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Give me Five

Five days I mean.....maybe a little less and I will explain exactly what I am getting done in Thailand at Bumrungrad hospital. I am being cared for by GHT...Global Health Travel.
This is a busy week so that is great as time passes much more quickly.

Not long now

I will be on the plane to Thailand next week this time. My first surgery will be Face Package 1.3 with Bumrungrad Hospital this will consist of face, neck, upper and lower Blepharoplasty. I will not be posting until about one week post op I am guessing at this time. I am also considering a breast lift but will not be putting these photos online. That surgery will happen a couple of days later so I am out of commission whilst I recover for a short while....but I will get back to this and show what photos I manage to take. I am hoping to have a constant daily review of the face lift photos - but again that will depend on how I feel. My husband arrives the night after the second surgery is completed but I am sure my GHT angels will take photos for me. I am quite excited at this point and feel that I will have a positive result as I have every confidence in Dr Komwit - his portfolio is nothing short of amazing. So I will be back .....with photos and nice refreshed face eventually...little journey between here and then. Cheers Janette

Leaving on a Jet Plane

But I know when I will be back again.....I leave on Friday the so exciting. Have my first consulation on Saturday with Dr Komwit. All so close now I can barely breath...just joking. Operations will be on the 11th and the 13th November both at 1pm in the afternoon. Have not made a total decision on the breast lift as I will take the doctor's advice also regarding this and then decide whether or not??? . I am definitely getting a small implant IF this will help to keep some boob when I lose more weight. About 4.5 kgs more that I wish to lose so that will take away a lot of this boob I have now.. Today seems to be taking forever to pass but tomorrow is busy and visiting with my Mum so that day will fly. I may not get back to this until I get back so will keep a diary to go with the photos......xxxxx fingers that all goes well for me. Thanks for the support. Doubt that you will see a boob photo...but I will tell you how it goes...Cheers Janette

Today is the day

Well after review with doctor only getting lower blepharoplasty and facelift ..due to uneven upper sides and the fact that there is not a lot of skin ..will have a forehead lift at a later date..operation at 1 Bangkok time not nervous bored but that may change ..go to hospital at 10 am food or water for me from 7 am so been up early to have a light breakfast ..the care and help from GHT has been amazing and they will be along shortly to escort me to the hospital breast lift either dr komwit considers it unecessary and if I lose heaps of weight will do implants as elasticity good just waiting now for this moment to be history and start recovery ..thanks for all the support ..more photos coming as I cope with recovery
Dr Komwit

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