23yrs, Interior/anterior Thighs & Butt, Sharing All :D - Thailand

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I am looking to get my butt, anterior and interior...

I am looking to get my butt, anterior and interior thighs, behind my knees done with Vaser Lipo next week. Super nervous of course.
Like a lot of women, I workout a lot, eat well and squat til my lungs give out. I have stronger legs then my boyfriend and haven't been able to find a gym partner able to keep up with my energy and determination levels yet! But apparently, it's not enough.
I have unfortunate genetics and for my own peace of mind, need help getting rid of the excess fat that stores around my ass!
I've been on this site a lot the past year or so, have recently had a BA done as well. Again, genetics have played a large part in my oddly proportioned body.
I'm currently 23, range between 57-60kg and all of 5'3.
I decided to go to Thailand because A. I've never been, and B. there is no way I could afford to do this in Australia. Costs here are really high, for the same quality work. I was originally quotes $4050, but SIB discounted it to $3500. That's pretty awesome :D
Aussie land was quoting me upwards of $5500 just for thighs and butt. And half the clinics have extremely small areas of work e.g upper buttock, lower buttock, upper outer thigh, inner knee. Like woah, my legs aren't that big guys... Calm down

So, spending less for flights, accom and surgery then I would just for surgery here, I am visiting the SIB Clinic in Thonglor, Bangkok.
They've been awesome so far, getting back to me really quickly and keeping me well informed on the procedure with personalised emails.
I've had a few thoughts of 'what if something goes wrong' and 'what if it looks terrible' but thanks to my incredibly supportive partner, I am not doing this alone.
I need this, for my own sake. My mind is constantly comparing myself and criticising myself, obsessing over my body image, riddling my self esteem with doubt.
So, I am ready to take a plunge, and feel like even though I wasn't someone lucky enough to be blessed with beauty, I can still work to reach my goals!

Stay posted, I'll be updating through my journey in case anyone else is going for this in Thailand. I've found a lot of helpful stuff on here, so it's my turn to give back :D
Cheers guys!

Flying tomorrow!

So tomorrow we make the trek to Thailand. This week has been eventful. I received my compression garment in the mail and its perfect, so glad I did my research and saved a tonne of money.
I got a call from SIB clinic who were so friendly on the phone and when she found out where I was staying she immediately insisted she pick me up for the surgery. I'm scheduled for 4pm Wednesday and have decided to go out and spend the morning relaxing with my boyfriend because my god he deserves it. I've been so up and down and back and forth with nerves and excitement and questions and rereading info and oh my gosh I just wanna do this already! Haha
I'm a lil worried about recovery, not gonna lie. I'm a bit of an exercise fiend and have concerns about waiting to get back into it. I'm also questioning whether or not to go for lymphatic massages to help drainage.. Any suggestions ?

I'll post more befores tonight :)

Here we come!

At the airport, ready to go! Oh my gosh I'm nervous, but I think mostly for the long flight!
Feeling a bit more self encouragement today, I know I'm doing something I want to do for myself and I am confident it will help my self esteem.
Wish me luck!

It's Today!

Scheduled in for 4pm, I've attached a few extra befores I took last night to give a better idea of my current state..
Argh, got some serious butterflies in my belly right now!
Thanks for your well wishes :)
Fingers crossed this goes well!

It's time!

I'm here, in my gown, got the weird surgery panties on... They were delayed an hour so offered my boyfriend a free face massage for waiting, the hospitality has been super impressive..
Nerves are killing me!

Er Mer Gerd

Hey guys!
While I'm a lil dazy from the anesthetic and my I thought I might give a quick update!
I'm out, My legs are wrapped up like crazy, I've got patches covering entry points everywhere and I made my boyfriend get me food.
But I'm all with it, typing like a champion but wobbling around a bit. Accidently had some leakage on the hotel bed :S
I go back tomorrow to clean the stitches and I caught a glimpse of my legs. BRUISED!
Check out these gruesome pics if you dare!

Day 2...

Well, the surgery apparently went really well! It took me a while to wake up from the anesthesia but when I did I called my boyfriend and walked down the super steep stairs, we hailed a cab back to the hotel.
The first night wasn't too bad pain wise, I tossed and turned and think I was still feeling the time difference between here and home as I was up for a few hours from 3am.
Yesterday I wanted to get up and move around, so we walked up and down the street we are staying on waiting for the clinic to open. My legs just felt really stiff, but I'd just had a painkiller after breakfast.
I went and got my dressings changed and cleaned. NOW, when the first bandages came off, I started feeling very queasy and faint, so I asked to lay down. They gave a super sugary drink of some kind which I took a few sips and lay down for about 10 minutes. Once the sweating passed, I was fine again :) Just blood rushing into my legs very quickly I think.
Getting into the compression garment was tough, it's so tight! My legs are super bruised and I have 12 tiny incision sites with little bandaids over them.
I felt pretty good in the compression garment so after a bit of rest we went out again to Terminal 21.
Walked for hours, by the end my legs were sooooooo swollen. My knees looked like watermelons! I was stiff and sore and started feeling a little ill towards the end but am glad I can walk around lots still.
Sitting is a slow process, once the bruises are compressed by a chair they are okay though. Going to the toilet is weird in this garment. But I'm getting the hang of it. I have to kind of hold my self up with one arm on the seat. Not gonna lie, I've peed on myself once or twice now.

Leakage wise, it has already stopped. The hotel has charged us for ruining a bed sheet and towel (300B) - I feel so bad! But it was just patches of blood mostly on the lower incisions. Haven't leaked any since!

All in all, I'm feeling way better then I thought I would, not in huge amounts of pain that I can't handle. I can tell you, the first two nights after having my boobs done was way worse.

If you've got any questions, I'd be happy to answer!

Day 3

So I'm back in Australia and tired as hell, slept most of the morning after landing at 6am!
My bruising is crazy and my legs were super swollen after getting off the plane but it seems to have reduced after spending hours in bed. So that's awesome!

I kinda keep looking for some subtle changes, knowing full well I won't see any yet. But I really think the saddlebag thing has reduced into a nice curve, behind my knee doesn't seem to be so fatty and my butt is sitting quite high...
I know they took fat out, I just wanna see! How long did it take before your results started to show/swelling started to dissipate?

I'm feeling heaps better, sitting down and getting up is getting easier, not planning on doing too much today, just want a rest day but already am trying to find out when I can get back into yoga at least.
Also, how long should I be wearing the compression garment?

I'll be making an appt with a local doc to get my stitches taken out in about 2 weeks. AND I had the first shower since the surgery. Washed my hair, it was so nice :)

Will share more soon, in the meantime, check out my nasty bruises! (Excuse my bum..)

Bits & Pieces

Just wanted to share a few other bits I might have forgotten.
I am taking some drugs to help with pain and swelling. I take an anti-inflam before food, then a painkiller and a swelling reducing pill afterwards. The painkiller seems to help after about half hour which is nice..
The swelling seems to be at its worse after I've been walking. I am swollen all the way down to my ankles! It gets sore and stiff but I am trying to make sure I am up and walking a good hour or two at least everyday, other then that I have pottered around the house with some light housework to help circulation.
I've decided not to bother with lymphatic massage. I am rather going to use a yoga mat in a week or two to roll over my legs to promote circulation, same way a foam roller does.
The compression garment is uncomfortable. I really am not enjoying it, mostly because it presses down on my belly and causes some back pain whilst sleeping. It also cuts into my swollen calves.. Ugh, only another 6 weeks of this, I just keep thinking that it will be worth it.

Overall, it's getting easier everyday. Getting up and down is getting a lot easier, moving around and rolling around in bed isn't too bad at all. Pain wise, the bruising is sensitive and I'm a bit stiff, but nothing too bad.
I have work on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week. Hopefully all goes well... bit nervous for Tuesday though..

Wish me luck!

Officially one week post-op!

Yay, it's been a whole week!
Okay, so it's been a slow week. But finally recovery seems to be getting somewhere.
My legs have been soooo swollen, especially after walking a bit. I've kept pretty active, cancelled work yesterday and not in today, I've been so so tired I don't think I would have been any use anyway!
I'm back in tomorrow, I have a really active job so I'm a little worried about it but I'm sure I'll be fine.
I've been on anti-inflams, pain reducers and swelling reducers all week. The pain meds are finished now which is awesome.
The anti-inflams I take before eating and when I do they seem to make my legs puff up and itch like crazy! As soon as I eat this goes away though, so weird.
The swelling reducers are the best oh my gosh, they just chill my legs down so comfortable every time.

When I wake up in the morning my legs are always on fire! This garment is really making me overheat at night, anyone got suggestions?
I've been using Arnica cream which seems to be helping with the bruising. How long did it take your bruising to start fading?

Got some pics, I seems to be back to the size I was before surgery so hopefully in the coming weeks I'll have some actual improvements, I'm just so impatient :D

Back at work

On my way home from day 2 back at work. Finished up my meds yesterday and won't lie, it was rough. By the time I made it home after a day of pretty much being on my feet for 8 hours straight, I was so swollen and sore that I had to lay with my feet in the air just to try getting some of the fluid out! Bad.
On the up, today was way better, still stiff but I tried to take it a little easier today, and I'm feeling much less swollen though a lot more itch!
Today is the first day I really noticed a change though, better shape, less bruising, more gap between my thighs.. I mean that's gotta be good right??
I think the worst is behind me now, hopefully I'll ready to get back into yoga soon!
I'll be getting my stitches out Wednesday. Tell me, is this something I can do myself?
Cheers guys for the support BTW, love to all!

Week 2 over!

What a week it's been!
I've been back into the full swing of things, working & studying, exercising at a much more regular pace, walking everywhere again... I am happy to report improvements! I really think the exercise and walking is helping my recovery tenfold. I feel more energised and wayy more comfortable in clothing!
I will usually wake up with some slight stiffness, then by the end of my average active day I have some swelling, mostly around my knees.
The biggest annoyance is the itchiness! The compression garment make my legs feel a lot better, especially when swollen, but it can be so hot and the heat make the itch worse! Sometimes that drives me mad but that's about it :)
I had a GP take my stitches out, they are looking much better now the threads are gone. My bruising has come down so much too! Hardly any left! I am mostly sore on the sides of my hips and the back of my legs. I've gotten back into stretching and am going to start up yoga again this week to gain back some flexibility again. Yay!
I have developed a bit of a seroma on my left leg, you can see it in the photos. It can get a bit tender and uncomfortable, but mainly it's just a big soft lump that looks really weird. I'm booked in with a local cosmetic doc for a check up and hopefully to get this seroma sorted out.
Word of weary peeps, your GP probably won't know what a surgically caused seroma is. The response I got was 'uhh, it's not my field of expertise, probably just wait a month or so to see how it goes. i don't really know what that is...'
Um, thanks...
So I booked with the experts.
I'll post with how that goes. But for now, check out the pics!

3 weeks on..

Howdy all!
So yesterday was the 3 week mark. I've been a feeling a little up and down about my results. I think I am quite impatient though.
The bruising is pretty much gone. I'm back to exercising pretty much full throttle, jiu jitsu, yoga, boxing etc.
I am still walking everyday.
The seroma seems to have pretty much sorted itself out in the last week to be honest, I started massaging my legs and that seems to have helped tenfold.
I am concerned about the amount of skin that seems to be chilling around my legs, especially the tops (mainly notice when I'm sitting), has anyone got ideas that worked for them to reduce this? Will it just happen with time?

Would love to know if you guys think there is much of a difference at this early stage.
I feel like my clothes look a lot nicer on me now there's not a huge lumpy saddlebag hanging off each hip!

Week 4 down!

Hey all!
So I've made it a month and am seeing slow changes. I feel like after big exercise sessions I get really swollen and it takes a few days to come down so that has been discouraging every now and again. My weight hasn't budged much. I've started following a Banting lifestyle, high fat, low carb. I'm trying to cut out sugar, I don't eat bread, pasta, rice, grains, wheat, flour etc. Just meats, dairy and vege vege vege!
So far it's awesome, delicious and actually filling. I'll update you with results though hehehe
It hasn't helped this month that I've also had 2 periods within 2 weeks of each other, with bloating and all the rest :( Hate that
So, the photos aren't showing much change but I'd love some feedback!
Cheers :)

2 and a bit months in

I am super happy with the results thus far. Looking somewhat lumpy, but much better! My legs are leaner, I seem to show more muscle definition and the shape is much less bulky. My size 6 jeans are fitting perfectly!
I still get the occasional couple of days of swelling and bloating here or there, but it isn't as frequent. Running is no longer uncomfortable, feeling like my legs are separating from my bones!
On another note I had a body assessment done the other day and got a super high score! Ideal weight, body fat percentage of 22%, good count for proteins, minerals and skeletal muscle mass, low visceral count. So happy with my results! Shows hard work does pay off, I am in great shape!
The Banting diet is working out really well too, haven't lost much weight but am feeling more energy, never hungry and eating less and all real foods. Haven't even had a cheat day yet! Highly recommend it :)
The SIB Clinic

Loved the clinic, adored the girls working there. Everything was neat, clean, friendly and easy. Only thing was a painful mistake over which currency I was quoted in.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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