles but I don't feel feminine or balanced and proportioned.

I decided that the timing is the best it can be and there is no point continuing to be unhappy and insecure about my body.

I have decided to go to Thailand PIAC for my augmentation. My preferred surgeon is Dr. Thanakom.
Initially I choose Thailand as it is considerably cheaper (surgery in New Zealand costs over 10k). But through research I am extremely happy with my decision to go to PIAC and would probably still go there even if I had the financial means to get in done in New Zealand. I am currently waiting on Dr. Thanakom to return from leave to review my assessment so I can hopefully confirm a date.

In terms of my stats I am:
22 years old
152 cm (5'3")
56 ish kgs (123 ish pounds)

My "goal" for my breast augmentation are natural looking, well proportioned 32 full C/ small D breasts.

Surgery Confirmed

Well my surgery has just been confirmed! On the 22nd of March I will have my consult at 10am and then all going to plan I will have surgery later in the day.
I just need to book my flights and accommodation but I am just looking into travel insurance etc before I do that.
I will leave for Thailand on the 20th and then spend 9 days there post surgery.

I told my mum, sister and step dad my plans last week and I was extremely nervous but they took it so well! Obviously a little anxious and worried for me but very supportive. Some other people know and most of them are indifferent really which I guess is a good thing.

One thing I have been going back and forth on is size, I won't make the final decision until my consult but I am tossing up between a full C and a small D. I have heard so much about boob greed and don't want to wish I went bigger but I'm worried about them not fitting my frame or hindering me with physical activity. Any advise?

Everything Booked!

Well everything is booked and organized so now I just play the waiting game!
I can't believe this is happening and I am very excited. A little nervous about the traveling to Thailand and having surgery by myself but I will be fine.

In terms of my surgery obviously it is dependent on my surgeons recommendation and what is good for me but I am looking at:
- Approx 375CC
-Under the muscle
-Inframammary incision
-Round silicone
-Medium + or high profile

In the full body picture the bra I am wearing has so much push up it barely actually holds and boob. Also I feel kind of self conscious wearing it because it is obvious that it is doing all the work.

More Pictures

I thought I would add some pictures from my "bodybuilding" days. I am more muscular then I was here however no where near as lean.
This wasn't even my lowest body fat percentage.
I have no desire to be this lean all the time however I would like a bit more muscle definition.
So I have hips and a butt and think as full C would look proportionate and balance me out.


I am starting to get supplies sorted so leading up to my BA I can feel as relaxed and organized as possible.
New Zealand can be a bit of a pain to get a hold of certain things so majority of things I will buy online.

I have purchased some loose, light weight button down shirts and singlets.
Additionally from another members recommendation I purchased supplements to take 2 weeks before and 2 weeks post surgery to assist in recovery.

Vitamin C+ Bioflavonoids
Vitamin E (not prior or immediately post)
Vitamin A
Organic Zinc
Mg Lax - Bowel support (hopefully not necessary but most likely)
Advanced Digestive Enzymes

The doctor has supplied me with an extensive list of medication which should be stopped prior to surgery and all of these are fine (excluding vitamin E).

Does anyone recommend a good scar treatment? I was looking at getting rosehip oil.

2 weeks to go!

My nerves are starting to set in a little bit. I have started taking the pre surgery vitamins and minerals to assist with recovery.

I am flip flopping between size quite a bit. I have seen so many girls on here regretting not going bigger but we'll see.

Not being able to train upper body for a while will be hard but it will give me a chance to do low impact things that I have been wanting to try.

Last Night with my Small Boobs

Well I made it to Thailand! It was a mission but I got here and now it is only 12 hours until my surgery.
I thought I would have been so nervous at this stage but I feel fine just ready for it to be done.
See you on the other side! I see a few girls have got the 22nd of March as a surgery date so good luck to you all :)

MIA returned.

Well I was anticipating updating daily post op but truth be told I wasn't really up for it.
Surgery went great and I was feeing fine after, just groggy and a bit tight and uncomfortable. No nausea and no pain. I knew it was too good to be true!
I spent two days in hospital as they wanted to continue to monitor my drains as I had a lot of excess fluid.
They gave me my meds and I went back to my hotel. Again I just felt tight and uncomfortable but no pain.
The problem was the pain killers. I have always had trouble with pain killers (even mild ones) so the very strong once were recking havoc on my body. Extremely nauseous and dizzy and was throwing up a few times. So I spent the next couple of days moping around feeling pretty sorry for myself.
I could barely eat so I was feeling very weak but when I did I would feel sick so it turned into a vicious cycle.
Yesterday I decided I would only take my anti inflammatory and anti swelling and antibiotics.
I feel great! Had a massive dinner last night and have been eating a lot today. Went for a walk on the beach etc with no pain or nausea so I am feeling very relieved as I had a moment there where I was thinking "why the **** did I put myself through this?"

In terms of the actual boobs themselves I am very pleased! Obviously still very high and tight but no frakenboob.

I got 375CC, round, high profile, under the muscle, textured mentor, silicone implants.
Initially I was concerned I went too big but from all the other stories I've read boob greed is very prevalent and I have read very few where a women wished they went smaller. I was in a t shirt today and they were barely detectable so it is comforting to know I can hide them is necessary ( which it will be when I visit some of my family).

Stitches out tomorrow and post op and then home in 3 days. Now just waiting patiently for them to drop and settle!

Post Op Appointment

Well I just got back from my post op appointment. External stitches were removed, funnily enough taking off the bandages hurt more than removing the stitches.
My doctor then went over post op care and techniques for massaging, he said I can start now if I feel comfortable doing so, so I will start tonight. I have to do 15 minutes morning and night so hopefully that will help with dropping! I will also apply stretch mark oil while I am doing this.
I also have a scar gel from the hospital to apply day and night once the steri strips come off.

Boobs are feeling good just tight and uncomfortable. I woke up this morning in a bit of pain which I haven't had before, more of a achy pain. Is this morning boob?

Hope everyone else's healing is going well :)

Massage is a miracle worker!

So I have done 3, 15 minute massage sessions since my post op and the effect they have is awesome!
I woke up this morning feeling considerably less tight and I see a little dropping.
I some times seem to forget about them because of the lack of pain and will reach to far for something or use my arms to push myself up but that will definitely remind me!
The only discomfort I have is in my sternum and the top of my outer ribs.

In terms of medication I have 1 more day of antibiotics, anti inflammatories and anti swelling for a few more days and I got given a weeks worth of muscle relaxants. I also have tylenol for when required.
I have been taking my supplements daily and after removing the stitches have included bromalein and Vitamin E.
Home tomorrow! A couple of days ago I was worried about the flights back home but now I am feeling okay about it.

Home with some dropping?

I am home! 25 hours in a plane or airport definetly left me feeling a bit tight and uncomfortable but after a 15 hour sleep I am feeling great. I think I see a bit more dropping this morning? Maybe just wishful thinking.

Check In

3 weeks post op and not too much to report.

I am loving them! Can't wait for them to fully settle but they are slowly but surely getting there.

Just a little bit of discomfort from time to time.
Missing the gym but will probably do a light leg session this week.

I was tempted to decrease my calorie intake as I am doing very little activity but I figured my body had been through a bit so I have been earing healthy but a lot. Gained about 2kg but I don't have a problem with that.

Hope everyone else is doing well :)
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