25 Yr Old Having BodyTite on Thigh

My motivation for having this procedure it that,...

My motivation for having this procedure it that, even though not being overweight at all, I've always had the big thighs and muffin top that simply wouldn't give in to exersize. I have every intention to keep on exersizing and eating healthy - so i don't expect this to solve that situation. I merely want the right shape, and then work to keep it instead of working towards an unachievable goal. I am doing this for myself and for noone else.

Now I've just finished the procedure, and to be honest, it was way more painful than I'd thought. The doctor and crew was amazing though, and guided me as gently as possible through the whole thing, and took good care of me.

I expect having to wait a couple of weeks before seeing anything near a result, but I will of course keep you posted

3rd day!

2nd day after the lipo, I was still in pain (I'd give it a 3 on 1-10) - and being able to move around the hotel was possible, but happened very slowly. I didn't really feel dizzy as the doctor said I might, but a bit nausiated.

I went back to the clinic to have the dressing changed and to my surprice the wounds were very tiny and almost non visible, that was really nice.
We relaxed as much as possible through the day, and had no trouble going to sleep at night. With some adjusting I could also lay on the side (which I normally do when sleeping), and that helped me to relax.

3rd day is up, still no visible bruising, though of course, I can't see the back of my thighs. Moving around is already much easier and faster but obviously there's still some pain and I expect for it to be a while before it's totally gone.
I can't wait to be able to shower today!
Anywho - I can't make out if I'm swollen , and not sure when the swelling and bruising should show itself? But as of now I can see that my thighs are smaller but it's not a HUGE difference from before, but it still looks good. I don't know what to expect from the final result, since my doctor told me it'd be about 1 month before I'd be able to make anything out.

3rd day photos

Four days post op

Now I'm just updating cause I'm bored. Getting around is still kind of slow, okay a lot slow, but it's my own fault. I send the garment for cleaning (I'm at a hotel) and won't have it untill tonight. Being garment free I realize that this is actually more painful than wearing it so am looking quite forward to getting it back. Besides the hitting of walking around, my legs really look fine with just very minimal bruising. I stopped leaking drainage already in the morning of the second day, so I've been quite lucky.

I don't know if I'm swollen - should I know that for sure, and I'm not really sure WHEN the swelling should start occouring either.

8th day

My bruising has been coming and disappearing almost entirely again however, the swelling is starting to emerge, just like my doctorman said.
Tonight my legs are obviously swollen compared to just last night, I'm sorry I didn't get pictures. However my legs look kinda like they did before the liposuction, but again, the doctors had warned this, so I was prepared. I hope for the swelling to seize as abrubt as it has arrived.

9th day

Swelling is a bit down after a night in garment, but not entirely. The bruising is much better than the previous two days (though I didn't post pictures - sorry!) and the pain is very limited - walking around is not so bad any more.

The mental trauma of being awake the whole time is gone and I am looking forward to having my stumach area done as well, when I'm totally done with healing in end of june!

15 days post-op

Is this the final result? They said 30 days to show. No appearent bruising or swelling, so should this be it? I think they look great but I wouldn't mind them to be just a bit skinnier...

30 days post op!

Everything is good!
No scars, no pain, my thighs look thin and natural. I am so happy with my decision, and it was definitly worth it.

Can't wait to have stomach area treated in a couple of days.
Will give later

He made me feel calm and what uncompromised on his work. I'm not able to change name under "doctor" but my doctor was Suthipong Treeratana from Rattinan Clinic

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